I claim no fairness when it comes to this character guide/rant,
as these are all my opinions.  In no real order, let me introduce the rest
of the Digidestined, aka the Chosen Children in the Japanese version:

Japanese name: Yagami Taichi
Dubbed name: Tai Kamiya
Age: 11 (season 1)  14 (season 2)
Grade: 5 (season 1) 8 (season 2)
Crest: Courage
Person I think they should be with:  Yamato

Taichi is rather impulsive, and at times, lacks judgment.  Okay,
sometimes those goggles block the blood flow to his brain, thus resulting
in some rather idiotic actions.  I really don't mind Taichi, although I
don't consider him one of my favorites.  He's a little better in season 2,
but still has that trademark rashness.  Yes, I am a believer in Taito/Yamachi,
depending on who feels particularly dominant that day.  I think it provides
wonderful juxtaposition for Joukou/koujou.  Really.

Taichi's Digimon: Agumon
Agumon obviously has bladder/bowel problems.  I've never seen anyone
go to the bathroom so many times.  Agumon's Japanese voice is
so bad it's funny, although the dubbed voice isn't really an improvement;
just bad in a different, unfunny way.  Obviously made to be a little dinosaur
to maximize the marketing value.  Astonished at all the evolutions that have
the word "greymon" in them.

Japanese name:  Ishida Yamato
Dubbed name: Matt Ishida
Age: 11 (season 1) 14 (season 2)
Grade: 5 (season 1) 8 (season 2)
Crest: Friendship
Person I think they should be with: Taichi

While I do like Yamato, and I do think he is fairly cute, I'm just
not the real big fan as other people are.  Obviously has the most character
development in season 1, going from stereotypical "cool guy" to someone with a
lot of inner turmoil. (And dang, is he cute when he angsts.)  Yamato still has
problems with opening up and showing his feelings in season 2, though, and continues
to be an introvert.  His relationship with Taichi is fun to watch, either when  they're
trying to knock  each other out, or when they're "best friends" in season 2.  (*snerk*)
Unfortunately, because he decided to go the popular musician route in 02, is
constantly stalked by Jun, Daisuke's disturbing sister.  Poor thing.

Yamato's Digimon:  Gabumon
I really don't get Gabumon's obsession with his fur coat.  I also
don't get how he got it in the first place.  Do all Gabumons evolve
with a fur coat, or just him?  Again, Japanese voice is slightly better,
but dubbed isn't that bad.  Also is often the only one to talk sense
into Yamato.  Unless, of course, he isn't busy trying to knock
Agumon's lights out.

Japanese name: Takenouchi Sora
Dubbed name: Sora Takenouchi
Age:  11 (season 1) 14 (season 2)
Grade: 5 (season 1) 8 (season 2)
Crest: Love
Person I think they should be with:

Sora is probably my favorite female character in Digimon.
 However, She can be quite dull at times, especially when she goes
on about how she doesn't  deserve her crest, and the dub makes her
really seem personality-challenged.  Generally speaking, though, I do
like her personality: Not to whiny, not to airheaded, fairly calm, and plays
sports.  Also, she's probably the best at being able to handle Mimi.

Sora's Digimon: Biyomon
I find Biyomon's dubbed voice to be annoying, but the Japanese
voice isn't that bad.  However, I do find Biyomon to be fairly dull.
And her Champion form, Birdramon, doesn't help, either.

Japanese name: Tachikawa Mimi
Dubbed name: Mimi Tachikawa
Age: 10 (season 1) 13 (season 2)
Grade: 4 (season 1) 8 (season 2)
Crest: Purity (Japanese) Sincerity (dubbed)
Person I think they should be with:

Okay, I'll admit it right now.  Mimi is not one of my favorite characters.
She can be very annoying, she's incredibly irresponsible at times,
and I never liked the "girly-girl" types.  Admittedly, she's better
in the Japanese version.  Her voice is a lot better, and she isn't
stuck saying the dumbest things.  I will also admit that Mimi
is a lot better in season 2.  New York has (thankfully) toughened
her up a bit, (Watch as she punches Sukamon and Chuumon into next
Tuesday when they try to hit on her!) and it seems like she grew some
brain cells.  Woo.

