April 23, 2006:  Almost, but not quite dead!

Changed the backgrounds, so the page looks 

better in higher resolution


June 26, 2003: Yeah, it's been a while.  Updated the links page,
and put up new doujinshi scans on the doujinshi page.  Also,
site finally moves to a new address.  Update links, etc. please.

February 2, 2003:  Finally, an update!  Not much of one, though.
All my doujinshi for sale has been sold (woo!), and I'm not
sure if I'll put any more up.  We'll see.  Anyway, I'm moving to
a new server (real) soon, just as a warning of sorts. ^^

October 6, 2002:  I'm not dead.....yet....
Sorry for the lack of updates, but college has been hell recently.
Anyway, I have updates on both doujinshi pages. Four new
doujinshi up on my normal doujinshi page, (Woo!) and one new
doujinshi on my for sale page.  (Yes! New doujin for sale!)

August 11, 2002:  Updated both doujinshi pages.
Two new doujinshi in my Doujinshi page, and now there's only 3
doujinshi for sale at my "Doujinshi for sale page."  If no one buys them
in about a month, I'll probably just shut down that part of the site.
And I'm planning a big redo on the gallery section of the site.
It should be done sometime this year.  Really. ^^

July 16, 2002:  Updated links and "Doujinshi for Sale" page.
New Japanese link, and reduced prices on doujin.
Still working on that new section...

June 30, 2002:  Added a doujinshi to the regular doujinshi
page.  I'm also working on a new section of the site.
Projected time of completion is no later than an eternity.

June 20, 2002:  Once again updated the links page.
Support Online Fanarts Protection.  Because the Japanese
hate it when their fanart gets stolen.

June 15, 2002:  Put more doujinshi up in the "Doujinshi
for Sale" page.  Also put some on hold.

June 9, 2002:  Just a small update, updated the links page again.
Finally found a good joukou smut page, so I'm a happy fangirl.

May 28, 2002: Yes, finally, an update!  Updated the links page
with a new Japanese koushirou/joukou page.  Woo!  Also, "Doujinshi
for Sale" has been updated.  This weekend I'll be at A-kon, and the
reason I'm mentioning this is because I'll be cosplaying as both Jou and
Koushirou.  So, if you see a fangirl dressed as a Japanese middle
school boy, that might be me. ^^

May 6, 2002:  Just a small update regarding the "Doujinshi
for sale page," most of the doujinshi is now up on ebay, and
I've reduced the price on some of them.  Woo.

April 28, 2002: The 10,000 hits giftfic is now up! Woo!
It can be found in the ura section,  in the fanfiction section.
(Yep, it's good ol' joukou/koujou smut. :> )

April 21, 2002:  I updated the "Doujinshi for Sale" page, so
take a look at that. (*hint hint*) Also, 10,000 giftfic is coming along
rather nicely, and should be up soon.

April 12, 2002: I now have some doujinshi for sale at my "Mabis'
Doujinshi for Sale" page.  Feel free to look around and buy something
that interests you.  Link to page can be found in the Doujinshi section.

April 2, 2002:  I'm happy to announce that Mr. Height and Photon Boy
has finally surpassed the 10,000 hit mark!  Wooo!  I'll be posting a
celebratory fic soon to mark the occasion.  (Just as soon as I finish
writing the darn thing...)  Also, I'd like to announce the creation of
the Japanese Joukou doumei.  A doumei is sort of like a fan club,
and so I'm thrilled to see more joukou support in the Japanese fandom.
(Heck, I'd like to see more joukou support in the English fandom, but
that's a different story.)  The link the the doumei homepage can be
found in the links section.

March 15, 2002:  I have two new doujinshi scans up, and my Holy
Angemon, are they great.  Both feature incredible artwork by one of my
favorite circles, Hrapeko 16, and both feature some real nice Jou and
Koushirou interaction.  Needless to say, I am happy fangirl.  Also, I have
another Japanese link up.  No, it's not technically a joukou site, but they
seem to like it at least somewhat, as they have a joukou fic up.  Eh, good
enough for me, considering the incredible lack of Japanese joukou.

March 2, 2002:  Small update today.  I have one new doujinshi scan
up.  I've actually had this one scanned for a while, but somehow
it never got put up before.

February 21, 2002:  Yes, the Valentine's special is down.  I had to put
the haikus away, and hopefully no one will notice they were gone. ^^
I do have some other stuff up in the form of new doujinshi scans,
and I updated the links page.

