Anode/Cathode Tamer

Anode Tamer (note: Taken from the Veedramon version of Anode/Cathode Tamer)
Release Date: December 16, 1999
Price: 2800 yen
Genre/System: Collection RPG, Wonderswan
Transcribed/edited/et al by Ajora

Opening: As dusk falls on the last day of the year. In a perfectly normal housing area... The long, long adventure starts here.
*flash to Akiyama house*
His name is Ryo. He's on winter vacation and, today, he was going to get a new computer as a Christmas present from his dad.

>TAKE: Hello! Chatting on New Year's Eve is cool, isn't it? Oh yeah, do you remember about the little incident in the summer?

> MAA-KUN: Yeah, I remember! When we had all those earthquakes, right? The town got really wrecked didn't it...

>UK: Yeah, I know! But that was really an earthquake? My dad said it was a terrorist attack!

> TAKE: Yeah, I know. Some people even said that it was because of the Digimon!

> UK: Really? Are you kidding me?

> MAA-KUN: And, and, and, who said that? Are they nuts or something?

> TAKE: What was their name again... I think it was Taichi or something like that.

*flash happens, room darkens*

Ryo: Hey, what's this? A power failure?

*Agumon turns up on computer screen.*

>Ryo, please help us. Taichi, Yamato, everyone has been captured... Please help us... Please help us!

*digivice shows up*

>Ryo, please touch it! The Digivice! Touch it and come into our world!

Ryo: What's this? A digivice? Do they mean this? What do you mean, "Help me?"

>Everyone's been captured! I need your help, Ryo!

Ryo: I really don't understand, but I have to touch this right? Oh well, here I go!

*Ryo grabs digivice, it sparkles*

Ryo *resigned look*: Whoa! What the heck is this!?
Ryo: *surprised look*: Ah! Ah! Whoa!

*screen black out*

>Ryo? The breaker was shut off. Can you take a look at it? Hey, Ryo? Where did you go? Ryo? Ryo?

*flash to DW*

Agu: Ryo? Can you hear me?

Ryo *surprised*: What? Who are you? Where am I?

Agu: I'm Agumon. You're Ryo, right? I was waiting for you.

Ryo: You were waiting for me?... Agumon? Is this a dream or something?

Agu: no, no, no it isn't! this isn't a dream! This is a digital world! This is the world inside a digital network, the kind that's inside a machine like a computer or a game!

Ryo *resigned look*: I see... I could tell that this was a strange place. But a digital world? What the heck are you talking about...
Ryo *normal*: Oh yeah, you were on my computer screen, weren't you... Agumon, or something like that?

Agu: You mean your dad's computer?

Ryo *annoyed*: That doesn't matter! I was only borrowing it.
Ryo *normal*: By the way Agumon, why am I here anyway? You said that you wanted my help, didn't you?

Agu: Well, it was really supposed to be all over by now! But Mugendramon and Chimeramon became one, and the supposedly defeated Devimon and Etemon came back, and there was a time slip in the Digital World...

Ryo: Hey, Agumon!
Ryo *resigned look*: Explain everything slowly! Who can figure out what you're saying otherwise...

Agu: Like I said, the network time had a time slip and created another world and Chimeramon and Mugendramon...

Ryo *resigned*: I have no idea what you're...

*ground opens up, the two fall in*

Ryo *surprised*: Whoa!

*they land*

Agu: Ow! Ryo, are you okay?

Ryo *resigned*: Yeah, I'm fine, Agumon,
Ryo *normal*: but what the heck's going on here?

Agu: Like I said, in the computer world, lots of places have weird digital problems. Recently, there've been earthquakes and flash floods and it's getting really out of hand.

Ryo *resigned*: What? I really don't understand,
Ryo *normal*: but this is a computer world, right? And for some strange reason, it went weird and Agumon's adventures, which were supposed to be finished, went right back to the beginning again?

Agu *happy*: That's right. You seem to understand it quite well.

Ryo *resigned*: This has got to be a bad dream. I've been playing too many games...

