Hope in Despair (aka Hope gets some KFC)
Part 3 - We'll Be Here...
by Ashna

Okay this is just chapters three, four and five put into one. AKA the original chapter format. It ends at a good place so I've decided to keep it that way. There's only one more chapter coming up and an epilogue. I should, SHOULD be done with the next chapter within the week I hope. As long as nothing comes up... Shouldn't cuz most of my classes are just wrapping things up for the year. Well that's all. Enjoy and R&R!!!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~PART THREE YEAH!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ken sighed as he watched the restless blonde sleeping on the couch. He was sitting beside Daisuke almost in his lap in a large arm chair by the gas fireplace, which was turned on full blast to warm their frozen limbs. He sat with his head resting on Daisuke's shoulder, his arm around Ken's shoulders.

They'd both been frozen with more then cold as Takeru had started to cry in the snow. It hurt Ken more then he could say to hear the pain in those sobs. Daisuke who was always good for when action was needed snapped out of his shock first. He'd half lifted, half supported a still sobbing Takeru onto his feet. Ken had jumped forward and with Takeru supported between the two of them they had managed to bring him to Ken's apartment. Daisuke had managed to get all his winter stuff off while Ken turned on the fireplace. Then they sat in front of the fire for at least two hours while Takeru had cried. He never stopped, never faltered and Ken suspected he barely knew they'd been there. He was still locked up in his own world but at least Daisuke had managed to find where he was. Takeru had fallen asleep still crying and Daisuke had put him on the couch to rest. He'd been asleep now for about three hours. Ken and Daisuke had eaten lunch and had curled up on the chair to wait for him to wake up.

*Now all we have to do is bring him out. Wonderful we're back where we started.*

He sighed again and Daisuke gave his shoulders a squeeze.

"What's wrong now Koibito." He asked quietly.

Ken shrugged and turned more towards the brunette snaking an arm around his waist, his other hand holding Daisuke's and intertwining their fingers. He liked just sitting with Daisuke especially because it was rare to find him in such a calm mood. Or in a less excited state. Ken swore up and down that kissing was Daisuke's favorite sport next to soccer.

"I'm just worried that's all. It just seems like he really hasn't gotten better. More like we're back to where we were before he slit his wrists and that seems more dangerous then before. He might try something like that again now." Ken hoped Daisuke understood what he was talking about.

His koi would on occasion understand something fully and be able to act on it like with Takeru's depression. He'd managed to figure out the right thing to do but it took him awhile. Daisuke rested his head atop of Ken's and frowned.

"I guess you're right. The only reason he's sleeping now is because he was too exhausted to stay awake any longer." Daisuke murmured.

"I know but I know this time around we won't let him down. We're not going to let him do this to himself again." He said completely determined not to make the same mistakes twice.

Daisuke hugged him to him tighter and they sat there next to the fire waiting for their friend to wake up. Soon lulled by the heat they fell asleep in each other's arms.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Take-chan

Takeru opened dry sore eyes slowly unsure of where he was. Memories came flooding back as he remembered the events of the morning. His mom had had to go to work so she'd phoned up Ken. They'd worked their way to his place Daisuke joining up with them half way then... Daisuke had gotten really pissed off at him for falling.

*No not just for falling.*

Takeru corrected his thoughts.

*For falling and not caring. I didn't care and he got mad. Trust Daisuke to get mad over something so trivial.*

He had been sleeping with his back to the room and he turned around to see where the other two were. Both had fallen asleep themselves on a large arm chair by the fireplace. They were curled up together like a pair of kittens. Normally this would have made him smile but he still didn't feel right. Not like the cold uncaring of before but lost, confused and numb. The numbness was back with all the aces it came with. He supposed it wasn't really like being numb at all, his thoughts and feelings felt slow and heavy like an arm that's fallen asleep while you slept. Cold, clumsy and a little frightening. A dead limb appearing in your bed your fogged mind to irrational to see it for what it was. Your own.

He stayed where he was lost in his own morbid thoughts for an hour or more when Daisuke woke up. The leader of the second generation digidestined opened his eyes and yawned. Takeru watched as he blinked at Ken who was molded into his side then tried (Unsuccessfully) to get up without waking the other boy. Ken glared at Daisuke as he stood to get up. Daisuke's attempt at movement causing him to be suddenly deposited on the floor in front of the chair.

