Title: Playing Games (part of the Memories Series)
Part: 1/1
Author: Trixie
Email: goldynangyl@yahoo.com
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Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Jyoushiro
Warnings: Erm… no… unless you can’t read fluff… ^^;; Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon or any of its characters. I am
making no money off of this at all, it is only for pleasure purposes.

Author's Notes:
Blah emphasized words
"Blah" dialogue
BLAH really loud words
//blah// time reference
~~ scene change
*blah* Kasumi’s age

Oh, and btw:
Daddy = Koushiro
Papa = Jyou

"Jyou…" Koushiro moaned heavily as a warm mouth sucked and teased the sensitive skin of Koushiro’s creamy neck. Deft fingers ghosted over the flushed body, causing Koushiro to tremble under the ministrations.

Moving away from the delicious juncture at Koushiro’s neck, Jyou trailed worshipping kisses along Koushiro’s chest, making his way to one pert nipple.

Slowly swirling his tongue around the pebbled flesh, Jyou shivered when he heard Koushiro’s whispered mewls. Nipping at the rose-colored bud, Jyou drew lusty cries from Koushiro’s swollen lips. Making sure its twin was not forgotten; Jyou’s fingers squeezed and rubbed Koushiro’s other erect nipple, causing the redhead to arc into Jyou’s touch.

Long fingers threaded through silky cerulean locks as Jyou’s head stopped their little play and continued planting kisses down Koushiro’s body, stopping only to tease a bellybutton.

"Oh… OH! Jy- Jyou!" Koushiro cried as a warm, wet mouth closed over something that was very sensitive and very hard.

Jyou hummed around the flesh in his mouth, enjoying the way Koushiro squirmed about and relishing the whimpers that he drew from his love.

To say the least, Koushiro’s mind was the equivalent of melted jello.

That was why he didn’t hear the quiet knock on their bedroom door.

Koushiro was on the verge of completion when a small voice cut through the two’s ‘playtime.’

"Daddy? Papa?" A pajama-clad, four-year old Kasumi called out tentatively as she clutched her teddy bear Buttons.

Both Koushiro and Jyou froze at the same exact moment. Jyou quickly scrambled from under the blankets and Koushiro tried to calm his erratic breathing. Both pulled the blankets up around their naked bodies, hoping nothing would seem amiss to their ever-observant daughter.

"Y-yes Kasumi?" Koushiro made out, silently congratulating himself on sounding somewhat normal.

"Can I sleep with you and Papa? I had a bad dream," little Kasumi asked, her lip quivering slightly as what little fragments of her nightmare paraded in her mind.

"Of course, honey," Koushiro said just a tad bit reluctantly. But he wasn’t going to deny his little girl just for a night of fun.

"Yay!" Kasumi cheered as she bounded to their bed.

"What were you and Papa doing?" Kasumi asked as she stopped at the foot of the bed.

Looking at each other in slightly panicked gazes, Jyou quickly supplied.

"We were just playing, hon."

"Playing what?" Kasumi prodded. What were Daddy and Papa playing so late at night? If she were playing at this time, she would’ve been scolded for sure!

"Er… we were playing grown up games," Koushiro interjected.

"Oh, okay," Kasumi said, accepting the hollow explanation at face value. Then, she proceeded making her way onto the bed.

Jyou patted his hand in a way that told Koushiro that they would resume their ‘game’ at a later time. Jyou grabbed his robe from somewhere on the floor and quickly made his way to the bathroom before Kasumi hopped onto the bed, who was making sure that Buttons didn’t get squished along the way.

Kasumi crawled to a spot in the middle of the bed and gave a little contented sigh as she snuggled against her Daddy, knowing she was safe from any bad monsters.

Jyou came back from the bathroom a few minutes later and clad in his previously discarded pajamas. Slipping under the covers, Jyou took Kasumi into his arms and motioned for Koushiro to take care of his ‘little problem’ and to get dressed.

Slightly put out that their night of fun was ruined, Koushiro quickly managed his discomfort and slipped into his usual cotton pajamas. Then, getting back in bed, he turned on his side and draped an arm around Kasumi and Jyou.

"’Night Daddy, ‘night Papa, love you," Kasumi murmured as she snuggled further in her parent’s embrace; then she fell promptly asleep, dreaming of gingerbread men and candy houses.

"Love you too, baby," Jyou whispered as he planted a kiss on her mop of red hair.

"Love you too, Kasumi-kun, sweet dreams," Koushiro said quietly before closing his own eyes.

"Good night Jyou," Koushiro mumbled as an afterthought before drifting off to sleep.

"Good night, love," Jyou replied, not falling asleep quite yet. For a little while, Jyou just lied there and stared at the two sleeping figures beside him, a slow smile of content gracing his handsome features.

This was his family.

And then he too drifted off to oblivion to dream of certain redheads.


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