Title: Cake (Part of the Memories Series)
Part: 1/1
Author: Trixie
Email: goldynangyl@yahoo.com
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my ficcies are going. ^_~
Rating: PG
Pairings: Jyoushiro
Warnings: Erm… no… unless you can’t read fluff… ^^;; Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon or any of its characters. I am
making no money off of this at all, it is only for pleasure purposes.

Author's Notes:
Blah emphasized words
"Blah" dialogue
BLAH really loud words
//blah// time reference
~~ scene change
*blah* Kasumi’s age

Oh, and btw:
Daddy = Koushiro
Papa = Jyou

*One Year*

"Is everything in place?"


"Are all the presents on the table?"


"Do we have all the plates out? And the silverware?


"Did we make sure –"

"To give Kasumi plastic silverware? Yes."


"Stop worrying, everything’s fine."

"I know… it’s just I –"

"Want everything to be perfect."

"You know me too well."

"I know."

"Oh! Where’s the camera?"

"Right here."


"Are you done interrogating me? I have to make sure Taichi hasn’t eaten all the dessert we had set out."

"Fine fine, if you’re so eager to go, then go."

"Touchy touchy."


"Yes Jyou?"

"AGH! Stop it!"

"Stop what? You look very handsome when you’re all flustered, you know."

"And you say I’m bad."

"You are. I’m not suggesting we go and screw like rabbits, am I? No. I’m just complimenting you."

"Yeah right."

"Oh really? Are you mocking me Kido?"

"Yes – and that’s Mr. Kido to you."

"I know I’m Mr. Kido, you don’t need to tell me that, Jyou. Kido Koushiro – unless you’ve forgotten the thing called our marriage."

"You are SO frustrating!"

"I know, and you love me for it."


"Will you two stop messing around and get your arses in here??" a bemused voice called from the kitchen door.

Jyou and Koushiro looked and saw Yamato leaning against the frame, arms crossed and a smirk gracing his features.

"Yeah, I’m starving." Taichi commented although he had eaten about three helpings of what Jyou and Koushiro had severed for dinner. He slid behind Yamato and wrapped his arms around the blond boy.

"Well, if those two can stop bickering, we can get this show on the road. That little ball of cute stuff is getting impatient out there," Yamato added, leaning back into the comforting warmth.

"Exactly. She’s running-crawling around everywhere. I never knew the things kids would stick in there mouths…" Taichi said, smiling as he recalled the little red-haired girl that Jyou and Koushiro adopted try and devour his own watch.

"So, you two going to get going or are you going to – how did you say it Kou-kun? – "go and screw like rabbits?" Yamato chided mischievously, wagging his eyebrows exaggeratedly.

"We’ll do that later. Now shoo, go get everyone to gather at the table, and I’ll get Kasumi."

"Is he always this bossy Jyou?" Taichi jibed, as he and Yamato went back to the living room to get the guests to go to the dining room.

"I’ll give you the signal when to come in, okay?" Koushiro asked as he followed Taichi and Yamato.

"Okay," Jyou replied, not really paying attention as he put the finishing touches on the masterpiece before him.

//Few minutes later after much talking and busting around//

Sitting around a large melee of tables pulled together to form one table, sat the digidestined – new and old.

Plus a high chair at the end of the table where a little baby sat, squealing and jabbering loudly with anyone who was close by.

There was a lot of happy chatter and warm smiles as everyone discussed this and that.

Daisuke and Ken were having their own private conversation while Mimi and Sora were talking animatedly to Hikari and Miyako across the table. Takeru and Iori were answering the multitude of questions being asked by Taichi and Yamato (more the latter than the former), looking rather embarrassed at what they were being asked.

And poor Koushiro was trying to get a bib around the squirming baby trying with all her might to stop the offending cloth from getting on her. It wasn’t that she didn’t like it – it had a little ducky on it, splashing in the rain – it was just that she wanted to talk to all the big people who were there.

Finally giving up, Koushiro just sighed and placed the bib on the table. Looking down at the gummy smile his daughter gave him made Koushiro give his own smile and he bent down and kissed his daughter’s nose.

The little baby squealed in delight and waved her pudgy arms, her large ebony eyes sparkling with childish joy.

Looking away from the precious bundle of love before him, Koushiro gazed toward the Kitchen door where Jyou’s figure was awaiting his signal.

"Sorry to cut your conversations, but the main event tonight is about to begin!" Koushiro said loudly, making sure to get everyone’s attention. Then he looked over at Jyou and nodded.

"Finally!" Yamato called, winking at Koushiro.

All the adults stopped talking at once, turning their attention toward Jyou’s tall figure as he walked in with a chocolate cake with one candle on it.

As Jyou made his way toward Kasumi – who was still oblivious to what was going around her – the gathered digi-destined began singing ‘Happy Birthday’ in loud voices.

It sounded more like a round than a unified song, but it served its purpose as Jyou finally reached his daughter and placed the cake in front of her.

Immediately, Kasumi’s eyes glued onto what was before her, and she stopped midway in her ‘sentence.’


Squealing, Kasumi leaned forward to get the CAKE, but before she knew it her world went dark.

Then someone pulled her up and she blinked a couple of times to find the big people laughing loudly.

In her enthusiasm to get to the cake, she had fallen face first into it. Little Kasumi was covered with chocolate icing and cake.

Looking about in confusion, the little redhead squealed as a bright light erupted before her.

Blinking again to get the light out of her vision, Kasumi saw her Daddy smiling as he pulled out something and show her Papa. Her Papa smiled and shook his head as he took a towel out and attempted to clean his cake-clad daughter while the other adults continued to laugh and chatter as they ate their own desserts.

And thus, was Kasumi’s first birthday.


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