City of Angels
Chapter 2 - Falling For You
by The Ambitious Blank

Disclaimer- Digimon has never been mine. It isn't even mine now. And it probably never will be. Sucks for me, right? City of Angels has also, never been mine.. and do I even have to finish? Really, if I owned either two, I'd be rich and wouldn't be writing this, most likely.
Comments- An AU fic based on the movie "City of Angels", the best cry-your-eyes-out movie ever made in my opinion. Kenkeru is main pairing, some Taito. Shounen-ai, kissing and maybe some hintings of citrus? ^^; This is also a deathfic. And since it's an AU, we'll say Ken lives near the school where the rest of the digidestined kids go, okay? :B Okay. C&C is appreciated. Thanks! (Yes, I did in fact c/p the disclaimer and comments from the previous chapter. I wasted all my creativity on the story, okay? >>;)


"He found OUT?!" Daisuke yelled in complete disbelief as Takeru confessed the entire story to him. The redhead paced anxiously along the top of Ken's apartment building.

"Oh man, oh man.. what are we going to do?!" He asked to no one in particular, himself most likely, turning around and pacing in the other direction. "Takeru, a human can't know we exist..! We.. we aren't supposed to let them learn that! You said he just interested you, nothing else!! Oh man, oh man, we are in such big trouble, I shoulda seen this coming.."

"Relax, Daisuke.."

"Relax?! RELAX?! How am I supposed to relax when a human has found us out! We.. we.." He froze suddenly, staring down toward the sidewalk below. "Is.. is that Yamato?!"

Takeru's eyes widened and he immediately looked down. Sure enough, it was Yamato, the missing angel from their ranks, walking down the sidewalk past Ken's apartment building. Takeru disappeared from the rooftop and reappeared in front of Yamato. The elder blonde froze.


"Yamato." Takeru returned, his eyes narrowing. "Where have you been?" His sharp blue gaze held Yamato's, and the other shifted uncomfortably.

"..well, I.. y'see.."

"Tell me!" Takeru demanded, glaring at him.

"..I found something better than being an angel."

"Better than being an angel?! Yamato, that was your duty! Your destiny!"

"If it was destiny then why am I here now, huh?"

"You're.. you're a mortal!" Takeru cried in disgust. It wasn't that he hated humans, of course. But Takeru was shocked that an angel would just so easily throw his duty away.

"I found Taichi." Yamato said.

"What do you mean?" The smaller blonde challenged. Yamato glanced behind him. The boy Daisuke had spoken of the previous day was walking towards them.

"What makes him so special?"

"I love him."

"Angels are not supposed to love."

"But I'm not an angel anymore, Takeru." Yamato said softly. Takeru shook his head.

"How did you accomplish it, then?"

"..I fell."

"You fell..? How?"

" revoke Him.. let yourself go. It doesn't matter how you do it, but you know you're doing it. It just feels right." Yamato said gently. Takeru was thrown off by how easily his words came, and hesitated.


"It was all worth it, Takeru. I know emotion.. sure, it comes with the pain of death, of just being alive in general.. but Takeru, to know such things as love and happiness are well worth the price you pay for it. Think about it." With that, Yamato and Taichi walked past. Taichi wrapped an arm around Yamato's shoulder, and the elder blonde smiled over his shoulder back at Takeru, whom they left standing there watching after them. The angel certainly had a lot to think over now.


Once again, Ken didn't make it through two minutes of his day without thinking of the angel that had visited him so often. Why, he wasn't sure.

It was raining that day as Ken walked home. He'd left his umbrella, and it was getting colder and colder. His eyes remained focused on the ground as he headed back toward his apartment. Suddenly, he froze. Takeru was standing right in front of him.

"..Takeru.." Ken said, staring at the angel that stood before him. "..I.. about last night, I.."

"Don't worry about it." Takeru said with a dismissive wave of his hand. "Look, I.. I came to say I was sorry.."

"Sorry for what?" Ken asked, blinking. "Takeru, I tried to cut you.."

"..I didn't feel a thing."

"You can't feel..? Nothing? No pain, no emotion..?" Ken asked, feeling his heart sink in his chest from sympathy for the blonde angel. Takeru shook his head slowly.

"No." Even the simple word struck Ken hard. He couldn't imagine not being able to feel. He peered into those shocking blue eyes, and hidden in there depths was nothingness. Takeru's eyes were clear, unclouded by human sin, but there was nothing.

" you can't feel.." Ken breathed, reaching up and touching Takeru's cheek. The blonde didn't flinch, didn't seem to acknowledge the hand on his face. "..not even when I touch you..?" He asked desperately. For some reason he wanted Takeru to be able to feel him there. He wanted Takeru to be able to feel.. because.. because..

Because I love you.

Takeru shook his head again. Ken threw his arms around the blonde and hugged him tightly.

"..tell me you can.."

