When it Rains it Pours
Chapter Nine - The Calm
by Ishida Takeru

Yeah baby. Yeah! How big is this sucker now. Ohohoho... Oro. o.ox Erm, well... this is a rather out of control fic. I don't think it even has a direction... wait it does... it only took me 9 chapters to figure out what was going to happen. I've got mad skillz. ^__^x

Okay, here goes the 9th chapter of my fic. And this is where it starts getting well... cruel.


Natsuko pushed open the front door. Four AM was late for a parent to be getting home at. And with the sudden downpour that had started the weather had continued its odd trends. It was as if it was going through a plethora of mood swings. She was glad that one of Takeru's friends had decided to come over. It was actually the first time she had met the young man. She had certainly heard of him. Not only from her son, but from various news reports too. He seemed like a well mannered individual. Speaking of her son and his friend, they were both asleep on the couch. The raven haired boy was leaned up against the corner of the couch with a mess of blonde hair pressed up against his chest. A partly nude mess of blonde hair against him even. The sight was a bit odd at first. But, they did look content in their awkward sleeping arrangement.

Ken's eyes drifted open to the invading light. "Takaishi-san?" It took a few moments for the situation to register to him. Takeru, half naked, clung to him like a koala. "Anou."

"Mmm. Ken-chan. Lower." Takeru moaned in his sleep.

Ken blinked a few times blushing a deep crimson. "Anou." He mumbled. He began to shake Takeru gently trying to get him to wake up.

"He won't wake up, he could sleep through World War Three." Natsuko commented. "You'll explain all this in the morning." With that the young mother headed off to her room.



Takeru yawned as he finally woke up. Tired eyes glanced around from where his head rested, on the bed. On the bed? He could have sworn he fell asleep on the couch up against Ken. He certainly remembered leaning up against Ken while they were watching television. Speaking of Ken, where the hell was he now. "Oi..."

"Oi what?" Ken asked as he stepped back in holding a small coffee cup. He tilted his head to look down at Takeru.

"How did I end up back here?" The blonde boy asked making an exaggerated gesture of the room.

"Your mother came home. I figured it would be better to move you here." Ken shrugged a bit.

Takeru thought about it for a moment, realizing how they had been sitting earlier that night. "She... walked in?"

Ken shook his head to the unfinished question. "She just said we needed to have a talk."

Takeru buried his head in the pillow. He had wanted to tell his mother about his 'choice' in relationships himself. Not for her to walk in on something that was a bit... awkward. Well, now he would definitely have to tell her. Well, that was going to be two off his list to break the news to. "Well... at least she didn't throw you out or anything."

Ken nodded a bit as he stared off into space. This whole situation was funny to him. Not funny in that it was some kind of comedy. Funny in how ironic the situation really was. Who would have ever thought that he would end up with Takeru. Certainly not him, even though he had found the blonde haired bearer of Hope attractive ever since the first time he saw him. That was back when he was the Kaiser. Another thing that was ironic, Takeru had hated the Kaiser with all his heart, and here he was now giving his heart to the one that was the person he hated. Why was he suddenly thinking about that after all these years? Truthfully, the Kaiser was still a part of him and it'll probably always will be.

"It's raining again." Ken didn't even hear Takeru's comment, he simply continued staring off into space.

Takeru turned his head looking towards Ken. "Oi, something wrong?" There was still no response from his boyfriend. Boyfriend? Were they really together? They had been seeing each other a lot. But, that's about it. Through all the times they went to dinner or the movies they hadn't done much in the category of affection. Takeru figured Ken just wasn't into that sort of thing. He never thought that Ken could not feel the same way for him, it was just not possible in his mind. Ken, was still staring off into space. "Are you okay Ken?"

Ken looked up suddenly. "Gomen, I'm just not feeling very well. I think I should head home..."

Takeru nodded a bit, before smiling. "I'll walk you there."

"Anou. You don't have to do that..."

Takeru shrugged a bit. "I know I don't have to do it. But, I want to." He glanced back out the window. The rain was mere dewdrops compared to the earlier downpours. "It's not raining very hard now, if we leave now we won't get drenched."


The two walked down the street through the light rain. It seemed to be the calm before the storm. In reality, it was simply the eye of it. Ken sighed again, why was his mind suddenly on things that happened in the past.

Takeru stopped at the light before it changed signaling them to cross. He started across making it half way before he noticed Ken was not with him. He looked back to see Ken standing on the other sidewalk lost in thought. "Oi, Ken-san!" he yelled.

Ken looked up blinking a bit. "Sorry, I'm coming."

Takeru nodded and started to cross the second half of the street.

Ken continued to stare at his feet he really needed to do some thinking when he got home. He looked up as he felt a drop of cool water fall upon his head. His eyes widened as a deafening screech broke through the air. His eyes widened at the scene in front of him. He couldn't move lying a little in front of him was...

                                                        ...the crumpled body of Takeru.


There be angst in the future.


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