D-1 Tamers

Gaming Diary, 13 years later

Release date: December 9, 2000
Price: 3980 yen
Genre/System: Collection RPG, Wonderswan Color

Day 1

The game starts off with a narrative reviewing Tag Tamers. “The events of the summer of 2000… In a plot to make the Digital World his, Millenniumon used a legion of evil Diablomon (as a cover)* to invade. The Chosen Children, Ryo and Ken, confronted him. Fighting with them were V-mon and Wormmon. At the end of a fierce battle, Ryo and Ken emerged triumphant. However, in his final moment, Millenniumon struck out in a sudden single motion and Ken received a deep, deep wound. This story happens a few days after that battle. While under medical treatment, Ken accidentally discovers, from a strange new website, a beginning…”

The screen then goes to a full color rendition of Ken’s room. Ken is in bed, with Ryo hovering nearby. Ryo asks Ken if he’s okay, and Ken thanks him. Ken says that he’s recovering well, but still a little dizzy. Ryo says that it’s not unexpected after the battle with Millenniumon; after all, it’s not even been two or three days since. Ken agrees and says that they’ve had no contact with the Digital World since then. He wonders if peace really did come to it. Ryo says that the fact that they haven’t heard anything is good enough evidence. Millenniumon was defeated! And now he care for nothing but devoting himself to Ken’s care. Ken says that in that case, it’s fine. Then Ryo shifts gears and asks about the strange website Ken found, the one that had something to do with digimon. Ken asks Ryo to use the computer, which he does.

The website loads to a page labeled “Welcome! Digimon Fortunes!” and explains that it will determine the digimon within you once the quiz is filled out. First question asks what Millenniumon’s final form is, which sounds innocent enough (the answer is 3, Moon-Millenniumon). The second question asks what keys are used to proceed to Millenniumon’s continent. This is something only Ken and Ryo would know (the answer is 1, the number of turns in the battle that Ryo took to defeat Millenniumon). Ryo’s budding survival instincts kick into high gear and he asks Ken who the hell made this website and why. Ken points out the obvious for people who haven’t played Tag Tamers, that the question was about the battle they’d fought in so recently. Ryo asks who could know all this, besides him, Ken, and Taichi? He rules out Taichi on the account of Taichi being hopeless with machines. Ken thinks that a digimon made this in the effort to communicate with them. Ryo resolves to press on to the end for the time being in hopes that it’ll clarify things. Question 8 asks, for the final question, which digimon would you pick? The selection is each of the Four Holy Beasts. Pick one and it appears in silhouette. Ryo disappears from the room, and Ken sits up in surprise. He calls out for Ryo, then wonders if Ryo’s been taken to the Digital World.

Well, what do you know? Ryo turns up in the Digital World, where several digimon and Gennai await. Piccolomon greets him, says that they’re in need of his power, and drags him off to Gennai’s house. Gennai says that it’s been a while. Ryo asks what’s going on. They defeated Millenniumon. Did something happen? Gennai says that that’s a good question, and Ryo asks what he means. Piccolomon plunges headfirst into Expositionmon mode, explaining that the Digital World is said to be ruled by the Four Holy Beasts, but now they’re fighting each other. Gennai picks up, saying that the Holy Beasts sent to the world of humans for a tamer. It will start from the D-1 Tower in this town, which Gennai urges Ryo to visit and choose companions. Ryo is curious (or suspicious), but he’ll go along for the time being.

When Ryo arrives at the D-1 Tower, he’s surrounded by other kids. The first, Kazuya, says that he’s the Ryo who defeated Millenniumon. From what he heard, Ryo must be amazing. But now that he’s seen Ryo, he thinks Ryo is surprisingly weak. Tsuyoshi speaks up next, asking whether a guy like Ryo can really win this tournament. Then, before things devolve to fisticuffs, a very upset-looking Piccolomon flies in to break it up. Kazuya swears and the boys run away to leave Ryo alone with Piccolomon. Piccolomon says that things are tense because the tournament is so close, so Ryo should forgive them. Ryo asks about the tournament that’s starting, and Piccolomon explains the following: It’s a battle by the Holy Beasts to select the strongest tamer among all the tamers in the world. Everyone is the competition, which is why tensions are so high. Gennai can explain it better. Then Ryo is dragged once again back to Gennai’s.

