Brave Tamer

Gaming Diary, 13 years later

Release date: December 29, 2001
Price: 4500 yen
Genre/System: Collection RPG, Wonderswan Color

Day 1

The game opens with a sepia-toned version of the ending battle and the explosion that followed. The narration says that digital monsters are creatures born from the network and live on the network, They and their struggles go mostly unnoticed. After the sequence, Ryo wakes up in a barren world, which he wanders until he runs into Monodramon. Monodramon is very excited. “Ah! You came at last! You’re a digimon tamer, right? Didn’t you come to fight for us? Er, um… I forgot your name. I’m very sorry, can you tell me it?” This is the opportunity the player would take to rename Ryo, Once Ryo’s name is given, Monodramon says hi, nice to meet you, and that he’d been waiting for Ryo’s arrival. Let’s go see someone! Except Ryo seems reluctant and Monodramon explains that they’re going to see the ENIAC, the first electric general purpose computer. At this extremely early stage in history, Monodramon explains that it’s the main computer of this world, and possibly the Digital World itself. Which means that Ryo was likely sent back anywhere between July 29, 1947 to October 2, 1955.

They head to the big green column, where metal doors embossed with “ENIAC” in Digital World code part and allow them entrance. They walk up to a metal column over which a ball of light hovers. This is how the ENIAC manifests itself in the Digital World (and surely the Yggdrasil in X Evolution doesn’t look much different). Monodramon introduces him and explains that the ENIAC is the core computer of the Digital World, and Millenniumon, who had been blown to the future, is aiming at it. This means nothing to Ryo, who has developed psychogenic amnesia (he is now 1000% done with this save-the-Digital-World thing apparently) Monodramon asks if Ryo remembers Millenniumon at all. The ENIAC says it cannot be helped.

The ENIAC explains that Ryo has lost his memory, and the violent battles of his past has left a scar in his spirit. In order to save the world from Millenniumon’s evil hands, the ENIAC says, Monodramon can serve as Ryo’s partner. This shocks Monodramon, who stammers that he thought he was just supposed to bring Ryo to the ENIAC*.

Oh, you see that title image? Remember that, because the image behind the words comes up again later.

The scene switches to the future, where ZiydMillenniumon (ズィードミレニアモン)** sits in a chamber much like the ENIAC’s. Almost too much alike, in fact. This I’ll address elsewhere in greater detail, but the gist is that Mille may have destroyed the future ENIAC and is trying to destroy the past ENIAC as well. Sparks flash along the data streams leading up to his dais and seem to cause him pain. He screams. When the sparks die down, he wonders why all the networks still haven’t become his. They should be all under his control, but resistance groups continue to hamper his progress. Will he be unable to rule the world completely?

The focus then shifts to the tanks that line the walkway to his throne. No matter how much power he uses or how difficult he makes things, one world refuses to become completely his. However, if he can rebuild from scratch…

Then there’s a shift to a larval-looking digimon floating in a cultivation tank and Mille continues his monologue. If he can destroy the past and rewrite history, then… He chuckles as the scene cuts to the distant past and continues narration. He shall send forth digimon to the past in order to rebuild the world. and all digimon, humans, and networks shall change to suit him. He laughs evilly and sends out Kuwagamon.

The scene switches back to the ENIAC’s chamber, where Monodramon protests his new assignment on account of the fact that he couldn’t possibly win against Millenniumon, and keeps trying to get Ryo to agree with him. Ryo doesn’t respond, and Monodramon wonders why he isn’t saying anything, or if his muteness is a result of his amnesia. Then there’s a sudden earthquake and he and Ryo run outside just as ToyAgumon runs up to them to report a terrible black thing flying by. A packet of black data hits a nearby field, creating a hole in the ground and spreading infection. ToyAgumon begs for help, then runs off. 

Monodramon says it must be one of Millenniumon’s digimon and the infection is spreading. At this rate, the ENIAC’s world will be destroyed by Millenniumon. Then he tries to reassure himself that it’ll be fine, he can do this. Since it’s unavoidable, win or lose he’ll stay at Ryo’s side.


* This is not the last time that Monodramon stutters, and as someone whose stutter is so severe as to be a disability, I think it’s great that there’s finally a character I can identify with. Monodramon’s stutter isn’t severe and tends to fall more into media trope style (repetition of starting syllables, rather than the reality of circumlocution and mid-word stuttering and word avoidance and so on), and it occurs mostly when he’s stressed, but I’ll take it.

** You may or may not agree with my using Ziyd instead of Zeed, that’s your choice. I am going to go with the root word that actually means something.

Day 2

In order to help Ryo remember his past, the ENIAC imported some NPC digimon from the past games. They introduce themselves, hoping to jog Ryo’s memory, and wish him well. Then it’s off to tackle the infection left by one of Millenniumon’s many minions.

The Kuwagamon battle isn’t terribly difficult, and it helps if you’ve done a little leveling in the dungeon beforehand. Unlike the earlier games, you can actually backtrack out of the dungeon at any time. Upon his defeat, Kuwagamon giggles and says he isn’t Millenniumon’s only underling, and the next will be more powerful. As is standard for these games. Then it’s time to head back.

Just before the ENIAC’s chamber waits Culumon, who exclaims that it’s gone, and Millenniumon’s data has disappeared (from the ENIAC’s world, anyway). Culumon babbles excitedly about Mille’s loss and inevitable defeat. Monodramon interrupts, says that he and Ryo are tired and that Culumon asks too many questions. Culumon concedes, then mentions a door inside and they should enter together. So, they go inside, where the ENIAC begins its calculations and a large door appears before the column.* Voices come from behind the door that Culumon recognizes, and he runs in to follow them. Monodramon calls out after Culumon and he and Ryo head in. Monodramon pretty much does all of Ryo’s speaking for the game.

The door leads to a wooded area, probably the park, where Impmon and a couple of minions have been chasing Takato, Guilmon, and Culumon. Takato says it’s hopeless and they can’t escape, but Guilmon insists on staying to fight. Impmon and Pagumon finally catch up to them. Impmon cackles and demands that Culumon be turned over, and continues to taunt them. Pagumon notices Ryo’s group approaching and tries to get Impmon’s attention, but he’ll have none of that and keeps ignoring Pagumon while Pagumon keeps trying to get a word in and annoying Impmon further. Finally Impmon realizes that something’s off and turns to see the second Culumon in Ryo’s group. Monodramon demands he stop, and Impmon decides that two Culumon are better than one and attacks. This actually is a tough battle, and Impmon hits hard. However, with well-placed attacks and luck (PicoDevimon may attack a member of his own party), it’s doable.

