Booze, Snogging and Fun with Chatrooms
by dbzlives

I had no sleep, and much caffeine and sugar. (I'm pretty sure at one point that morning I was eating sugar by the spoonful...) Then I saw all those 'Digichat' fics on, and this was the result, horrendously fluffy as it is. Miyako's chatname is a play off my AIM name, for I am extremely unoriginal. ^_^ All of Takeru's spelling mistakes are intentional.


Chat names
ken_genius = Ken. He's never been good at thinking up screen names.
kendoamgod = Iori
shiny_possessed_light = Hikari
i_mugged_gilligan = Takeru. He made this name on a dare from Yamato, and decided to keep it.
stalker_of_bishounen = Miyako
im_better_than_th = Daisuke, who insists TH is a typo, and he meant TK. No one believes him.


(User ken_genius has entered the room DAISUKE RULES ALL)

ken_genius: o_O Dai, control your ego.

stalker_of_bishounen: *lol* Hi Ken.

kendoamgod: Hello Ken

im_better_than_th: Bite me. >P

i_mugged_gilligan: hii kE n

ken_genius: ...What's with TK?

stalker_of_bishounen: -_-; Don't ask.

i_mugged_gilligan: trequjila is may frendd. ^_____^

ken_genius: O_o;

shiny_possessed_light: back.

shiny_possessed_light: oh, hi Ken

i_mugged_gilligan: *glonps HIkary* ^_^

shiny_possessed_light: are you still here?

im_better_than_th: unfortunately yes. *whine* Hikari-chan, I wanna snog.

shiny_possessed_light: O_O Daisuke, not in front of everyone!

kendoamgod: oh please. *gags*

stalker_of_bishounen: if I was diabetic, I'd be going into some sort of coma.

ken_genius: Actually, I believe the coma results from low blood sugar, not high blood sugar.

stalker_of_bishounen: who asked you? :p

i_mugged_gilligan: *ish stilll glomming hIMkari*

shiny_possessed_light: TK, go to bed before you make a bigger idiot of yourself.

im_better_than_th: *pries TK off with a crowbar* My girlfriend! No touchie!

i_mugged_gilligan: =( *criez*

ken_genius: TK, just how much did you have to drink?

i_mugged_gilligan: dunno. still drinking.

kendoamgod: a sentence without a typo! a miracle!

stalker_of_bishounen: Hikari's right. go to bed TK.

i_mugged_gilligan: nuu. my vodkaa.

ken_genius: I thought it was tequila...?

im_better_than_th: i'm pretty sure he has a whole liquor cabinet over there.

stalker_of_bishounen: then why the hell weren't we invited?!

shiny_possessed_light: lol!

kendoamgod: o.O what's so great about drinking?

ken_genius: Well, it's sure not the hangover.

stalker_of_bishounen: you'll understand when you're older.

i_mugged_gilligan: *whuine* pay attention to meee!

im_better_than_th: oh god. Jun's yaoi mags. *gag, gag*

stalker_of_bishounen: hey! don't dis the yaoi!

shiny_possessed_light: yaoi is wonderful! *high fives Miyako*

stalker_of_bishounen: ^_^

im_better_than_th: ... my girlfriend's a yaoi fanatic. *bursts into tears*

kendoamgod: what's yaoi?

ken_genius: You don't want to know.

i_mugged_gilligan: *follow sMiya-chan an iOrI, eyess looking strangely lick gamo-Gomo-gogom- Jyoou's Digimion*

ken_genius: ... I'm not even going to begin to try and translate that.

stalker_of_bishounen: LICK?! *beats TK senseless with a baseball bat*

kendoamgod: Miyako, I think he meant 'like'...

i_mugged_gilligan: owies.

stalker_of_bishounen: *heh*

i_mugged_gilligan: iy can seee when im' noyt wanteed. *crawls off*

im_better_than_th: alone at last. *glomps Hikari*

ken_genius: uh, no.

shiny_possessed_light: *ravishes Dai silly*

im_better_than_th: SCORE!! @_@

stalker_of_bishounen: woah! that was unexpected. *covers Iori's eyes*

kendoamgod: too late. x_x; *consumes lysol*

ken_genius: Geez you two. Get a room.

shiny_possessed_light: we like this one. ^_^

im_better_than_th: *vaguely* Hai...

kendoamgod: ...

stalker_of_bishounen: ...

ken_genius: ... this room seems to have died.

stalker_of_bishounen: i think Hikari and Daisuke finally took it to PM's.

ken_genius: Thank god. *gives up the room as dead*

i_mugged_gilligan: ken-chan! *glomps onto ken*

ken_genius: Spoke too soon. *rolls his eyes*

i_mugged_gilligan: *dragss nken off too a conveninantatly loc8ted dark corner and snogs himm*

ken_genius: Whoa!

kendoamgod: O_O

stalker_of_bishounen: *takes blackmail pics*

i_mugged_gilligan: Ii love youu Ken.

ken_genius: ... Takeru? I really think you need to quit drinking. NOW.

i_mugged_gilligan: won't remember tomorrow, soo i wannna tell you7. I love you man. have fireverr.

ken_genius: ... TK? Please go to bed now. You're going to have an awful hangover.

stalker_of_bishounen: the humor left this situation fast.

i_mugged_gilligan: *snogs Ken somemore andf more* dun't wanna teell u for reel. youu might hat me,

ken_genius: I wouldn't be adverse to a good snogging irl, but even if you won't remember this tomorrow, the rest of us will.

i_mugged_gilligan: .. crap. ssome still skitly sober part just realiseded this is a bad idea.

kendoamgod: I have to go, my mom wants me to get offline.