Turns out that Gennai wants to show Ryo something, first. His computer logs onto the network and connects to Ken’s computer. Ryo asks what’s wrong**. Ken says that Gennai connected his monitor to the Digital World after Ryo disappeared, so he’s still at home, but able to talk to Ryo in this way. Piccolomon says that Ken has a better head than Ryo and should help this way. Ryo says that Piccolomon is being unfair. Gennai laughs, says that Ryo’s being very calm about that, and explains that he connected Ken’s computer to the D-Terminal. A ToyAgumon runs up and says that the Holy Beast came and they should go to the D-1 Tower. The digimon the player selected, Qinglongmon in my case, introduces himself and says that the Four Holy Beasts govern the Digital World. However, a breath of evil stole upon three of the Holy Beasts, awakening a drive to conquer rather than rule, and they began to fight each other***. They grew exhausted with the accumulation of battles and drew to a stalemate. From those who witnessed****, a warrior will be found through the tournament. He wants them to fight for true peace, and the strongest will fight with him.

Once Qinglongmon disappears, Piccolomon explains that the tournament is staged to find the strongest Tamer. There are five stages, and only the tamer who wins the stage advances. Grade Five will be staged tomorrow, so everyone should train until then! The boys swarm Ryo again. Kazuya says he won’t lose to the likes of Ryo. Tsuyoshi says that tomorrow should be fun! But without digimon, how will Ryo participate? Then they run off. Ryo turns up at Gennai’s again, who clarifies that the tamer who wins the championship will be used to resolve the dispute between the Holy Beasts and suggests that that is a lot to ask. Ken wonders if they are the gods of digimon, and why would they fight? As Gennai puzzles over that, Agumon, V-mon, and Wormmon arrive. The digimon say it’s been a while, and V-mon looks forward to the tournament. Wormmon says that though he’s not as strong as V-mon and Agumon, he’ll do his best anytime! Gennai urges Ryo to accept their help and win the tournament. But first they must train, and it’s off to the Field of Fire.

A bridge opens up to the first set of training areas, and the player finally gets control. Going to the Advice button in the D-Terminal brings up Ken, who is helpful and advises Ryo on things. Meramon, as it turns out, is a pushover if you focus on using skills. He falls pretty easily and allows Ryo to move on to the tournament.

Next time: Tournament battles and bad English and training everywhere.

* Not said outright in the text, but implied.
** I feel I need to point out the fact that so far, “what’s wrong?” has become how Ryo responds to surprise appearances in his life. Like he can’t quite trust anything positive to come of it.
*** This is as close to a direct translation as I can make it. Qinglongmon is very formal.
**** Presumably the children who witnessed the events of the Digital World from the real world. E.g. Miyako becoming Chosen by witnessing Bokura no War Game.

Day 2

A note before we proceed: you’ll notice that there are several boys trying to prove themselves as better than Ryo. One of these is named Kazuya. The player can make an effort to win Kazuya over by having Ryo talk to him each time before the tournament stage. Before the 5th grade, talking to Kazuya ends up with him saying, in a rather derogatory tone, “What’s the point of someone like you!”* Then it’s off to the tournament itself.

Upon entering the D-1 Tower, Piccolomon announces that the D-1 Tournament will soon commence once everyone’s ready (giving the player opportunity to back out if you’re not). From that moment, the D-1 Tournament begins. Win or lose, no hard feelings. Battle start! It’s Ryo vs Kazuya in the first round, then Ryo vs Rieko. Before the final round, there’s a pause for dialogue. Koushiro greets Ryo, saying “You’re Ryo-kun, right? In the past, you saved the Digital World from Millenniumon! However, this is not the case now. In order to bring peace to the Digital World as the Holy Beast’s warrior, you must settle a battle with me and Tentomon! Now come! It’s useless to take it easy.” All in very polite words, of course. It’s an easy battle, and Piccolomon announces the winner. “I lost to Ryo-kun’s strength,” Koushiro begins. “Millenniumon’s defeat wasn’t just a show. Again… Congratulations, Ryo-kun!” Then Piccolomon announces that Ryo will move on to Grade 4 of the D-1 Tournament, urges them all to train further, and says “See you again” in English.

