Here's where I dump everything I've collected around the net, such as
cute and/or funny banners, adoptions, etc.  I've also put up some
of my own cute and/or funny banners, for other people's sites.  Right
click, save, link back, you know the drill.  Enjoy!

Stuff I Made:

A sort of parody of all those "I believe in so and so because blah blah,"
but it is rather cute on it's own.  Besides, you can't really argue against it. ^^

And now for the Joushirou banner.  Yes, I know I'm bad.

Okay, how could I not make a banner with this screencap?

Stuff I Collected:

Okay, you *know* I couldn't help catching them....

I picked up Jou from Shimmercat's site. Isn't he cute? ^^

I especially liked Koushirou's alien theory.  Which is true if you think about it.

From Depths, Blossoms, & Loneliness
Because I really am a sucker for shoujo-ai.

From Tarnished Wings.  Ajora, we love your l33t Ph0t0sh0p ski11z.
(Especially if you consider the crappy quality of the screencap it came from....)

From Wrapped In Darkness.  Kinda funny how nicely
this pic fitted together, ne?

Sadly, this is one of the few sraight pairing I really like.
That, and Ajora made the banner.