Title: Night Duty
Part: 1/1
Author: Trixie
Email: goldynangyl@yahoo.com
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Rating: PG
Pairings: Jyoushiro
Warnings: Erm… no… unless you can’t read fluff… ^^;; Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon or any of its characters. I am
making no money off of this at all, it is only for pleasure purposes.

Author's Notes:
Blah emphasized words
"Blah" dialogue
BLAH really loud words
//blah// time reference
~~ scene change
*blah* Kasumi’s age

Oh, and btw:
Daddy = Koushiro
Papa = Jyou

*four months*

A sharp wail cut through the blissful silence of night’s slumber, echoing throughout the darkened hallways as yet another volley of shrieks started with terrifying fervor. Pale moonlight, cold in its ethereal beams, fluttered through the open curtains, highlighting the deep shadows that crept about like specters of the past.

Another raw scream, unrelenting in its urgency, ripped through the still air, shattering any chance of sublime sleep…

One soft eyelid cracked open.

Another eyelid followed.

Two onyx orbs blinked rapidly as they stared blearily at the bright red numbers on the clock on the nightstand.


A disgruntled groan escaped from shell lips as a hand came to rub weary eyes.

He didn’t know if he could take anymore of this…

"Jyou…" a slightly rough voice called out softly as a hand prodded at what seemed to be a shoulder.

A small grunt was the reply.


Another grunt.

"Jyou!" the voice said more insistently, adding a hard jab to whatever the hand came into contact with.

"Mmm..what?" came a muffled voice laced with sleep.

"It’s time."

"Too early, Kou… still tired fr’m the last round…" Jyou mumbled as he turned onto his side, promptly falling back to sleep.

"Not that, Jyou! I swear…" Koushiro whispered loudly as a scarlet blush coloring his pale cheeks. Of course no one saw – it was 4:10 in the morning.

"Jyou!" Another poke.

"Wha? I sa’d I was t’red…" Jyou muttered as he lazily slapped away the hand that was poking him.

"I do NOT want to have sex right now Jyou! Can’t your befuddled mind hear the cries??" Koushiro yelled, exasperated and extremely jaded.

"Wha… no sex…?" Jyou asked intelligently. His mind seemed unable to register anything beyond sex.

Koushiro would have hit Jyou if he weren’t so tired.

"ARGH! It’s your turn to change the baby’s diaper!" Koushiro cried. Sometimes he wondered what really went through his husband’s mind.

"Oh… OH!" Jyou said as he quickly sat up and stumbled out of bed, blindly groping around for his robe.

"Finally…" Koushiro muttered as he closed his eyes, "it’s on the chair by the desk. And don’t forget to put baby powder on her posterior, we don’t want her to get diaper rash."

"Ah…" Jyou replied as he grabbed his robe and pulled it on.

"Top shelf, left hand corner. Can’t miss it," Kou mumbled as he drifted back to whatever semblance of sleep he had been able to sink into.

"’K," Jyou said drowsily as he made his way to the nursery across the hall.


//Few minutes later//

Jyou fell unceremoniously onto the bed, thoroughly startling Koushiro out of the light slumber he had been able to manage.

"Thanks for the warning…" Koushiro muttered as he pulled the sheets around him.

"Shuddap… tell me again why you don’t change her diapers at night," Jyou returned as he buried his face into his pillow.

"She’s your daughter during the hours of 11 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. I cover most of the daylight hours, so don’t complain," Koushiro explained.

"Who knew taking care of a baby was so difficult…" Jyou complained good-naturedly as he ran a hand through his cerulean locks.

"You’re the one who said, and I quote, "She’s too adorable, Kou! We have to get her – see, she’s just like an angel."" Koushiro retorted, but couldn’t keep the mirth hidden from his tone.

"You’re the one who agreed," Jyou pointed out, reaching out to bring his love against him.

"Mmm… yeah… but you know what?" Koushiro said softly as he snuggled in Jyou’s embrace.

"What?" Jyou asked as he kissed the mop of red hair that he loved.

"I don’t regret agreeing with you one bit."

"Neither do I, love, neither do I."

And across the hall, a little giggle and coo could be heard.


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