That done, Ryo gets sent back to Gennai’s, who sends him off to the next practice dungeon with a reminder that the point is to train up the digimon to win. A quick stop at Kazuya and he responds with “Hrmph. Congratulations on your breakthrough, I suppose.” Consult Ken and he’ll explain that there are switches in the upcoming dungeon, the Bug Cage Dungeon, that might change the boss’ strength, but he’s not sure. So, it’s off to the dungeon. Like Ken said, the switches modify the boss’ strength. Hit all of them or none of them and the boss ends up with 80% more attack power. Hit one or four of them and he ends up with 40% more attack power. Two and his stats remain unchanged, three and his AP is reduced by 30%. This actually makes a world of difference because the boss, Kuwagamon, hits hard with Energy Bomb. Once that’s cleared, it’s on to Grade 4.

With enough leveling and some strategy, Ryo can plow through okay (and Ken will advise Ryo on whether or not his party is strong enough for the tournament grade). The final round is against Wallace, who opens and closes in English, saying: “Nice to meet you, Ryo! Even in the United States, there’s been much talk about you! But this time it’s useless, because Terriermon and I will win the championship! I will become the warrior for the Four Holy Beasts! Let’s battle! OK?”** Wallace is a lot tougher, but manageable. “I lost, as expected,” Wallace says once beaten. “I’ll be rooting for you from afar, Ryo!”

Much like before, Gennai sends Ryo off for training, this time in the Flower Field, which is host to two different dungeons in a giant tree. The first boss is a Mushmon who evolves mid-battle to Jureimon, the second boss is a Blossomon who devolves to Floramon. They’re easy enough to defeat, and it’s on to Grade 3 of the tournament.

* Not said, but implied by Kazuya’s mention of Millenniumon in the earlier entry, is that his response may be read as “what’s the point of someone like you (who has only ever been in the Digital World with the intent of dealing with Millenniumon) here in a tournament designed to find the strongest tamer”. As evidenced before, he does not think highly of Ryo’s past efforts in defeating Millenniumon. 

** Wallace’s speech is structured much like a first year Japanese-as-foreign-language student, likely indicating to the Japanese audience that their language is not his native tongue. Outright English is bolded.

Day 3

Talking to various NPCs gets the player various reactions and tips. Gennai warns that things are about to get a lot tougher from Grade 3 onwards. Ogremon says that it’ll be a parade of formidable enemies, don’t give up! Various digimon in one of the houses offers some gameplay advice for the upcoming battle. Finally there’s Kazuya: “Hmph. So every now and then a miracle will happen. But, Grade 3 will be your dead end after all.”

So it’s on to Grade 3 of the tournament. The first two rounds aren’t terribly hard, but then comes the queen. Mimi: “Heheh… Hi! You’re Ryo-chan, right? Looks like you’ve been lucky so far. But~ Simply relying on brute force won’t win a girl’s heart. Eheheh…  I’ll teach you what that means… …or maybe make you feel it!” This is actually an incredibly tough battle because the player does not yet have access to jogress evolution, which is how you can get much more powerful digimon in this game. However, the player can correct for that for this battle by using digimentals well. Whether Ryo wins or loses this battle is wholly dependent on how strategic the player is. Also? Mimi has two things in her favor: her monochromon has Heaven’s Gate, which keeps resurrecting her defeated party members, and Togemon has Chiku Chiku Bang Bang, which hits everyone in the front row. Also, her mushmon has a barrier skill. Ryo can lose either from being soundly trounced or by exceeding the 10 round limit.

