Anode/Cathode Tamer


Mini-Mille Information - These were taken from the Anode/Cathode Tamer V-dramon version of the games. As such, they are colored; and please note that Ryo's eyes are colored wrong (they should be blue). If you wish to use these screenshots for a website, all I ask is that you credit me and link back.

Gallery table
Ryo's neighborhood
Ryo at the computer, 2
Agumon asks for help
Taichi's digivice appears
Ryo grabs the digivice
Arrival in the Digital World
The ground splits open
Welcome to the DW:
Kuwagamon attacks
Agumon defends Ryo
Meeting with Gennai
Revived villains
Gennai explains Millenniumon
We can do it!
Limited power
To Server Continent:
Rescuing Mimi & Koushiro
Rescuing Sora & Takeru
Rescuing Yamato, Jou, Hikari
Versus Piemon
Final Battle & ending:
Millenniumon's Sanctuary
Versus Millenniumon
Agumon & Taichi reunion
Return to the Real World
Ryo's mother finds him asleep
Ryo's parents
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