When it Rains it Pours
Chapter Four - The Wind
by Ishida Takeru

Yay, Ishida Takeru back up in this shiznit. Eh heh. This is part Four....Yup, part four as in the fourth part, that coming after three and before five. For it is the fourth part I am writing. If you think this is the third or the fifth you are mistaken, for this is the fourth part.

Yamato: Did you take your prozak today?


Yamato: I didn't think so.

Okay....leave me lone. Now...I

Ken: Don't own Digimon.


Takeru: You don't own any of the characters...


Ken: This fic involves me being with Takeru in a relationship of sorts.

Yeah, and

Takeru: If you don't like it, don't read it.



Ken picked up the phone dialing up Takeru's number. He had to admit that staying at his house for the weekend would be interesting, if not fun. That was one of the things he liked about Takeru. He could make even a rainy day seem pleasant. Ken wondered if it was something that he learned to do, or if it came naturally. Maybe he would ask Takeru about it this weekend.

"Moshi Moshi, Takaishi residence, Takeru speaking."

"Hey, Takeru. I was just calling you to let you know I'd be able to stay this weekend."

"Great!" Takeru said over the phone. "We can do all sorts of things."

"Save the ideas for when I get there. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye."


"Bye." Takeru said as he hung up the phone. For a while there he thought Ken was going to say no. If he said no, that would have sucked. Why would it suck though. I really need to stop thinking about this so much. So what if he kissed me, it's not like he'll do it again. It's not like I want him to. It's not like I'm thinking about this everyday. Is it?

Takeru yawned widely as he headed into the kitchen, where his mother was making dinner. He had to admit it would be strange not seeing his mother the whole weekend. It might sound crazy after what he went through when was younger, but the feeling remained. Takeru did not like the idea of being separated from his loved ones at all.

"Who was on the phone?"

Takeru looked into the pot as he answered. "It was Ken, he said he could stay this weekend."

"You know the rules."

"I know, no parties....don't open the door for strangers...the usual."

"Okay. And I'm going to leave you the numbers where I'll be at, and some money for takeout."

"Great. Oh, When will dinner be ready?"

Natsuko turned from the pot she was stirring. "About an hour."

"Plenty of time. Would it be okay if I went down to the video store and rented some movies?"


Takeru nodded and grabbed his jacket from the closet. "I'll be right back!" he said and ran out of the house. I wonder what kind of movies he likes. Hm, let me think about this. Probably science-fiction, I could get like...great, I don't even know any good science-fiction movies. Maybe I'll get a comedy. Comedy's are always good for laughs.

Takeru made his way into the videostore. "I really don't know what to get." He mumbled. He knew it had to be something interesting. And he knew it had to be something they both would like. The problem was they had different tastes. At least, Takeru thought they had different tastes. "What should I get. What should I get." Takeru continued to walk around the video store, finally he gave up and picked a random video from the Horror and Science-Fiction sections. "This will have to do."


"You promise you'll come back?"

Ken sighed. "Yes, Mom. I'll be back on Sunday night." Maybe he shouldn't have ran away before. It would have made things easier now. "I'll be over at Takeru's."

"Okay. Do you have the number?"

"Yes, I left it by the phone. Don't worry too much." I'm just going to a friend's house, that I just happened to kiss a while ago. It's not like there's going to be anything going on. What will be going on? Probably some movie or something, talking, as long as there's no Donkey Maddness I'll be fine.

Ken was fished out of his thoughts by his father. "He'll be okay, won't you Ken."

Ken nodded a bit. "Hai."

"See?" His father asked his mother, they continued to talk about random things.

Ken finally interrupted them. "I'm going to be late."

"Right." His father said. "I'll drop you off."


Takeru looked up at the door. He was late. In fact, it was only a few minutes. So why am I stressing over this. It's not like it was a date. Date, now there's a funny thought. If it was a date, he would be dressed up. Takeru glanced down at his clothes, black slacks and a dark green turtleneck. Well, so I dressed up a little bit. That's no big deal, it's not like I'm in a suit or anything. And he's still late.

