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"I say that Taichi wins this fight, Jou" "No way, Yamato's going to win this time"While some sites may use such pictures as Tai, er, Jyoushirou evidence, I'd just like to say that keychains don't usually hold hands.*_Awww, Jou and Koushirou are playing on the swings. Kinda."Uh, Jou, this is almost as scary as those Joumi fans." "Nothing's scarier than that, Koushirou."_"Hey Jou, wanna come over to my place and play Demon BloodKillers From Hell III?" "Yeah!"

"Jou, I think I found something that's scarier than Jyumi."  "What's that, Koushirou?" "Koumi."_"Here, Jou, this is a computer program that'll help you encode obscure Pineapple files." "Uh, thanks Koushirou, I think."_"Uh, Koushirou, do you think it's safe to rollerblade in the subways?" "Sure, Jou, we only ran over two kids so far."_"Have you figured out a way to get rid of Mimi yet, Koushirou?" "Gimmie a minute, I've almost got it."

"Hurry up, Koushirou! We'll be late for the premiere showing of Mutant Ninja Robots From Outer Space!"_Aww, Koushirou's trying to save Jou from getting his ass kicked. ^^  They do care!_"OK, who stole my Pokemon Yellow?!" "Uh oh, I think Taichi's on to us, Koushirou" "It was Yamato!"_"Uh, Jou, I think Sora's trying to hit on him"  "Jeez, and I thought she was weird before this."

Jou and Koushirou are quite amused about their whoopee-cushin plot involving Taichi and Koromon._Jou and Koushirou realize that they may never be rid of Mimi._"I can't belive we got talked into doing this, Jou." "Hey, you're the one who said they'd do anything for more RAM."_"I can't belive how dumb we look, Jou." "I'm getting half your RAM for this, Koushirou."

"We finally ditched 'em, Koushirou, now what do you want to do?" "I say we go get some ice cream." "Sugoi!"_"Hey Jou, why is Sora happy?" "I have no idea, Koushirou, and it scares me that she is."_"Hey, Koushirou, do you think she looks as ridiculous as Mimi?" "I don't know, Jou, it's pretty close."_"I can't belive we were able to sneak into the Tokyo Game Show, Koushirou!" "This is so cool!"

"What's wrong, Koushirou?" "I can't program my digivice to play Tetris."_Unknown to everyone, Takeru is secretly ploting to go on a massive crotching spree._"Yes, Yamato, you do have the most fansites on the net."_"Oh my gosh! Koushirou! They're finally going to release a new Metroid game!" "There really is a God."

"Hey Takeru, guess what I borrowed from Koushirou!"_"Crap! I lent Jou the wrong computer program! And he was going to show it to Takeru!"_"I'm really sorry, Ms. Takaishi, I must've gotten the wrong computer program.  I didn't mean for this to happen."_"So, how bad did Takeru's mom chew you out?" "Don't ask."

To help make up for the 'computer program incident,' Koushirou takes Jou to the Tokyo Joypolis arcade._Listening to Sora whine once again about how unloving she is put the rest of the Digi-Destined fast to sleep._"Taichi you idiot!  Jumping up and down on your digivice will not fix it!"_"Uh, hey Koushirou, Jou? Where are we going?"  "To see the newest Pocket Monsters movie, Taichi."

"Hey, Motimon, let's ditch these humans and play!" "Okay!"_"No! I saved up fifty boxtops for that crest!"_"Hey, when this is all over with, do you think we'll get our own tv show?"_Now everyone thinks Mimi's a little weird...

Even though the concert was sold out, they managed to still get seats by blackmailing Yamato with naked pictures of him._"Hey, Jou, why is Sora looking at Taichi that way?"  "I think Taichi talked to Mimi." "Oh. Poor Taichi."_"Jeez, Koushirou, just what is that horrible noise?" "That's our dub voices, Jou"_It almost looks like Jou and Koushirou are holding hands.  Really.

"Hey, that's not a digimon, that's Myuutsuu!  And he looks pissed!" "We're screwed."_"Hey, is that a Yamato hentai site, Koushirou?" "Yep. Dang, I didn't know Yamato was so small." "Hey! I heard that!"_"Damn, I think I stepped in Agumon crap." "Jeez, is that digimon lavitory obsessed?"_You know, if Jou and Koushirou were holding guns right now, I'd die a very, very happy fangirl.

I love this pic becuase it screams out: Jou and Koushirou are good friends and work well together! Heck, the whole ep. does._Standing in front of them was the Chosen Children's greatest threat: Toei Animation writers on crack._I will not make a commnet about Jou grabbing Koushirou's rear.  Oops._"Hey, you guys didn't accidentally suck up Hawkmon, did you?" "Oops."

Yes, that is Jou putting his hand on Koushirou's shoulder.  And yes, that is Koushirou smiling._"Get back, Miyako, Koushirou's mine!" "But won't you at least share?" Both: "No!"_Aren't they just the cutest guys..._...you've ever seen in your life? *melts into a puddle of fangirl goo*

All scenes involving Koushirou, his mother and/or his family are inherently cute_Think about it.  Jou is completely naked in this picture._"Jeez, Miyako, what did you do to Koushirou?!" "You mean I was supposed to lube the strap on?"_*That's it.  Myako is going to die.  Slowly.*

Something about cybersex and Jou and being exausted...._"Hmmm...I like cybersex, yet Jou prefers phonesex...Perhaps we could do both at the same time."_Quite possibly my favorite pic of Jou..._And quite  possibly my favorite pic of Koushirou.  *drool*

"Hey, this cave would be a great place to screw Koushirou!"_Late at night, while Koushirou is hacking into the World Bank, he receives an email from Taichi..._"Hikari posted her blackmail pictures on the internet?!"_"We're screwed."

"You want to do what with Ken, Takereu?" Ken:"Oh, I don't mind."_"Heheh...Of course we haven't done anything like that, right Jou?" "Right, Koushirou...*sweatdrop*...Okay, fine, we have. Often."_"Come on, Takeru, let's have some 'fun'" "Right behind you, Ken."_"Jou, I'm getting ideas..." "Are they dirty?" "Very." "Then what are we waiting for? Let's have some 'fun' of our own..."

"Yamato did WHAT to Jou?!"_Jou looks on at the carnage as Koushirou 'teaches' Yamato to never touch Jou again._Kido Jou: The most fun you can have with blue hair.  Just ask Koushirou._"Uh, hey Jou, could you, um, quit the phone sex?  I kinda have an audience..."

Isn't Koushirou so incredibly cute when he's embarrassed? ^^_"And then your friend Jou can spend the night!" *Mom, you have no idea just how good that sounds...*_The Geek, The Nerd, and The Prettyboy._No caption could ever do this picture justice.

"Oh, that cloud over there is a guitar!" "That one there is a fish!" "And that cloud looks like a laptop!"_"Taichi, if you don't get your hand off my butt, Jou will hurt you. Much." "Aww, you're no fun." "Taichi!! Touch Koushirou and die!"_*Oh crap, Sora's giving me that look* "I swear I didn't do anything with Mimi! Please don't hurt me!"_"Hey, Koushirou, I'll give you 1,000 yen if I can screw Jou." "Absolutely not." "5,000?" "No." "Koushirou, beat up Yamato for me." "Gladly."

"Jou! Taichi's trying to grab my butt again!"  "You're dead, Taichi!"_It kinda worries me that Jou's parents weren't even at the "Family Gathering"..._Digi Laptop Extreme Force!  Oops, wrong anime._"And thus ends this rather indecent and humiliating picture gallery" *Where's Koushirou, I need a good screw*