Under the Cherry Blossoms
by Lisa

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I remember, Takeru...
It was under the cherry blossoms...
When we really saw each other for the first time...
And I almost miss that moment.


There was a knock on the door. Takeru immediately sprang up from the couch and practically attacked it, flinging it wide open. Ken, as expected, stood there. Grinning in delight, the blonde flung himself into Ken's warm embrace.

"Ken-chan!" The name was practically sang, "You're back, finally!"

"You missed me, then?" The taller one grinned down upon the keeper of Hope.

"Hai, of course!"

"How was Kyoto?"

"Not as good as being here, I'll tell you that much, Take-chan."

Takeru snuggled into the cavity of Ken's chest. The raven-haired one led them over to the couch, where he sat, letting Takeru cuddle up against him, as they always did. He placed a gentle kiss on the blonde's forehead, smiling.

Just as they always did.


Sure, Ken, I remember that...
You smiled that smile...
And I returned it...
Before we knew it, we'd fallen for each other.


Takeru eventually fell asleep there, too comfortable for words. Heaven on Earth to him was simply being with his Ken-chan.

The ex-Kaiser stroked the boy's hair for a long time while he was asleep, thinking about how much he'd missed the blonde while he was away on his school trip. There hadn't been a day that'd passed without him finding himself pining for his Takeru.

A while later, the boy in Ken's lap stirred, eyes opening and blinking blearily up at his boyfriend.

"Nnh... I didn't fall asleep for too long, did I?" Ken couldn't help but laugh. If there was one word to describe Takeru, it was adorable.

"Nah, don't worry about it."

"You sure?"

"More sure than I've ever been, Takeru."

"Hey... uhm... Ken?"


"I was thinking... before you got here... remember how we met? I mean... not like when you were the Kaiser... or when you joined the team... but when we finally confessed how we felt?"

"Yeah... yeah... I do. What about it, Takeru?"

"Eh... I'm not sure, really... just figured I should say something..."

"Sure... I remember it... we were in the park and you were sitting under one of those cherry blossom trees... the petals were falling all over the place... in your hair, on your shoulders... in your lap... and I couldn't help but think how angelic you looked, Takeru... sitting there with the petals all over you..."


I wish we could relive that moment, Takeru...
Feel the emotions again...
Watch each other through the rain of petals...
And smile like we were already in love.


Takeru was sitting under one of the cherry blossom trees, which was in full bloom. A gentle breeze was wafting over the park, sending a storm of pink petals everywhere. They caught on his clothes, in his lap, in his hair. He couldn't help but be happy. It was so peaceful out in the park, which was why the blonde liked being there so much. Another reason was because this was the best place to think. Sort out his emotions, y'know? On his mind currently was a person.

Ken, to be exact.

Speak of the devil, Takeru's thoughts were snapped as the person whom his thoughts had been focused solely on came wandering into the park. What was Ken doing all the way out in Odaiba?

Ken came into the beautiful park, not noticing the pair of sapphires watching him from under one of the trees at first. But, being the once Kaiser he was, he felt the eyes upon him, and spotted Takeru sitting under one of the trees, watching him intently. Walking over, Ken raised a hand in greeting.

"Hey, Takeru..."

"Hiya Ken, what brings you all the way out here?"

"I was tutoring Daisuke... uhm... and..."

"You wanted to get away?" Takeru grinned. Ken only blushed slightly, the pink tinting those normally pale cheeks.

"Yeah." Although... perhaps running into Takeru "by accident" had been another objective of Ken's arrival.

"It's so pretty here, don'tcha think?" Gods, he's beautiful, Ken couldn't help but think as he looked down at the angelic one, his blonde hair littered with a few of the petals, his eyes glittering as he smiled.

"Yeah..." He agreed, although he wasn't sure if that was the right answer or not, having paid more attention to Takeru's grace than his question.

"Are you all right? You seem kinda spacy. Maybe Daisuke's rubbing off on you."

They both laughed. Ken smiled at Takeru, who grinned back.

That's when it happened.

The smiles disappeared, and for a moment, they both just stared at each other, each losing himself in the other's gaze. Finally, Takeru broke the unbearable silence.

"So... uhm..."

"Yeah... maybe... I... should go back to Daisuke's..." Both their tones were but a mumble. Takeru gave a slow nod.

"I... I guess..." Ken turned to leave, but the blonde stopped him.

"Wait, Ken... there's... something I should tell you."

"What is it?" The ex-Kaiser turned, looking at the other boy curiously. Takeru's eyes were focused on the ground, as if there were something particularly interesting about it.

"...I... I've had this crush... on... on you... ever since you weren't the Kaiser anymore..."

Ken could have danced with joy. However, being the reserved and quiet one he was, he didn't dare.

"You mean it?"

"Wouldn't say it... if I didn't mean it." Takeru managed a weak smile.

"I've been the same way... ever since the fight in the base..." Ken admitted shyly, blushing.

"Really?" Takeru looked dumfounded. "I... I figure you'd think I was just being stupid or something..."

"No... no, of course not... I couldn't ever think that about you." The raven-haired boy knelt in front of the other, caressing Takeru's cheek gently. Slowly, carefully, he leaned in, until they were kissing.

And the rest is history.


I remember when you touched me first...
It was like an angel's wing had brushed my cheek...
You were so gentle, Ken, and I love that about you...
You'd never hurt me, never.

~*~*~*~Present Time

"I can't believe you still remember all that, Ken-chan."

"Well, it's hard to forget."

"That's true... you never forget your first kiss, people say."

"We probably never will forget it, either."

"I sure hope not."

"You're not the child of Hope for nothing, are you?"

"Nope!" Takeru smiled, and buried himself into Ken's arms again.

"Promise you won't ever forget, Take-chan?" Ken asked in only a whisper, running his fingers through the soft blonde hair.

"Promise." Takeru responded, stifling a yawn.

They fell asleep in each other's arms.


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