(User kendoamgod has left the room)

ken_genius: Takeru? now would be a good time to put the booze away and go to sleep.

i_mugged_gilligan: yed. i wsill doo that.

(User i_mugged_gilligan has left the room)

stalker_of_bishounen: Well, this is awkward.

ken_genius: *sigh* I'm going to bed. Later Miya.

stalker_of_bishounen: Later.

(User ken_genius has left the room)

stalker_of_bishounen: Dai, Hikari? When ever you two get done cybering and see this... whatever. Bye.

(User stalker_of_bishounen has left the room)

im_better_than_th: We weren't cybering!

im_better_than_th: Too late. -_-;

shiny_possessed_light: I can see tomorrow is going to be painfully awkward.

im_better_than_th: Most likely.

shiny_possessed_light: Love you Dai.

im_better_than_th: Love you too.

shiny_possessed_light: 'Night.

(User shiny_possessed_light has left the room)

im_better_than_th: Heh... Dude, I am so saving this chat.

(User im_better_than_th has left the room)


For TK, the next morning was largely spent with his head in the toilet bowl. 'It was a dream. I went to chat, made an ass of myself, and passed out. The rest was a dream.'

When his stomach had settled enough to allow his moving about (though food was still out of the question), he noticed a new message on his D Terminal.


Thought you might be interested in this. Dunno if you remember the whole chat.


After opening and skimming through the attachment, his mouth went dry, then he once again felt the need to hurl. 'Idiot, idiot, idiot...'


It was amazing how well he could avoid his friends once he put his mind to it. There had been an incident with his scurrying into a comic store to avoid being seen by Miyako, but otherwise he'd seen no other Digidestined.

However, his friends didn't seem content to allow his continued avoidance of them. He had several calls daily, more than he did when they were talking to each other. His mother, working long hours to finish a critical article, was growing increasingly frustrated.

"TK, I'm tired of covering up for you. Either talk to your friends, or tell them not to call. I'm sorry, but I desperately need to finish this," she said, flipping through several pages of research.

"Yeah, sorry mom.."

And so it was that nearly a week later, he didn't run when he saw Ken walking along the street. The darker haired boy matched his pace, the two walking along the street in silence.

Ken didn't speak, instead shooting obscure, hurried glances at the other boy. TK was beginning to feel they'd walk halfway across Odaiba.

"Um, Ken, about the chatroom. I was really, really drunk. I mean, you saw all those typos. What I was saying.. Well, don't listen to that, it didn't mean anything."

Ken shot him a look that, in any other circumstances, he would have called hurt. "I don't think it was just the alcohol." The blond boy moved back, until Ken grabbed his arm and held him. "You were drunk, but everything else you were saying made sense. It was weird, but the kind of weird stuff you say on a caffeine high."

"It was just the alcohol talking. Yamato gets all clingy and lovey when he's drunk, I suppose it runs in the family. Probably why mom never drinks."

"I don't believe that," Ken stated. "While you were avoiding us, I had a lot of time to think. See, if I thought you still had a thing for Hikari, or maybe a random girl in your grade... Well, I never had to question what I felt."

"Ken...?" TK's voice wavered, giving him a heartbreakingly childlike quality.

"And now I realized... I've never thought of anyone like I think of you. Even before this whole fiasco, you were the last thing I thought of at night, and my first thought in the morning. So, I'm not sure how I should say this, but I think.. See, how I feel.. Ah hell." Throwing his carefully prepared speech to the winds, Ken pulled Takeru forward and into a kiss.

Overflowing with joy, he wrapped his arms around Ken. Dimly, he became aware of applause. The two broke apart long enough for Takeru to notice Miyako, Iori, Hikari, and Daisuke watching them with grins. There were more important things on his mind, and he was pulled back to Ken for another world-tilting kiss.


Caffeine is my god and master, this fic would not be possible without it. All hail the Exalted and Revered Code Red!
kendoamgod was inspired by ShannonAmGod. Hi Shannon/Juu! ^_^
*consumes lysol* goes to Sam. *waves at Sam* Of course, the circumstances were considerably different...
*eyes looking strangely like Gomamon's* belongs to someone on the Jyouto list. I'm a bit too lazy to look up who.