Oh, Sweet Nightmare
Phase III - The Object of Her Affections
by Akira Ichijouji

Disclaimer: For the last time, I don't own Digimon... Wish I did! Wish I owned Ken and Daisuke, too, so I could make them... ahh, never mind. <nosebleed>

A/N: Wow, I'm sure getting off topic on this one! This story is evolving on its own. I actually wasn't really sure what I was going to write when I started, so I guess this is as good as anything... hmmm. The overall wrongness continues. Even more than before, heh heh heh... (I'm having a lot of fun with this story!!!)


Well, my plan to initiate Takeru into my plans involving Daisuke was a complete flop. I chickened out.

I tried to tell him how I felt but hormones just got in the way. Our encounter turned into nothing but a lovefest. I just cannot win.

By the time I left him, several hours later, a little piece of anger was smoldering inside me. By the time I got home I was furious. I slammed into my room, beginning to punch the lights out of a pillow.

"Ken, what's wrong?" Minomon asked from the top of my bunk.

"Nothing... is... wrong..." I replied, clenching my teeth, my punches accentuating every word. Minomon did not look so sure.

"I know you Ken, and I know when something is wrong. Why won't you tell me?" He looked a little hurt. I stopped punching, tears beginning to stream from my eyes. I fell to my knees.

"Damn it, Minomon! Why am I so fucked up???" I demanded, covering my face with my hands. He came over and snuggled up to me, patting me reassuringly with his little paws. I gathered him in my arms, glad of a companion who did not require explanations. I sat there, just like that, crying my heart out for longer than I could keep track of. Like I said earlier, I just cannot win.

* * *

Everything changed again in the Digital World a few weeks later. We were fighting an enemy that I would rather not get into at the moment. To fight her, we needed to find devices, called Program Amplifiers, that were scattered throughout the Digital World. I would explain further, but that is another story, which shall be told another time. (I read entirely too many children's books.) We had split up to find the PA's, as Koushirou called them. He has a cute acronym for everything.

I sensed trouble a little while after we separated from the others. I knew it was a stupid idea all along, but the others insisted it would be better this way. We would be able to cover more ground and come up with the PA that was hidden in the forest much quicker. I understood that advantage, but I also understood that it was sheer suicide to split up. However, no one would listen to me. As usual. So much for being a part of the team.

So, in defiance of the rest of the Digidestined, I followed closely, but unseen, alongside Daisuke. Just to be safe.

And I was right. As usual. Why in the Digiworld would Yukionnamon miss this chance to bump off the Digidestined, one by one, split up in a large forest with no verbal means of communication? She decided to start with Daisuke, I supposed, because he is the leader. I was, unfortunately, occupied. I had found the PA, and was trying to encode the necessary information for us to utilize its power when I heard crashes and explosions coming from a little way off.

"Shit! Why wasn't I paying attention, Wormmon?" I berated myself as I covered the PA with leaves. There was no use in Yukionnamon finding *it*, too. I grabbed Wormmon, running as fast as I could toward the sound. Then I heard it. Daisuke let out a scream of agony, making my blood run cold. I ran on, in absolute terror, as I imagined what had happened to my Daisuke. I finally cleared the trees, running into a large clearing. XV-mon was beat up pretty badly. No wonder -- Yukionnamon was an Ultimate.

Then I saw him. Daisuke. He was lying on the ground, moaning in agony, clutching his side. I ran to him, holding him in my arms.

"Ken... chan..." he gasped around his pain. I stroked his face, trying to quiet him. Tears streamed from his eyes as he tried to breath normally. Stomach wounds are the most painful, I'm told. In battle, men with both legs missing never cry out in agony as those that have taken a piece of shrapnel in the abdomen will.

"You!" I raised my head, staring with an intense hatred at the girl-like digimon standing before us. She tossed her hair, playing with an azure lock of it as she stared me up and down.

"Ah yes, my little Ichijouji-sama..." She laughed, her black painted lips parting into a devious smile. "I know what you are about." She placed both hands on her hips, narrowing her purple eyes seductively. "I'll tell you what you could do if you want me to help him..."

A well of hatred and loathing came spilling up through my soul. It was just my luck to have the next Dark Master in love with me. Like Arukenimon, she stalked me unmercifully. But unlike Arukenimon, her ministrations had turned a little... naughty.