"Sorry Ken. I was trying not to wake you up." He said extending a hand to his boyfriend.

"Yeah... oh you're awake." Ken said as he stood up and saw Takeru watching them from the couch.

They stood there awkwardly then Daisuke shifted and moved towards the kitchen planting a smile on his face. Ken looked away from Takeru and glanced at Daisuke.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

Daisuke grinned from the kitchen's entrance.

"I am going to cook some food. If you two didn't notice it's now five thirty. Supper should be eaten around six so I cook!" He said looking smug and disappeared into the kitchen.

Ken looked as if he wanted to drag Daisuke out of the kitchen. Takeru idly wondered why. It wasn't as if he would burn the house down.

"And don't you worry Ken. I've been learning from Yamato. This time I won't set the stove on fire or break the microwave." Daisuke's voice sounded from the other room.

The indigo haired digidestined didn't look convinced but didn't say anything. He turned to Takeru and looked at him with sad eyes. Ken almost always had sad eyes. The group of digidestined had gotten used to it after a while. Of course around Daisuke he was always happy and most of the time around Takeru. He was Ken's best friend after all.

"So how are you feeling?" Ken asked.

Takeru shrugged and sat up looking away from Ken's steady gaze. He didn't want the other boy to question him too much. He didn't want the others getting too close to him. It was uncomfortable this ability to get past the barriers that had surrounded his soul. Of course he still had the self imposed barrier. One he hadn't realized he'd put up until Daisuke had slapped him. Somehow the spiky haired digidestined had broken those too.

*I don't want them to get close I don't want to feel again.*

It had been addictive the coldness and isolation. There he hadn't felt, hadn't cared. The numb feeling wasn't enough to stop the dull ache in his heart. He didn't want to feel it. Like before it would grow a black pit gaping below him ready to drag him away from the gray landscape where nothing was raw or jagged.

Takeru shuddered away from the thought bringing up his knees and wrapping his arms around them. He didn't want to think at all or feel. He leaned against the couch's back and rested his head against it. He stared blankly at a table with pictures on it forgetting Ken's presence as he tried to forget the darkness.


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~~~~~~~~ Daisuke

*So maybe I need more cooking lessons.*

Daisuke thought as he realized Ken didn't have the ingredients for the things he knew how to cook. Grilled Cheese, Macaroni and Cheese, Nachos with Cheese and Crackers and Cheese.

*Are Ken's parents lactose intolerant or something?*

He decided he could make spaghetti. After digging around a bit he had found a jar of instant sauce. He could boil noodles. That was easy. Besides he loved noodles of any kind. Ramen, Udon, Bow Tie, the cure spirally kind.

He put on the noodles and went to pick the sauce. There was garlic and onion, Classic Italian, Sundried Tomato and Spinach. He picked the third and twisted the lid. Tried to twist the lid that is. It was stuck on hard. He pulled and pulled but it wouldn't come off. He pulled harder biting his lip. Finally the lid popped off and Daisuke's elbow went flying back into the pot of noddles. They tipped over and some landed on the burner. They caught fire. Daisuke dropped the jar as he freaked out over the fire. The jar broke. Then he forgot about the fire and freaked out over all the sauce and glass on the floor. Then the fire alarm went off as smoke filled the room.

~~~~~~~~ Ken

The way Takeru avoided his question worried him. He didn't look like he wanted to talk but Ken was determined not to let his friend drift off or push him away. He was about to sit by the boy who was now curled up about himself looking rather lonely and lost when a crash came from the kitchen. Then a shattering sound and several curses coming from no one other then Daisuke.

"Oh no... not again." Ken muttered as the smoke alarm went off and smoke drifted out of the kitchen.

He ran to the kitchen and saw a fire on the stove, red sauce all over the kitchen floor and broken glass. Daisuke was of course in the middle looking slightly panicked. Coughing from the smoke Ken grabbed a fire extinguisher from the corner (Bought after the last time Daisuke had almost burned down the apartment) and put out the fire.

Takeru had followed and blinked into the smoky kitchen. Daisuke looked from him to Ken and tried to explain what happened.

"First I couldn't find any cheese..."

*Cheese? What does that have to do with anything.*

"So I figured I could just make spaghetti."

*Mistake number one.*

"Then the lid just popped off and the pot overturned.*

*One would think Daisuke could handle opening a jar and cooking noodles.*

"Then I dropped the jar."


"You know the rest... I'm sorry Ken this time was just an accident! Honest!" Daisuke finished looking at Ken.

Ken just looked back then started laughing. Daisuke was covered in sauce, soot and even a few noodles. Plus he couldn't move away from the stove without stepping on the glass. Combine that with the pathetic look on his face...

He gave Ken a dirty look as he grabbed the table to keep from falling over while he laughed. Takeru just watched not seeing the humor in the situation. Ken finally calmed down and managed to help Daisuke clean up.