February 14, 2002: In celebration of St. Valentine's day, the traditional
day of love, (primarily in western culture, but heavily catching on in Japan
where they call it by the full name)  I've posted some haikus from Jou
and Koushirou to each other.  Read them while you can, because I
have to put them back soon. ^^

February 11, 2002:  As you can tell, I've changed the main banner on the front
page.  Eh, I think it looks nicer.  I also updated the coupling guide/rants, as I actually
sat down and wrote much longer rants for some of the pairings.  On that topic, I
also have a new section up, Other Musings.  Basically it's where any other
thoughts/musings/rants/whatever goes.  Right now I just have one article about
Jou in Japanese Fandom up, but expect more in the future.

February 7, 2002: Lots of changes around here!  First off, you'll notice that
I have new page banners.  I personally think they look nicer, and, well, I
wanted a change.  The Iori page also got a little (big) makover, so now it
too has its own design.  Also, I took down the Japanese Fandom guide,
simply because it was becoming too much of a pain with all the broken
links and whatnot.  I do still have links to Japanese sites on the links page.
Most importantly, we have a new address! A big thanks to Meimi
for hosting both this site and my Yamato and Kosaburou page. :)

January 17, 2002:  I have a new fanfic up at the fanfiction section, Firestorm
and Snowfall.  It's (of course) Joukou, but also Yamatai as well.  Woo.
Also, I would like to mention that I will be moving the site, probably
within the next week, perhaps even as soon as this weekend.  I'll post
the new address as soon as I get everything transferred.

January 5, 2002: Fairly big update today.  First off, I have another fic up,
A Bright Future Awaits.  It's part one of a series, and, well, I consider
it to be fangirlism run rampant. ^^  Also, I have another section up,
the Doujinshi page.  Come see how well Japanese draw!  Stare
in awe at the pretty pictures! Um, anyway, that's today's update.

January 2, 2002 Did some file rearranging that isn't noticeable on
the site, but is actually a long and tedious process.  Also, most of  the
main pages now have the butterfly link button.  That part is noticeable. ^^

January 1, 2002 Happy New Year, everyone.  Today's update
is fairly small, but eh, it's something.  I have a new link in the general
links section, Besu's Slime Shrine.  That bouncing slime on the front
page is way too addicting.  Anyway, jumping on the bandwagon
of pretty much every single Japanese site I've been too, I've also
added a message board to the site.  Feel free to post whatever
thoughts come to mind, but I do ask that said thoughts remain
generally on topic, i.e. Jou, Koushirou, Joukou, Digimon, etc.

December 20, 2001:  Rewritten Sweet Brotherly Love can be found in the
fanfic page.  Yes, it does replace the first draft, and no, I won't be
posting the first draft somewhere else.  Besides, the new version is
a lot better, and I can write a sequel if I ever get around to it.
Update: After some persuasion, I do indeed have the first draft up.
Enjoy both versions. ^^

December 13, 2001:  Yes, I know it's been almost 2 months since my
last update.  -_-;;  College took over my life, and now that I'm finally on
winter break, I can actually do something with this page.  Woo! As it's been
so long since my last update, I figure I should have a big one.  So, here it is:
I fired Picodevimon.  More accurately, I'm recasting him in  another role.  He'll
be appearing in a fanfic I may or may not get around to actually writing.  As
his role is fairly large, he's not complaining.  Too much.  I also did some
revamping of the Japanese Links section, as well as adding a few links.  I
was too lazy to put up the new button on the new stuff, but it should be on top.
Some putzing around with both the character rants and the couples rants section.
Everyone, I do not in any way, shape, or form support Shinjou.  Really.  I now
have two affiliates, Tarnished Wings and To Bring Back Yesterday.  Visit their
sites and admire the pretty layout, as it's so much better than mine.  And
finally,  did some touching up on the Iori, Goma & Tento, and epilogue sections.
I will be posting more of my fanfics sometime soon, or rather, as soon as I get
them finished, just to give a fair warning so that you may jump for joy,
scream in anguish, run far away, etc.  I'm also thinking about getting a
message board on this site, so that all of us Jou and Koushirou (and
Joushirou) fans can have a place for discussion! (*crickets chirp*)
And that's today's update.

October 20, 2001:  Just a quick update, I now have another fic of mine
in the Fanfiction section.  Take note of the rating, though.

October 13, 2001:  Finally got more fanart (Woo!) this time by Tizzy.
Also opened up a new section, called "Kido-Izumi Iori."  It's about, well,
I think the name says it all.  (I just keep on getting worse and worse...)
Changed some of the back links into back icons.  Not all, though.
Later on I should have another fanfic update.