Branch 1, Ryo loses: Piccolomon announces the winner as Mimi, who says, “So, to proceed, I think… Together, digimon and the partner’s feelings are the key to victory. How else do you beat the other party? Now, I hope you consider the importance of this”. Ryo then returns to Gennai and relays Mimi’s words. Gennai assumes that Mimi is referring to Jogress evolution, which in this game is done through the Jogress Room. However, the manager, Digitamamon, is missing. Gennai then urges Ryo to go find him, and it’s off to the next unlocked dungeon area and the five different dungeons in it, the Stuffed Toy Field. A NPC says that Digitamamon chased Etemon there for running out on the restaurant bill.  At each dungeon is a boss who requests an item when they’re defeated. In the third dungeon, Digitamamon confuses Ryo’s party for people who run out on bills and attacks. Upon his defeat, Digitamamon apologizes and asks for an item. Then they head out to the dungeon entrance area and Digitamamon explains what happened. Etemon had used something like magic to run out on the bill and confuse Digitamamon. The battle brought Digitamamon back to his senses and he will now go ahead and open the jogress room. The player can either follow him to take advantage of the newly opened jogress room or go on ahead to clear the rest of the toy-themed dungeons. As Ryo navigates through the final dungeon towards Etemon, the other dungeon bosses in this area express their gratitude for being freed of Etemon’s spell by clearing the path ahead and offering better items in exchange for the ones Ryo gave earlier. Etemon is less than pleased with Ryo’s arrival, saying, “Ukii! Why the hell are subordinates like you coming to a place like this? But! Your plot ends here!” Upon his defeat: “Ridiculous! How did I lose! … Even monkeys fall from trees…” That done, Ryo can go back and fight Mimi in the Tournament again, which should tell you that something is off.

Branch 2, Ryo wins: Piccolomon announces the winner as Ryo. Mimi says, “Aw, I lost, Ryo-chan. You put a lot of thought into that. Hee hee… looks like you’re a little cooler than I expected… Let’s go on a date together after the tournament’s over!” Then Piccolomon announces the end of the stage and that they will soon progress to Grade 2. Because Ryo beats Mimi in this branch, the scenes where he retrieves Digitamamon from the Stuffed Toy Field dungeons don’t happen. He will still be able to snap the other dungeons bosses out of Etemon’s spell and beat Etemon, however. 

Once the toy-themed dungeons are done, it’s off to the Gear Field. Ken advises that Ryo be on the look-out for power-down gears for a powerful machine digimon. This is revealed by a Hagurumon NPC to be Boltmon, who was affected by the discord between the Holy Beasts. The first boss is Nanomon, who says that three gears are required to tackle boltmon and he will only turn over one of the gears when Ryo proves himself up to the task. When Ryo defeats Nanomon, he praises Ryo for a job well done and turns over the Attack Gear and explains that it will lower Boltmon’s attack power. Use it well! There’s more of the same from Andromon, who gives up the Shield Gear, and Megadramon, who gives up the Skill Gear. In the final dungeon, a PetitMeramon says that Boltmon has gone berserk and only those gears will restore him. Upon arrival to the final floor of the dungeon, it turns out that Boltmon is not in his right mind and speaking fractured syllables of his name and some growls. The game prompts for the player to select a gear to use. When Boltmon is finally defeated (and it is a pretty tough battle even with the reduction gears), he thanks Ryo and explains that though he wanted to stop, he couldn’t say a thing. When that’s done, Gennai says that the next grade of the tournament will be staged after the next field is cleared. 

The next field is the Demon Field, where an Evilmon warns Ryo not to be so quick to burn out. Ken’s advice is just as ominous: there’s prediction data saying “One dungeon, one digimon, one sacrifice”. With this hint, the player is meant to take a disposable digimon along. The first dungeon is Black Box 1, where an Elecmon says that this is a terrible place and that Ryo should turn back while he can, if he knows what’s good for him. The boss, Lady Devimon, chuckles and says that she’ll show him the terrifying nature of demon digimon. She’ll die here, but she’ll take them with her. An explosion begins, and one of Ryo’s party members sacrifices themself*. Lady Devimon is stumped, asking why anyone would throw away their lives for others. Is this the power of a tamer? The explosion completes, and she dies with whichever digimon gave their life for Ryo and his party. Variation on the theme in SkullSatamon major: he says that friendship is useless in the end and that he’ll show Ryo the strength of real demon digimon. Upon defeat, he revives himself and there’s another battle. After the battle, SkullSatamon says that there’s no escape and that he’ll return them to dust, and another digimon takes the explosion. He wonders if this is the power of friendship. On to the next dungeon it’s more of the same. Skullgreymon says that this will be their graveyard, tells Ryo and his party that the fear of death is the power of demons, and initiates yet another explosion. Another digimon takes the hit and Skullgreymon wonders why someone would sacrifice themself and whether this is the power of partnership, and blows the place. The final dungeon in the area is the Undead Box, and a Betamon says that he’d been hearing a terrible groaning for quite a while now, similar to Vamdemon. Turns out that it’s Venom Vamdemon, who says that Ryo has only had a taste of demons. Come, he’ll show you true fear. When he’s defeated, he wonders whether this is the power of a tamer and does not actually initiate an explosion. 

