Hope in Despair (aka Hope gets some KFC)
Epilogue - Happy
by Ashna

Just a little sap to end the fic with.


Takeru sighed happily as he pulled Ken's arm over his shoulder and held it there. Ken glanced at him in amusement but went back to reading his book. Some college thing. Takeru didn't mind being ignored though. It was fun just sitting, or well Ken was sitting by the lamp while Takeru was half laying on the couch using Ken as a back rest.

What Daisuke was doing couldn't be call laying. He was sprawled across the rest of the couch using Takeru's stomach as a pillow. He'd even wrapped his arms around one of the blonde's legs like a teddy bear. Takeru couldn't move even if he wanted to.

Ken's attention wandered back to the other two as a small snore sounded from Daisuke. Ken rolled his amethyst eyes.

"How am I supposed to study with him making so much noise?" he complained but his arm draped over Takeru's shoulder drifted gentle fingers across Daisuke's sleeping face.

He went back to his book and Takeru bit back a yawn. He was kinda tired too. It was already past midnight but Ken didn't show any signs of letting up on his studying. He let his head rest in the hollow of Ken's shoulder, closing his eyes. He placed one hand on Daisuke's back the other twined its fingers with Ken's. The absolutely content Takeru drifted off.


Yup, just a little bit o' sap. I had no reason for doing that scene except for the fact that the idea stuck in my head somewhere around mid-second chapter and wouldn't go away till I typed it!


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