September 29, 2001:  Added more fanfics to the fanfics and lemons
page.  One fic by me and one by K-1 in the normal fanfics, and
a lemon fic by K-1.  I'm still working on a special section, but
not sure when that will be added.

September 27, 2001:  Added some more Japanese fanart links.
That's all for now, maybe more this weekend. (I hope)

September 16, 2001:  Updated the Gallery page with a boat load
of screencaps, complete with indecent and humiliating captions. ^^
That's all, (pfft, just that took me forever) but I do have yet
even more stuff I want to put up later.

September 14, 2001:  I've added a new section to the site.  It's one
I've been working on and off for a while, and now it's finally done.
It's the section labeled Special Epilogue Section.  Feel free to leave
your sanity at the door.  I've also updated the links section, as well
as the Japanese links section.  Added a little New button in that
section to better distinguish what has recently been added.
Could you believe that I still have a lot more to update?

September 2, 2001:  Wohoo, big update today.  First off, there's
finally new fanart.  I've scanned some doujinshi drawings of 01 Jou and
Koushirou, which are really cute. ^^  Next up, some new fanfiction.
I posted my newest lemon in the lemons section, and also posted
the start of another act in Trixie's fic and a new one by K-1.  The regular
fanfiction also has some fics by Trixie.  I still need to upload a lot more fanfics,
though, so expect more fics soon.  And finally, some stuff has been added to
the junk, er, misc. stuff page.  I made another Joushirou banner, as well
as stole a few more support banners.  I still have a lot more coming up
sometime in the near future, such as more fics, and a huge gallery update.
Erg, some day I'll be completely up to date on this site....
Oh yeah, meet Picodevimon, whom I've hired as site mascot.  He
will eventually make more of an appearance, but for right now,
just say hi to the little smartass.

August 28, 2001:  Bleh, almost three weeks without an update. -_-
I've started college again, though, which means updates will probably
not be as frequent. All I have up right now is an update on the Japanese
links section, but I do have a lot more coming sometime in the near
future, just as soon as I can get everything up.

August 9, 2001:  I was going to update sooner, really, but then
I found more and more stuff to update, and, well, now we have
a fairly large update.  First off, there's two new authors in the General
Fanfiction section, Drie and Trixie, with a bunch of fics.  Also, put up the
rest of Act 1 of  Trixie's fic in the Lemon section.  I added two more
links in the General Links section, as well as updated the Japanese Links
Section.  I think that's all for now, I'm hoping for a fanart update soon.

July 28, 2001:  Fairly big update in the Gallery section, I put up scans
of some Digimon cards I was able to nab during AX.  I also updated
Trixie's fanfic, it's now up to part 24.  Finally, two more links in the
general links section.  I wanted to put up some more screenshots
this update, but access to the screen capture card is proving
to be much more difficult than I had planned. *whine*

July 24, 2001:  Just a quick update, I'm hoping for a bigger update
later this week.  New Japanese links, and this time to some really
good fanart, and also I put up some more fanart by Ajora, who
drew a fantastic pic of Matrix-style Koushirou, complete with guns.
*Goes off to drool some more*

July 16, 2001:  Esentially puttered around with the site, which really
isn't the best thing, since I have so much other stuff I need to do.
Anyway, put up a handful of links, put up some stuff I found
while surfing the net over in the Misc. section, and found some more
cute Japanese Jou and Koushirou fanart, which can be found in the
yet-to-be-revamped Japanese links section.

July 1, 2001:  Two new fics up. The first is by me and can be found in the
General Fics section, and the other is by Trixie, and can be found in
the Lemon section.  I've also added two new pieces of Japanese
fanart, and those can be found in the Japanese Links section.
And, yes, I do plan to revamp that section sometime soon.

June 23, 2001:  Guestbook is finally back up, although all previous entries
have been deleted. *grumble*  Anyway, please sign? ^^

June 16, 2001: Okay, I know the guestbook is down. -_-  I'm trying
to get that resolved without breaking something, so until then,
just email me if you want to leave any comments.  Also, I've
added  new links to the general links and Japanese links pages.

June 9, 2001: Put up a guestbook, so feel free to sign it.
Also put up a new link in the links section.

June 5, 2001: Made a new linking banner and a button.

June 2, 2001: Put up some great fanart by Ajora.

May 31, 2001: Mr. Height and Proton Boy is finally up!

May 30, 2001:  Well, all the sections that are going to be up for the opening are
finally complete, just have to look everything over for a final check.
This page could be up as early as tomorrow. ^^

May 21, 2001: Finished the updates section, so I decided to make note of it.