~~~~~~~ Take-chan

Takeru went back to the living room and sat down on the couch. Daisuke's little accident had come at a good time. He now could ignore the other two. They had forgotten about him now anyway. This was what he wanted. He didn't want them hovering over him, worrying and trying to get him to open up. He just didn't want to feel anymore.

~~~~~~~~~~~ Daisuke

Ken's mom and his dad, who had managed to get to work, came home around six and helped with the clean up. By then the snow had stopped falling and some of the streets had been cleared. They took both Takeru and Daisuke home but not before getting a promise out of Daisuke that he would never ever touch the kitchen again. Ever.

*It was an accident. It's not like I did that on purpose. Ken didn't have to laugh so much ether.*

Daisuke grumbled as he jumped into bed that night. He was about to drift off when a thought popped into his mind.

*We forgot about Takeru.*

Well they didn't really forget but cleaning up the kitchen then being carted off by Ken's parents almost immediately after had made him and Ken... forget about Takeru. Daisuke was sure Ken was going into little mini fits of guilt now.

*Now I'll have Takeru And Ken to cheer up tomorrow if school opens again.*

He flipped over and stared at the cracks in his ceiling. Takeru's recovery was now top on his list of things to do. He knew Ken would freak if Takeru tried to kill himself again. He would never let anything hurt Ken like that ever again. Besides Takeru was his friend. Daisuke would always help a friend no matter what.

One problem. While he was Takeru's friend their friendship had never been that close. Sure Takeru always bugged him and he bugged him back but they'd never talked or just hung out together. Always in a group.

*Ken was his best friend. Not me. Yeah well Ken's way too wrapped up in this to be able to handle anything well. He'll get as upset as Takeru if no one stops him.*

Daisuke thought about this for a moment and came to one conclusion.

*I'll just have to get to know Takeru better. Even if he's just getting to know himself again. Even if there's not much there right now. Even if he doesn't want me to. I owe it to Ken to try.*

~~~~~~ Three days later at school. Same POV

The weather has warmed up after the last big storm and the snow was quickly melting. It was hard getting around in the flooded streets but school had reopened. Daisuke was walking Takeru to school by himself. His mother had been beside herself with joy that her son had started talking again. This was the only difference in his behavior. That and he actually did stuff without being forced physically to do it.

"So Takeru..." Daisuke started trying to find a way to talk to the blonde haired boy.

Takeru glanced at him his gray-blue eyes unreadable, at least to Daisuke.

"Are you going to join the basketball team again this year?" He asked.

"No." Was the short reply.

"Why not? You love basketball." Daisuke asked confused.

"I don't care."

Daisuke gave him a look of pure exasperation while Takeru just walked on. He couldn't believe he hadn't noticed his friend's odd behavior before. They'd been good if not terrific friends before this. Daisuke shook his head a little to clear it. He'd gone over this already and had formed a plan. Be Takeru's friend. A better friend than before.

*Besides I do have the Digiegg of Friendship. This should be a walk in the park.*

He gave Takeru a sideways glance. He noted that while he wasn't totally out of it like before there was something lurking below the surface of his eyes that made Daisuke's heart sink.