When Impmon’s defeated, he’s completely baffled and slinks off. Takato thanks Ryo for saving them, and Monodramon explains that they’re from the ENIAC and heard Takato’s voice from the door and Culumon went in. Takato doesn’t quite understand, but he’s well-mannered and introduces himself and the others, and says that Impmon was trying to abduct Culumon to aid in his own evolution. Monodramon says they’d like to stay, but they really have to go back because they’re fighting Millenniumon. Takato identifies Millenniumon as an extremely rare card and the Culumon-from-ENIAC’s explains their situation regarding Mille’s war to destroy the ENIAC and that they’re fighting him. Guilmon wants to help, and Takato loans Ryo his D-arc and digimon for the war.

Upon heading back, part of Ryo’s memory returns with a helpful explanation by the ENIAC. In 2000, Ryo and Ken battled Millenniumon again. The ENIAC says that Millenniumon is Ryo’s shadow, he cannot be defeated so long as Ryo is alive. Hello, Harry Potter. Then the ENIAC urges Ryo to wake up and remember more, because when the ENIAC is destroyed, so’s the Digital World. And, you know, the entire future. No pressure.

And now it’s back to the future with Millenniumon, who’s still being plagued by sparks in his data streams and resistance groups. He stops trying to tamper with the past when a couple of Skull Satamon come in. They apologize, saying that the resistance is stronger than anticipated, and Mille comes to the conclusion that it’s proof that Ryo has turned up in the ENIAC’s world. And ah, things have gotten interesting, haven’t they? But his current program should follow through. The embryo we saw earlier on turns out to be Deathmon, and Mille is interested to see how Ryo will deal with this one.

A Skull Satamon apologizes for being impolite, but explains that Deathmon is a technique system digimon, and if Ryo attacks physically…

Mille chuckles and says that Ryo hasn’t yet regained his full power, using the Kuwagamon battle for evidence. He voices his plan to alter history, chuckles evilly, and wonders if Ryo’s going to dread Deathmon’s power.

I assume he already knows the answer, and that the two SkullSatamon are wondering what the hell they’ve gotten into now. This isn’t going to be the last time one of Mille’s minions questions the wisdom of his decisions.

Deathmon is then sent to the past, where the ENIAC and Monodramon figure out that Millenniumon plans to destroy the past and remake it in his image. But is that it?


* If this had been a later generation computer, the calculations would be in binary. However, the writers did their research here: the ENIAC historically operated on base 10.

Day 3

In the past games, you had some variety of dungeons to keep things a little interesting. Not so here. Millenniumon keeps sending data packets to the same target, resulting in dungeons and evil digimon in exactly the same place. Only the dungeon layout and populations vary. It’s terribly dry, but at least he’s consistent. As Ryo, Guilmon, and Monodramon head out to the dungeon, Monodramon comments that Guilmon is surprisingly relaxed for his first time fighting with them, and isn’t he scared (kowaku/恐く)? Guilmon wonders if kiraku is a kind of bread. Monodramon, a bit bewildered, says ah, no, nevermind, and they continue to the dungeon. The Deathmon battle isn’t terribly hard, and Deathmon commends Ryo’s skill before disintegrating.

Once they return to the ENIAC’s, Culumon urges them to the chamber, where the ENIAC does its calculations and two doorways open up. From the left comes Etemon’s voice and Agumon calling out for Taichi. From the right comes V-mon’s voice. Ryo has to make a choice of who to save. Good thing he doesn’t remember much at this point. Worse: both battles are tricky in different ways and require a good deal of forethought. As this isn’t a walkthrough, I won’t go into details, but dungeoncrawling and card upgrades help a lot. Particularly the Program Factor cards, which go up to level 4 and add stat bonuses or various kinds of resistances. And this reminds me that I have to update the walkthrough. Anyway!

Through the right door, an infected Metal Greymon attacks Daisuke and V-mon. Daisuke has heard of Ryo, but never actually seen him before. After the battle, V-mon says he thought he’d never see Ryo again (likely on account of that big explosion last game and Ryo being written off as dead and all). Daisuke says Ryo may have come from another world, and he heard Miyako talk about parallel worlds once. V-mon is impressed, Daisuke gets annoyed by the implication. V-mon says he has a faint memory of fighting with Ryo against Mille and asks if Mille’s back. Daisuke never knew this, of course, and is a bit jealous that he wasn’t V-mon’s first partner. V-mon laughs and Daisuke switches the subject and asks if Ryo is fighting Millenniumon again. V-mon volunteers to go help and Daisuke loans him out for the moment.

Ryo and Millenniumon are apparently the dirty little secret of the Digital World: everyone seems to know about them, but don’t want to talk about it, ever. Friendly reminder that given all the other dangling plot threads in 02, they probably couldn’t wedge in more than they did. Also, it kind of surprises me that Daisuke uses -san with Ryo.

Through the left door, Etemon attacks Taichi and Agumon. When Ryo’s party turns up, Taichi is surprised. “Ah…! Could it be you…!” Etemon is having none of this and attacks. When he’s defeated, he curses and whines. Taichi says that he never expected Ryo’s help again, and it’s been a very long time since they saw each other. Ryo’s continued muteness discomforts Taichi and he wonders if Ryo remembers anything. Then there’s a flashback to Anode Tamer as Taichi recounts how Ryo helped him a long time ago and that Ryo fought Millenniumon in his place on New Year’s Eve with Agumon’s help. Then Taichi guesses that Ryo needs the help and sends Agumon along to help Ryo in his place. This is the path I ended up choosing because reasons that’s why.

And now back to the Millenniumon Show. Millenniumon still has a sparking problem in his data streams. He accepts that yes, Ryo’s very strong, but how is it that his armies keep being turned away? He says he would not have thought that so much could be done by one person (apparently forgetting that Ryo pretty much operated solo in Anode Tamer), but… Ah! Armies, of course. Ryo must have gone into other timelines to gather allies. He continues to say that the ENIAC is the origin of the Digital World, all Digital Worlds, and all their timelines begin there. Ryo hampers his attempt at universal domination with his growing army, and decides to decentralize Ryo’s power by splitting up his allies. He’ll see how far Ryo can progress now.

Another data packet gets sent to the past, and with it three hardcore bosses. It’s time to do some major grinding.

