Yume Ja Nai Yo
Chapter 2
by Ashna

Hey, here's chapter two! I hope you liked the last bit.

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There was golden grass that shimmered in the intense light that surrounded Takeru completely. The sky would have been blue except that the light burned away all traces of any gentle blue. The grass was tall and reached up to Takeru's waist. The world seemed surreal as if this place couldn't exist anywhere else but here. There was no sound but that of the wind that blew the grasses gently, but Takeru couldn't feel its gentle caress.

He began walking, maybe to see if he could find some end to the grasses that stretched beyond his vision. It was mostly the light's fault. It burned away not just the blue sky but also the distance before him. He could see nothing but light beyond twenty feet. Yet, it did not bother him. He did not have the urge to squint and shield his eyes. Instead, the light seemed just another fact of this place that shouldn't be.

After a time, he stopped walking and simply watched the rippling grasses knowing he was waiting for something but not able to remember quite what. There was nothing to wait for here. He was alone in this place as none but him was allowed there. This was his place alone and no one could intrude upon this gentle solitude. Being alone didn't bother him. One wasn't supposed to be with another here. It was his alone to enjoy and he would hold that close to him forever.

Then as suddenly as he'd appeared within this place, it changed. The intense light was gone and the sky faded to a brilliant indigo splayed about with stars. The grass now stretched out beyond to the horizon. Though the light was gone the grasses themselves glowed and gave light to the dark sky. He now could feel the gentle breeze against his cheek. Then the air was squeezed from his lungs in a tight grip and he felt himself be pulled backwards by some unseen force.

Twisting, Takeru managed to push against the ground with his feet sending him and his assailant backwards into the tall grass. A startled whoosh of air brushed against Takeru's neck as he landed solidly on top of the person behind him. The arms around his waist pulled him to the side and suddenly he was lying on his back in the grass looking up into a pair of violet eyes framed by hair the same color as the sky.

"And what was that for?" his would be attacker asked sounding as if most of the air had been knocked out of him.

Takeru laughed at the disgruntled expression on the face before him and reached up to brush some of the long dark locks back behind one ear.

"You startled me. But I am sorry if I hurt you Ken." Takeru said smiling.

He knew Ken wasn't really mad. The slightly older boy just liked to pout at imagined slights. Takeru personally thought it was adorable considering his companion was just a bit too serious sometimes.

"Naw, I'm okay. Besides this worked out all right." Ken said with a grin sitting up to straddle Takeru's waist.

"Hey get off!" Takeru said even though he was grinning.

Then he got a good look at what Ken was wearing and began laughing. Ken blinked in confusion and wondered what Takeru found quite so amusing.

"Duckies and Bunnies?" Takeru gasped giving Ken's night clothes a tug.

"What? Oh geez, how did I know you were going to laugh? Hey, these are comfortable and the nights are hot where I am. These are the coolest things I have next to being naked." Ken said leaning down to rest his elbows on Takeru's chest.

"Naked's good." Takeru grinned reaching up to grasp Ken behind the neck to pull him down for a kiss.

Their lips brushed against each other gently, then parted only to come together again with more force. Ken opened his mouth and ran his tongue along Takeru's bottom lip asking for permission to enter. Takeru complied and opened his mouth drawing Ken in and rubbing his tongue against his. Ken sighed and started running his hands down Takeru's chest to the hem of his shirt, then back up again under the shirt caressing Takeru's skin gently. The blonde shivered at the touch and his one free hand reached down for the drawstring to Ken's night clothes.

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It was some time later that Takeru and Ken lay still in the grass, Takeru's scarlet cloak wrapped around them for warmth, limbs still entwined. Takeru rested with his head on Ken's chest listening to the rise and fall of his breathing timed with the beating of his heart. Ken simply stared up at the glittering dark sky past the glowing light of the grass.

"I wish this was real. I wish I really was here with you..." Ken's voice said quietly, the sound lonely in the comfortable silence they'd created.

