D-1 Tamers

Release date: December 9, 2000
Price: 3980 yen
Genre/System: Collection RPG, Wonderswan Color

The Story

Shortly after the events in Tag Tamers, Ryo hovers over a Ken that's sick in bed. Ken notifies him of an online questionnaire of very suspicious origins, which Ryo answers. He is then abducted by a Holy Beast in front of Ken and dragged to the Digital World to participate in the D-1 Tournament.

It's revealed by Gennai and Piccolomon that the Tournament was staged by the Holy Beasts and that the winner will partner up with the Holy Beast the player chose in the questionnaire. The other Tamers pick on him until Piccolomon comes to break up the budding fight and sends Ryo back to Gennai to pick up a new device. This is the D-terminal through which Ken keeps in contact with Ryo.

When the tournament starts, the sole Holy Beast explains that the other three Holy Beasts had turned evil and were working independently to claim absolute power for themselves. They had then realized that the one Holy Beast that staged the tournament was not in on the scheme and so were working together to defeat the stray so that they could resume their plots. Thus, the strayed Holy Beast called these Tamers together so that the winner would partner with him and either beat sense back into the other Holy Beasts or defeat them. Now it's on to the D-1 Tournament. There is nothing remarkable about it, so the events of the tournament will not be described here.

When Ryo wins, it is revealed that the tournament was a set-up all this time and that Ryo was meant to win it. Taichi explains that the whole D-1 Tournament was a training program to strengthen Ryo for a battle with an enemy that not even the four Holy Beasts could take on. The Holy Beast emphasize this and says that Ryo is the only one with a strange power that allows him to defeat this evil god. The entrance to the final practice dungeon turns out to be right underneath the D-1 Tower. Then comes Moon-Millenniumon's dungeon, where Ryo is basically shoved towards and told once again by the Holy Beast that only he could fight Moon-Millenniumon.

Moon-Millenniumon reveals before the final battle that he and Ryo share the same power, which is why only Ryo is able to defeat him. After the final battle, Moon-Millenniumon says that he and Ryo were shadow and light, that neither could exist without the other and that if he were to die, he would take Ryo with him. There is an explosion and Ryo and Moon-Millenniumon are blown from the normal flow of time and space. The screen fades out.

The screen fades out to Ken's room, where he talks with Gennai through his computer. He believes that Ryo will come back, as Ryo does seem to have a knack for returning unexpectedly. Several days later he thinks to himself on the subject of Ryo.

"One week has passed since then... Ryo-san has not returned yet. It seems he has not yet returned to the Digital World either, according to Gennai-san's e-mails... Though everyone else is worried, I am not. I feel... surely Ryo-san is out on a new adventure. Although there is no basis for this, I believe it... Unlike me, he is a true Tamer. No matter what happens on what world, so long as there is a Digital World, surely there's someone who needs Ryo-san's help. Thus, I think it's true. I hope, no matter how many years it takes, that we will meet again."

The screen fades out again to the ending and credits.

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