*Or maybe not...*


A/N Okay I'm going to be skipping days even weeks here okay? It would take way too long to go over the slooow recovery of Takeru right? So yeah... you'll get the point... now I'll shut up before I give too much away. Still got a few chapters left... This is sooo much longer then my intended two maybe, maybe three chapters fic.

~~~~~~~~~Few days later Yamato POV

Yamato sat at the kitchen/living room/dinning room table and watched his little brother who was doing homework. He was recovering from his depression slowly and seemed yet again to be at a stand still. He wasn't getting any better but then he wasn't getting any worse. At least that was what he, his parents and the other digidestined thought. Ken and Hikari weren't so sure though. They worried almost too much.

*Ken's really been bent out of shape by all this from what I've seen. He's a good friend to Takeru same with Daisuke. Never thought I'd see the day when Daisuke went out of his way to be nice, supportive and just plain there for anyone before. Physically yes, emotionally no. Guess he's finally growing up. Hmmm, about the same age as my Taichi when he decided to grow up.*

Takeru's blonde head lifted from his books and stared back at Yamato a question in his eyes. There was the strange thing. His eyes were what told everyone he wasn't quite out of the woods yet. They were a dull gray-blue that tended to creep others out if he looked at you too long.

"Sorry Takeru I was just thinking. If I'm bugging you I could go do something else." he said.

Takeru shook his head in a negative and stood up closing his books. Yamato looked at him in surprise.

"Done already?" he asked.

"No but I don't feel like doing homework right now. I'll get it done later." Takeru said flatly moving to one of the windows and looking outside.

He was in another mood to do nothing and say nothing, Yamato could tell. There wasn't much anyone could do for him during these except make sure he didn't wander into the kitchen again. The bandages from before still adorned his wrists protecting the stitches. A constant reminder of how everyone had failed him.

Suddenly the phone rang making Yamato jump about ten feet in surprise. Takeru didn't even flinch. Giving his brother one last worried look he walked over to the phone and picked it up.

"Moshi, Moshi Yamato here."


"Oh hey Sora."


"No I didn't forget. I've just been busy lately."


"Sorry I can't that night. Promised Taichi I'd go to his soccer game."


"Yeah... sure... *sigh* Yeah, yeah that's okay."


"All right I'll meet you at six."


"Yeah, love you too."

Yamato hung up and turned back towards the room. He didn't want to go on a date with Sora tonight be she'd been pushy lately and he needed to keep things going. Then he remembered Takeru. He was supposed to be taking care of him today.

*Damn he's so quiet it's easy to forget he's even here.*

The blonde thought for a moment and turned back to phone.

~~~~~~~~~ Take-chan

The door bell rang and Yamato stood up to answer it. He'd phoned Daisuke to cover for him while he went on his date with Sora. Takeru hadn't paid attention to any of this. He didn't care what his brother did or who came over.

He could hear his brother talking to the hyperactive teenager then leaving several minutes later. As he continued to stare out the window at nothing footsteps approached. Daisuke suddenly popped into view beside him.

"Hey Take-chan! What's up? What ya wanna do?" He said his brown eyes wide with energy.

*Great Yamato calls Daisuke over when he's in a hyperactive mood. Like I need this.*

"Nothing." He answered flatly to both questions.

Daisuke merely folded his arms over his chest and gave Takeru a half hearted glare.

"We are doing something. Now either you pick or be dragged to where I want to go." He said.

Takeru knew the threat was genuine. Daisuke would never back down on a threat. Still he couldn't think of anything because he didn't care to do anything. He looked away from Daisuke's animated face and shrugged.

"Okay then I know exactly what we can do!" Daisuke said cheerfully not missing a beat.

He forced Takeru to put on his shoes and a jacket, then grabbing his arm dragged the other boy outside. They went to the mall where Daisuke got a new pair of cargo shorts and a new vest. Not to mention freaking out over a vest that was a black, blue and purple replica of his Digiworld jacket. Then it was across town to some bookstore to pick up something for Ken. Daisuke calmed down for about five seconds in there with all the books and soothing music. Then was back to himself as he spent the better part of an hour looking through CD's and forcing Takeru to listen to the sample booths.

All in all it was quite exhausting. Takeru had never been the sole focus of Daisuke's boundless energy before this. The auburn haired youth had always ignored him when he'd been chasing Hikari then had been too involved with Ken to hang out much. That and they hung out with a different crowd at school.

*He just doesn't stop...*

He though through his indifferent fog as Daisuke dragged him into one of those huge mega mart stores. He blinked as he realized where they were and gave Daisuke a look. Daisuke grinned back at him and grabbing a sleeve dragged him towards the food section.

"I am starving and I don't have enough money to buy us both lunch so sample tables here we come!" He said with a grin.

Takeru just stared at the back of Daisuke's head as the boy approached the first table. He couldn't believe they were going to systematically go searching for free samples, it was just so... so... so Daisuke. Sighing he resigned himself to his fate and followed along.

