Dangerous Attraction
Part 3 - Miyako and a Haunted House
by Dragonflie

Dragonflie: Ken and Dai-chan seem to think that because the site is down for awhile, I'm not going to type anything out.

Miyako: Is this my cue to laugh evilly?

Dragonflie: Just disclaim everything.

Miyako: Everything? Dragonflie doesn't own Frankenstein, Dracula, or any yetis.

Dragonflie: Damn straight.


Miyako's bright idea had been for the group to visit a popular haunted house, made out of an old three-story house that had had strange rumors attached to it for years. Daisuke had been all for the trip and bullied Iori and Hikari into going. He then proceeded to tease both Ken and Takeru mercilessly until they, too, had agreed to go.

"I didn't think that it would be this crowded," Miyako said in surprise, glad that the group had gotten there early. The line extended back very far.

"This is going to be awesome!" Daisuke cheered, swinging Iori into Hikari. "Sorry."

"Be careful, Dai-kun," Hikari admonished, and turned back to Takeru to continue their conversation about the new math teacher.

"Please let me go!" Iori yelled as Daisuke swung him back the other way, crashing him into Ken.

"Enough." Ken declared, rescuing the shorter boy from a very hyper Daisuke.

"No fair!" The redhead pouted, but then it was their turn to traverse the haunted house.

"No running, no pushing, no touching the monsters-" Iori read, scanning the rules.

"No making out in a dark corner," Daisuke murmured, glancing back at Ken and Takeru.

Hikari followed his gaze and gave Takeru a questioning look, but fortunately for him the guide, dressed up as a ghoul, was ushering the six kids in.

"Spooky," Daisuke drawled sarcastically, rolling his eyes and shuddering theatrically as they walked into a setting from Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory. Miyako was laughing and pointing out the hidden monsters to Daisuke, Iori was glowering suspiciously at the monster on the table, and Ken and Takeru were eyeing the dark corners.

"Come in; come in; come ALL the way in!" the guide croaked, gesturing for the group to move to the center of the room. Daisuke and Miyako immediately stepped forward, grinning and giggling with excitement. Hikari and Iori stepped up behind them, using them for protection.

"Dr. Frankenstein couldn't control the monster!" the guide was intoning as Daisuke smirked at Ken and Iori shook his head at Takeru, and then the silence of the room erupted.

"Aaaaaahhh!!!" Hikari shrieked. The monster leapt up from the table, roaring. The doctor turned and brandished a bloody scalpel at Miyako, who laughed and reached for the weapon. Igor rushed out of nowhere, startling Takeru, who jumped backwards into Ken. Daisuke was flipping off the monster, who had accidentally knocked Iori into the redhead. His other arm was being squeezed by a giddily screaming Hikari. Despite her screams, she seemed to be having a decent time.

"This way!" the guide shouted, leading them into the next room.

"That was amusing," Miyako remarked to Daisuke when he had calmed both Hikari and Iori.

"Oh, I'm sure it will get better," Daisuke laughed, seeing that Ken and Takeru were now holding hands.

Now they were in a cave, watching for the yeti. Hikari had grabbed Miyako's arm this time, and Iori was still glaring into the shadows. Miyako and Daisuke were daring each other to kick over the fake stalagmites.

Ken decided that this room wasn't ideal for what he had in mind.

When the yeti and several other snow goons burst in on the party, Ken dragged Takeru quickly into the next room ahead of the guide, hoping to find a comfortable place. Hikari screamed in Miyako's ear and the guide hurried to catch up to the two disappearing boys. Daisuke calmly walked after everyone, leading Iori who had turned around and was walking backwards, shaking his fist at the yeti. It, too, had accidentally knocked him sideways.

The next room was a Dracula set-up, complete with coffin and dead girl in nightgown.

"Oh no," Iori groaned, seeing that Ken was holding Takeru's arm tightly and eying the coffin.

"Might be a good show," Daisuke commented, settling back to watch.

"What are you talking about?" Miyako demanded, and then the room sprang to life- er, unlife.

Dracula rose from the dead, reaching for Hikari. After the Myotismon incident, she had never been too comfortable around vampires, so the girl immediately headed for the illuminated exit.

The guide hurried after her, trying to make sure she was ok, and Ken knocked Takeru backwards into the open coffin and climbed in after him. Daisuke burst into laughter and pointed out the situation to Miyako, while Iori stood back against the wall to make sure no one else knocked him around.

"What the hell?!" one of the monsters exclaimed, and Miyako shut the coffin on the two boys making out like there was no tomorrow.

"Takeru and Ken?" she asked Daisuke in amazement. He shrugged, grinning, and then pulled her over to where Iori was watching the scene with resignation.

"Let's ditch 'em and check out the rest of the house!" Daisuke said, his eyes lighting up. Several actors were already converging on the coffin, which was emitting strange noises and rocking back and forth.

"Cool by me!" Miyako smiled back.

"Can't take those two anywhere," Iori sighed.


Ken: You just won't quit, will you?

Dragonflie: *edges toward door* Uh...

Miyako: Save it! Save it!

Daisuke: Delete it! Delete it!

Dragonflie: C&C it!


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