Yume Ja Nai Yo
Chapter 3
by Ashna

Chapter Three! Yippie! I've already written down the plot to this story chapter by chapter and it's made thing much easier. All I do is write around what I was going to do. Filler to the basic plot. I should do this with every story I write. Makes things much easier. Much much. Except I got carried away with the last. Was supposed to stop it just as the Wrysa attacked. Oh well.

Oh yeah, taking another thing from Mercedes Lackey in this chapter. The little pendant thingy Daisuke uses. It's not quite the same as hers as I've changed it to suit my needs but basically the same.

And if you're wondering later, Toji is my version of Human Wormmon made specifically for this story.


Takeru screamed in pain as the Wrysa's long, wicked teeth sank into his arm. He tried backing away but the creature's jaws were locked. Then, just as suddenly as it attacked the glowing eyes went dull and it collapsed against his legs. Takeru could see the hilt of Daisuke's knife sticking out from the back of its skull. Daisuke himself quickly knelt beside him and pried the jaws off of Takeru's arm.

He didn't say anything as Daisuke dragged the thing off him and helped him to stand up. The burgundy haired boy took his arm and poured some water from their flask over the wound trying to wash out the poison. It stung and Takeru blinked back tears as Daisuke wrapped the arm as best he could with a strip of cloth ripped from their blanket.

"Takeru how long does it take for the poison to take?" Daisuke asked as he slung their pack over his shoulder once more.

Takeru shook his head. He didn't know how long but things seemed kinda woozy and he knew it must not be too long. Daisuke placed a hand on Takeru's back and began leading him towards the village. Takeru held his arm to his chest and tried to ignore the burning feeling starting to slowly move up his arm.

The trip became even slower as the poison spread throughout his body. His legs started to feel like lead and it took great effort just to move properly. His vision alternately blurred or darkened, that combined with his legs made him trip any number of times.

They walked for some time and the sun slowly began to rise above the horizon. Then, Takeru tripped again and Daisuke wasn't able to save him from falling hard to the ground. He landed on his injured arm and stars of pain flashed before his eyes. Daisuke knelt beside him and taking him by the elbow tried to help him up. It was no use, he swayed for a few seconds before simply collapsing to the ground.

"Okay, well we'll just try something else. Here get on." Daisuke said as he knelt down facing away from Takeru.

Understanding, Takeru somehow managed to crawl onto Daisuke's back. He wrapped shaking arms around his neck as Daisuke created a seat with his arms, hands clasped together. He then got up and began walking steadily towards the village. Takeru was once again glad he had Daisuke around to help. Without him he'd surely be dead by now. Killed by a half crippled Wrysa.

Towards mid-morning Daisuke needed a rest and set Takeru down beside a tree. Takeru leaned into the bark for support and watched a small red-winged black bird searching for seeds on the forest floor. Reaching out with a shaky hand he used a bit of magic to call it over. It hopped over its small black eye flashing in curiosity in the light. He put out another curl of magic then let the small creature fly away.

Daisuke, who had been catching his breath and stretching out his legs, came over to pick him up again to start on their way. But before he could even reach Takeru's side the world turned gray and Takeru slipped into unconsciousness.

~~~~~~~~~ Daisuke's POV

He knew Takeru had lost consciousness when his eyes rolled back and his head slumped to the side. Daisuke hurried to his side and felt his pulse hoping the poison hadn't affected his friend that greatly yet.

*It's just a normal reaction. He'll be fine. He'll be fine.*

But as he felt the faint flutter of Takeru's pulse beating weakly through the skin Daisuke knew no village herbalist was going to be able to extract the poison from Takeru's blood stream. The only thing capable of saving him was magic.

Daisuke reached for a pendant hanging around his neck and pulled it out. It was a round flat disk that looked a bit like mother of pearl though he didn't know what it was. Takeru had given it to him after one point were they'd barely escaped with their lives. Takeru had become worried about what Daisuke would do if he'd been killed or injured.

"Take this disk and let three drops of your own blood fall on it. Then think really hard about what you need. Whether it be another sorcerer, a healer or even if you need the whole flipping army to come. It's only for emergencies so be careful when you use it. Only if you can't do something yourself. After using it stay put." He'd said going over some more minor details about the spell and things he couldn't do.

Sitting down beside Takeru he pulled out his pocket knife which had been useless against the Wrysa and poked his finger. He let the prescribed three drops of blood to fall. The pendant began to glow slightly with a strange inner light and Daisuke began to think desperately for what he needed.

*I need someone who can help Takeru. Somebody who can take the poison out of his blood and keep him alive! He's almost dead so please hurry.*

He kept thinking about this not knowing how long he was supposed to keep it up. Takeru had begun shivering so Daisuke still thinking of his needs took out Takeru's scarlet cloak and wrapped it around his body. He then wrapped his arms around Takeru and held the blonde close wishing repeatedly for help.

*Please, please somebody who can take this crap out of Takeru. Please hurry...*

He held Takeru tightly in his arms trying to warm him up. His skin now felt clammy and there was a fine sheen of sweat glimmering on his skin. His breathing was becoming gradually more shallow and Daisuke was filled with fear.

"Don't you dare die on me Takaishi. What would I do without you anyway? Be a stable boy again? You're all I've got so you can't die on me." He said forgetting to keep up the litany in his head for help.

"Please don't die. Please don't die." He whispered burying his face in Takeru's soft hair and wishing again and again for Takeru not to die.

Nobody seemed to hear his pleas as Takeru's breathing grew softer and his skin even colder. Still Daisuke held him hoping somebody would come and save them.

~~~~~~~~~~ Ken's POV

Whenever he had this dream he stayed for quite a long time. Even after Takeru left and the golden fields of grass lelt leaving the dreamscape cold, dark and as barren as a desert, he didn't leave. Couldn't was more appropriate. He was trapped within this dream as surely as he was trapped within his own life.

He sat cross-legged on the cold, hard ground with it's mosaic-like cracks. He looked at the sky, no longer the pleasant indigo it had been but a cold blue black. The stars had disappeared completely and he was left in darkness.

There was one exception to the stark landscape and that was a small plant growing healthy from the cracks in the ground. It had nice broad leaves and its own glowing light different from the glow of the grass. The color of it kind of reminded him of Toji's hair and he found some small comfort in it as he waited to wake up from this dream.

Then a few hours it seemed after Takeru first left, the grasses returned and surrounded him once again. Something was wrong though. The grass was no longer glowing and rustled dully in the crisp cold wind that passed through them. Ken stood up quickly violet eyes looking around desperately for the blonde hair and blue eyes he knew.

He heard a small choking sound and ran towards it almost tripping over Takeru who was hidden by the tall grass. He was kneeling in the grass shivering, his arms wrapped around himself. Ken was by his side instantly pulling him against his side. His skin felt cold and clammy and his teeth chattered uncontrollably. But the worst had to be that Takeru was almost completely transparent as if barely holding on to existence.


Lalalala end chapter three! So whatcha think so far? Is it good, is it good, is it good? Tell me!


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