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*Note: There is an increasing awareness in Japanese fandom of
people who steal Japanese fanart and put it on their page.
Please, don't steal Japanese fanart.  They hate it when you do that.
Some also don't really like it when you link just to specific fanart.

Japanese Links:

||| joukou doumei |||
Finally, a joukou doumei! (doumei being a sort of club)
Yes, there are Japanese joukou fans!

Yes, this is a Joukou page.  As in, they support the
pairing. Woo! ^^

Yet another joukou page. (Woo!)   It just opened up,
and it already has some nice joukou smut. :>

More of a general Digimon yaoi page, but it does have
a joukou fic, which is a lot more than most pages.

While this is a Taiyama main site, it does have some
of the best joukou fics on the net.  Too bad there's
only two (both kiriban), and they're in Japanese.

Jaw droppingly good Jou art.  And there's a *lot* too.  Poke
around here, for there's pretty much fun stuff on every page.
I love this site. A Lot.  (Not to mention the really neat Shin banner.)

Another site with lots of (great) Jou fanart. Poke around here,
too, since there's cute stuff everywhere.

Yet another Japanese Jou site.  Even though the webpage just got
started, the circle is already a very prolific Jou doujinshi author.

I just about freaked when I saw the banner.  Lo and behold,
it draws Jou and Koushirou in the same picture!
Not to mention some cute fanart, too.

A webpage of someone who likes *both* Jou and Koushirou!

A nice Koushirou shrine with lots of cute artwork.

Another Jou orientated site, and home to the
Joe & Goma Fan Webring.

Said Joe and Gomamon webring.
Plenty of Jou centered sites to get your fix.

A nice Jou site with lots of cute artwork

Jou and/or Koushirou links:

shimmercat's Jou shrine, one of the best there is.
Has some great fanart, as well as a fairly big fanfic section.

Leto's Joe shrine, a nice site with lots of info
and a great screenshot gallery.

A really great shrine to Joe, with lots of
Joe related goodies and whatnot.

A cute shrine to Koushirou with
lots of info.

A hilarious site dedicated to Jou, Koushirou,
Iori, and Ken, aka the "Digi Geeks"

Koushirou goes evil!  Woo!
(Does this mean he has guns?)

It has Koushirou.  It has Jou.  It also has Mimi.
This site actually raised my opinion of the Pink One,
so you know it must be good.

Other Digimon Links:

The only Kenkeru site in English Digimon fandom,
has great fanart, great fics, and a great layout. Visit now.

Where the infamous image captions began.
Great and hilarious site to Matt.

LadyDevimon was always a favorite
digimon of mine. Woo! Evil Digimon!

There's just not enough fanboys who create
 great Digimon sites and who write even better
Digimon fanfiction.

Because Patamon really is the cutest
darn thing to inhabit the Digital World.

A shrine to Ryo and Osamu, two of the more
obscure Digimon characters.  Very pretty layout.

*The Complete Digicouple Link List*
When you need to find Sora x Ken sites.

Has an incredible number of Digimon fanfics,
as well as fanfics for any other fandom
you might want.

*Anime Intro Archive*
Claymore's site where you can download
Digimon clips as well as other anime clips.

Friends/Other Links:

Want to read Japanese Fanfiction, or any other Japanese
website?  Babelfish will translate Japanese text or webpages
to English. Whether or not said translations are
understandable is a different story...

Yes, I'm shamelessly plugging my other page,
dedicated to Yamato and Kosaburou of Team
Rocket.  Find out why I have a thing for guns.

A great site with great fanart, as well as lots
of other little goodies.  Definitely worth a visit.

A shrine to the entire female cast of  the
Suikoden series.  They really do deserve
a much larger fanbase.

*Besu's Sime Shrine*
A shrine to the Dragon Quest/Warrior
series, and slimes in particular.  Mmm...slimes...

Where I get all the spiffy backgrounds.
Great site for your webgraphics needs.

Also a great site for webgraphics

More webgraphics fun!