*Kuwagamon shows up and knocks Ryo over*

Agu: Oh! Watch out!

*Agu steps in front of Ryo to protect him.*

Ryo *hurt look*: Ow!

Agu: I'm going to protect you, Ryo! Stand back!

*Kuwagamon/Betamon vs Agumon battle begins, ends*

Ryo: What was that?

Agu: Come with me! There's a village just ahead. I'll explain when we
get there!

*wander into town*

Puchimeramon: Ryo! I was waiting for you... You came to help us, didn't you?

Toyagumon: Agumon, you must be pretty tired too! Everything is OK since he arrived, isn't it?

*Gennai appears, egads they make Ryo so damn cute in this. Must resist urge to pinch his cheek and go "awww"...*

Gennai: Thank you for coming, a Chosen Child!

Ryo: Are you a human too? Like me, were you forced to come to this world?

Gennai: No, I'm human and not human at the same time. I guess you can call me Super Old Man or something like that.

Ryo *resigned*: ...Right.

Gennai: Agumon probably couldn't give you a good explanation. Let me explain.

*screen flips to show Vandemon, Devimon, Piemon, Etemon. Insert abbreviated version of season 1 here*

Gennai: Quite some time ago, an evil digimon called Devimon tried to conquer this world. From the human world, the Chosen Children came and with the combined strength of Agumon, Gabumon, and Patamon, the world finally became peaceful again. But that wasn't the end. There were still two left.

Ryo: Two?

*flip to image of Millenniumon*

Gennai: Chimeramon and Mugendramon, these two digimon were originally merged by accident. After they were defeated by Taichi, in order to survive they merged themselves together.

Ryo: That means they evolved into a very strong digimon?

Gennai: Its name is Millenniumon. And he pretty much took over the Digital World. Millenniumon's dark power is so strong it's almost unmatched. He even warped "time" itself here on this world, and then destroyed it!

Agu: So, really, we should have defeated the evil digimons and everything would have been finished but now we have to start all over!

Gennai: Taichi is one of the Chosen Children who once defeated all of the evil digimon but then got caught by them. The only thing I could do was to warp Agumon here.

Agu: I accessed Taichi's computer in the human world and tried to find someone who could save us from this crisis. The only one who trusted me and touched the digivice is you, Ryo.

*flash to Gennai's house*

Ryo: I see... I think I understand. We have to defeat Millenniumon, who is the fusion of Chimeramon and Mugendramon, in order to save Taichi and his friends. Oh, so that's why Agumon came to me and asked for help...

Agu *depressed*: Ryo! You're our only chance! Please! You have to help us!

Ryo *resigned*: But how can we defeat such a strong enemy?

Agu *encouraging*: We can get all the digimon together! If we put all our strength together, surely we can win!

Ryo *resigned*: Get everyone together? How do you plan to do that?

Gennai: Due to Millenniumon's power, there are a few evil digimon groups around. Let's use this chance to get rid of them one by one. That way we can chip away at his Dark Power. After we cut off some of his power, some digimon are sure to come and join our cause.

Agu: If Ryo and I fight together we still can't defeat him. But if we gain more allies we can create an army powerful enough to defeat him.

Gennai: First, we should go to the cave that's closest to this village. There's a small group of enemy digimon there. Going there to fight them is the best way to do it.

*flash to a screen of Ryo and the various digimon and Gennai*

Ryo *happy*: I understand, Agumon! We fight them one by one and gain allies along the way, right?

Ryo *normal*: I'm not sure how far my strength will go but I'll do my best and try it!

Agu *happy*: Thanks Ryo! I knew you'd say that! Wait for us, Taichi! We'll save you!

Ryo: Yeah! We'll help you! Agumon!

*saved game here*

*Back to Gennai's*

Gennai: First, go to the little cave above the village. There's an enemy group there! Go and defeat them!


Mojamon: This is the digimon town. There are lots of digimon living here. There are lots of stores. It seems pretty lively.