Day 4

Millenniumon sent three incredibly tough bosses in order to split Ryo’s party. Which, naturally, means that the party has to be a whole lot stronger. I recommend that all digimon be at adult level or higher, with appropriate cards for each battle. However, it’s okay to run through the dungeon the first time. The lithographs will block you from proceeding. Ryo goes up to read them, and they say the following: “The three seals must be undone concurrently. One of magic, one of strength, one of speed is required.” I’m pretty sure Ryo knows digicode by now, because it’s in every game.

And it’s back to the ENIAC’s, where Culumon awaits. Monodramon explains the problem, and Culumon says he’ll destroy all the lithographs!  Monodramon says they can’t be broken. Culumon says he’ll tickle them instead! Let’s all tickle them together! Monodramon’s understandably doubtful, but maybe… aha! Maybe if they all press on the lithographs at once. Ryo agrees and it’s back to the dungeon.

Kongoumon is pretty evenly balanced, but his Teppou takes off 71 hp per shot. For this, Cyberdramon has Jureimon’s Cherry Bomb, which raises defense, and Heavy Metal Fire, which hits hard. Coatlmon’s stats lean more towards strength, so his Freeze Web is deadly. Greymon has pretty high defense to begin with, so a Smash Potato (PP+25) right at the start can only help. Pharaohmon’s stats lean towards ridiculously high defense, so Bakemon’s Death Charm helps by switching his defense for Megalogrowlmon’s. Which is, basically, switching Megalo’s 20 PP for Pharaohmon’s 92 PP. Upon defeat, each of them expresses something different. Kongoumon is good-natured in the beginning, saying that it was good of you to come, and says it was foolish to be defeated by a single digimon like this. Coatlmon didn’t think one digimon could have an effect on him, and promptly regrets that upon his defeat. Pharaohmon asks who dare disturbs his sleep, then can’t believe he was defeated.

Back at the ENIAC’s, an old-fashioned digiport of the type used in Anode Tamer appears near its chamber. Culumon goes to investigate, because he has no sense of self-preservation whatsoever and clearly needs a toddler harness. Once Ryo and his party finish up with the dungeon, they follow Culumon in and arrive in the Village of Beginnings in Anode Tamer. Culumon bounces up to them, asks if Ryo came to play, and says that the local digimon say that Ryo came to fight for them a long time ago. Back in 1999, in fact. The ENIAC’s disembodied voice says that this is where Ryo’s career began and where he first saw the Digital World. When Culumon asks why they arrived at such an ancient world, the ENIAC says that it is the root of all Digital Worlds. Preventing Millenniumon’s incursion uses up a lot of energy, and the energy is also being used to create new paths to other timelines. Millenniumon’s power is enormous, but when it’s destroyed, the ENIAC can convert it to its own use to evolve data and create new doors to other times. Culumon asks if they can go to other times faster if Mille is defeated. The ENIAC says yes; though Mille’s power is a huge threat, it may also become a source of power for itself.

So there we go. Millenniumon cannot truly be defeated as long as Ryo lives, but they don’t need to resort to terrible measures because the ENIAC plans to take Millenniumon’s power for itself and render Millenniumon powerless.

Ryo’s free to wander the Anode Tamer world and talk to NPCs, all of whom are about as helpful as NPCs usually are. Once he heads back, there are new doors waiting and new people to rescue. From the left comes Piyomon and Meramon’s voices, from the center comes a call for armor evolution, from the right comes a voice calling for Renamon.

Left door: Sora and Piyomon are being attacked by Meramon, who says he’s burning and they can’t escape him anymore. Piyomon weakens under the heat and Sora tries to encourage her. Piyomon apologizes, says it’s useless, and it’s intervention time. Sora recognizes him, asking if it’s really him, and Piyomon says she can’t believe it, he’s really back. Then Meramon attacks and is defeated. Sora says it’s been a long time, she’s amazed to see him back, and Piyomon asks what Ryo’s doing there and there must be another reason for saving them. Sora guesses it has something to do with Millenniumon, thanks him for the help, and sends Piyomon along to help out.

Middle door: Miyako and Hawkmon are being attacked by Igamon, who wants a duel with Hawkmon to decide who’s the Digital World’s prime ninja. Hawkmon is wounded and Miyako checks in on him. Igamon laughs and goes for the killing blow, and Ryo and his party intervene and defeat Igamon. Miyako asks if he’s Ryo and if Hawkmon knows him. Hawkmon says he feels that they were acquainted once, but remembers little. Miyako figures that time travel and Millenniumon are involved, and in order to defeat Millenniumon, she wants to lend her power. But she can’t, herself, so she sends Hawkmon along.

Right door, and the one I’m choosing because Renamon always hits first and is one of the strongest digimon:  Indaramon is attacking Ruki and Renamon, calling Renamon a fallen degenerate and saying that humans would have her think that digimon only exist to fight. However, she’s not his true enemy and he attacks after she tells him to leave. Then he goes on and on about how her connection to humans has weakened her and any claims of friendship shouldn’t be believed. Ruki calls him on his bullshit and Ryo and his party run in to help. Indaramon recognizes that he’s not part of this world, which puzzles Ruki and Renamon. They’re briefed on the situation and Ruki’s slightly more polite when she doesn’t have Hirokazu and Kenta on her last nerve. She’s asked if they can borrow Renamon to help against Millenniumon, and is a bit reluctant to loan Renamon out. Renamon says she’d like to go, and Ruki asks if she’s really up for the task. Renamon says it’s not like that, she wants to fight with them for Ruki, because true strength is in friendship, which Ruki has proven to her. Ruki sort of understands, but says that Renamon should come back early! And Renamon better not slack off just because she’s with Ryo, and she’s only letting Renamon go because they’re friends.

And it’s back to the Millenniumon Show. Zambamon and Lampmon walk through a desolate wasteland on the way to report to Millenniumon, who’s sitting in his throne room and obsessing over Ryo and why Ryo continues to fight this hard. They walk in and stop before him. Zambamon asks why Ryo’s subjugation cannot be awarded to either of them, and Mille says that subjugation of the resistance groups was left to them*, and what of the resistance?

Then Lampmon, in an amazing show of shortsightedness, says that Mille won’t finish this immediately. “Lord Millenniumon is merely playing with Ryo!” This gets nothing but “…” from Millenniumon, and Lampmon continues. “Lord Millenniumon, why not leave Ryo to us? We trust you, but has the connection between you and Ryo become so deep? Well, trust us to dispose of that at once, okay? Will that be fine?” Zambamon flails for damage control, rebuking Lampmon for saying something so offensive. However, he requests the honor of defeating Ryo.

