I figure this wouldn't be a complete shrine to Jou and Koushirou unless I mentioned
their digimon partners, Gomamon and Tentomon.

I love Gomamon.  His wonderfully sarcastic remarks are perfect for
bringing Jou back from the realms of pessimism.  They play off each  other so
well, it's incredible. And to top it all off, Gomamon's pretty darn cute.^^
Gomamon's evolution line:
Pichimon -> Pukamon -> Gomamon -> Ikkakumon -> Zudomon -> Plesiomon

I don't see what people have against Tetomon.  I mean, yeah, his voice sucks,
both the Japanese and dub, and his evolutions get progressively uglier as he
goes along, but besides all that he's still one of my favorite Digimon.  Where
would Koushirou be without Tentomon?  (Dead a few times over, that's what. ^^)
Tentomon's evolution line:
Babumon -> Motimon -> Tentomon -> Kabuterimon -> Atlur Kabuterimon ->Heracles

Gomamon and Tentomon are the perfect Digimon partners for Jou and Koushirou.
As stated above, Gomamon does his best to make Jou lighten up a bit, and to stop
being so pesimistic.  Tentomon tries to get Koushirou to realize that there is a world
outside his computer, and to interact more with humans.  Both of them succed to some
extent, thus leading to changes in Jou and Koushirou for the better.  Jou turnes down
his worrying, and Koushirou starts to actually talk to people.

Quite honestly, if season 1 decided to do the whole jogress thing, I really think Gomamon
and Tentomon would be the one's jogressing together.  Of course, trying to imagine just
what a sea digimon and an insect digimon would jogress into would be quite interesting....

Mini Gomamon and Tentomon Image Gallery!

Some pictures of Gomamon and Tentomon.
*Note: Many thanks to Natron-e? for the line drawings.
Click the thumbnail for larger pics.