Tyrannomon: Hello! I'm Tyrannomon. There are lots of digimon living in this town so listen to them carefully and collect lots of valuable information from them!

Botamon: Bikii~

*residence 1*

Yukidarumon: In this house, the conversation topic changes every day. After you come back from your adventure, the conversation may change. You should check it out!

*residence 2*

Elecmon: I guess the most common topic around here is Variable Moves. That's surrounded by mystery.

Pyokomon: Every time you enter this house the conversation topic changes! Come here often and take notes on our conversation!

*area 2*

Toyagumon: Here is Toyagumon's battle lesson number 1: Digimon are either Sky-type, Ocean-type, or Land-type. The Sky-type can travel great distances. The Ocean-type are slow, but in the water they are super strong. And the Land-type is somewhere in between.

*residence 3*

Nanimon: This is the place where we digimon talk about all kinds of stuff.

*at cave*

Ryo: OK, let's go!

*finish with cave. Botamon hops up*

Botamon: Gennai says he has something to give you! He wants you to come to his house!

*Gennai's house*

Gennai: I knew you could do it. Here, take this digivice as a reward.

*image of digivice hovering between Ryo's hands*

Ryo: This is the same thing that showed up on our computer screen.

Gennai: The digivice was the sacred device that the Chosen Children had. Using this device, Taichi and his friends evolved Agumon and the others and fought the evil digimon.

Ryo: I wonder if I can use it too...

Gennai: No, you can't use it because it belonged to Taichi. But you're a Chosen Child too so you can use one kind of power.

Ryo: Just one kind?

Gennai: The digivice increases its sacred power by fighting with enemies. If you use that power against an enemy and, if the digivice is strong enough, you can turn that enemy into your ally!

*Ryo and Gennai go to a passage between mountains*

Gennai: Before, due to Taichi's battles, all the obstacles to moving forward were gone but now they're back. In order to get rid of the obstacles, you have to weaken the Dark Power. Now go, Chosen Child! Everything depends on you! I'll go now. If you need anything, come to my house...

*wander past passage and to mansion, enter mansion, get ass kicked. Got a Veedramon at Nanomon's server room. Finish mansion dungeon, get a Poyomon*

Gennai: There's a dungeon deep in this island where Devimon is hiding. If you don't defeat him and his troops, File Island will never truly be free!

*got a Unimon and Yuramon, go to ascend mountain. Unimon learned Aeroveedramon! Finished off Devimon & gang, image of Koushiro & Mimi pops up*

Agu *happy*: Koushiro! Mimi! You're OK!

Mimi *happy*: Agumon! It's thanks to you that we were saved!

Koushiro *happy*: You're Ryo aren't you!
Kou *normal*: I saw you with my Analyzer! Please take this Analyzer with you! I think it'll help! Tentomon, please go and help Agumon in our place!

Tentomon: Leave it to me, Koushiro!

Mimi: Palmon! Please go and help Taichi together with Ryo!

Palmon: I'll do my best, Mimi!
Palmon *happy*: Just watch me!

*flash to Gennai's house*

Gennai: Really? You met with Mimi and Koushiro? That's evidence that Millenniumon's power has weakened. Koushiro and Mimi have returned to their original world, haven't they? Tentomon and Palmon could have only stayed because of their digivices' power...

Tentomon: Ryo! I'm Tentomon! Pleased to meet you!

Palmon *happy*: I'm Palmon!
Palmon *normal*: If we combine our powers and help others like Gabumon and Patamon, we're sure to get more allies!

Agu *happy*: You said it
Agu *normal*: Ryo! If we keep on fighting, we are sure to gain more allies!
Agu *happy*: Let's do our best, Ryo!

Gennai: Peace might return for a little while now! Now go! Another battlefield awaits you!
Gennai: The Continent of Darkness... that's Server Continent. Etemon is hiding there! Go to Server Continent using the Warp Gate I provided!