They filled up on weenie roasts, crackers with cream cheese, microwave Udon, chicken strips, stir fry and an energy bar for desert. At one table Daisuke managed to convince the elderly lady at the table to give him and Takeru five samples each.

They walked out of the mega store with Daisuke looking extremely please with himself.

"Man this was a good day to come here! That lady at the chicken strips booth was nice giving us three pieces each!" Daisuke said.

Takeru grinned shaking his head. The lady had given the chicken to Daisuke in pity. Somehow he'd managed to look three years younger and like he never got a full meal. When he'd started to pull the waterworks she'd caved and had donated food to both of them.

*Daisuke should go into acting. He'd probably have the time of his life too.*

~~~~~~~~~~~ Dai-chan's POV

Daisuke noticed the smile and was practically jumping for joy around his skull. Takeru hadn't smiled in who knows how long. He knew he just had to keep Takeru in a good mood. Even though he didn't know why he was in a good mood. He spun around and grabbed Takeru's arm again as an idea occurred to him.

"Hey look! It's a poster for that weird movie from America let's go see it! It's supposed to be hilarious!" he said dragging Takeru behind him.

He pulled Takeru into the movie theatre not stopping to see whether he wanted to see the movie or not. Takeru gave him a strange look as he paid for the tickets.

"I thought you didn't have any money left?" he asked.

"No money for food baka." He explained.

He did another jig for joy as Takeru smiled again. He was on a roll and this movie was sure to cheer him up even more. He bought popcorn, a huge bag of sour keys, a large root beer and three candy bars.

"Hey Take-chan," he said turning to the other boy.

"Do you want anything?"

Takeru stared at him, then at the junk in his arms then back up again. He chuckled and shook his head.

"No I think you're glutton enough for the both of us." he said.

*WHOA! He even made a joke! This is so cool! All right, Ken's gonna freak when he hears about this!*

He sat down and watched the movie laughing his head off at the weird crack addled antics of some guy named Tom Green.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Take-chan again.

Takeru laughed as Daisuke once again started singing 'Daddy would you like some sausage?' on the train ride home. He was starting to scare this older couple sitting across from them.

He was definitely feeling strange. Hanging around the energetic Daisuke seemed to be having a good effect on him. The other boy never stopped and never walked on eggshells around him. Eventually the constant barrage of insanity got to him. He'd smiled, then grinned then laughed as Daisuke made an idiot out of himself repeatedly.

He was starting to understand Ken's relationship with him better too. He'd never understood how the two got together in the first place. Ken was quiet, composed, extremely intelligent Daisuke was... none of those things. Ken's answer when asked why he liked him the answer was always 'how could I not like someone who wears goggles?'.

*Now I know what he meant. How could one feel lonely or depressed with mister insanity himself constantly there. He doesn't overwhelm you he takes you along for the ride.*

They finally reached Yamato's apartment and he went inside. Yamato was back from his date and since it was a school night Daisuke went straight home.

To Takeru's surprise he still felt better after Daisuke left. Not as good as he'd felt around Daisuke himself but.., more alive than he had in weeks.


Ken listened on the phone as Daisuke blabbed about Takeru. It certainly was something exciting. Since he was going to go visit Takeru on the weekend he now couldn't wait to see this miraculous change. Of course it probably wasn't too pronounced but... it was exciting.

After letting Daisuke babble on for another twenty minutes he hung up on him (the only way to cut off the constant flow of words). He then turned back to the homework he was working on for one of his college courses. He couldn't concentrate. His mind kept on slipping towards Takeru.

*It'll be great to see him more alive again. These past few weeks haven't been much of an improvement from before.*

He sighed and resting his chin on his arms looked at a picture taken of the younger digidestined while they'd still been fighting Arukenimon. He'd just joined the group and had still been depressed over what he'd done. Looking at the picture though you could tell what the others had thought of him.

It didn't have Hikari because she'd taken the picture. If she had been Ken suspected it might have looked slightly different. Both Takeru and Daisuke would have stood beside her. As it was Iori was sanding beside Miyako who'd sat down cross-legged on the ground. Ken was standing slightly behind Iori. Takeru had stood beside Ken. You couldn't see it but he'd placed one hand on Ken's elbow to keep him from ducking out of the picture like he'd done twice already. Daisuke had stood on Ken's other side and was leaning slightly into him. He'd been reaching behind Ken to place 'bunny ears' above Takeru's head.