So! Three digimon sacrificed themselves to save the lives of Ryo and his party. Wonder what cheerful topic is up next. 

With these three dungeons cleared, Gennai tells Ryo to go on ahead to the D-1 Tournament. Ken warns that the competition is much stronger, but he wishes Ryo luck and says that he believes in him. They have such a beautiful friendship. Would be a shame if something happened to it. A quick drop by Kazuya and he says “What. I lost the first match, after all. I dreamed of going on to Grade 2 like you.”

Grade 2 is tough even with a lot of leveling, so it helps to strategize. First two battles aren’t so tricky, but then comes Yamato. “You’ve gotten stronger, Ryo,” Yamato begins. “I know all the efforts you made in making it here. However, I should tell you that I plan to stay on top. Don’t think badly on it, Ryo.” Upon his defeat: “Ryo completely defeated me. He was very strong… Soon he’ll be begged to take the lead. Hm… Later we’ll ask.”** That done, Piccolomon disperses them and Ryo heads back to Gennai’s.

Gennai congratulates Ryo and says that the real battle has just begun and he should go train. So, since there’s one last group of practice dungeons, it’s time to clear those. Gennai points Ryo to the Angel Field first. Ken says that the data of time flows differently here; maybe it affects the flow of evolution… or maybe he’s thinking nonsense. Kazuya, should you opt to talk to him before heading out, says, “Unbelievable. That you came so far on integrity alone. Keep at it!”

The Centaurmon at Angel Field says that neither human or digimon come here much, and advises him that angels live longer here. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the dungeon provides successive battles with few places to rest. The boss is Goddramon, who is testing Ryo for the Four Holy Beasts.

Next up is the Demon Lord Field. Ken says that it’s very dangerous, and his tolerance data for the digimon there seems to be stolen. Therefore, all he can offer is that there are two dungeons, and tells Ryo to be careful. Tolerance seems to be the key words, he says. This is further supported by a dungeon npc Yokomon in the Death Chimera dungeon, who says that Chimeramon changes his tolerances rapidly. Chimeramon says that Ryo cannot defeat him, it’s impossible, and that Ryo will regret his foolishness. Upon his defeat, he says that this was impossible, and if Ryo can beat the test, that guy… And then he disappears. In the Death Mugen dungeon, a PetitMeramon warns that Mugendramon will absorb the attacks used in the battle with Chimeramon, so it’s best to go with a different tactic. Mugendramon says that he’d been waiting for Ryo to arrive; however, whether or not Ryo wishes it, he must be tested. Upon his defeat, he says that the Four Holy Beasts are looking for such a tamer… outwardly. Their objective is useless if all the power that comes from a team isn’t focused. Now he understands, and all of this is for naught for Ryo. Then he disappears.***

* The player is prompted to select a digimon to sacrifice.
** Yamato doesn’t seem to address Ryo directly here.
*** Gee, what does he mean?

Day 4

Every NPC Ryo talks to says that Ryo will have a hell of a time in the next stage of the tournament. Several suggest that he needs Ultimate level digimon, one shares a rumor that Taichi is the final opponent. Ken says that he believes in Ryo and wishes him good luck, and Gennai suggests that Ryo throw everything he has into the battle. Now on to the tournament itself.

Piccolomon announces the beginning of Grade 1 of the tournament and tells the contestants that, win or lose, they should harbor no hard feelings. Battle start! When the first two challengers are taken care of, there’s the usual pause between matches and Taichi shows up to speak. “It’s been a while, Ryo,” Taichi begins. “Until now, you’ve fought many difficult battles. Sorry. But it ends here. I’m your last opponent! Do your best! You can’t proceed until you beat me!” It’s a tough battle, and if it passes the 10 rounds mark, Taichi calls an end to the round and declares Ryo the winner. The following text is when Ryo wins:

Taichi: Congratulations, Ryo! You’ve been chosen as the warrior for the Four Holy Beasts. Truly, congratulations. Although we did not know originally, you had been chosen since the beginning.

