Yes, this is where I go on about all the couplings featuring Jou and Koushirou.
Make note, however, that since I am a supporter of Joushirou,
this section is going to be a bit biased.

Jou x Koushirou (Joushirou/Koujou)
Joukou/koujou is indeed my favorite Digimon pairing.  I love Jou and I love Koushirou,
so it would make sense that I would love them paired up together. In both seasons,
there are hints that they care for each other, from crying when the other is turned
into a keychain, to holding the computer so that the other may work on it.
Plus, I really do think their personalities mesh quite well. They both are fairly smart,
both of them have (somewhat) similar interests, and they have the same basic personality
types: Introverted logical thinkers.  Jou is less introverted than Koushirou, thus Jou
can gently pull Koushirou away from his computer world, and not ruin it by overdoing
it.  Koushirou doesn't really have the self confidence problems Jou has, so Koushirou
can bolster that self confidence as well as loosen up Jou's sometimes too stringent rule
following.  Also, they look so incredibly good together, Koushirou being incredibly
cute, and Jou being incredibly drool worthy.  What's not to like about this pairing?
(And besides, Iori really is their love child.)

Jou x Yamato (Yamajou)
Sadly, this is one of the very, very few Japanese yaoi pairings with Jou. Thus, I'm getting fairly tired of it.  Not to mention I think it's inherently flawed.
I do have problems with Yamajou.  While I do think they are good friends, I don't
think a romantic relationship would last.  The problem with yamajou is that the inherent flaw in this coupling is rather hard to notice, unless you really know the characters.  Let's face it. Yamato can be a real fruit at times. Yamato also doesn't seem to care that he acts a little fruity sometimes. There's where the problem is. If Yamato were to get into a relationship with another male, I do think he would want to express his feelings in public. Perhaps go to dances together, hold hands in public, *gasp* kiss in public, and generally act like they are a couple.
Jou is a rule follower. Being gay is not part of the rules. Jou would have absolutely no
interest in showing public displays of affection for a member of the same  sex.  Remember, there is heavy prejudice for homosexuals in Japan. He would want to keep his relationship private, so that he may appear "normal" in public.  Yamato would eventually get fed up by the lack of public affection, and more importantly, Jou's willingness to completely hide, and oftentimes flat out deny their relationship in public. I can see this relationship ending two ways: Yamato fed up with Jou, or else Jou breaking up with Yamato because he revealed their relationship way too much. Yes, I do see this pairing lasting longer than taikou, but they both will fall to ruin. Sadly, I may be the first one to point out this flaw in yamajou.
Koushirou x Yamato (Yamashirou)
I once read somewhere that these two were much to introverted for each other,
and I tend to agree.  I do like it better than Taishirou, but not by much.

Jou x Taichi (Taijou)
This one I'm also not fond of, mainly because I think Taichi would be constantly bitching
about Jou's worrying, and berating someone is never good basis for a relationship.
Not to mention the fact Jou might just be less willing than Koushirou to give Taichi the
hits he really needs when he really needs them.Quite honestly, I think Yamato's the only
one who could handle Taichi.

Koushirou x Taichi (Taishirou)
Taikou has a very, very large following in Japan. In fact, this is just about the only
Japanese yaoi pairing with Koushirou, and, well, damn, does Taikou get dull after the
103rd webpage, especially if you're looking for Joukou stuff.  The other thing is that
Koushirou often times, oh hell, gets raped or virtually raped by Taichi  in Japanese
Taikou, which really turns me off. (I swear, anyone who visits Japanese Digimon sites
will stop liking Taikou within a week.)

Disregarding the ubiquitous Japanese fanart of Taichi molesting Koushirou, I am still not a fan of this pairing. Taichi is a very fiery personality and has demonstrated countless times in the past that he will use violence when he gets upset enough. Indeed, Taichi has already hit Koushirou before. True, he was very sorry afterwords, but the fact remains that he still hit Koushirou. The problem here is that Taichi needs someone to hit him back. It has been shown that violence is a way to calm him down, as it does "knock some sense into him." Also, getting hit in return signals that whoever Taichi is hitting will not take the violence laying down, and that Taichi will feel some very quick (and
 painful) consequences of his actions.