Millenniumon pauses for a moment, then chuckles. If they’re that determined, then fine, go to the ENIAC. Deal with it. Zambamon tells him to trust them to take care of this, Lampmon says good, they’ll go, and they leave. Once they’re gone, there’s a moment of silence and Mille chuckles to himself. “Hehehe. Such fools. However, if they really can defeat Ryo, then that cannot cross over. Shall we see your skills, Ryo?”

Then, as per usual, a black data packet plunges into the same hole as they all did and furthers the infection. The Crevice of Two Nails opens up.

Next time: Lampmon gets cocky and pays for it, unrealized realities, people to save, and boy has Millenniumon been busy.

* Millenniumon refers to Zambamon and Lampmon as “kisama-tachi”, which is hella rude and pretty standard for him. The only one he’s ever referred to as an equal is Ryo, and this line only proves the point that he really doesn’t think much of other digimon.

Day 5

The next dungeon is the Crevice of Two Claws, which is really tough going for any vaccine digimon. I recommend PF-PP Plus IV and PF-Virus Gear II for them, because Big Mamemon’s Big Smiley Bomb hits vaccine digimon especially hard. Also, from this point on, the party really ought to be at Perfect and above. The ENIAC advises tanking actions that extend skill tolerances, which means upping a bunch of stats over at Jijimon’s. The ENIAC is very helpful, btw.

In the dungeon, Lampmon comes first and is the hardest of the two. He laughs harshly, asks if this is really Ryo, and expresses surprise that Ryo’s so puny. To Millenniumon he’ll fall. Lampmon then says that if he defeats Ryo, he’ll become the leader of Millenniumon’s army. Seeing as Mille said nothing about that, he’s probably jumping to conclusions. Upon Lampmon’s defeat, Zambamon runs in, stammers Lampmon’s name, and says that he’ll not be as lenient as Lampmon was. It’s not as difficult a battle, but he still hits pretty hard. Upon his defeat, Lampmon slumps and says that they had been careless, and this was impossible.

Protip: If you work for Millenniumon, don’t piss him off by addressing his obsession with playing with Ryo. He’ll give you exactly what you want and send you off to his favorite plaything to get slaughtered.

After clearing the dungeon, Ryo and his party are free to roam around for a while. Walking into the old school digiport brings them to the Cathode world, where Culumon is running about. Culumon says it’s exactly the same as the world they went to before. Penmon comes up and says it’s been a long time, and that this is the reverse of the Anode world, the Cathode world. This confuses Culumon, and Penmon continues to explain: there’s another world where Ryo fought Millenniumon, the Anode world, but he did the same here. Penmon doesn’t know quite how to explain, only in that they’re alike and not quite. Only one thing is certain: Ryo will always continue to fight Millenniumon in all worlds. He may not remember, but he saved Penmon in this world. If you really want to get into technicalities, view this wiki article. At the end of it, Penmon invites them to explore and calls Ryo their dearly missed hero.

So once all the exploring and shopping is done, it’s back to the ENIAC, where there are more people to rescue.

Through the left door: One voice calls out for money from a customer, who is surprised and foul-mouthed (essentially, “What?! You’re fucking kidding me”). Going through it brings Ryo to Yamato and Gabumon being attacked by Digitamamon for running out on the bill. Yamato says, wait a minute, he didn’t know about this. Yamato is surprised to see Ryo, and Digitamamon takes him for another bilker and attacks him. After Digitamamon’s defeat, Yamato thanks him, but asks what he’s doing in this terrible place. There’s a bit of back and forth implied and Gabumon asks if Millenniumon’s resurrected again. Yamato says that he heard from Taichi that though Millenniumon’s very strong, he used a Diablomon as a decoy. He might not have the strength to take on Millenniumon, but Gabumon can help in his place. And if Agumon’s with Ryo, then they can become Omegamon.

Through the right door: a voice saying “Realize! You’re being tracked…!” and media version of primate laughter. Upon going through it, Gorimon has Terriermon and Jenrya cornered. Terriermon apologizes for being defeated, Jen apologizes, he was wrong and his squeamishness endangered Terriermon. Upon saving them, introductions and explanations are passed around. Jen sounds amazed by the story, but he’s a bit reluctant to loan Terriermon out. Actually, he doesn’t like the idea at all. But! If Ryo would kindly lead Terriermon to a correct evolution, he’ll accept it. And Terriermon shouldn’t play around just because Jen’s not there. Terriermon giggles and says he understands, and asks if Guilmon and Renamon are there, and he’d like to see them. Jen says he’ll depend on Ryo (to bring back Terriermon) and Terriermon says they’re going now.

Through the middle door: A voice laughs and says that the power of darkness is being introduced, while another tells Ken-chan to watch out. Upon entering, Chimeramon says that the Digimon Kaiser makes light of the power of Darkness. No, Ichijouji Ken. Wormmon apologizes for being useless. Chimeramon says that Ken’s willpower is stretched thin. Return to his (Chimeramon’s) origin. Ken is the child who recieved the baptism of darkness, and darkness must return to darkness. Ryo and co. run in, and Ken recognizes him immediately as “Ryo-san!” Chimeramon, who isn’t quite Millenniumon yet (it shows in his speech: Millenniumon doesn’t use “kisama” for Ryo except that one time early on when he was really pissed, 02!Chimeramon uses it twice)*, says that he understands, Ryo is their (is and Mugendramon’s) enemy**. Upon his defeat, Ken asks what Ryo’s doing there, and oh, it’s because of Millenniumon, right? He understands, Millenniumon revived. Then Ken says that he’d searched so long for any sign of Ryo. Upon Ryo looking blank, Ken asks if he remembers anything about him. Since he doesn’t, Ken shares his own memories of traveling through the Digital World with Ryo as friends. He’ll remain behind as penance for his regrets, but sends Wormmon along in hopes that it will help Ryo with his memory. And if V-mon is there, Imperialdramon will help them win. This is the path I went with.

Back to the future, Millenniumon reviews the fall of Lampmon and Zambamon and considers his options. It’s as he thought, Ryo cannot be defeated by others. The scene then changes to a cultivation tank, where a black egg grows. This is his true aim, all will be resolved if this is raised well. This is the first step to a great beginning, and it all starts here.


* Millenniumon used “kisama” once, earlier in this game when he first found out that Ryo was involved. It has not been used in reference to Ryo before or since. He’d apparently become so used to calling everyone “kisama” that it might have slipped.
** This is why I think it’s Millenniumon who’s Ryo’s partner, not his components. Once Chimeramon and Mugendramon fused back in 1999, he became his own person and not the sum of his parts. 02!Chimeramon doesn’t talk to Ryo the way Millenniumon does.