*at warp gate*

Toyagumon: I was waiting for you. Gennai has built something for you! If you use this, I think you'll be able to get to the Server Continent. Let's see... what's the magic password for the gate...? What the heck is it? Mon, mon, Digimon Ben Kazzam! Nope, that doesn't seem to be it. Oh no, what the heck is it? I can't remember!

*Gennai walks up*

Gennai: You idiot! You've forgotten it already? Even your pronunciation is wrong! Ryo, are you really going to go to Server Continent?

*hit OK*

Gennai: Server Continent is where Millenniumon lives as well as all the other evil digimon. But, crushing enemy bases one by one, we're sure to find a path that leads to victory! Now stand in the middle of the gate.

*Ryo steps onto the circle*

Gennai: Here we go!

*stream of DW code strings by and Ryo is teleported to Server*

Picodevimon: Hi! Welcome young child! Ah, so you're the Chosen Child, are you, Ryo? Ha ha! Is it true what they say about you defeating Devimon? Really? That's pretty impressive! But you don't know anything, do you? You'll never be able to defeat Master Etemon with your puny power! Ha ha!

*Picodevimon flies off to castle area*

Picodevimon: As long as this sealed door is here, you can't go any further than where you are right now. Of course, if you manage to miraculously defeat Master Etemon then it'll open, but as long as he's here, it will never, ever open! Ha ha!

*beat dungeon 1, dungeon 2 has Etemon*

Etemon: Hmmff! What a stuck-up kid! I'll break you into little pieces!

*sicced Tentomon, Flymon, Unimon on him*

Etemon: You...! Even though I was nice to you, this is how you repay me?! You're gonna pay for that! *Etemon calls up Rukamon & Ganimon* Hahaha! Now's the time to rid myself of this shame! Everyone, come and get it!

*defeated him again, rescued Takeru & Sora*

Agu: Takeru! Sora! Patamon! Piyomon!

Sora *happy*: Ryo! Thanks for your help!
Sora *normal*: Piyomon, go and help him!

Takeru *normal*: Patamon!
Takeru *happy*: Please go in my place and help Agumon!

Agu *happy*: Th..Thank you everyone!

*outside castle dungeon*

Picodevimon: What? Are you crazy? Master Etemon has been defeated? Master Vandemon! Help! *flies up mountain past the opened gate*

> Etemon's magical powers have been broken, and you can go ahead!

*flash to Gennai's*

Gennai: Peace might return for a little while now! Now go! Another battlefield awaits you!
Gennai: Vandemon is the Master of Darkness! The digimon must attack Server Continent.

*back to server, past the gate*

Picodevimon: What? You've already come here?? But... as long as Master Vandemon is here, you can't go on ahead. *flies away*

*enter first dungeon, done. enter second dungeon, done. third dungeon:*

Vandemon: Huh? You thought you won, did you? I'm going to have your head served up on a platter to my master, Millenniumon...
*Clockmon and Kokuwamon appear*
Vandemon: Why don't you come? I'll show you the difference in power!

*defeat Vandemon, rescue Hikari, Jou, Yamato*

Agu: Yamato! Jou! Hikari!

Yamato: Thank you, Ryo! Thanks for your help!

Jou: Well, I thought we were finished!

Agu: Gabumon! Gomamon! Tailmon! You'll all fight with us won't you?

Gabu: Of course, leave it to us!

Hikari: Please, Ryo, you've got to help my brother.

Agu: Don't worry! We're sure to win!

*passageway opens up, Picodevmon flies by*

Pico: What? What? Master Vandemon has been defeated???? That's terrible! Master Piemon, please get that guy and really cut him up! Please!

*Pico flies away*

> Vandemon's magical powers have been broken, and you can go on ahead!

*after picking up item and digimon, went to next area*

Pico: I can't believe how lazy and shameless you are! You've got way too much time on your hands! Anyway, it doesn't matter because, either way, you're going to get killed by Master Piemon and you won't be able to go on ahead anyhow!
*Pico flies past Piemon's castle, disappears*
Pico: Is this a long, long goodbye??