Ken smiled as he remembered. He'd been very embarrassed by the whole thing. At that time he'd had a crush on both the boys. He was just glad he wasn't inclined to blush. If he had been this picture would have had one red tomato in it. With both Takeru and Daisuke standing so close, both touching him. It definitely had been a heart wracking experience. But even then he'd known that those two at least had forgiven him.

*Daisuke had made it clear from the start that he was my friend. Takeru was no different he was just quiet about it.*

Takeru had always been there for him. Someone he could talk to and lean on when he needed it. After the digital world they'd become quick best friends. They'd often message each other on their D3 terminal late at night and talk for hours. Well it was mostly Ken talking about his problems and Takeru offering advice and support.

*He was always there for me and the one time he needed me I let him down. Well not anymore. Daisuke's great for bringing you out of a depression but not for curing it. This time I'll be the one listening.*

Sighing Ken put down the picture and got ready for bed. He had college courses for the rest of the week and wouldn't see Takeru until then. He was telling himself to relax and not think about things too hard until then when an idea struck him.

He grabbed something then crawled into bed turning off the light. He opened his D3 terminal and typed out a message hoping he'd read it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Take-chan

It was the day after his outing with Daisuke and he was still feeling better if not by much. He couldn't seem to keep that alive feeling for long. The places that had started to work again were back to their normal numb state. The world was flat and boring once again. There was one tiny difference. He didn't want it anymore. He didn't want to wander through his life without feeling, without hope. Nor did he want to go back to the cold isolation that had surrounded him after his suicide attempt. Daisuke had managed to give him just a bit of this lust for life back. Not much but it was there.

*Only I don't know how to feel again.*

The gray was once again oppressive, clouding his feelings and spreading throughout him like a dead weight. He was sinking back into the darkness and no matter how much he wanted to he couldn't leave, couldn't stop.

A light flashing on his desk startled him where he was lying on his bed. It was past eleven and he'd been trying to sleep. He got up and grabbed his D3 Terminal bringing it back to bed with him.

"Who would be messaging me this late?" he mused out loud flipping it open once he was comfortable again.

/Hey Takeru what's up?

Takeru blinked in surprise. Ken hadn't messaged him this late since they'd started to go to school together.


He wondered why Ken would suddenly start this up again and chewed on a hang nail.

/Oh, well I was just checking up on ya. That's all./


/I'm your best friend right?/


/Well then I'm allowed to worry about you. Besides it's not like you're very talkative on the phone or in person./

/I guess./

/Whoa two words. By the time this conversation is done I might work you up to a real sentence./


/You're impossible!/


/Another smile and joking! You must be feeling better. What did Daisuke do give you a brain transplant?/

/He's your boyfriend, you tell me./

/Aha a sentence!/

/Bravo. So why did you message me again. Anything other then checking up?/



/Did I not say I'm your best friend. I'm worried! You haven't been talking, haven't been smiling and did... what you did!/

/Yeah, so?/

/I want to know why. I want to know if I can help. I always told you my problems over this thing. Maybe you can tell me yours this way too./

Takeru stared at the screen unsure of what to say. He hadn't wanted to overburden Ken with his problems before because Ken always seemed too vulnerable to handle anyone else's.

*Maybe I've been giving him too little credit. I know I've done that before with Daisuke. Maybe I should... no.*

He shut the terminal and shoved it under his bed so he couldn't see the light if Ken messaged him again. There was no use talking about this to anyone. It's wasn't even something to begin with. He would deal with it on his own and just hope he could fight off this numbing grayness on his own.


Ken stared at the empty screen and knew Takeru had ignored him. He must have pushed him too much. Now he'd just have to try something else.

*But how can I show him he needs to talk about this? Keeping things inside isn't going to help him any. I know, I've tried and he was the one who showed me how to open up in the first place.*

He turned back to the terminal and left one last note for him to read when he was ready.

/I'll be here Take-chan. I can wait./


Yeah it's just the last three chapters again. Now the new and improved third chapter as it was originally supposed to be. I just got lazy. Heheh oh well. Anyway, start looking for chapter four coming up soon. I hope... you guys hope... Takeru hopes? We shall see... we shall see.


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