Day 6

It’s prudent to follow the ENIAC’s advice, because that’s the only hint you get that there’s a time-limit in the upcoming dungeon. The moment Ryo enters the next dungeon, the clock starts and it’s a race against time. With a dungeon map and a PF-Escape card (choromon) on one of Renamon’s evolutions (she always moves first), it’s entirely possible to make it to the black egg in under 10 minutes. Under 10 minutes gets the game saying “what a maniac!” at the player and an easy Dark Tyrannomon boss. Over 10 minutes, the egg hatches into Skull Greymon. Over 20 and it’s Black Wargreymon, and over 30 it’s an overpowered BWG. Dark Tyrannomon and Skull Greymon do nothing but growl. Black Wargreymon laughs evilly and says that Ryo’s too late, the black egg has hatched to become him. It’s a tough battle, but doable. Upon his defeat, he says that this was foolish and disintegrates. The player can come back afterwards to pillage the dungeon.

Once out of the dungeon, it’s time to collect Culumon, who wandered into the digital gate and into another world. Again, Culumon needs a toddler harness. Culumon says that this is a world he hasn’t seen before and that Ryo should look around. Come to think of it, he continues, just a little while ago he came across an old man who was searching for some sign of Ryo. Culumon’s going to head back, but Ryo should look for the old man*. Then he wanders off, leaving Ryo to wander the world of Tag Tamers. A leomon says that Gennai has been very lonely and Ryo should drop by, and a lopmon offers a gameplay hint. Now it’s time to settle in, because we’re in for a wall of teal deer. 

"Ryo? I’ve missed you, Ryo. What? Your memory is vague? Ah, I see, I see… From when you and Millenniumon were blown away… Let’s see… I’ll explain from start to finish. In the summer of 1999, Taichi, Yamato, Agumon, Gabumon, and the others saved the Digital World. With the defeat of Apocalymon, peace came to the Digital World. However, Mugendramon and Chimeramon barely survived, and they became a new digimon. They became Millenniumon. Millenniumon went back in time, throwing Taichi’s and the other’s adventures out of order. You put a stop to this, and by your power Millenniumon was destroyed. However, he revived time and again… But, through the efforts of you and the digimon, he’d been blocked each time. 

"Hmm. Digimon Kaiser… Rather, Ichijouji Ken fought together with you. However, you and Millenniumon were blown away by the explosion of the final battle. You to the world of the past, him to the world of the future. I hear that Millenniumon already dominated the future world. However, to undertake complete domination, the ENIAC, source of the Digital World, must be destroyed entirely in order to remake history as he likes it. Ryo, this will be your last fight. The Digital World must not be his! You must protect the ENIAC."** Whew.

After the massive exposition spree, Ryo can talk to Gennai again and engage in Shiritori, a Japanese word game that probably everyone who took Japanese in college knows (or, at least, it was pretty frequently played in my classes). Basically, in addition to the standard rules, digimon names are used and there are reward cards if you get past a few benchmarks. If Ryo’s card album is pretty full, this is a good way to get extra cards for spending or Jogress fodder.

Back to the plot, Culumon hurries Ryo towards the ENIAC and it’s time to rescue someone else.

Through the left door: Tentomon calling out to Koushiro, who says no, the analysis isn’t—, and there’s a groan. Barge in and we find Andromon attacking Koushiro and Tentomon in that factory from season 1. Andromon says they will be removed, remov-, rem-, and Koushiro asks Tentomon if he’s okay. Intervene and Andromon says that an enemy has been discovered and must be removed, and it’s time to fight. With a lot of leveling and massive area attack cards installed on each member of the party (Giant Missile, Heavy Metal Fire, and Dimension Scissor, mainly), the battle neither lasts long or is terribly difficult. Koushiro says that Ryo had been missed. They’d fought together during the D-1 Tournament, but Koushiro meant no ill will and asks for forgiveness. Tentomon says it’s been a long time and is told about Millenniumon, and responds to that with “boy is he persistent”. There’s a bit of discussion with Koushiro — re: explosion at the end of D-1, Ryo and Mille at opposite ends of time stream, etc — and Tentomon and Koushiro discuss what to do. Koushiro suggests that Tentomon go fight with Ryo while he spends the time analyzing this parallel Digital World. Since he’ll be there a while, he’ll contact them if he finds the answer.

Through the middle door: Either the sound of scales on sand or serpentine laughter (“Zaza … Zazaza ~ …”), someone saying that they won’t lose if they’re in the water, and someone else calling for help. Go through the door and you find Mega Seadramon attacking Jou and Gomamon on a beach. Gomamon says it was useless, after all. Sorry, Jou. Mega Seadramon laughs and says it’s useless to flap his (Gomamon’s) mouth, and he’ll put an end to it at once. Prepare! Jou frets and says they’re not ready at all, and calls to Gomamon for help. The battle is pretty easy with the party cards mentioned above, and it’s reunion time. Gomamon says he missed Ryo and remembered their adventure long ago. Jou thanks Ryo for intervening, but asks what Ryo’s doing in this awful place. He’s informed of Millenniumon’s revival and him attacking the future, etc, and says it sounds terrible. Gomamon asks if he can help Ryo, because these events might have an effect on their world someday, too. Jou says he’ll be lonely and thinks he’s not good for anything, and encourages Gomamon to go ahead with Ryo.

Through the right door: Pokemon-style self-reference (“doridoridori”), and another voice shouting “Armor Evolution”. Upon entering the door, we find Drimogemon attacking Armadimon and Iori on the same shore. Drimogemon laughs and says that neither Armadimon’s hands or feet were useful in the water. I see we’ve entered the playground. Armadimon tells him to stop, then Ryo’s party turns up as Drimogemon says he’ll do the finishing blow with ease. Again, not a tough battle. When Drimogemon’s defeated, Iori thanks Ryo, introduces himself and Armadimon like the polite little boy he is, and asks if he’s Ryo-san. He’s briefed on the Millenniumon thing that not even the writers want to get into yet again, and asks how Millenniumon can attack from the future. It’s explained to him, and he’s surprised anyone can be that strong. Iori’s asked to lend Armadimon, which he’s very reluctant about, and asks what Armadimon thinks. Armadimon would like to go, saying that if he doesn’t help this person, then Millenniumon may ruin their world. Iori was thinking much the same thing, and that they probably should help. He encourages Armadimon to go. In the end, I went with Tentomon, because a flying digimon is an asset in the next dungeon.