Ryo: M… Me?

Taichi: That’s right. Didn’t you notice? The entire D-1 Tournament was set up to fully train* you as a tamer. 

Ryo: … In order to strengthen me?

Taichi: The strongest, worst digimon is trying to revive. We cannot win against him. Not even the Four Holy Beasts can win against him. It’s the enemy that no one but you can defeat. 

Piccolomon then sweeps in to hurry Ryo off to Gennai for explanation, saying, “Ryo, go to Gennai’s house at once! You must hear the true reason! Sorry, but the D-1 Tournament is at an end. Though I don’t want to say it, it ends here. So ends the D-1 Tournament Grade 1! Thank you, everyone!”

Then Ryo turns up at Gennai’s, who says: “So… all of this was to train you**. Now, the Digital World needs your strength against the awakening evil in the dark shrine, the digimon who manipulates time that you’ve deterred before. Our power cannot defeat him. However, you have a hidden potential…”

Qinglongmon (or whichever Holy Beast the player chose during the opening scene quiz) drops by just then, drawing Ryo out of Gennai’s house. “Ryo,” the Holy Beast begins, “you’ve done well in growing stronger. The demonic king who destroyed the Digital World*** is reviving. He is the demonic king that not even we Holy Beasts can strike. However, you have an unknown power which surpasses ours. Ryo! Go to the final practice dungeon. When it is cleared, the path to the demonic king of destruction will be opened.”

Then come the D-1 Tournament stage bosses. 

Mimi: Sorry for deceiving you, Ryo.
Koushiro: But now you’ve become the strongest Tamer! You have our gratitude.
Wallace: Of course! Our battles brought us so far and made us stronger with experience!
Yamato: Your becoming stronger than us is worrisome, but soon the burden you carry will be greater.
Taichi: He’s not really talking, this is bad… Ryo. It was a bleak, rough victory. Though the results were certain, don’t resent the Four Holy Beasts.

They then take their leave, and Gennai and Piccolomon remain with Ryo. 

Piccolomon: The other digimon send their gratitudeppi! Ryo, you must battle the villian you’ve fought before. For the other digimon, I would give our appreciationppi!

Gennai: Well, there was a digimon inside that was really evil from the very beginning
Piccolomon: Hahhahha… Etemon was the genuine article, rightppi…! ~Go to the last practice dungeonppi.

Off to the D-1 Tower, which now allows access to a basement floor.

Qinglongmon: The last practice dungeon is accessible through an entrance from the basement floor of the D-1 Tower…

Then it’s back to Gennai’s house once again.

Gennai: Ahh, good Ryo. We will wait here for you.
Piccolomon: It’s up to you, Ryo! You’re all we’ve got leftppi!

Talking to Gennai once again gets the following text: “Ryo, I’m sorry for not telling the truth. However, it was to defeat Millenniumon! Now, to the location of the last trial… go to the dragon field!*****”

Then it’s off to the D-1 Tower again, where one last talk with Kazuya can occur. “Saw the last battle,” Kazuya says. “It was great! That win against Taichi… as expected.” Upon entrance to the tower, Qinglongmon speaks again and says that within the Dragon Field is his dungeon, and that once Ryo clears it, it’s the end of his training. Go now, fight!

In the Dragon Field is the Tusk Tower, where the local digimon are mostly dragon and dinosaur types. Black Wargreymon is the boss, and he was asked by Qinglongmon to serve as guardian to it. It’s supposed to be impossible for Ryo to make it this far, and he dares Ryo to show him how much stronger he’d become. Upon his defeat, Black Wargreymon says that Ryo has certainly gotten strong, and that he (MIllenniumon) may just be beaten after all.

Back at base, Gennai says that now that the training has cleared, that digimon is reviving. The digimon who manipulates time with his thoughts. Go to the last field to defeat Millenniumon. But first, head to town and get your affairs in order and gather your necessary digimon and items. Then come back here when you’re ready and you’ll be sent to the final battle. 

