Covered in Darkness
Chapter 10: Voices
by Quatre's Girl
edited by Keyanna

Here's chapter ten. Short, exposition-filled, and there to be evil. ^_^ Enjoy!


"It's surprising, isn't it?"


"How stupid children are. They're like glass, so easily shattered. All you have to do is say the right words or twist the correct thoughts, and they'll break so easily." A smirk graced the speaker's face.

"You're right, as always, sweet." A face of disgust was made, but it passed quickly; a contemplative look took its place.

"He's relaxed."

"Hn." The aforementioned boy they were monitoring had been writhing on the floor of his dark cell, screaming while clutching his head, as if in pain. At the time, his desperate cries had diminished into pained whimpers as he lay, curled in a fetal position.

"Do you think his nightmare's over with?"

"Either that, or he's given in to it." A pause.

"'s still too early for him to give in. We have to work with him a bit more. It won't be for much longer now, though. He's close..." A sigh of frustration came from the other being.

"It's been three days already. Hasn't he relented yet?" The other smirked.

"Be patient. We have to do this carefully. He still has a spark of resistance in him. It needs to be extinguished completely. I can't have my loyal puppet running around doing as he pleases, can I? He needs to learn some respect...disobedient little wretch..." A laugh from the opposite figure echoed in the frigid darkness.

"But, dear, I'm surprised your methods are working this well so far. I would have thought he'd be smarter than to fall for any tricks."

"Never underestimate the naivete of youth. The cell had some part in it too, of course."

"Ah yes." A pause, as the creature took in his surroundings. "I'm impressed with the reconstruction of this whole thing, really. It was stupid of them to leave the pieces just lying around."

"What surprises me is that you could restore the monitors to this condition. Personally, though, I'm most pleased with how the cell came out." A chuckle of realization echoed.

"Now I know why we went to all that trouble gathering the shards. But who would have thought a cell made entirely out of pieces of dark towers would have such an influence?"

"Even as fragments, they still have that wonderful black energy seeping through them, it's just harder to release. However, all of those frightened, doubtful thoughts I've been triggering in his mind were just the thing they needed to begin twisting his thoughts on a deeper level than we could." Another pause occurred as the two relished in their own near success.

"Did you expect the Wormmon to affect him as much as it did?"

"I don't do anything unless I think it's going to have an effect. He was too emotionally drained to realize it was a fake. Now will you trust me when I tell you I want to use the towers to create weak Digimon?" A half sigh came from the other.

"All right, dearest, I'll trust you. Oh, here. We're getting an energy reading." A monitor flashed a bright blue in the pitch black and a small beep resounded in the nearly empty room.

"What does it say?" The voice was curious, but held in it an anticipatory delight derived from others' pain.

"It's still not enough. The manifestation isn't ready yet. If we have a little more time; just one more twist will push him over the edge."

"Damnit. We don't _have_ that much time. _They_ keep getting closer. The only thing I can think to do is..." She dwelt for a moment in thought. "I'll do that. I'm sure it'll trigger a reaction strong enough."

"Even more than your lies?"

"Oh, there will be lies. He's too gullible not to believe them. If this works, he'll be so crushed that he'll be engulfed for sure. Then our little manifestation is sure to happen." Another monitor flashed.

"It's them." A sigh.

"When are they going to give up? It's not like he's worth it." Another sigh. "I wish they'd just get themselves killed and be done with it. They're really annoying me."

"I doubt they'd give up even if they were killed."

"You're an idiot." A sheepish grin formed on the other's face, before it turned to a more serious look.

"Do you want me to be prepared for an attack?" A shrug. One figure stood and strutted to the doorway, her shoes clicking with definition as she walked.

"It never hurts. It's not like they'll find the base, but if it makes you feel safer, then it's fine." A pause in which she contemplated the situation carefully. "It's going to be so nice to have a willing pawn again, don't you think? He can't hold out much longer; time is running out for their pathetic little friend. I can feel it. Ken will be ours. It won't be long now, not long at all."


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