Back to the Millenniumon show. Two Skull Satamon stride up to Mille’s throne to report that Ryo went and destroyed the egg. The resistance forces are rapidly becoming stronger and more dangerous. The scene cuts to a close-up to the clone cultivation tanks, in which some very familiar figures are suspended. Millenniumon says that he doesn’t actually care about the resistance, and his concerns are whether the clones are raised without problems. When they are complete, he expects a perfect victory, there’s no mistake of that. Until then, he can look forward to a taste of temporary victory. A despairing memorandum shall bring brief joy. However, it will take time for the clones to grow, and he needs something to bide time for them. But which experiment shall he present? Cue a familiar silhouette. Millenniumon continues to himself, saying that although it’s a prototype, perhaps it possesses a little… and then he speaks to the prototype itself. In a departure from the really rude way he talks to the digimon under him (or any digimon at all, really) (omae rather than kisama), he tells the clone that its duty is only to bide time, that’s all. Now, go! The clone arrives at the ENIAC’s world in a packet of black data.

Next time: An obstacle course with a clone to fight at the end of it, the D-1 kids and their resistance army, damsels in distress, and if you ever wanted to see evil goggle boys, you’re in for a treat.

* The word used for “old man” is also the word for “grandfather”, so this can be considered interchangeable. 
** Some liberties were taken to make the grammar sound more natural to English speakers, but this is as true to the original text as I can translate.

Day 7

Another black data packet arrives at the hole in the 1950’s Digital World. As you do. The ENIAC warns Ryo to proceed with caution, because showing mercy will give rise to the resurrection of evil. The dungeon is a minor annoyance in that it’s an obstacle course with heated floors and bridges that need to be turned by pressing buttons on far ledges. Also, a geckomon colony decided to settle down in the dungeon, which is apparently a completely logical reaction to the ground being struck repeatedly by evil digimon from the future. The boss battle itself is a nuisance; there are three airdramon with area attacks, and if one’s left alive, it revives its friends. Part of the ENIAC’s advice was to strike all at once, so area-attack skills are an asset here. Once they’re defeated, the Kaiser is down on one knee and says: “Heheheh… I am simply Lord Millenniumon’s tool… It’s too late. My victory is that even now, Lord Millenniumon’s great project begins.” He then de-rezzes, and the narration tells us that his face collapsed from within, wiring thrusting outwards. He was Millenniumon’s creation, an artificial Kaiser. Extra caps/more info here

Back in the ENIAC’s world, Culumon has wandered off yet again, this time to the world of the D-1 Tournament. For the sake of keeping track of things, I’m using the following names for the NPCs: Kazuya (red-blond hair, green cap), Rei (pink hair), Naomi (red-brown hair, looks a bit like Shaochung with glasses). Culumon says that everyone was waiting a long time for Ryo. Rei asks if he remembers them (using the masculine “I” and speaking like a guy), Naomi says he beat them pretty badly (in the tournament), but no hard feelings. Kazuya says that this is the world where they fought with Ryo in the D-1 Tournament; how nostalgic. Culumon says that Ryo’s like a hero in this world, and he’s jealous. Then he says he’s going to return to the ENIAC, there’s something strange about the ENIAC town and he doesn’t know why, but he’s heading back. 

Rei picks up the narration, saying that the world of digimon hasn’t changed very much, sorta like the first time they saw it. Weren’t they brought here a little while ago? He’s not playing around. Everyone was waiting so long for some sign of Ryo. Naomi continues: At that time, everyone was Ryo’s enemy. However, the Four Holy Beasts approved Ryo, and that’s what she chooses to believe.* Kazuya: At the time, Millenniumon revived. We… what use were we when you were burdened with everything? Rei: But! We all believe you’re sure to win! Hey, when you defeat Millenniumon, come back to town! Promise!

Well, that’s a nice change up from D-1 Tamers, where several of them were out for Ryo’s blood. There’s a minigame here where the player can get the Holy Beast cards, and I cobbled together a list of the questions and answers a few years ago here.

Back in town, Culumon welcomes Ryo back and it’s time to go rescue people. This is the last batch of people in need of rescue.

From the left door comes a sinister laugh, and the voice says that “here you shall become my gear,” followed shortly by another voice calling out for Takeru. Culumon wonders if they’re making something. Run in and you find Takeru and Patamon from season 1 facing off with Devimon. Devimon says to come quietly and he will recieve them in the faction of darkness. Resistance is futile and they should resign themselves to becoming his gears. Takeru says absolutely not, he’s Yamato’s brother and definitely won’t lose like this. Patamon says it’s no good, sorry, Takeru. Devimon laughs, says that such is the power of one person, they’re being foolish, and they are hurrying towards death. Ryo’s party runs in, and Devimon says, come, become a part of the darkness. Takeru curses, then recognizes Ryo and says he came. Devimon, annoyed, says it’s foolish and impudent. The battle is hella easy at this point. Takeru thanks Ryo, and though he’s glad that Ryo’s there, he wonders why Ryo’s in a place like this. He’s told of Millenniumon and is surprised, because he thought Ryo defeated him long ago, and is told of Mille’s revival. He and Patamon have a wordless understanding, because though he can’t help himself, Patamon can. Patamon’s thrilled and asks if he can help, and he thanks Ryo when he’s told he can come along. Takeru wishes them luck, and Patamon says he’ll do his best.

From the middle door comes a voice that chuckles and demands that someone return to him, and the target says that she won’t because she found a friend. A third voice asks for her brother to help. Culumon from the peanut gallery says it’s like Romeo and Juliet. Through the middle door, the scene is the streets of Odaiba, where Tailmon and Hikari face Vandemon. Vamdemon says that Wizardmon is already dead and that Tailmon (kisama is used here) should surrender and return to him. Tailmon refuses to return, saying that when she is with Hikari all the time, she has at last noticed the lesson Wizardmon tried to teach her. Hikari cries out that she doesn’t want Tailmon to die. Vamdemon says that this is fear, fear at its most beautiful, and when Hikari and Tailmon are wrapped in such fear, they shall die. Ryo & co wander in, grabbing Vamdemon’s attention. Vamdemon flings “kisama” at him and Hikari is surprised to see Ryo. Vamdemon decides to take the opportunity and attacks, saying that they will die wrapped in fear. Not a difficult battle by now. When it’s over, Hikari says that she did not expect to ever see Ryo again, but she’s glad to see him. Tailmon cuts right to the chase, asking if Ryo’s here because of Millenniumon. Hikari thought Millenniumon was already defeated by now, but Tailmon corrects her and says that Millenniumon must have revived. Then Tailmon turns to Ryo and says that she understands what he’s trying to ask of her. Millenniumon governs all space and time, and if he is not defeated, their world will also be ruined someday. Hikari, you understand, right? Hikari is silent and Tailmon implores her again. Finally Hikari agrees, saying that she was just concerned for a moment. Surely Tailmon would be helpful to Ryo, and together they’ll certainly be able to stop Millenniumon. … But, she has a premonition and asks Tailmon to please be careful. Tailmon thanks Hikari for understanding.

