Title: Buckethead
Part: 1/1
Author: Trixie
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Rating: G (fun for the whole family!)
Pairings: Friendship fic, no pairings. Sorry!
Warnings: Fluff alert. Well I think it is. ^^; Same universe
as 'Monster'
Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon or any of its characters. I am
making no money off of this at all, it is only for pleasure purposes.

Author's Notes: This is set when Jyou (8) and Koushiro (6) are
younger (and I
know that they didn't know each other at this age, but I don't care,
it just fit the story. ::grins::)
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"Um… Jyou…"

"Yes, Koushiro?"

"Um… come ‘ere, pwease…"


"Um… I _really_ think you need to come ‘ere…"

"Okay…" Jyou finally conceded and set the HUGE lunch box that Mrs. Izumi had prepared for Koushiro and him for their "camping trip," onto the ground. Then, he turned around and looked back at his six-year old friend, wondering what could have made the little redhead stop…

And then his jaw dropped.

There, sitting on the concrete sidewalk, was one little Koushiro _covered_ with strawberry ice cream from head to toe. The sticky confection was _everywhere_. Some was still slipping off the little boy and plopping onto the sidewalk.

But what had made Jyou’s jaw slam onto the concrete was this:

The ice-cream bucket had landed on Koushiro’s head.

Blinking large, sloe eyes up at Jyou, Koushiro lifted the rim of his new ‘hat’ a little and bit his lower lip. At that moment, a small glob of ice-cream decided to disengage itself from wherever it had been staying, and fell straight onto Koushiro’s upturned nose. Immediately, the obsidian eyes shot towards the offending mass, causing them to cross.

A small frown etched itself onto Koushiro’s mouth as he glared at the little daub of strawberry ice-cream on his nose. Taking his hand away from the rim on his ice-cream bucket ‘hat,’ Koushiro went to wipe away the cold drop – but before he could, the hat fell forward, promptly covered Koushiro’s face.

Jyou couldn’t keep it in anymore.

He had to laugh.

It was just too FUNNY.

Jyou laughed so hard he had to take off his glasses and wipe the tears that had leaked from his eyes…

"Whaddya laughing at?!" Koushiro yelled somewhat muffled by the ice-cream bucket on his head.

"Hahaha… nothing… hahahha… Koushiro… hahhahaha…" Jyou wheezed, trying to stop laughing.

"It’s NOT funny! I’m in a SEWIOUS DIWEMMA and you stand there and laugh at me! Help me!" Koushiro pouted loudly, his chubby hands waving around angrily.

"I’m sorry, Koushiro. I didn’t mean to laugh at you – it’s just that, well, I don’t see strawberry ice-cream covered Koushiros everyday. Here, lemee help you with that," Jyou apologized, carefully removing the ice-cream bucket from Koushiro’s head.

And then, Jyou fell into another set of giggles.

"What?!" Koushiro cried, eyeing his friend warily.

"Your… hahahahahhaha… your… hair… hhahahahah… it’s… HAHAHA… it’s all covered… in ice-cream… hahahhhaha…" Jyou made out before going into another fit of laughter.

"Hmph! Let’s see how _you_ like being covered in ice-cweam!"

And with that, Koushiro grabbed a handful of melting strawberry ice-cream and threw it at Jyou.

It landed squarely on Jyou’s face.

A satisfied squeal escaped Koushiro’s lips as Jyou immediately stopped laughing and took off his ice-cream smeared glasses, bringing up his hand to his ice-cream covered face.

Koushiro took another handful with both chubby hands and then flung them as hard as he could at the currently shocked Jyou. Koushiro continued to throw ice-cream at Jyou until the blue-haired boy was covered from head to toe with sticky, yummy ice-cream.

Satisfied with his work, Koushiro smiled happily as he licked his fingers to taste the delicious stuff. And all the while, Koushiro sang a little song that he had learned from his friend Mimi.

"I scream! You scream! We all scream for ICE-CREAM!"

Then a shadow fell over Koushiro.

Stopping midway between licking off the ice-cream on his left pinky, Koushiro looked up and found himself staring at a not so happy Jyou.

"Um… hi," Koushiro greeted.

Jyou just stood there, staring at the little boy.

"Um… how are you?" Koushiro tried again.


"Um…I’m sowie for throwing ice-cream at you…. Forgive me?" Koushiro asked hopefully, presenting Jyou a glob of melted ice-cream as a peace-offering.

Jyou looked down at the extended chubby hand that was covered in nothing but strawberry ice-cream and couldn’t help but grin. Jyou couldn’t stay mad at Koushiro – even if he _was_ covered with ice cream because the little redhead had gotten mad. It was partially his fault anyway… he shouldn’t have laughed at the boy.

But then again, it had been TOO cute not to.

Reaching down, Jyou took the mess of strawberry ice-cream from Koushiro and smiled.

"I forgive you."

Koushiro beamed up at Jyou.

"But don’t _ever_ throw ice cream at me again!"


Koushiro noted that Jyou didn’t say that he couldn’t throw other stuff at him…

"Good. Now, let’s go back to your house and get ourselves cleaned up. I don’t want ants to come and eat us!"

"ANTS?? EAT US?? NOOOOOOOOOOO~" Koushiro cried as he quickly scrambled from his position on the floor and was shooting back towards his home before the ants could eat him.

"Koushiro!" Jyou called after the little bundle of pink ice-cream covered Koushiro as he picked up the forgotten box of food. Koushiro turned around and waited for Jyou, all the while jumping up and down on his feet, in hopes of getting away from the ants that were going to eat him if he stayed still too long.

"Hurry Jyou!! I don’t wanna be eaten by ants!!"

"I’m coming, I’m coming!"

"Come _on_!!"

"They won’t eat you so fast, Koushiro. Actually, they won’t eat you at all. They’ll just bite you."

"That’s EVEN WORSE!"

Jyou let out a huge sigh as he trailed behind a waddling Koushiro, both boys leaving a path of sticky, pink ice-cream.

But as they rounded the corner to Koushiro’s apartment, Jyou suddenly recalled something that he wanted to know…


"Yes, Jyou?"

"Um… how did you get the ice-cream bucket on your head?"

"Oh. I was running and kicking rocks, and then alluva sudden, I was on the ground and something really cold landed on my head. And then all the ice-cweam was on me."

"Oh…. Okay…"

As Koushiro knocked urgently the door of his apartment, Jyou, walking behind, made a mental note of never letting Koushiro carry the ice cream bucket ever again.