"I'll never love you," I said menacingly.

"Ohhh, I'm not asking you to do that," she answered. "Well, not in the way you're thinking of." She raised her eyebrow suggestively.

I clenched my fist. "Wormmon, evolve!" Wormmon was enveloped in a greenish light.

"Wormmon evolve to... Stingmon!" The giant insect-like digimon hovered in the air. "Spiking Strike!" he said, charging at Yukionnamon. She hopped deftly out of the way as Stingmon hit the ground next to her. She leaped on his back.

"Stingmon! No!!!" I yelled, as Yukionnamon prepared to attack. I screamed out with all my might. "Jogress evolve!!!" Stingmon and XV-mon were bathed in light as they merged together.



"Jogress shinka... Paildramon!" I sighed with relief as our digimon turned towards Yukionnamon. She grinned, her eyes filled with evil mirth.

"Desperado Blaster!" Paildramon started to attack. I noticed with satisfaction that Yukionnamon was not getting by unscathed. I turned my attention once again to Daisuke. He was barely breathing. I turned him over, untucking his shirt to examine his wound.

"Sword of Damnation!" Yukionnamon screamed.

Nothing. No blood, no bruising, nothing. But he was still moaning in pain.

"What did you do to him?!?" I screamed at Yukionnamon. She just laughed, flipping her hair. Her words rang in my head: *I'll tell you what you could do if you want me to help him...*

"STOP!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Everyone stopped fighting, and Yukionnamon smiled evilly.

"I'll do what you want, Yukionnamon," I said dejectedly. "But you have to promise to help him! And you have to promise to let me go afterwards! And stop attacking our digimon." Yukionnamon nodded, holding both hands out so that we could see she was not lying. She leaped down from the tree she was standing in to stand by me. To my shock, she was a half a head shorter. I always envisioned her to be larger and more menacing, but all I saw now was a small girl with blue hair and icy purple eyes, bedecked in a white, off-the-shoulder dress. I tried to steel myself for what I was about to do. I tried to see her as human. My mistake. She grinned, taking my hand forcefully. She used her other hand to wave complicated patterns in the air.


We landed in a dark room. Yukionnamon snapped, and light flooded the place. I grimaced. The journey had given me a headache.

"All right, Ken-sama," she said jokingly. "Where shall we start?"

I pointed to Daisuke, who was unconscious on the floor.

"Oh, he'll be fine for a couple of hours. He's out cold! What a pity." Cruel pleasure dripped from her voice and from her eyes.

"At least make him comfortable." I wanted to think that what I planned to do would accomplish something. Yukionnamon smiled, then snapped. A bed flipped down from the wall. I lifted Daisuke into my arms, setting him on it and tucking the covers around him.

"I hope you'll be all right," I whispered, kissing him on the forehead.

"That's enough of that. Come with me," Yukionnamon said alluringly. I followed dejectedly, unable to believe what I was doing. I felt physically ill. I tried to see her as attractive, tried to see past her evil. But I could not. It is true that she had a beautiful face and figure, an icy cold beauty that chilled you to the bone.

I hoped I would not freeze.

* * *

It is easy to mistake some digimon for humans. But when it comes down to it, humans and digimon are truly different species. So it was with Yukionnamon. Thinking about it hurts, so I would rather not delve into the logistics of the act of love between a human and a digimon. All I will say is -- it's different.

After my two hours were up, I turned away, violated and ashamed. Yukionnamon snapped her fingers, teleporting away. I could still hear her laugh after she was gone.

I curled up in the fetal position, tears making their way down my face. Why did I do this? How could I let her take advantage of me like that? Rape me as she did? I realized that I was shaking all over.

Daisuke. I had wanted to save him. I sat up in the bed, shuddering sobs wracking my body. I felt sick. I could still feel her icy skin on mine. I got out from underneath the covers, unable to shake off the feeling of nausea. I staggered a few steps, then vomited all over the floor. I felt lightheaded. I had a feeling she had put something in that drink she gave me before we started. I had drunk it anyway, hoping it would make me enjoy what I was about to do. No such luck. When I was finished, I wiped my mouth on the back of my hand, still feeling nauseous. I tried to snap, the way Yukionnamon had, to turn on the lights, but my hands were shaking too hard. After a moment of great difficulty, I managed to snap, and the lights came on.