*back at Gennai's*

Gennai: Piemon is the only one left! After you defeat him, all we have to do is get Millenniumon! Let's go! For the Chosen Child!

*Piemon's dungeon*

Piemon: Ha ha ha... You're very powerful and it does seem that you're a Chosen Child. But your streak ends here... *Piemon appears on the battlefield* My name is Piemon. Under Master Millenniumon's power, I have returned. I refuse to let you go any further... This place is going to be your graveyard! Come on, if you dare!

*defeat Piemon, warp point appears*

> Piemon's magical powers have been broken, and you can go on ahead!

*at Gennai's*

Gennai: This is it! The final battle! Millenniumon is there, deep in Server Continent! Be sure to have faith in yourself and defeat him!

*run off and warp to a weird temple place*

Pico: What? What? That's impossible! Master Piemon too? It's not good!! Master Millenniumon!! *flies into temple*

*in the temple we have to battle Etemon et al again. battle with Chimeramon. Beat Chimeramon*

Chim: Ha ha ha! I guess I'll have to show my true power... *turns into

Millenniumon: I'll show you the true meaning of fear! I'll blast you to oblivion!

***defeated Millie***

*pic of Taichi's and Agumon's reunion*

Taichi: Agumon!

Agu: Taichi!

Taichi: Thank you, Ryo! It's all thanks to you...

Ryo: No, it's not me. It's Agumon and his friends who helped. Now can I go back to my world?

Taichi: Yeah, I think so. I have to go back too. Sora and Yamato have already returned, right? I'm going back too.

Ryo: Agumon too? Are you all going back?

Agu *sad*: I... I...

Ryo *sad*: Oh yeah. Taichi and Agumon were originally always together so you're going back together, right? You don't have to worry about me, Agumon.

Gomamon: You don't have to worry about that too much! We can meet somewhere again, Ryo!

Palmon: Right! our hearts will always be with you!

Gabumon: I'll never forget you, Ryo!

Patamon: I like you second only to Takeru!

Piyomon: We'll meet again someday and, when that happens, let's have fun together again!

Tentomon: You don't have to cry just because we're leaving! Real men don't cry!

Tailmon: Right! We can meet again someday! We'll never forget you, never!

Taichi: We're friends forever! As long as you remember these battles, we'll be sure to meet again someday.

*pic of really-depressed Ryo and Agumon hugging*

Ryo *sad*: Agumon...

Agumon *sad*: Ryo...

*pic of Ryo standing and waving up at a bright light in the sky*

Tento: Ryo! Thanks for fighting with us. It was fun!

Palmon: Ryo! Next time let's have an adventure with Mimi and her friends, OK?

Patamon: Even if you go back to the real world, don't forget us!

Ryo *sad*: I won't forget you! I'll never forget you!

*pic of comet-like thingy shooting from File Island*

> Goodbye! Goodbye!

*back in digimon town*

Puchimeramon: Thank you Ryo!

Toyagumon: You've rescued our world!

Babumon: Goodbye Ryo!

Botamon: Goodbye Ryo!

*flash, darkness, little circle of candle light glowing*

> ? Ryo? Ryo? I told you to hurry up and fix the breaker!
> Oh jeez...

*pic of Ryo looking drowsily over his shoulder at Mrs. Akiyama who's standing behind his chair with a candle stick*

Ryo: What? Where am I? Home?

> What are you talking about? Hey, that's strange, the computer's on... Even though the power went out, the electricity here is still on... Very strange...

*pic of the Akiyamas and Ryo, though you can't actually see the parents' faces. Mr. Akiyama is tousling Ryo's hair*

Ryo: Hey Dad, welcome back!

> Sorry to keep you waiting, Ryo. Well, let's go and celebrate the new year. The new year will be here soon. The three of us should go together.

Ryo: ? Oh yeah, I guess it is New Year's. Yup. The new year is coming soon, that's for sure.

> What? We haven't seen him for just a little while and he's already changed so much...

> He's really grown up, hasn't he?

Ryo: We'll all be able to meet again, won't we?

*fade out, credits*

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