"..I could tell you, but it wouldn't be the truth." Takeru whispered. Ken couldn't feel any breath as the blonde spoke down to him. He started shivering, both from cold and from his emotion. He looked up and stared into the angelic face, and without thinking leaned up and pressed his cold lips to Takeru's warm ones. He was soaking wet, but Takeru was dry, and he clutched at the warmth that radiated off the other boy. He was determined to make the blonde feel. Takeru jerked at the sudden contact between them, but as Ken pulled away, he gave Takeru a questioning gaze. The blonde shook his head. Ken burst into tears that he himself didn't understand and buried his face into the angel's shirt. He finally pulled away, and the angel's shoulders seemed to slump.

"..would you have me give it up for you, Ken..?"

"Wh.. what do you mean?"

"..I can fall."

"..fall..?" Ken asked, blinking.

"..I can become a human, like you.. Yamato.. Yamato's done it."

"Yamato..?!" Ken asked, his eyes widening. So that was why the elder had avoided him so quickly. Takeru nodded.

"He fell.. he is no longer an angel, Ken.. would you love me if I fell for you..?"

"..Takeru.. I.. I can't ask you to do that."

"What do you want, Ken?"

"..I.. I want you." Ken admitted, shoulders slumping in defeat. He couldn't deny that he wanted to be able to love Takeru, and that he wanted Takeru to be able to love him. Takeru smiled, and for once Ken saw the true emptiness in that smile.

"..okay." Was all he said, and when Ken blinked, he was gone. Ken stared at the empty space where he was, felt the cold air around him now that the other boy's warmth was gone.



Takeru paced the tall building he was standing on, staring downward as he thought over what he was going to do.

You just.. revoke Him.. let yourself go.

What am I doing..?

The angel stared at the ground far below and closed his eyes tightly.

Revoke Him..

..let yourself feel..

..think about who you're doing this for..


Takeru spread his arms wide. The pattern on the back of his shirt glimmered and the embroidered white feathers darkened to black, and the blonde faced the sky and shut his eyes.

I revoke Him.

I want to love.

He fell.

Like a falcon from the sky he plummeted. There were no screams from people below; no one could see the angel except one. A certain redheaded angel had thrown himself against the railing of a balcony, watching as the blonde tumbled like a rock toward the ground.

"TAKERU!" He shouted, but the blonde was deaf to him as the air swirled around his ears. Daisuke prayed for Takeru's safety and a construction net appeared. No one noticed, it was if it had been there the whole time. Takeru hit it hard, and lost consciousness.

..I love you, Ken.


Ken was growing worried, and walked back and forth in his room, trying to convince himself that Takeru hadn't been serious about what he'd said earlier.

"..he wouldn't really do that, would he? Not for me.." He so desperately wanted to believe that Takeru wouldn't do something like that. Surrender his whole life just for one person.

"It's just like Yamato.. oh, I'm so worried.. where could he have gone..?" He surrendered to his anxiety and grabbed the phone, calling Yamato's number. The elder picked up tiredly.


"Yamato, it's me."

"Ken..? It's like ten at night, man.. what are you calling me for?"

"I'm worried.."


"Takeru." Ken said honestly. He could practically feel Yamato wince on the other end of the line.

"..what did he say he'd do..?" He asked, though Ken had a feeling Yamato knew already, or at least had a feeling, if nothing else.

"..he said he'd fall.. for my sake.. Yamato, I don't know where he could have gone, or if he's hurt, or.. or.."

"Ken, calm down."

"How can I?!"

"He'll be fine."

"You don't think he'd really do that, do you?"


"..but.. but.."

"Look, Takeru knows what he gets himself into. Aren't you flattered that he'd go that far just for you?"

"Of course I am, but-"

"Ken." Yamato said firmly, stopping the other boy mid-sentence. "..listen to me. Takeru knows what he's doing, why he's doing it. He believes in himself, and you should believe in him, too." He said reassuringly. Ken swallowed hard.



It was pitch black when Takeru awoke next. He sat up slowly, and yelped. A stinging pain was on his cheek, and there was a less distinct pain throughout his entire body. Pain.. he knew pain! Takeru was strangely overjoyed and sat up quickly on the net holding him up. The streets were deserted, the only light coming from a flickering streetlamp farther down. He climbed off the net, landing carefully on his feet and looking around him.

Ken. I have to find Ken.

The dark-haired boy was the first thought on his mind, and quickly he raced in the direction of Ken's apartment. His feet echoed on the hard cement of the sidewalk. His breath came fast and hard. Breath!

I can breathe! Takeru thought joyously as he raced down the street. He was growing tired, but his pace prevailed even so. Ken's apartment was growing on the horizon, and with every step Takeru felt his excitement and his slight anxiety grow, bubbling up in the very soul of his being.

Please be there..

He raced up the stairs, falling once and ignoring the pain that shot sharply up his knee. Reaching the apartment door he knew all-too-well, he knocked urgently. From inside he heard the sound of a door banging open and soft footsteps racing toward the door. Takeru knew anticipation, and then pure happiness as the door was thrown open and Ken stood there, wide-eyed and staring at him.


Takeru smiled, and for once there was no lack of true gladness in that smile, in those deep blue eyes.


To Be Continued...


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