Yume Ja Nai Yo
by Ashna

I am free to work on this little idea I've had for two months now. It's going to be bigger better and well I'm gonna love this fic. I've told my friends about it what I plan on doing and they are hyped up. I got my one friend crying at one point (and myself) okay not quite crying but definitely getting sad over it and I haven't even started yet!!!

It's AU, Alternate Universe. Nobody really knows anybody in here. Takeru and Yamato are related but they've lost touch a LONG time ago. Like when Takeru was two. Taichi and Hikari aren't related and they have no clue the other exists. Okay? All right. This is the prologue Fic. That means this is just so you know who everybody is. If I didn't write it this way you'd never see the end to it!!! This fic will be seven chapters. ^_^

Warning: Yaoi, Waff, and general cute stuff for now.

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon. Sad as that is at least they end up happy in the show. I'm rarely kind to my characters.


Takeru Takaishi wrapped his scarlet wool cloak tighter around him as his horse plodded through the snow. It was about mid-winter and one of the worst times to travel. Worse if you were in the northern part of the country. Of course, that's where he was.

Normally at this time of year he'd be snug and warm reading a book in the library or maybe at a study session with Yamato and Koushiro. But he'd graduated early beating both through the gates and had a mere month to find a partner. Koushiro said it served him right for managing to beat the older and highly intelligent boy to graduation. Never mind that Koushiro was involved in a very different more intense form of magic than Takeru. One that involved twice the amount of time to learn.

As is, he knew exactly who was to join him on his tour of duty. He'd promised a friend just before he left their small village that he'd find a way to help him out.

Lalalalalalalala Flash back lalalalalalalala

It was once again the time of year when sorcerers searched villages throughout the five kingdoms for young boys and girls who had the talent for magic. Takeru Takaishi waited patiently inside the small temple of his village for his mother to stop gossiping and his one and only friend to show up.


Takeru sighed and rolled his eyes as the hyper active Daisuke Motomiya, the Inn Master's son, bounded up to him, a superior smirk on his face.

"I betcha I'M going to get picked for a sorcerer's apprentice!" He said with a huge smile.

"We'll see." Takeru had said calmly.

"You'll be here forever, I bet, working in your Mother's book shop forever."


This form of conversation went on for quite some time. When the two boys first met it was assumed they didn't get along. Daisuke was loud, not to mention rude, and would often make the emotional Takeru cry. But when separated for two weeks the two families were bombarded with two small boys asking if the other could come over and play. It was decided that they were good for each other. Daisuke would learn to be calmer and pay more attention to others feelings and Takeru would develop a thicker skin. They'd been inseparable ever since.

"Takeru?" Daisuke suddenly stopped the bragging.


"What if one of us gets picked this year?" Daisuke asked looking slightly distressed.

"I mean what will happen to the one who gets picked?"

Takeru frowned and thought about that for a moment. He knew that when his brother had been picked he'd had to leave for the academy and his mother and father had never heard from him again. His father had left his mother soon after that too.

"I think you have to go away and not come back." Takeru answered.

"Oh." Daisuke said then went quiet as the sorcerer walked into the small temple.

The parents waited outside as the town's children were looked over. It was nothing spectacular. The sorcerer, a man in his late forties with a square face and earthy colouring stood in front of each kid, looked into their eyes then moved on to the next. If he found a child they weren't even told. The sorcerer would go outside and tell the parents.

It was the same as always and soon Takeru and Daisuke were sneaking out the back to go play for a few hours. The parents would talk for a while and gossip over who had no talent for magic and who might one day. So far the only person from their village had been Takeru's brother Yamato and that had been six years ago.

"Do you think anybody will get picked this time?" Takeru asked Daisuke from the ground.

Daisuke looked down from the lowest branch of a tree he'd been trying to climb since he was five. He screwed up his face in thought then nodded.

"Yeah. I think you're gonna get picked." Daisuke said not looking to happy about it.

"Why?" Takeru blinked.

"I don't know, you're just kinda glowy sometimes. You weren't like that the last time the sorcerer came but you are now." Daisuke said turning away from Takeru and reaching for another branch.

"Glowy?" Takeru asked confused.

He didn't think he'd changed at all since last year. But he was beginning to get worried because Daisuke was being so serious and that happened rarely. Daisuke grabbed the next branch and managed to pull himself up.

"Yeah glowy. Kinda like... I don't know, but whenever you're all glowy if I touch you I get a shock." Daisuke said resting on the branch.

"Jun says it's creepy. My mom and dad say they aren't surprised because your brother had the same thing before he got picked."

"Everyone can see this?" Takeru asked.

He thought it was weird because he'd never felt any different but people had been acting different towards him. His mother had gotten clingy too. Daisuke shrugged.

"Naw, just me and Jun. She was the only one who noticed your brother too... Takeru? Will you never ever come back?" Daisuke asked looking down on Takeru with slightly watery eyes.

Takeru couldn't say he wouldn't. His brother never had come back when he'd left. Daisuke jumped out of the tree and landed beside Takeru. He frowned at the blonde then plopped onto the ground with a sigh.

"I don't want you to leave." He mumbled as Takeru sat beside him.

"I might not..."

"No, you will. I already know I won't. The sorcerer guy told my parents both me and Jun will never be able to touch magic just see it sometimes." Daisuke pouted sniffing.

"Takeru... I don't want you to leave. You're my only friend!" Daisuke wailed finally breaking down and flinging his arms around Takeru's waist.

"We were going to be friends forever. To go away and you'd become a scholar and I'd be a knight or a horse breeder or maybe run an inn or something... but if you leave we'll never see each other again! I'll be alone..."

He sniffed once and put an arm around Daisuke's shoulders trying to comfort his friend.