"But this is real. You are here and so am I." Takeru said hoping this time Ken would listen to him.

Since the first time he'd had a dream of this bright field he'd known the dream was more then just a dream. When he'd asked his teachers they told him it was more then a dream. It was the consciousness of his soul that using his magic detached itself from the confines of his body to drift around as he slept. There was no danger of dying or injury. No one could touch his soul without him letting them in and that was impossible.

Then he'd woken to this dream that wasn't and seen the indigo skies and had been freaked out to say the least. Looking around he'd seen the figure of a boy about his age standing in the distance. He'd approached him unsure of what else to do and instantly fell in love. Ken had apparently felt the same because no words were exchanged between them, they just kissed.

The next day he'd been quite confused and approached his teachers again. They had been quite surprised to hear his tale. They searched their books looking for an explanation and found one word that explained it all. Soulmate. Ken could enter Takeru's dream, his soul because they were one. Connected for the rest of their lives and beyond, they were destined to love each other.

He'd told Ken this but he didn't believe. Even though he had his own magic, magic stronger even in dormancy then anyone Takeru had seen, he didn't believe. To him magic didn't exist and this was just a dream to torment him with something, someone he could never have in truth.

"I don't believe that." Ken answered quietly with a touch of sorrow.

Takeru knew Ken wanted to believe but couldn't make himself see past what he'd leaned all his life. Magic did not exist and never would. Sighing, Takeru snuggled closer to Ken offering what comfort he could. He knew this was real and that Ken was somewhere out in the world. Close enough that they spoke the same language or Ken had learned his at some point. Ken echoed his sigh and wrapped an arm around his shoulders, burying his face in Takeru's hair.

"I'll prove it to you somehow. I'll prove this is real." Takeru said determined to have Ken realize that there was someone out there who would love him and never stop loving him as long as their souls existed.

Ken just shook his head in disbelief. Takeru sighed again, then tried to focus his mind on something else. His eyes caught the bright pattern of Duckies and Bunnies on Ken's night clothes and chuckled.

"Considering how stupid... Erm, silly these are, why don't you ever choose something you wear during the day?" Takeru asked knowing full well one could choose their clothing in this place.

"Didn't you say this place reflects us? Even what we wear? Not that I believe that. But just to explain." Ken answered.

"Yeah." Takeru confirmed, he always wore his scarlet cloak because he was a sorcerer and his entire life was ruled by that one fact.

"Well, the clothes I wear during the day have nothing to do with me. They are merely a part of what people want me to be but they are not me." Ken finished sounding once again sad and morose.

Takeru sat up and looked down at Ken who was looking pretty much depressed as his voice sounded. He reached out and brushed back a few strands of hair off his forehead. He smiled as loving and understanding a smile as he could then leaned down and kissed the tip of Ken's nose.

"Then I hope I see you in nothing but Duckies and Bunnies forever."

And the smile Ken gave him was stored away in the back of his mind for safe keeping, so he could see it again whenever he wanted. Then Ken frowned and Takeru was having trouble focusing on Ken's face.

"Guess I'm waking up." Takeru said with regret as the landscape around him slowly faded.

"Ken? What's it like here without me?" Takeru asked as he wished he could stay and keep the loneliness out of Ken's eyes.

"Barren and dark."

Then he woke up.


Takeru woke quickly as his senses told him something was not right. He untangled himself from Daisuke who'd wrapped his arms around his waist and sat up extending his senses beyond the clearing. Nothing. But the hairs on the back of his neck rose and every instinct he had said run.

Turning around, Takeru shook Daisuke awake wanting nothing more to get out of there quickly. His friend woke quickly and sat up looking confusedly at Takeru in the dim light from the banked fire. Takeru motioned to be quiet and pack up quickly.

With both of them working they soon had everything in their single pack and the fire out. Then walking quietly, they made towards the village. Every single one of Takeru's senses told him to run, not to be quiet and slow but run as fast he could as far away as possible. By the wide, keyed up look in Daisuke's eyes he felt the same and he kept close to Takeru as they walked.

