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Mini-MilleInformation - Everything here is in chronological order, as near as I can make it. If you wish to use these screenshots for a website, all I ask is that you credit me and link back.

Gallery table

The Intro:
- What has gone before
- Ryo wakes up after an explosion
- Introducing the first digimon ever
- Door to the ENIAC's chamber
- Millenniumon encounters resistance to remote hacking
- Millenniumon sends a minion to the past

Set 1:
- Ryo and Monodra vs Kuwagamon
- Sometime in the future, Takato et al are attacked
- Ryo to the rescue, Takato's D-Ark
- Millenniumon's guards
- An occupied cultivation tank
<-- Millenniumon sends Deathmon into the past

Set 2:
- Ryo et al vs Deathmon
- Rescue Taichi or Daisuke?
- V-mon recalls Tag Tamers
<-- Millenniumon sends three minions into the past.

Set 3:
- Deciding who will take on what
- Monodra vs Kongou, Guil vs Coatl, V-mon vs Pharaoh
- Save Sora, Miyako, or Ruki?
- Zambamon and Lampmon in the future
- Lampmon wonders just how closely connected Mille and Ryo really are
<-- Millenniumon sends them into the past

Set 4:
- Lampmon faces off with Ryo, shortly followed by Zambamon
- Save Yamato, Ken, or Jen?
- Millenniumon's new project. How fast Ryo gets to the egg dictates what it will hatch into.
<-- Mille sends the egg to the ENIAC's world
Set 5:
- The egg. At under 10 minutes, it hatches
- Gennai recalls Tag Tamers
- Save Koushiro, Jou, or Iori?
- Millenniumon's real experiment: cloning humans. Hrm! But only one is fully grown.
- He looks kinda familiar
<-- Mille sends the clone back in time
Set 6:
- Ryo vs the Kaiser clone
- In the D-1 timeline, Rieko greets Ryo
- Minigame!
- Save Takeru, Hikari, or Mimi (who will wait for Ryo to return to play with her)
<-- With the clones fully grown, Millenniumon sends them to the ENIAC's.

Set 7:
<-- Millenniumon's world
- Dark Taichi, Takato, and Daisuke. When Ryo is unable to stop them, they shut down the ENIAC.
- But oh! The Atanasoff keeps the Digital World alive! And Mille figures it out!
- Battle with Dark Taichi, Daisuke, Takato
- And the Atanasoff is safe

PROOF, DAMMIT Final Battle & Ending:
- With the DW still deteriorating, the ENIAC makes one last gate to the future. However, some digimon must be sacrificed to keep the gate open or Ryo will be lost in time. Monodramon doesn't like it.
<-- Mille's guards warn him of the oncoming threat, and he makes his big reveal.
- Ryo vs Mille, Mille says they could have been the best partners, - Monodra says he feels the start of a Jogress and Mille thinks it's a trap
- After the battle, Monodra forces the Jogress and Ryo is left with an egg.
- Everyone thanks Ryo for neutralizing Mille's threat, and the rebuilding process begins.
- One heart beats within the egg.
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