This is where I'll be posting scans of my doujinshi collection that feature
Jou and/or Koushirou.  I (usually) will only post the covers, however, as I
spent sometimes good money on them, and I don't want to ruin the binding.
 Also, please do not steal these images.

Front: Back: Comments:
Title: Nap  Circle: Harapeko16   28p.
This is one of my favorite doujinshi.  Absolutely 
fabulous artwork, and a really nice story of Jou and
Title: Namae  Circle: Harapeko16   28p.
Again excellent artwork and great story.
This one features a story of Jou coming home,
with Shuu meeting Gomamon.
Title: All Star  Circle: Harapeko16   28p.
This is a rather nice one of all of the season 1 kids.
(Okay, so it doesn't focus on Jou or Koushirou. But
it does have them.  And I love the artwork.)
(No back
Title: Marunengo  Circle: Harapeko 16  32p.
Ye gads, I'm a happy fangirl now.  This one is set during
the epilogue, but I couldn't care less.  It has wonderful
artwork of Jou & Koushirou interaction. *_*
Title: Digi Edo Chinese  Circle: Harapeko 16 & 
Youyousha (joint doujinshi)   60p.
Yes, this is my favorite doujinshi. Set in feudal Japan and
China, it has Jou &  Koushirou interaction, Shin, 
Shuu, and  even a cameo by Ryo.  *_*
Title: Bokura Moyora  Circle: Youyousha  24p.
Incredibly cute artwork, Jou and Gomamon go through
remembrances during Christmas Eve.  Koushirou
(and Tentomon) also make an appearance.  *_*
(No back
Title: Cube  Circle: Youyousha   16p.
All character fun and gags, from both first, second, 
and even Tamers seasons.

Title:  Yukimaroge  Circle: Youyousha  34p.
A really great doujinshi with  a story about
Koushirou and his mother, and two Shin and Jou stories.
Best of all, one of them is in full color. *_*
Title: Ashita no Keshiki  Circle: Youyousha  36p.
Very cute artwork, focuses on Jou and Gomamon.
Mimi also makes an appearance.  (No, it's not Joumi)
Title: Ame no Uta  Circle: J36  34p.
A doujinshi featuring Jou, Koushirou, and Iori.
Woo!  Cute story, even if Jou & Kou don't interact
Title: Sutekina Nichiyoubi  Circle: Udon Yamamoto  48p.
Cute stories featuring Jou and Shin. Yes, there's
even chibi-Jou. *_*  Cute artwork, too.
Title: Heart Beat Symphony 
Circle: Tanakko Power Plant   48p.
Lots of stories featuring all three Kido brothers,
Which means lots of Shin and Shuu. *_*
Cute artwork, cute stories.
Title: Manatsu no Hoshizora Sukoshi Burii
Circle: Udon Yamamoto   32p.
Gomamon falls asleep, and dreams that Jou is a 
rabbit.  Cute artwork and the story is surprisingly
not all that weird. ^^
Title: 450  Circle: Several artists  42p.
The front, back, and inside art feature Jou and 
Koushirou with guns, so I'm a very, very happy fangirl.
*_*  The stories do get a little weird, though. 
Title: Beautiful Human Life  Circle: Yamamoto Udon  28p.
Some cute and basic Jou and Gomamon stories, with
appearances from Yamato, Taichi, and Pikachu.
Title: Chiisafu Hoshi ga Hora 
Circle: Yamamoto Udon  20p.
Yet more Jou and Gomamon fun, this time with Shuu. 
Title: Yukutoshi Kurutoshi  Circle: Sunegenoutage  16p.
Not exactly Jou or Koushirou centric, but it does
feature Jou, Koushirou, Yamato, and Taichi just
hanging out and being friends, which is something I
I wish I saw more of, as I do like it.
Title: Distrotion Pinky  Circle: Udon Yamamoto  44p.
Yet more cute Jou, Gomamon, and Shin doujinshi,
with one story focusing on Jou and Gomamon
taking a bath together.
Title: Takara  Circle: Rin Rin House  26p.
Gag stories, also has a cute Jou and Gomamon story. 
But the best part is Gomamon slashing at Yamato for 
hitting Jou.  Someone has to stand up for Jou, and it sure 
isn't going to be Jou! :>
Inside art
Title: Kimino Sobadeaou Circle: Fake Kids  30p.
Cute stories of 02 Jou and Gomamon, 
with a cameo by Shin. ^^
Inside art
Title: Survival System  Circle: Tops  28p.
A Koushirou centered doujinshi without much taikou
hints. (Woot!)  My favorite part is the Jou & Kou
interaction, of course. ^^
Title: Water Garden  Circle: Tanakko Power Plant  42p.
More cute Jou and Gomamon fun.  Yamato and
Takeru make a short appearance.
Title: Kouno Kyou  Circle: Tanakko Power Plant  32p.
Even more cute Jou and Gomamon fun, this time
with Shin, and a Palmon cameo.
Title: Zutto Boku Tatsu 
Circle: Tanakko Power Plant  44p.
Once again cute Jou and Gomamon fun.
Lots of cute 4 panel comics, and even a color drawing.
Title: Sincerity Love  Circle: Tanakko Power Plant  24p.
Fun with Jou and gaijinka Gomamon, Bukamon, 
heck, the whole Gomamon evolution line.
Title: Candy Box  Circle: Capcapu Deviln  34p.
Yes!  Finally! Joukou doujinshi!!  *___*
Okay, so it's just a short story about Jou being
very, VERY nice to a sick Koushirou, but hey, it's
something. :D
Title: Yuki asobi  Circle: Tanakko Power Plant  10p.
There's Jou, there's Gomamon, there's
Shin, and there's even a fight between 
Yamato and Taichi. :>
(No back
for now)
Title: Bokuno sukinakimi 
Circle: Tanakko Power Plant  26p.
Yet more Jou and Gomamon fun, this time
during season 2.
Title: Himitsu no hanazono 
Circle: Tanakko Power Plant  22p. 
Assorted first season Jou and Gomaomon fun,
plus the invasion of the Metabots. :>
Title: Paper Moon  Circle: Tanakko Power Plant  146p.
A doujinshi anthology, which means a reprint of a bunch
of already published doujinshi, with a few new bits
thrown in as well.