Brave Tamer

Release date: December 29, 2001
Price: 4500 yen
Genre/System: Collection RPG, Wonderswan Color

The Story

The game recaps the ending of D-1 Tamers, where an explosion sent Ryo and Millenniumon outside of the normal flow of space-time. When the dust settles, Ryo wakes up and notices that the surroundings are completely alien to him: the primitive past of the Digital World. He doesn't remember anything. Monodramon soon turns up to introduce himself and say that he was waiting for Ryo. He then drags Ryo to ENIAC for a more concise explanation of just what's happening.

ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer, created in 1945 and unveiled in 1946) is the world's first digital computer, whose creation spawned the creation of the Digital World. As the founding force, it is also the origin point of all the DW dimensions. It is depicted as a block of light. Monodramon explains that Millenniumon who had been thrown into the distant future is aiming at destroying ENIAC and may end up destroying the Digital World in turn. After some conversation, ENIAC explains to Monodramon that Ryo suffers amnesia due to so much fighting and stress. ENIAC then appoints Monodramon as Ryo's partner for the time being.

Meanwhile, in the future world, ZeedMillenniumon is depicted sitting on a throne and considers why he's meeting so much resistance from the past, and it turns out that ZeedMille has been experimenting in creating artificial digimon. He continues on his spiel about changing the past to make the future suit himself better. He then sends Kuwagamon to the past.

Because most of his memory is gone, Ryo is taciturn and Monodramon notices this. It's when he's trying to encourage Ryo to talk more that a mild earthquake occurs and Kuwagamon attacks. Kurumon turns up after Kuwagamon's defeat, apparently thrown into this time by some unknown force. And, in an attempt to help Ryo regain his memories so he can battle Millenniumon, ENIAC sends him through transdimensional portals to meet with various people from his past.

While Ryo is dimension/time-hopping, ZeedMille is still trying to send his troops up against ENIAC. The digimon in a cultivation tank that was shown earlier is now fully developed and is revealed as Deathmon. After some more talk of changing the past, ZeedMille sends Deathmon into the past to challenge Ryo.

Back at ENIAC, the lump of glowing light explains that Ryo's arrival to the distant past of the Digital World was no accident and that Ryo's presense has prevented a full invasion by ZeedMille. ENIAC and Monodramon discuss ZeedMille's reasons for doing this, and it's when they've pretty much hit the nail on the head that Deathmon attacks and is promptly beaten down. Once that's done, Ryo once again time-hops and V-mon reveals to Daisuke that Daisuke was not V-mon's first partner, Ryo was. Daisuke is jealous of this. As Ryo continues time-hopping, it's back to ZeedMille. Another artificial digimon is sent and Mille comments on how spectacular Ryo's progress is.

And of course, after yet more time-hopping, it's back to Mille. Again. Mille wonders why Ryo continues to fight. While he's deep in thought, the minions Zambamon and Lampmon approach and Zambamon asks if they can be sent to defeat Ryo. Mille basically asks if they don't have anything better to do, like squash some resistance fighters. Lampmon points out, rather impudently, that Mille was just "playing" with Ryo all along and not really taking things seriously. As Mille whips around to glare at Lampmon, Zambamon urges him to stop. Lampmon openly questions just what kind of connection there is between Mille and Ryo. Zambamon urges Lampmon to shut up and begs Mille to let them defeat Ryo. Mille thinks on this for a second, then concedes. When they take off, Mille calls them foolish and the scene shifts to Lampmon and Zambamon being sent into the past.

Lampmon had ambitions that defeating Ryo would land him a place as general in Mille's army. However, he and Zambamon are soon defeated. Ryo returns to time-hopping. Back at Mille's, the evil god watches the defeat of Zambamon and Lampmon. He expresses mild satisfaction at their demise and thinks that Ryo can't be defeated. This does not stop him from sending another artificial digimon to the past, however, and Black Wargreymon is sent.

After BWG's defeat, Ryo time-hops again and runs into the Gennai of Anode/Cathode whom he now remembers was much like a grandfather to him. Gennai explains the plots of Anode/Tag/D-1 Tamers and why it's so important for Ryo to protect ENIAC from Millenniumon. More time-hopping, Ryo runs into Jou, Koushiro, and several other Chosen Children and Tamers.

In the world of the future, a couple of SkullSatamon rush to Mille's throneroom and say that the latest artificial digimon was defeated and the resistance is growing stronger. The scene cuts to the clone cultivation tanks, where we see clones of Takato, Daisuke, and Taichi. Mille says that he doesn't really care about the resistance and that he's buying time for the clones to grow to the point that they can be used. One clone is finished, however. This clone walks up, revealing himself as a clone of the Digimon Kaiser.

