The Chiron Connection
by Ajora Fravashi

Note: I do not own Digimon. Toei does. I'm just playing with their product. I don't know how people will take this, but I hope it at least proves an interesting read.


Once upon a time there was a boy
Born of rape, he was unwanted
Born deformed, he was shunned
But there was something special about this boy

Despite his flaws, he perfected himself
He was student, then teacher
Healer, and reaper
The healer becomes wounded and wounder

Once upon a time there was a boy
Born the second, he was ignored
Born of light, he was shadowed
But there was something special about this boy

Despite his flaws he thought he was impeccable
He was gentle, and cruel
Enslaver, and emancipator
The kind one becomes wounded and wounder


Do you see it, little brother? Do you see the connection? Ah, but I forget, you can't really see me, can you? I don't think you can hear me either.

If I could change the events of that day, I would. I hated the way our parents ignored you, yet I basked in their attentions and in my selfishness I did nothing to change it. That's why you hated me, I think. I certainly would if I were you.

I remember it well. I was furious that I couldn't figure out what that damn device did but you not only did, you went to another world with it. You always were the better one, and I knew it even as I berated you for ever thinking you could be as good as I. I hated the fact that you were better than me, I'd rub my status with Mother and Father in your nose just to prove you wrong.

Why? Because you had a heart. Because you were gentle and kind, even though I had tried again and again to get some sort of rise out of you.

And then I had pushed you too far.

We were just walking along in the Akibahara district of Tokyo on a sunny day fresh after a small bout of rain. Mom had stopped to talk to one of those mindless, fluffbrained women about how perfect I was, and you listened with increasing jealousy. I should have stepped in, but I didn't. And then I heard it.

"If you weren't here," you snapped at me, much to my surprise. "If you weren't here they'd pay attention to me!"

"Ken-chan, wait, I..."

"I wish you were dead!"

As I stood stunned, you ran into the crosswalk, and I ran after you. You just barely missed being hit, but I...

I have no recollections of what happened afterwards. I don't think I ever will. I don't even remember how I became what I am now. But all I did was watch as a horrid red spider wove you into her webs, I didn't step up to confront you when you started believing her lies.

Stupid of me to think my death would have changed how our parents treated you. They only saw myself in you and pushed you as they did me. It must have been so bad for you, little brother, to be expected to be someone you're not. And worse when you started traipsing around in an outfit that parodied my appearance. In that world you styled your hair as I did mine, you wore shades you didn't need that took the shape of my glasses. You were trying to become me. Heartless Osamu, kind and cruel. It broke what heart I had and I didn't do anything about it.

Then they came. They came to defeat you. But it wasn't them that caused the Kaiser's fall, it was the death of the one you had beaten and neglected more than I had you. Do you realize, little brother, that the creature you hated so much was a reflection of yourself? Loyal, devoted, caring? And did you realize how your relationship with that creature had parodied our own relationship?

Of course, you realize finally the extents of your crimes. Always knew you were smart enough to figure it out. But you can repent, I know you can. The others are suspicious, but there is one among them that cares more than I ever could about you, who accepts you unconditionally.

You've been crying so long and so hard since your fall, little brother. The hollow-eyed look doesn't suit you. Even when the others accept you, even when you have your partner back, the pain's too great to deal with.

I stare into the mirror with you, watching the pain flit across your face. Chiron had begged Zeus to free him from his unending pain, and was thus killed and his spirit elevated to the stars.

But it's not your time yet, little brother, you still have much to do. At least listen to me.

Even if you can't feel my hand on yours, I can feel you hesitate as you press the knife against your neck. You have so much more to do, little brother, you have people who care for you. I press the knife away, you put it down and gaze back into the bathroom mirror. Don't you see? You have more potential than I ever did. And maybe you can't see me, but I watch my reflection smile back at me. It's genuine, not that self-assured smirk I used so often when I was alive.

Maybe I'll make a decent guardian spirit after all.