Title: Names (Part of the Memories Series)
Part: 1/1
Author: Trixie
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Rating: PG
Pairings: Jyoushiro
Warnings: Erm… no… unless you can’t read fluff… ^^;; Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon or any of its characters. I am
making no money off of this at all, it is only for pleasure purposes.

Author's Notes:
Blah emphasized words
"Blah" dialogue
BLAH really loud words
//blah// time reference
~~ scene change
*blah* Kasumi’s age

Oh, and btw:
Daddy = Koushiro
Papa = Jyou

*2 Weeks*

"OH! Is this the little darling that I have heard so much about??" Mimi cried as she held out her arms to hold the little bundle wrapped in a pink blanket.

Staring down, Mimi saw the little babe scrunch up her face and give a small sneeze. Then the baby blinked several times in surprise before settling her large, obsidian eyes on Mimi.

The baby waved a small, chubby arm at Mimi while garbling something intelligible. Mimi smiled and cooed, bringing one of her fingers to the baby’s hand, allowing the little fingers to wrap around them.

Again the baby garbled something as she blinked and tried to catch some of Mimi’s auburn hair in her other hand.

"She’s adorable isn’t she, Sora?" Mimi asked as her love came up beside her to see the baby that Jyou and Koushiro had so excitedly adopted a day ago.

"Yes, and beautiful," Sora returned, smiling at the baby as the little babe noticed Sora. Again the baby sneezed and then blinked again in surprise – it was just so cute.

"They’re going to spoil her aren’t they?" Mimi murmured as she stole a glance at the Jyou who was standing behind Koushiro with his arms wrapped around the redhead’s waist.

"Oh yeah," Sora replied, grinning as the baby let go of Mimi’s hand and wrapped it’s little, perfect fingers around Sora’s finger. The baby let out a loud giggle as she stared up at the smiling faces above her.

"Aww…" Mimi cooed as she turned to Jyou and Koushiro, "What’s her name?"

"Kasumi," Jyou said smiling broadly and then kissed the top of Koushiro’s fiery hair.

"Kido Kasumi…" Sora mused, "Very nice. But why Kasumi?" [1]

This time it was Koushiro’s time to smile.

"Kasumi means mist, and mist is created with the joining of water and fire," Koushiro explained as he gazed lovingly at the little bundle that Mimi was holding.

"Oh! I get it!! Jyou is water right? And you’re the fire with all that red hair!" Mimi cried excitedly as she jiggled the baby.

Jyou nodded and then wrapped his arms tighter around Koushiro, who in turn leaned back against his love.

"Well, I think that little Kasumi should go back to her parents, ne? And I bet they’re just itching to get her back in their arms anyways," Sora said good-naturedly as she brushed a hand over the messy mop of red that was already showing.

Mimi smiled and handed little Kasumi to Koushiro’s open arms, and her smiled grew wider as she watched the image before her – a family.

The family of fire and water – and the mist of their love.


[1] Usually in Japan, the last name comes before the first name, so I did that in the story. Hope I didn’t confuse anyone! ^_^

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