Not My Problem

DISCLAIMER: Don’t own Jyou-kun, don’t own Kou-kun…the
rest aren’t in here. Oh well.

   I hate Izumi Koushiro. Why? Because I’m one of
Jyou’s friends. I’m at med school with him.

   Koushiro limits Jyou’s sense of fun. Not like he
had much of one anyway. ‘Sorry, guys, I can’t come
with you to drink because Kou-chan’s underage.’ Sure.
Why not ditch the little twerp?

   Jyou’s gay. We all accept this. But, c’mon, he
could’ve picked a better boyfriend.

   Jyou’s hot as hell, so we all figured he’d get a
guy who’d be a lot of fun.

   We ended up with Izumi Koushiro, Grade A nerd. The
guy’s better with computers than people. And he freaks
me out sometimes with how smart he is. Jyou thinks he’s
cute. We think he’s annoying.

   He doesn’t look too bad, I guess. The kid’s got red
hair and these weird black eyes, like Jyou’s. He’s,
well…naïve. Not about some stuff, but when we were all
out at a restaurant one time, and this girl kept
leering at Koushiro, well…he didn’t notice. Jyou did.
Jyou gave her a talking to as soon as he was out of
Koushiro’s hearing range. And sight.

   Right now, Jyou’s all cozy on the couch, holding a
drowsy Koushiro. Probably drowsy because he stayed up
all night doing some computer thing I’ll never

   Jyou brushes the hair out of Koushiro’s eyes and
asks something, I can’t tell what. Koushiro nods and
snuggles against Jyou’s chest.

   Love doesn’t exist. That’s my firm belief. Jyou and
I argue about it constantly, and neither of us ever

   Jyou nuzzles Koushiro’s neck, and the sleepy smile
he gets for it seems enough to make his day. Koushiro
yawns adorably and then falls back against Jyou’s
body. They’re curled around one another, and they
don’t seem to care how they’re going to get up again.

   Koushiro’s falling asleep. Jyou looks like he could
use some rest too…

   “Jyou? Man, what’d you guys do last night, anyway?”
I ask.

   Jyou smiles down at Koushiro, blushing. “None of
your business.”

   “Oh, so you two…”

   “I said it was none of your business!”

   Koushiro stirs a little, and Jyou glares at me.

   Hey, it’s not like they’re my problem.