"Daisuke, I will not leave for good okay? I'll come back and we'll still be friends! I promise I'll come back and we'll be friends forever!" Takeru said now crying himself.


"Promise. I'll never let you be alone."

Lalalalalalala End Flash Back Lalalalalalalala

Lucky for Daisuke there was a way for him to keep his promise. That ability to see active magic was rare and if Daisuke still wanted to he could join Takeru. A sorcerer needed a helper, an assistant. Someone to channel energy for them, to take care of their stuff, who could handle magical things without hurting themselves. There was a catch, the person ended up sealing their very lives to that of the sorcerer. If Daisuke accepted Takeru could kill him in cold blood and never be punished for it.

*I hope he still trusts me as much as he did then...*

Takeru sneezed and wished to God that the storm died down. Snow was truly miserable to travel through. Finally after what seemed hours he came upon the lights of the town's inn. It was fairly large and the stable was a separate building close to the road. He steered the horse in that direction.

He let himself in to the stable and sighed in relief as a warm breath of air hit his face. They heated the stable. He led his horse towards an empty spot when a yell came from outside.


Fainter and less close could be heard a high pitched female voice.

"Lazy ass Daisuke, you better not spend all day in there! Dad wants you to clean up the common room too."


The side door opened and a disgruntled looking boy around Takeru's age stomped through. He was tanned even in mid winter, with spiky mahogany hair and large brown eyes. He let the door close behind him and blinked in surprise at Takeru.

"Oh... sorry about the yelling, I didn't know anybody was in here. Did you just get here?" Daisuke asked.

"It's okay, I know you and Jun could never really get along." Takeru said slightly worried.

Daisuke obviously didn't recognize him and they hadn't been able to talk since he'd left at age eight. He was sixteen now. Daisuke blinked in confusion them his eyes widened in surprise.

"T-t-takeru?" He stuttered in shock.

"Yeah. I told you I'd come back and here I am." Takeru answered with a weak grin. Then, he jumped in surprise as Daisuke let out a loud whoop and flung himself forward. He drew Takeru into a huge bear hug.

"I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!! I knew you'd come back." Daisuke yelled into his shoulder.

*When did I get taller then him?*

He returned the hug a little less enthusiastically. Daisuke hadn't changed one bit and his personality did make him step back a bit and blink. Daisuke bounded back with a huge smile and Takeru couldn't help but smile back.

"Sorry I didn't write or anything but I wasn't allowed." He said knowing he sounded stupid but not knowing what else to say after such a long time.

"Like I care!! I'm just glad you came back!!!" Daisuke answered immediately.

"But I can't stay. I have to travel around for about seven years before settling down... and I was wondering... do you still want to come? With me, that is. I know we were small but you always said you wanted to travel and that's all I'm going to be doing." Takeru asked thinking himself an idiot.

*He's probably got a sweetheart and a life here. We were just kids and he's probably got different dreams now...*

"HELL YEAH!!!" Daisuke yelled throwing his arms around Takeru again catching him off guard.

He lost his balance and fell back into a pile of hay. Daisuke came tumbling after him. He kept his death grip on Takeru, smiling like an idiot. Takeru blinked and began laughing quietly a bit surprised at the reaction.

"You haven't changed at all Dai-chan."

"Everyone still tells me to grow up!" He said with what sounded like pride.

"There's catch to coming with me though..."

"Name it! I wont care, I swear."

"You'd have to let me tie yourself to me." Takeru said not really certain he had the right to ask for something so serious.

"You mean become your assistant?" Daisuke said looking surprised.

Takeru nodded and wondered if Daisuke knew what that entailed. The signing over of your very life wasn't something to be taken lightly.

"Of course I will. I doubt eight years has changed you that much. I'd trust you with my life. Scratch that I will trust you with my life!" He said lightly giving Takeru a squeeze.

" Now," he said before Takeru could respond.

"We'll have to leave now. My parents would never let me go! Just leave your horse here and take mine. He's good for travel and can carry two easily!" Daisuke said bounding up and grabbing Takeru's horse, giving it a rub down and sticking it in a stall with fresh water and feed.

He grabbed another horse a big sturdy gray morgan. He saddled him up and walked over to Takeru who was still picking straw off his scarlet cloak. Seeing that Daisuke was wanting to leave as much as he was Takeru frowned.

"Don't you need clothes? Something warmer than the jerkin you're wearing?" Takeru asked in surprise.

"No, I'll be fine! We're just going into the next town anyway. That's just five candle marks away. I'll be fine." Daisuke said scrambling up into the saddle.

Takeru shrugged and pulled himself up behind him. He wrapped his arms around Daisuke's waist and grabbed the reigns. Daisuke smiled as this wrapped Takeru's cloak around him as well.

"See, I told you I'd be fine! Now let's get going before Jun walks in and throws a fit!"

"To be honest, I should place the binding spell now. We're supposed to stick around each other for a while after it's cast." Takeru said as he walked the horse out of the stable and down the road.

The storm hadn't died down much but it was still manageable. Daisuke shivered and snuggled back against him and nodded.

"Okay, do whatever it is you have to do!"

Takeru pulled off a glove and placed his hand over one of Daisuke's. He concentrated pulling the magic to him and forcing it into what he wanted. He took the magic that was himself and reached for Daisuke's. Their two signatures fell into step with a physical snap surprising both Daisuke and Takeru.

"What was that?" Daisuke asked.

"I don't know... I think because we were friends before there was already a bond there... I guess I just reinforced it." Takeru said feeling a bit disoriented.

"Oh..." Daisuke said calming down and leaning back against Takeru.

They were now connected for life and Takeru hoped it would be a good thing. He pushed negative thoughts from his head and continued on towards the next town. He didn't notice how Daisuke still held his hand.


Tada the Long prologue to the prologue fic!!! Lala... oh well yippie!


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