My thing of having Iori be Jou and Koushirou's kid has gone too far.
You may shoot me now.  It all started a while ago when I read Ajora's profile of
Digimon characters, which said that Iori might secretly be Jou and Koushirou's
love child.  I rather liked the idea, and as time went on I grew more and more fond
of it, and, well, now I'm creating pages based on the idea. Yes, I know I'm bad.

Seriously, people, Iori acts just like a combination of Jou and Koushirou.  He has
Jou's sense of responsibility, Koushirou's politeness, not to mention both Jou and
Koushirou's stubbornness and intelligence.  Heck, it's even been said on the show.
Thus, Iori is really Jou and Koushirou's kid (Thanks to the genetic engeneering of Ken)
from the future who traveled back in time to help save the Digital World.  (Any
similarities this may have to Sailor Moon is merely a coincidence.  Iori does not have
pink hair.)  How is this possible, you may ask, it was never mentioned in the show!
Well, that's because Iori couldn't say anything about it.  If he did, it might result in
some weird freaky paradoxes, as people often have this tendency to want to change
the future if they know what it is.  Okay, fine, Jou and Koushirou might freak
if they found out they eventually have a kid together and end up not getting
together, which would mean no more Iori.  But since Iori's there, they had to
have gotten together, and, well, see my point?

So, Iori brainwashes a woman who always wanted a child but couldn't,
since her husband was a policeman who died while on duty, as well
as the woman's traditional father, into thinking he is her real son.  All three
of them live in a seemingly normal household, Iori playing his part perfectly
as the fatherless child raised in a traditional household. (Although, Iori did slip
up a tiny bit in the beginning, blushing when being compared to his future
father, but hey, cut the kid some slack, he fooled everyone on the show. ^^)

Don't they make the cutest family?