To view the Epilogue as anything other than pure comedy entertainment would be
quite a mistake.  The epilogue was actually a crack induced joke created by
Toei Animation.  Yes, that's right, everyone, Toei Animation was on drugs when
they made the epilogue.  How else can you explain Taichi's small hair? So, as a
public service to Digimon fans everywhere, I attempt to shift through the drug induced
misinformation and provide the truth as to what actually happened to the Chosen
Children in the future.  Finally, special thanks to Claymore for the banner pic.

Taichi really doesn't have hair that small.  The camera took off a few inches.
Taichi  became soccer's answer to Tiger Woods, and lead Japan to three
consecutive World Cups before finally retiring a few years ago.  He now coaches
the current National Japan team, which is heavily favored to win this year's World
Cup, being held in the soccer-apathetic United States.

Yamato's latest album is titled,  "Are You From Another Planet?"  Which is the same thing I'd like to ask a few people at Toei....
Yamato did not become an astronaut as Toei may have you think.  Instead,
Yamato is in a space suit posing for a publicity shot for his next album.
After the breakup of the Teenage Wolves, Yamato eventually went solo.
Although his singing career was a massive success, he currently is
best known for his song writing capabilities.

Sora realizes taste in clothing was a later development in Japanese history...
Sora is the leading professor of Japanese history at Tokyo University.
She recently received  a very large grant to recreate the lost civilization that
wore the kimono-like clothing seen in the background.

Jou's brother Shin as well as Sora's father would occasionally visit to request permission to use Koushirou's programs.
Koushirou now owns his own computer software company.  The computer products
he designed quickly took down the Microsoft Empire, as his actually ran decent.
Koushirou is now the leader in virtual reality programming, and is testing out
what he calls a 'fully interactive holographic world.'

Jou occasionally goes to the Digital world to offer medical services.  And yes, he's paid for that, too.
Jou became one of the leading neurologists in the world, and his
groundbreaking research on Alzheimer's disease has many whispering the
words "Nobel Prize for Medicine."

Mimi, the new Goddes of Home Economics.  Or more realistically, Goddes of Good Business Sense.
Mimi saw the marketability of housewares, and now runs a multi-billion
dollar home economics empire.  The only time she actually cooks is
during her show.  Martha Stewart, eat your heart out.

Takeru's novels are even used in college literature classes
Takeru did indeed become a novelist, and well, with a tale like Digimon,
no wonder his books constantly top the bestseller lists.

Real question: Why does Hikari's kid have a rookie when every other kid has an in-training?  Oh wait, this is Toei.
Hikari is one of the lower-key Chosen Children, as she teaches kindergarten,
although the teaching materials she published are currently found
in almost every Japanese classroom.

Last week Daisuke was on the cover of Fortune 500
Daisuke kept with his noodles, and now every single college kid in the world
feasts on his brand of ramen noodles.

Hikari often times helps Miyako babysit, and Ken often drops his kids off for babysitting.
Miyako is actually the head of a high-tec firm, but oftentimes works from
home as she also babysits for the rest of the Chosen Children.

One of the main reasons why Iori dosn't run for major public office is because he rather enjoys his personal privacy.
Iori is one of Japan's leading prosecutors, and has actually declined many
suggestions for running for major public office.

You know, having someone in the Police department is great for covering up any sort of crimes as well...
Ken got into human genetics, eventually creating all the kids of the Chosen
Children by various cloning techniques.  His latest work is a virtual clone of his
deceased brother Osamu.  Oh yeah, he also works as a part time police detective
in order to gain access to all the drugs and guns the Chosen Children could ever ask for.

Thanks to the work of genetic engineering...
All the kids of the Chosen Children are actually products of genetic engineering,
usually clones of the original person.  Ken did do some mixing later on, however.

Now this is where it gets interesting.  Everyone is essentially married to each
other, and, well, the sex flows freely.  Very freely.  To explain further:
A byproduct of the Digital World is that it will eventually inhance the sex
drive of all humans at least tenfold, and turn them bisexual.  Of course,
the effects take several years to to be felt, and a person must spend a
considerable amount of time in the Digital World to be affected.  The
twelve Chosen Children are the only ones who spent enough time in the
Digital World for all this to happen, and the effects have only been felt
in the past ten years or so.  (Which means that they did have a few "normal"
years before their lives turned into a virtual continuous orgy.)

Eventually, everyone wanted kids, if not for themselves then so that their
parents would get off their backs about grandchildren.  So, Ken, who
was just getting into genetic engineering, decided to make clones of all
the Chosen Children, and pass those off as actual children.  And do feel
sympathy for Sora, Mimi, Miyako, and Hikari, as they offered/were hired
to be surrogate mothers for some of the children before Ken figured out a
way to have babies outside a human womb.

The current arrangement is that all the Chosen Children live in the same
apartment building, and in fact the same floor.  Every night everyone has
sex with each other, changing partners each night.  For example, Yamato
would have sex with Taichi one day, Sora the next day, Ken the day after
that, etc.  To keep everything organized, everyone carries a little black
"sex book," which is used to write down and keep track of just who is
sleeping with who on any given day.  Oh, and most everyone babysits
for everyone else's kid(s).

The Digital World is still limited to those who are Chosen Children.
  However, even adult Chosen Children found that they could still enter the Digital
World.  The government is still looking for a way to enter without a Digivice.
And no, none of the Chosen Childeren are helping.

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I would like to say that yes, Mabis has officially gone off her
rocker.  This all started as a late night IRC chat between her, Meimi,
and Ajora, and, well, now look what it snowballed into. This truly is
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