Just about the only thing not screaming danger at Takeru was his magic and that told him volumes more than anything else would. He knew of only three creatures that where completely undetectable by magic. One was a simple, small bird that was used for carrying messages during times of war. That was harmless. Another was slow moving if very dangerous. But that nameless creature could only survive in extremely warm climates. The only other thing was Wrysa.

Wrysa were fast, smart and deadly. He'd never seen one in life or in pictures but every book he read said the things were dangerous. They wiped out the population of every large creature in the area they lived in. Their saliva was poisonous. Light-footed they left no tracks and absorbed magic as easily as they breathed.

Magic... They hadn't been in the area before or Takeru and Daisuke would have felt them. He'd only been using his senses before but they must have picked up on the magic of him healing Daisuke's wounds.


They'd be hunting him down that was for sure. Now they had to either out run or fight for their lives. Takeru chose run. Now that he knew what was out there Takeru forgot about stealth and signaled to Daisuke to run.

They picked up speed but not much. With the thick brush around them they could only move at a semi-fast walk. Takeru's mind tried desperately to find someway of getting away but nothing came up. Daisuke was slowing down as branch after branch snapped against his legs and arms painfully.

Takeru was helping Daisuke through a patch of really thick stuff when a flash of something black sped past Takeru's line of vision. Another, then another, at least five milled around in the shadows just beyond the trees.

Both boys froze in fear as the creatures moved forward as a group, five pairs of green-yellow slitted eyes staring back at them. The Wrysa were certainly horrifying to look at. Their bodies were shaped close to that of a hound. Long legs and thin bodies. A long, shiny neck that arched alternately sinking low to the ground. They were covered in shiny scales and that's where the similarity to a dog ended. Their heads where more viper shaped with a thinner snout set with glittering green yellow eyes that made you ill just to look at the unnatural light shining from them.

They stayed in a pack winding around each other never stopping, creating a feeling of vertigo and confusion if you tried to focus on just one for long. They stopped about ten feet from Takeru and Daisuke as if waiting for the right time to make their kill.

Daisuke shivered and pressed closer against Takeru's back and he didn't blame him. They had no weapons except his magic. Unfortunately his magic would do nothing to stop these creatures.

*If I send anything at them they'll just absorb the energy and become stronger. They're vulnerable to physical attacks but it's gotta either crush their skull or completely render them immobile. What can I do? What can I do?*

Both Takeru and Daisuke reached for the only weapons they had. Daisuke had his long knife that he used for skinning and cutting up game, while Takeru had a small short sword he hadn't needed to use in years.

*We're dead. Completely dead.*

"Daisuke, stay away from their teeth and claws. They're poisonous, and go for their heads. It's the only way to kill them." Takeru muttered as he tried to think of a way to kill them off without getting close.

His eyes fell on a large tree just beyond the Wyrsa. With a smile he reached out with his magic keeping it far from the creatures and gave a pull. So distracted by the aura of strong magic dancing in front of their noses the Wrysa didn't notice as the large tree suddenly snapped in two and fell upon the pack.

Takeru and Daisuke leaped in opposite directions as the tree fell in their direction as well. Takeru heard loud yelps of pain as the pack was crushed by the tree. He almost shout for joy until he saw the glowing eyes of two Wrysa climbing out from the branches. One had it hind quarters crushed by the blow but managed to move itself slowly.

The unharmed one locked its eyes on Takeru and leaped with lightning speed. As its foreclaws connected with Takeru's chest he was sent flying backwards into a tree. Bringing his arm up he sunk the point of his sword deep into the Wrysa's skull as it lunged to sink it's teeth into his skin. It collapsed on top of him, green and pungent blood seeping from the wound onto him. He pushed the creature off only to have the injured Wrysa leap to attack him. Takeru flung his arm up to protect himself and felt the sharp teeth sink into his flesh.


Ladeda end chapter two! See ya next time! ^_^


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