The Kaiser clone is sent into the past and ENIAC warns Ryo not to let personal feelings get in the way of battle. Reluctantly Ryo defeats the Kaiser clone, and the clone reveals that he was only a tool and that Mille's plans are setting into place. The Kaiser's face then collapses to reveal wiring underneath. Ryo time-hops again and runs into the gang of ruffians that bullied him in D-1 Tamers. Kazuya and company actually apologize (in not quite so many words), wish Ryo luck, and make him promise to come back when Mille is defeated. Yet more time hopping.

All this time-hopping and battling as been draining ENIAC's power and it can't take much more before it will shut down. Taichi, Daisuke, and Takato soon show up near ENIAC and are greeted with open arms by ToyAgumon. Monodramon, suddenly suspicious, sniffs at them and is glared at by Taichi. Drawing back, Monodramon exclaims that there's something different, that they have the enemy's smell and aren't really what they seem. Clone-Taichi admits to this, saying that they are the artificial Tamers created by Millenniumon, without human weaknesses. The clones attack, and ENIAC goes into system failure and shuts down.

With ENIAC out of the way, Mille chuckles and decides to go into the past himself and claim what's his. However, something blocks him. A skullsatamon says that nothing has changed and that they're still meeting with resistance. Surely ENIAC's power must be exhausted by now and the past should be changing in his favor, ponders Mille, but why...

Back in the past, ENIAC tells Ryo to go to Atanasoff and explains that there were two computers that birthed this world, ENIAC and Atanasoff...

Back to the future, Mille's train of thought pauses on something he thought was only a rumor: the existence of Atanasoff...

ENIAC explains to Ryo that it and Atanasoff were created almost simultaneously, though history continues to refer to ENIAC as the sole founder of the origins of the digital age. Atanasoff served as its shadow and protects the Digital World in case something like this happened. It's only a matter of time before Mille notices Atanasoff, and ENIAC urges Ryo to protect Atanasoff before the Digital World truly collapses.

In the future, Mille figures that Atanasoff had been acting in the shadow of ENIAC this whole time and sends his artificial humans to the past.

ENIAC says that Mille is attacking too early and that Ryo will have to get to Atanasoff immediately. Ryo defeats the clones of Taichi, Daisuke, and Takato in succession. ENIAC thanks Ryo for saving Atanasoff, but despite this the world is already slowly disassembling. However, there is only one way to save it. With the last of its power, ENIAC creates a portal leading to Millenniumon's palace and sends Ryo and Monodramon through it.

One of the skullsatamon panics and says that Mille should start being more serious about things and that the enemy is coming. At last he comes, says Mille, he came... my beloved. (The exact line, for those who like to do their own translating, is "Yatsu ga kita no da... ware no koibito ga na") Before Ryo arrives at the final dungeon, Mille says that he knew Ryo would arrive and that it's because of their bond that Ryo could never be defeated and that the only one with the power to do so is him. Like in D-1 Tamers he brings up the fact that he and Ryo are shadow and light and that one cannot exist without the other. Thus they are doomed to fight for an eternity.

Finally Ryo arrives at the final dungeon. Mille says that he cannot be defeated or killed, and exists only to have his revenge... though at this point, revenge for exactly what is suddenly in question. And when he has his revenge, he'll become stronger and that he cannot be destroyed just by battle. Monodramon calls him an idiot and says that he cannot possibly win. Mille continues his diatribe about how he can't be defeated, but pauses when he considers that if his desire for revenge dissipates then he has nothing left and will be defeated. It's here that Mille reveals that he was meant to be Ryo's true digimon partner, but with Monodramon's presence, it's impossible now. Monodramon then feels something strange welling up within him and identifies it as the beginnings of a Jogress sequence between him and Millenniumon. This startles Mille and he considers it a trick. Monodramon forces the Jogress even though there's the risk that he will eventually evolve into Millenniumon.

Ryo is left with a digital egg, the result of the Jogress, as the future regains its normal state of being and the past regains peace. At ENIAC, Guilmon, Toyagumon, and other digimon thank Ryo for restoring the peace. ENIAC too thanks Ryo and says that all the dimensions spawned from it are becoming more stable. What happens to Ryo afterwards and whether or not he ever goes home is still in question. It's theorized that the Jogress egg could evolve to Cyberdramon.

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