There was a quiet knock on the door. "I got it!" Takeru yelled as he hopped off the couch closing the distance between the couch and the door in record time. "Just a second!" he yelled once more as he opened the door.


"Hey. Don't mind the mess. I didn't clean today."

Ken tilted his head to the side as he entered the apartment. "This....is a mess."

"I know! Mom, said I didn't have to pick up. You should see how my room looks."

Ken coughed into his hand. "Takeru, if this is a mess I'm the Prime Minister."

"Well, then have a seat Prime Minister-san." Takeru grinned bowing deeply. "Oh, you want something to drink?"


"What kind. We have a whole bunch."

"It doesn't matter."

"Okay, I'll be right baaaaack!" Takeru said as he disappeared into the kitchen.

Ken shook his head. Takeru was definitely an interesting person. It was strange, Ken had only seen the emotional strong willed boy before. The one who would fight for what he believed in. But, this was a total flipside. Unlike, himself Takeru didn't keep the sides hidden or separate. That's why Ken thought. That's why I like him. Sure, he's cute. I'd probably would be stupid if I didn't think that. But, it's what on his inside. He's so many things, so many contradictions. He's strong yet vulnerable. Cheerful, yet serious. It's weird, you would think someone who was so emotional wouldn't be able to handle all the pressure.

"Ken-saaaaaaaaan." Takeru said waving a hand in front of his face. "You awake?"

"H-hai, I was just thinking."

Takeru sat a cup of hot water on the table. "Thinking about what?"

"Nothing really."

"Oh, well...I didn't know what kind of tea you wanted." He deposited twenty tea bags on the table. "So I grabbed one of everything!"

Ken stifled a chuckle. "Thank you."

"No problem!" Takeru flopped onto the couch beside Ken. "I got some movies to watch."

Ken looked up from the teacup. "Hm?"

"Yeah, though I'm not sure what I got."

"Didn't you pick them out?"

Takeru grinned a bit rubbing the back of his neck. "Well, yeah, but I didn't look at what I picked!"

Ken raised an eyebrow. "Uh-huh."

Takeru's left eyebrow twitched a bit. "Do you always have to raise that eyebrow?"

"Hm?" The other eyebrow joined it's partner in crime.

"Gah! Don't be shocked if you wake up in the morning and you don't have ay eyebrows." Takeru folded his arms.

"You wouldn't."

"Sure, I would!"

"In that case, don't be shocked if you wake up bald."

Takeru gasped. "That's against the rules!"

"Is it?"

"Yes, I have a "Don't touch the hair" clause in my contract. Nii-san taught me about it."

Ken shook his head trying to stifle a chuckle. "I'm sure he did."

"So what do you want to watch." Takeru said picking up the tapes. "Alien Spawn from Pluto, Attack of the Roach People?"

"You really should have picked something better."

"I didn't know what kind of movies you watched! I would have gotten a basketball movies. But, I didn't want to bore you. Anyway, Spawn or Roaches."

"There's a tough choice."

"We'll watch the roach people...I've always wanted to see what roach people look like."

The video started with someone stepping on a roach. The roach then slowly crawled into a puddle of green ooze. Of, course it was radioactive and the roach turned humanoid. And went around biting people and turning them into roaches. It was all very believable and all very boring. Before either of them knew it they were both asleep.


Ken slowly opened his eyes. How long have I been asleep. He glanced over his should to the clock. Three hours. He then glanced downwards and blushed a bit. There was Takeru sleeping sounding with his head on his lap and one arm draped off the couch. Ken smiled a bit, before he shifted just a bit. He looks so innocent when he sleeps, cute too. Ken slowly brought his hand down and ran his fingers through the golden locks.

Takeru stirred in his sleep a bit causing Ken to stop running his fingers through his hair. Ken didn't want Takeru to wake up and find himself in such a position. Slowly, he moved Takeru's head from his lap, and moved over on the couch.

"Why'd you move me?"

Ken stared in shock, he wasn't sleeping!? "What?"

"I asked why you moved me?"

"You..." He had to make up an excuse. "didn't look comfortable."

"I was. Sorry...about falling asleep on you."

"It's okay."

Takeru nodded sleepily and shifted a bit. A few moments later he was back asleep.



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