From the right door comes a voice shouting “Lovely Attack” and another voice calling for Palmon to run. Head into the righthand door and you see Mimi and Palmon from Adventure facing a Monzaemon, who says that from her beauty, she will make a beautiful doll, and a beautiful doll will never age. Mimi screams, Palmon says that she (Palmon) ran without consideration, and Mimi says that’s…, and Monzaemon calls out his attack. Ryo and co. barge in. Monzaemon says “what a wonderful person”** and that Ryo would be a good addition to his collection. Monzaemon’s easily beaten and for some reason mentions the Digimon Pendulum and his loss as he wanders off. Mimi thanks Ryo, saying that she has an unexpectedly strong memory of meeting him once before, which confirms the notion I had that these encounters are being relived rather than Ryo completely mucking around the time stream. Palmon thanks him for the rescue, but wonders why Ryo’s there. She’s told about Millenniumon, which surprises Mimi because she was sure that Ryo fought him before. They’re told of his revival, and Palmon understands and wants to go fight with him, and asks Mimi for permission. Mimi says it can’t be helped with Millenniumon out there, and she’s not so useful. She sends Palmon off, saying that she’s clumsier than she appears and there’s no need to put her best foot forward for Ryo. Then Mimi addresses Ryo, telling him to come back to this world to play with her once he defeats Millenniumon. She’ll be waiting for him! And she’s sure Palmon will do well.

Back to the future, the scene cuts to Millenniumon’s throne room. He expresses no surprise that the Kaiser was defeated, and the result was that he had enough time for his project to complete and the clones to mature. He sends them forth to the ENIAC’s world to destroy the ENIAC and remake history to his liking. 

Kurumon finds the ENIAC fascinating and tells it so, but points out that something feels bad in the ENIAC’s world. The ENIAC agrees and states that this world will not last much longer. This surprises Monodramon, who wonders what’s going on since Millenniumon’s power shouldn’t be able to override the ENIAC’s. The ENIAC says that its power is depleted from repeated attacks, and Monodramon assures it that they’ve persisted so far. Before he can continue, a violent earthquake hits and Monodramon’s stutter returns as he expresses surprise and runs outside. They find Toy Agumon facing Taichi, Daisuke, and Takato. Monodramon asks if they came to aid them, and Toy Agumon is ecstatic and thinks it will all be okay now. Monodramon is suddenly suspicious and sniffs around. Taichi, with red eyes, asks what’s wrong and urges Monodramon to come out, they shouldn’t fear Millenniumon any longer. The other clones join him in trying to coax Monodramon out, and Monodramon says they smell wrong, like the enemy, and tells Ryo to stay away.

There’s a flash and Toy Agumon disappears. Taichi says that they’re the artificial tamers created by Millenniumon. The strongest tamers, without human weakness. Daisuke says that friendship and the like are useless for fighting. He should forget it all and never return. The scene then cuts to the ENIAC’s chamber and the violent shaking starts up again and the ENIAC begins shutting down. the scene cuts to Millenniumon’s throne room and he chuckles, saying that the ENIAC is destroyed, his artificial tamers succeeded. Now to go and see the world that will become his. But then the sparks return as he dips into the stream, to his surprise. The Skull Satamon guards rush up to him, saying that nothing as says and that the resistance still attacks them and that the world of the past is still there. Outside, we see his pyramid and the monolith for the first time, oddly reminiscent of the starting screen’s depiction of the ENIAC (I told you it’d be important later), and then a shot of ruined buildings nearby. Millenniumon says that surely the ENIAC’s resources must be exhausted, but why? If the ENIAC is destroyed, the world’s history should alter freely to his whims.

Back at the ENIAC’s, Ryo runs into the chamber to check on the damage. The ENIAC tells Ryo to go to the Atanasoff***, and the scene briefly cuts to an inaccessible world in purple. The ENIAC then explains that it wasn’t the world’s first computer, that was the Atanasoff. Meanwhile, Mille wonders about a rumor he once heard of a primitive computer other than the ENIAC and recalls that it was called Atanasoff. Back in the past, the ENIAC says that it and the Atanasoff were created almost simultaneously, though history continues to claim that the start of the digital age was through the creation of the ENIAC. The Atanasoff serves as its shadow and continues to protect the Digital World****. It’s only a matter of time before Millenniumon notices the Atanasoff, and the ENIAC urges Ryo to go protect it. Back in the future, Millenniumon feels for the Atanasoff’s presence and finds it, a small world in the shadow of the ENIAC. The rest is easy once he found it, and he sends his artificial tamers to destroy it. Once it’s destroyed, surely all of time and digital space will be his. Back at the ENIAC’s, Ryo is urged again to go save the Atanasoff, and three black packets of data plunge into the ground at the Atanasoff’s world. 

Next time: Three grueling dungeons, evil versions of your favorite characters, terrible sacrifices, and someone’s got a secret.

* As opposed to the D-1 Tournament being a hoax to train Ryo, I suppose.

** Alternatively, "what a guy" and dreamy sighing and I need to stop making Red Dwarf jokes to myself.

*** “Atanasoff” is the Atanasoff-Berry Computer, the ENIAC’s predecessor, and named for its creators: Professor John V. Atanasoff and Clifford Berry. Unlike the ENIAC, it never really went past the prototype stage but was functional nonetheless.

**** This game series is huge on the yin and yang symbolism. So far we’ve had: Ryo and Millenniumon, Anode and Cathode, ENIAC and Atanasoff. 

Day 8

With three boss characters, there are now three dungeons in the Atanasoff’s world. Each has its own special and very annoying trap floors: Dark Taichi’s dungeon has superheater trap floors, Dark Daisuke’s dungeon has ice floors that require the PF-Spiked Shoes card to navigate, Dark Takato has electrified floors that randomly remaps controller buttons and requires use of the PF-Controller card to navigate. Dark Taichi is largely unconcerned about being beaten so quickly; Dark Daisuke asks if Ryo’s hurrying to his death and says how stupidly human that is; Dark Takato says that Ryo wouldn’t understand, he can’t allow a person like him to win without a challenge. Dark Takato is actually the worst of the lot, because his party will fight a second time once VR-Duke takes a mode change to VR-Crimson Duke. 