Mimi's Digimon: Palmon
I don't really care much for Palmon.  Her dubbed voice is painful, and
it's not much better in the Japanese version.  She's less of an airhead
than Mimi, but still retains a lot of the same annoying tendencies as her
pink haired partner.  Her champion form is a direct rip off of Cactrots,
and her ultimate form, Lilymon, is cute but unimposing.

Japanese name: Takaishi Takeru
Dubbed name: TK Takaishi
Age: 8 (season 1) 11(season 2)
Grade: 2 (season 1) 5 (season 2)
Crest: Hope
Person I think they should be with (season 2):
Ken, for that really cool Palidin/Fallen Angel thing.

Season one Takeru was cute without being overly cute.
I loved his whole pig thing with Patamon.  Also loved the sneaky look
he gave Puppetmon. (aka Pinochiomon) Had this fairly disturbing
habit of crotching people, since that's all he could reach.  Pretty much
stayed as "the little kid" for most of season one.
Then he grew up.
Season two Takeru has this whole Paladin thing going, which really isn't
a bad thing.  (In fact, goes great when pairing Takeru up with Ken)
He also got some of Yamato's looks, and should have rabid fangirls
at his heels any second now.  Special brownie points for trying to
knock Daisuke's lights out.  (Not to mention the Kaiser's)
But please, loose the hat.

Takeru's Digimon: Patamon
Okay, Patamon is the cutest damn thing to ever walk on the digital world.
If you ever listen to Patamon's image song, you'll agree with me.
Tokomon is also cute, and has TWO ROWS OF HUGE ASS TEETH!
I think it's funny as hell.  Cute little Tokomon, don't expect a thing,
then you find yourself with your hand bitten off.  Patamon's
champion form, Angemon, kicks j00r ass, and looks real good while
doing it, too.  Holy Angemon kicks j00r ass even more.
And damn, look at his evolution sequence. Angel booty big time.

Japanese name: Yagami Hikari
Dubbed name: Kari Kamiya
Age: 8 (season 1) 11 (season 2)
Grade: 2 (season 1) 5 (season 2)
Crest: Light
Person I think they should be with (season 2):
Miyako/Sora/Mimi  (See a pattern here?)

Hikari, the digital world's "psychic freak girl."  Also the digital
world's sickliest girl.  Poor thing got possessed by everything
under the sun, and wanted dead by various evil digimon.
Digital world felt sorry for her, crowned her "Queen Kari."
Then she grew up.
Season two Hikari is a real player.  She flirts with both Daisuke
and Takeru, which really pisses off the former.  You go girl.
Still prone to freaky psychic incidents, but apparently has
much better health.  Often criticized for being "too perfect,"  but I
really don't think she's that perfect.  For one thing,
when push comes to shove, she really isn't that strong.
She also has a tendency to hold her feelings inside.
Not exactly "perfect" traits to me.

Hikari's Digimon: Tailmon (aka Gatomon)
Okay, Tailmon's whole "I'm a natural champion, so I'm really
powerful all the time" thing was fine in season one.  Special
Digidestined, special Digimon.  (Note the slight sarcasm)
In season two, however, it's a liability.  Since Tailmon lost her
tail ring, she's as powerful as a regular rookie.  And since she can't
evolve into ultimate, and Hikari only has one Digimental,  she's stuck
with either Nerfertimon or joining up with  Aquillamon for Silphymon.
Just proves that being all high and mighty will eventually be your downfall.

Now on to the new kids:

Japanese name: Motomiya Daisuke
Dubbed name: Davis Motomiya
Age: 11
Grade: 5
Digimental(s): Courage and Friendship
Person I think they should be with:
Wallace, even though he only exists in the movie.