Great. When consulted via D-Terminal, Ken says, “You’ve come here at last, Ryo-san. After Millenniumon… You just beat him!***** I believe in you. Ryo-san will win!” Meanwhile, the other D-1 competitors have finally warmed to Ryo, and of course some of them liked him all along! (Ignoring, of course, the bullying at the start of the game.) When the player is ready, it’s back to Gennai, who sends Ryo on his way.

Before Ryo can get very far, the shadow cast by Moon-Millenniumon’s flying crystal fortress falls over the town. “It begins,” says Piccolomon. Gennai says that Millenniumon’s field has descended, and there is the stage of the final battle. Then the Holy Beasts arrive.

Xuanwumon: Go now, Ryo! Defeat Millenniumon!
Qinglongmon: We ask… Ryo. After you start…
Baihumon: Do your best! Battle with everything you have!
Zhuqiaomon: It’s just you in the battle against Millenniumon! Ryo, we ask you to…

Ryo is then sent to Millenniumon’s crystal tower, and the scene cuts to Moon-Millenniumon himself.

Moon-Mille: … I’ve been waiting… Ryo… I have revived so that I can defeat you… Heheheh… Now that I have revived, no digimon is a threat to me anymore. Not even the Four Holy Beasts can challenge me now. But… but you are different. You are the only random element that makes the impossible possible. Heheheh… The world does not need two beings with the same power. Now… come to me!

The scene cuts back to Ryo just before he enters the tower, and then there is a nonstop series of battles before Ryo ends up before Moon-Mille. He says, “Now, let’s put our hearts into the battle and fight…”, and then the final battle. When Ryo beats Mille, the scene cuts to town and the Chosen who participated in the D-1 Tournament have gathered to watch.

Piccolomon: Ryo, did you win? I’m worriedppi…
Taichi: It’ll be fine! That’s the boy who won over me. Even Millenniumon should lose to him. …Right? Yamato?
Yamato: Ah… if you say so…
Koushiro: All we can do now is wait and pray for Ryo’s victory… from here on…
Mimi: Ryo-chan…
Wallace: Ryo…

Back in the dungeon:
Mille: Ryo… You and I are Yin and Yang… Never will just one of us die… Do you… understand what that means? It will be my defeat, Ryo… However… it will be your defeat as well. Now, let us go! Ryo! Come fly with me in the world of time…!

The screen fades out, then there’s an explosion.The scene changes to Gennai’s house a week later. Agumon, V-mon, Wormmon, Piccolomon, and Gennai gather around the monitor to talk to Ken.

Gennai: Since we parted after that battle, Ryo has not returned… It was a shocking thing that happened to Ryo…
Ken (through computer): Please do not fail, Gennai-san. It will be all right. Surely Ryo-san will come back. That’s the way he is, therefore if a new digimon is seen with company saying “Hey!” unexpectedly… He’ll come back, surely…
Gennai: That would be good…

Then the scene cuts to Ken’s room, where he monologues. “One week has passed since then… Ryo-san has not returned yet. It seems he has not yet returned to the Digital World either, according to Gennai-san’s e-mails… Though everyone else is worried, I am not. I feel… surely Ryo-san is out on a new adventure. Although there is no basis for this, I believe it… Unlike me, he is a true Tamer. No matter what happens on what world, so long as there is a Digital World, surely there’s someone who needs Ryo-san’s help. Thus, I think it’s true. I hope, no matter how many years it takes, that we will meet again. At the time a strange digimon will show up with a companion who says “Hey! Wait up, Ken!”, that’s when he returns… I believe this so much…”

Ken turns and the credits roll. Then Brave Tamer happens.

* The word used here has a primary meaning of forging or tempering, as in blacksmithing. While I went with the secondary meaning (training/discipline), the first should be kept in mind, too. 

** Gennai usually uses the informal “you”, but here he speaks to Ryo a bit more respectfully.

*** See Tag Tamers, where Mille ripped the Digital World in two.

**** The actual last training dungeon varies based on which Holy Beast the player selected. Also, anyone getting Harry Potter vibes yet?

***** See: Tag Tamers, which was only a few days ago in game time.

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