Koushirou does not hit back. It is not in any way a part of his nature to turn to violence, as he is quite passive. Simply put, he would let himself get hit and would never really defend himself. Taichi would most likelihood feel terrible after he hit Koushirou, but that would not deter him from hitting Koushirou again if he gets too upset. Koushirou would never give the punch that Taichi deperately needs to knock some sense into him, or the slap to show Taichi that there are consequences to violence.  In all honesty, I can see Taikou as having the most potential of being an abusive relationship. However, I do think Koushirou has enough brains to get out of such a relationship before it gets too bad.

Jou x Sora (Jora)
My favorite straight coupling for Jou, actually.  Some see it as insanely dull,
and, well, it probably wouldn't be the most interesting relationship.  But stormy
relationships never last, and I see this pairing as a basic, steady relationship.

Koushirou x Sora (Kora)
Another one of those no frills, fairly steady relationships, but I do think Jou and
Sora's personalities mesh a little better.

Jou x Mimi (Joumi)
This is one of my least favorite couplings.  I personally think their personalities
mesh about as well as oil and water.  Mimi is just too irresponsible for someone
like Jou, who would eventually scream in frustration and leave.  Not
only that, this particular sub-fandom can get rather annoying.

Koushirou x Mimi (Koumi)
Koushirou and Mimi mesh even worse than Jou and Mimi, if that's possible.
Now, some people say that opposites attract and all that jazz, but I don't buy it.
Koushirou and Mimi are just way too different for anything to work out
between them.  Mimi would eventually drive Koushirou crazy.

Jou x Takeru (Joukeru)
Well, Jou saved Takeru's life twice, so we know he cares about him.
Personality wise, they seem to mesh well, but then again, Jou would
more likely see Takeru as a little brother.

Koushirou x Takeru (Koukeru)
Koushirou never saved Takeru's life, so no points there. They might mesh,
but again, the little brother thing would hinder any sort of relationship.

Jou x Hikari (Joukari)
Jou's steady enough for Hikari, and they might mesh well,
but now you have Jou seeing Hikari as more of a little sister.

Koushirou x Hikari (Koukari)
Yeah, there is signs of Koushirou caring for Hikari, however slight,
but Koushirou's just not as stable as Jou, and again, little sister syndrome.

Jou x Daisuke (Jousuke)
Pfft.  If I didn't like Taichi and Jou, why would I like Jou paired
with Taichi's clone, who barely talks to Jou?

Koushirou x Daisuke (Kousuke)
All of the negatives of Taishirou, but without any of the caring.
Tied with Mimi and Taichi as the last person I'd put Koushirou with.

Jou x Miyako (Jouyako)
Again, just like Mimi and Jou, their personalities don't mesh very well.
I do think this would work a wee bit better, though, as Miyako was
never all that irresponsible to begin with.

Koushirou x Miyako (Kouyako)
Better than Mimi and Koushirou, as they both like computers. But then again,
if you're only basing relationships on what their hobbies are, the relationship just
won't last.  Friends? Yes.  Serious Relationship? No.

Jou x Iori (Jori)
Jou and Iroi involved in anything other than platonic relationships is, well, squicky,
mainly because their ages are just too far apart. Although, it can be argued quite
well that Iori has a crush on Jou in the early parts of the season.  They would
make for the cutest older brother/younger brother pairing, though, and, of course,
would be even cuter as Jou and Koushirou's kid.

Koushirou x Iori (Kori)
Iori probably doesn't have quite the "crush" on Koushirou as he does on Jou,
but I also think you could argue one is there.  Again, ages would be a big problem,
so definitely platonic relationship, either as brotherly, or, my personal favorite, offspring.

Jou x Ken (Jouken)
Jou might be stable enough for Ken, but I just don't see this one happening.
Could it be that they've never spoken a word to each other on the show?

Koushirou x Ken (Kouken)
They're both smart, although Koushirou's introvertedness might
be a problem, as Ken would need  someone to drag him out of his own demon
world every once in a while, and well, Koushirou's not the best for that.

Shin x Jou (Shinjou)
I honestly do not support this couple.  Then why would I write
this coupling?  To show just how wrong it is.
(Okay, fine.  I like to see them suffer.  I am Fangirl, after all.)