Once the clones are defeated, the infections close up and Ryo returns to the ENIAC. The ENIAC, however, is on its last legs. It says that its world is on the verge of vanishing and will disappear in a few hours, with or without Millenniumon’s help. Monodramon’s stutter returns as he asks if all their hard work has really been for naught. Isn’t there another way? The ENIAC says that there is only one way, but it is extraordinarily dangerous. Monodramon responds, asking what it is and saying that if anything good can come of it, shouldn’t they persist? The ENIAC ushers them outside and a digital gate appears. The ENIAC says that all of its remaining power went into this, a portal to Millenniumon’s future. However, it requires extra energy that the ENIAC doesn’t have and is useless without that energy. Monodramon asks for clarification, if this is their chance to fight Millenniumon directly. The ENIAC continues, albeit in an ever increasing number of pauses, that only one kind of powerful energy can be obtained: the energy of digimon cards. Digimon were originally masses of program data, and that data can be converted into energy. So, basically, it’s requesting that digimon data be sacrificed for the gate*. If there’s not enough energy and if it runs out while Ryo’s still in the future, the gate will fail, Ryo will become lost in time, and it renders all their sacrifices useless. The ENIAC urges Ryo to make the decision whether to sacrifice, which is implied to be himself or the Digital World in addition to the sacrifice of multiple digimon. The more advanced or powerful the card, the more energy is available. Monodramon seems horrified and takes several long moments to consider their options. With nothing available, he reassures himself and tells Ryo that this is the only way, and surely everyone would be glad to sacrifice themselves for Ryo’s sake if it’s to defeat Millenniumon. The ENIAC urges them to decide. When pressed for details, the ENIAC explains that mature, strong digimon have more energy than many younger ones, and urges Ryo to take Monodramon with him, for Monodramon will become the final trump card. Cheerful series, isn’t it?

As the player’s choices in sacrifices are entered into the gate (I recommend two Clockmon cards, they give the most time at thirty minutes apiece) and Ryo steps through with the ENIAC’s reminder that their sacrifices must not be in vain, the scene switches to Millenniumon’s chamber. Millenniumon’s Skull Satamon guards run up to him saying that a strong, unknown power is headed their way. Millenniumon responds that he understands, his scar tells him, his beloved is coming (direct translation here). 

Going through the final dungeon is tough, as the encounter rate is high and every digimon is overpowered and it’s a race against the clock, but doable with the help of Sukamon cards and PF-Escape. Millenniumon sits on the fifth floor and welcomes Ryo, saying “Ryo has come so far at last. I had this premonition… If you could never be defeated by others… Only I have the ability to defeat you… You and I have an existence that cannot be separated… Yin and Yang… Like two sides of a coin, our existence cannot be separated… Come now, let’s go. Let us battle without hesitation!”

Millenniumon then attacks, himself and his cronies so overpowered that they wipe out Ryo’s party in one round. He gives that chuckle he always uses around Ryo and says, “I cannot be defeated. I should have said this a long time ago too… I shall never die. I exist to take my revenge from you. Each time this revenge is stifled, I will become stronger. Heheheh. I cannot be destroyed in battle.” Monodramon swears and says that this is foolish; in that case, Millenniumon cannot win or be defeated (effectively pointing out that they’re at a stalemate). Millenniumon responds with an affirmative, adding that perhaps he could be defeated if his desire for revenge disappeared**, but now that’s no longer the case. Monodramon wonders what they can do, then swears again. Millenniumon says that had Ryo joined the forces of darkness, they would have been the best partners, but now that’s impossible. Monodramon wonders at this, then extrapolates “allies” from Millenniumon’s “join” and exclaims “that’s it!” Jogress! “If Millenniumon and I jogress… we’ll become allies!” This shocks Millenniumon, who tells him not to jest, that’s…! And Monodramon turns to Ryo, saying that this is their only chance, and Millenniumon’s strength must be shaved down to its limit, then he can initiate the jogress. Millenniumon actually seems to freak out, repeating his insistence that Monodramon stop fooling around and this shrimp***…! Monodramon wonders to Ryo if he’ll still be Monodramon when they meet again, or will he be likely to become Millenniumon? As a digiegg, to seal (Millenniumon) eternally… … Well, let’s go!**** And the battle commences. 

The actual final battle is much easier, because Mille’s party no longer does one-hit kills and is actually manageable. Upon his defeat, Monodramon initiates the jogress, leaving a single red-gold and purple banded egg. The narration tells us that Millenniumon’s ambitions were wasted, the future world regained its original form, and peace came to the ENIAC’s world. Guilmon thanks Ryo and heads back, and Ryo takes his egg and heads into the ENIAC’s chamber. The ENIAC thanks Ryo and says that their peace was regained through his efforts, courage, and friendship. This world, and all the worlds of the future recovered their original times. There is a brief cut depicting the D-1 Tamers kids helping to rebuild the ruins left behind by Millenniumon’s forces, then back to the chamber where Ryo steps closer to the ENIAC’s pedestal. The ENIAC continues: “Monodramon is still in the digiegg. I feel it in me, the beating of the right heart. You can hear it in the middle of the egg, Ryo… Farewell. The digiegg is incubating, and it will meet you later. Goodbye, Ryo…”*****

The screen fades to black and credits roll. What happens afterwards is open to speculation, but it should be pointed out that there’s technically a two year gap between these games and Digimon Tamers.

I hope you’re enjoyed these posts, and thanks for reading.

* I hope everyone’s remembering the digimon sacrificed in D-1 Tamers. At least here, it’s for a good reason.

** Given the way he talks to Ryo and the “my beloved” line above, that desire for revenge disappeared a long time ago. Roughly around mid-Tag Tamers, if you’ve been keeping track.

*** This word is “zako”, which means small fry/fish, but can also mean a person of low social standing. I was this close to using “peasant” instead. Also, this really is the one time Millenniumon has ever been shown panicking.

**** Can we just have a moment of appreciation for Monodramon? He has no idea whether he’ll remain himself, or whether he’ll disappear entirely, but he’s going through with the jogress anyway.

***** A note: Upon defeating Millenniumon, Ryo receives the PF-Millennium card. This allows Cyberdramon to evolve to ZiydMillenniumon.

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