Meimi's Highly Opinionated Riffs of the Digimon Movies

Here we go with the shining gems of the worst and best animation in the Digimon franchise. Most of fandom subscribes to the fact that the movies are out of continuity. I don't. The inconsistencies in the Digimon movies are more like the inconsistencies in the Sailor Moon movies, they're not big enough to be all that relevant. This is opposed to the complete and utter inconsistency of the Utena and Escaflowne movies in comparison to their anime series. That's how I feel about it anyway. With that said, let's move on shall we?

Digimon Adventure (Season 1)

The first movie is actually a retelling of the event mentioned in the first season that introduced them to the digimon. It basically stars chibi-Taichi, chibi-Hikari and Agumon's evolutions. The others show up towards the end, but only as cameo appearances. Highlights of the movie are Koromon pooping, Agumon on steroids and Taichi blowing Hikari's whistle (read: It's boring). The art for the people is horrible, with distended and/or stunted limbs and tiny hands and feet. I really, really hate this art style. They do play a lot of Bolero though, so it's not a total waste.

Bokura no War Game (Season 1)

We revisit the horrible, horrible distended art style from movie 1 in this movie. Ew. Enter the deus ex machina known as Diablomon. I sat through this movie wondering what the hell kept Koushirou from beating the living crap out of Taichi. I guess he just didn't have time. Anyway, there's side stories about the others, but it's pretty much just Taichi, Yamato and Koushirou starring in this movie. They send Agumon and Gabumon (with a little Tentomon and Patamon in the beginning) to take care of Diablomon. After some Rocky style movie moments, the deus ex machinamon known as Omegamon enters the picture and blows away Diablomon. This is the introduction of the (sometimes) highly disturbing jogress evolution. They do play more Bolero in this movie and it had a Ryo cameo, so it's not all bad.

Part 1: Digimon Hurricane Joriku!! & Part 2: Chouzetsu Shinka!! Ougon no Digimental (Season 2)

I have no friggin clue why they split this into two parts. Combined, they both make up a decent sized movie. Anyway, this one has the best art out of all the others. This is probably because the art style resembles the Utena movie art. I would not be surprised if they had some of the same production crew. Because of this, from this day forth I shall simply call this movie: Shoujo Kakumei Miyako (because her art is hot in this style). Unfortunately, the plot of this movie is kinda dull and there isn't any Bolero, which sucks. I do have to give props to Cherubimon for being one of the creepiest digital villains ever though. And this movie does suffer from the Sailor Daisuke clause, which is disappointing. I'd rather see more actual teamwork by now dammit.

Diablomon no Gyakushuu (Season 2)

This movie has the best opening sequence (with Bolero, I might add). It's still a return to the horrible, ugly art style of the first and second movies though. This is very disappointing considering the prettiness of the last movie. I feel for the Yamato fangirls because he is ugly in this movie (they gave him bubblegum hair). This movie was actually kinda fun to watch though, and the final battle was looking really cool until the Sailor Daisuke clause came into effect. Well, at least he had Tuxedo Ken with him this time (dear god, those heathens even made Ken ugly). I'm still somewhat baffled by the Angemon and Angewomon on steroids bit. Why couldn't they be normal-sized? And I still want to see some more teamwork dammit.

Bokensha-tachi no Tatakai (Season 3, Tamers)

This movie is more like a glorified side story than anything else. The art style is different and better than the one in movie 1, 2 & 4. Thank god. I'm not sure I could have handled the Tamers kids getting butchered like that. Omegamon shows up for two cameo spots, but it's not the same Omegamon as in the other movies. It's a decent movie with a good amount of fighting and dull moments. There wasn't any Bolero though, which was again disappointing.