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Digimental List

Information - Most of the digimentals operate like they do in the show: use them to evolve a child-level digimon to a temporary adult-strength stage for the span of a round. Also, when equipped, they can dictate the evolution path of a particular digimon. However, there are a handful of digimentals that are unique to this particular game. Fanfic authors? Have fun.

Tag Tamers Digimental List table
Name Fix Sell Use
Yuuki 500 50 Courage. V-mon evolves to Fladramon
Yuujou 500 50 Friendship. V-mon evolves to Raidramon
Kiseki 500 50 Miracles. V-mon evolves to Magnamon
Aijou 500 50 Love. Hawkmon evolves to Horusmon
Junshin 500 50 Purity. Hawkmon evolves to Shurimon
Chishiki 500 50 Knowledge. Armadimon evolves to Digmon
Seijitsu 500 50 Faith. Armadimon evolves to Submarimon
Hikari 500 50 Light. Tailmon evolves to Nefertimon
Kibou 500 50 Hope. Patamon evolves to Pegasmon
Yasashisa 500 50 Kindness. Raises defense against Gas
Konjou 500 50 Tenacity. Raises defense against Unchi
Nodojiman 500 50 Pride. Raises defense against soundwave attacks
Ankoku 500 50 Darkness. Raises defense against holy attacks
Yokubou 6000 600 Desire. Raises all defenses. Also key to the final dungeon.
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