Basic Stats:
Japanese name:  Izumi Koushirou
Dubbed name: Izzy Izumi
Age: 10 (season 1) 13 (season 2)
Grade: 4 (season 1)  7 (season 2)
School: Odaiba Elementary (season 1)
Odaiba Junior High (season 2)
Crest: Chishiki (Japanese) Knowledge (dubbed)
Likes: Computers
Dislikes: When computers don't cooperate
Boxers or Breifs: Boxers

            Special thanks to shimmercat for the art. ^^

Izumi Koushirou is a lot more than your average computer geek.  True, he may know more about
computers than Bill Gates, but that's just one of his many personality traits.

Koushirou's Family
When Koushirou was very young, both his father, an intelligent math professor at a Tokyo
area university, and his mother died in a car crash.  Koushirou became an orphan, but was
adopted by a distant cousin of his father and his wife, who had just lost a baby son of ther own.

All was well in the Izumi household, until one day Koushirou overheard his parents
discussing about when would be the right time to tell Koushirou about his origins.
At first, Koushirou did not want to belive he was adopted, and eventually, he pushed
the whole issue away, burying himself inside his computer so he wouldn't have to deal with it.

Fast forward to the battle with Myotismon, when, after some more discussion by Koushirou's
parents after they realize just how much his son has grown, they finally tell Koushirou that
he was adopted, and who his real parents are.  Tears flow, and both parties admit
that being adopted does not diminsh the amount of love they have for each other.
(Really touching, sap filled scene. Go watch it again if you haven't memorized it already. ^^)

Koushirou's Personality
I'll put this bluntly:  Koushirou has the social skills of an introverted rock.
As much as I adore Koushirou, he really does know very little when it comes to dealing with other
people.  This is mostly due to the fact that he overheard his parents mention that he was adopted.
Not wanting to deal with the fact that his parents that he grew up with were not his real parents,
he buried himself in his computer, not wanting to deal with the issure in any way.  Eventually,
Koushirou pushed himself so far into the cold world of facts, he really did loose the ablilty to
deal with other people, and even how to deal with his own emotions.

This lack of people and emotional skills is the reason why Koushirou is so introverted.
Since he doesn't know how to deal with emotions, he keeps them all bottled up inside.
Similarily, as he has no idea how to handle other people, he avoids them as much as possible.

Another reason why Koushirou found himself so much more at ease with zeros and ones
rather than the outside world is because Koushirou is very much the logical thinker.
Even though Koushirou is not quite as smart as the dub puts him out to be, he is still rather
intelligent, and can solve just about any puzzle that comes his way.  No wonder he chose
to hide himself in the logic-heavy computer world.  His thinking style is perfect for it.

Koushirou is actually quite passive.  He is slow to anger, and generally tries to avoid conflict.
Fitting in with all of that, Koushirou is also very polite, always using the honorific suffix -san
when addressing the other Chosen Children.  The reason Koushirou is so polite and passive is
not really due to his lack of social and emotional skills, but rather a general personality trait.
(Or else, I could blame it on his parents. ^^)

Unnofficially, the reason why Koushirou joined the soccer team before 01 was because his parents
wanted him to spend some time away from his computer.  So, why not try sports?
The problem is, Koushirou is horrible at sports. ^^  True, he could hack into the CIA if he
 really wanted to, but he probably couldn't hit a basket if his life depended on it.

Koushirou in Season 1
During the first Digimon adventure, Koushirou pretty much sticks to his laptop for the
majority of the time.  He's the one theorizing about, explaining, and geneally figuring
out the Digital World.  It is also intresting to note that the show makes a point
about showing both the plus sides and the negative sides of Koushirou
spending all his time at his laptop.

Koushirou, along with Jou, are the two male supporting cast members.  But unlike
Jou, Koushirou is in the second rung when it comes to actual character development.
Naturally, he's going to get more screen time as he's the one explaining things,
but because he is in the second rung, he gets a lot more character development.

Koushirou in Season 2
Out of all the older kids, Koushirou is the one we see most of.  The reason for this is because
he retains his role of resident smart kid, helping out the new kids by figuring things out and
explaining it to them.  However, since he is around a lot, he never gets his
own episode the way the other older kids do.

Koushirou does quite a bit of changing between seasons one and two.  Physically, he
cut his hair and went on a growth spurt, and looks really cute.  Mentally, though,
is where he really changed.  He no longer spends all of his time at his computer, and
has finally realized that there is indeed an outside world.  Because of this, his social
skills have improved, as well as his ability to deal with emotions.  However, even
though he has made some progress, he still has a long (long) way to go.

Koushirou's Crest:
In the dubbed version of Digimon, Izzy keeps the crest of Knowlege.  In the Japanese
version, Koushirouis the bearer of  the crest of Chishiki.  Now, the thing with Izzy's
crest is that chishiki does indeed have a pretty good direct translation, quite unlike
Joe's, and that the direct translation is a very good word to describe Izzy's crest.
Chishiki directly translates into knowlwge, and knowlege is clearly Izzy's strongest point,
with him being the walking encyclopedia in the dub and being able to figure out any
puzzle in the Japanese version. Thus, the crest of Izzy has been explained.