My clothes were where I had left them -- on an overstuffed easy chair in the corner. I made my way shakily over to them, almost collapsing on the floor. I sat on the ottoman, my head between my knees as I waited for my dizzy spell to pass. Whatever she had me doped up on, it was strong. What a sick little bitch. She's a bigger sadist than I am.

After a few minutes, I was able to pull on some clothing. Boxers. Pants. Shirt. I could not button it, but I did not let that worry me. I slowly and with great difficulty pulled on my socks and shoes, leaving the latter untied. My motor functions were quite a bit affected by the drug.

I made my way down the hall, leaning on the wall the whole way. I finally got to the room where Daisuke was unconscious. I staggered toward the bed, collapsing on it in a dead faint.

* * *

When I came to, we were both in a dungeon.

"Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn..." I repeated that one word like a mantra. Why did I trust that bitchy Ice Queen? I did what she wanted me to do, but she had not kept up her end of the bargain. At least Daisuke was sleeping peacefully, his forehead smooth from the wrinkles of continued pain. Maybe she had kept up her side of the bargain. But I was naive.

"Hello, Ken-sama!" I heard her say. I whirled around, trying to find the location of the voice. "Oh, darling, don't exert yourself. I'm speaking through a loudspeaker. Do you really think me stupid enough to come down there myself?" She laughed. I grimaced.

"You minx! You lied to me!!!" I screamed in fury, ignoring the pounding in my head.

"Of course I lied to you! You should have figured that out earlier, you silly little boy! And you're supposed to be the genius!" She screamed with laughter.

Oh, how I had been violated. Oh sweet Kami, how I had been violated.

"Oh, and do you want to know something, Ken-sama? Daisuke's just *fine*! What I did to him was temporary -- it would have worn off in an hour, tops. You should think harder before you act, koibito-sama!" The loudspeaker cut off in the middle of her insane laughter.

I curled up next to Daisuke, waiting for death to come. I certainly felt it would come soon. My anger had masked most of my physical symptoms. After I began to relax, they came back full force. I started shaking once again, almost going into a seizure. My head was still pounding, and it got worse when bright lights started flashing across my vision. I covered my eyes, trying to shut them out, but it did not help. I screamed in pain, blackness closing over my head.

When I came to, the pain had dulled to a slow throbbing, and Daisuke was stroking my hair. I took in a shaky breath.

"What happened." No question, just a statement of my ignorance.

Daisuke held me close. "You blacked out, I guess... I don't remember anything after we were attacked by Yukionnamon." This too, was matter of fact. We just as well might have been sitting in the park rather than a dungeon.

"You don't remember anything?" I asked, closing my eyes once again. There was silence. Then:

"What did she do to you." This was stern, borderline angry. Daisuke might have been a little stupid, but he was no fool. He could tell it was not just my head that was hurt. Being a jogress partner opens you up for insight.

"I'd rather not explain." My voice was cold, expressionless. I wanted to push him away, far away, where he would never know what happened.

"Ken." He touched my face.

"I don't want to think about it. I don't want to remember." I turned my head away. Daisuke forced my head back to where he could see my face.

"Stop," I hissed. "Just leave me be!"

"No!" He was getting angry, now. "I hate it when you keep things in like this. This is how you got to be Kaiser, by penting things up inside! Tell me, damn it!"

I began to cry. The intense horror of it all had finally caught up to me. Before, I felt ashamed, violated, disgusted by what I had done. Then, in that one moment, I understood how I had gotten us backed up against the wall. With no digimon, no weapons, no hope.

No hope. And I had fucked her for nothing.

Tears streamed down my face as my body was wracked with sobs. Daisuke held me closer still, and I cried hot tears into his shirt.

"It's... all... my... fault," I gasped out between sobs.

* * *

After that, I do not remember much. I know somehow I managed to sob out my story to Daisuke, and that somehow we escaped. I think I remember looking out of a hole in the wall and seeing Shakkoumon and Sylphimon hovering there, light spilling into our cell.

The drug Yukionnamon had used on me took its toll on my system. Somehow I do not think she meant to hurt me that badly, but it is impossible to know for sure. I do know, however, that in the resulting battle, she was destroyed. Not that that really made a dent in the evil population of the Digital World, but it gave me a deep-seated satisfaction.

* * *


* * *


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