Ahh, Daisuke.  What a moronic idiot. I don't hate Daisuke.   Really, I don't.
I just can't respect him at all.  Seriously, that kid goes around doing
everything in his power to make sure people do not respect him.  He
really isn't that bad in the Japanese version, however.  In fact, someone
once compared him to Usagi from Sailormoon (Japanese version):
A little airheaded and clumsy, but means well. Really
didn't like what happened to him at the end of 02, though:
Meet Sailor Daisuke, who can do no wrong!

Daisuke's Digimon: Veemon
I'm really not sure if this dub hack job continued with Veemon, but
I'd imagine it did to a certain extent.  Whatever it is, I also don't really
care for Veemon.  Yeah, the Japanese voice is better, but still, he's
just not my cup of tea.

Japanese name: Inoue Miyako
Dubbed name: Yolei Inoue
Age: 12
Grade: 6
Digimental(s): Love and Purity (Sincerity in the dub)
Person who I think they should be with:
Hikari/Mimi/Sora  (Yes, I do like all shoujo-ai couples)

The dubbers in season 2 should be shot.  While I find Yolei to be
slightly annoying, I find her to be cute in the Japanese version.  She's
really a quasi Mimi clone, (Beautiful sisters indeed...) although less ditzy.
She's also the only one who can knock some sense into Hikari.
Still not sure why she got the Digimental of Love, although interacted
well with Sora. Does get points for purple hair.

Miyako's Digimon: Hawkmon
I have a hard time not cringing when I hear Hawkmon's
dubbed voice, yet his Japanese voice isn't that bad.  It does
kinda worry me that Miyako has a digimon that isn't of the same
gender.  And Shurimon scares me.

Japanese name: Hida Iori
Dubbed name: Cody Hida
Age: 9
Grade: 3
Digimental(s): Knowledge and Faith (Reliability in the Dub)
Person I think they should be with:  He's too young
to be with anyone, but if he were to be adopted
by Jou and Koushirou, they'd make the perfect family.

Iori's cute in that little kid way.  He's also way to serious for
a nine year old.  And he's also perfectly symmetrical.
I think there's a good chance that he's secretly evil,
although you wouldn't know it from all the slack he gives Ken.
He truly is a mix of Jou and Koushirou, and has hung around both
of them quite a bit.  (Again proving my theory that if they were
to adopt him...)  And he knows Kendo.  Go Iori.

Iori's Digimon: Armadillomon
This is the only instance I know of that the dubbed voice
is better.  Yes, that's right folks, Armadillomon's Japanese
voice is almost as bad as Agumon's, and his dubbed voice has
a much nicer, lazy feel to it.  Armadillomon himself isn't that
bad, and I think he's the best of the new Digimon.

Japanese name: Ichijouji Ken
Dubbed name: Ken Ichijouji
Age: 11
Grade: 5
Crest: Kindness
Person I think they should be with: Takeru,
for that really cool Palidin/Fallen Angel thing.

Bow down to the great Ken Ichijouji, who is indeed better than you.
Ken is one of my favored characters in Digimon, and the
reason I started watching the show.  He kicks major ass as the
Digimon Kaiser, because he's such an evil bastard and looks
really good doing it, too.  Of course, then we learn that he's
been f***ed over with a freight train, and spends the rest
of the season on the verge of suicide.  Depressed, Angsty
Ken is just as much fun as Evil Bastard Ken. ^^
Anyway, Ken's the whole reason season 2 has such a damn
good plot. (Except, unfortuneately, for the last few episodes.
Someone really dropped the ball on that one.)
Show going a little slow?  Let's mentally torture Ken some more.
Really, that poor kid has it so bad, you almost want him to die,
just to escape all the torment.  Don't you just love tortured geniuses?

Ken's Digimon: Wormmon
Wormmon scares me. Really.  If you ever see the clip where
he gets jealous of some girl who gets a crush on Ken, you'll understand.
His Japanese voice is indeed better, but then again, neither of them
are that good.  Of course, Wormmon himself isn't that good
of a character either.