City of Angels
Chapter 4 - Death of Innocent Love
by The Ambitious Blank

Disclaimer- Digimon has never been mine. It isn't even mine now. And it probably never will be. Sucks for me, right? City of Angels has also, never been mine.. and do I even have to finish? Really, if I owned either two, I'd be rich and wouldn't be writing this, most likely. (I also don't own Lisa Loeb or her music!)
Comments- You got your fruit, now you get your death. Yep. There's death in this chapter. (Oh no!) But there is angst. And as we all know, angst=good. :P So there. Lyrics at the end of the chapter are from Lisa Loeb's "Falling in Love". (That stuff is good moping music, people. ^_^;) This is the last chapter, and I'll follow up with an epilogue. ^_^ Enjoy.


Takeru stirred in Ken's arms, looking up. They were both lying on Ken's couch, naked and quite sated. Ken was still asleep, and Takeru thought about the previous night for a while as he waited for Ken to wake up on his own, not wanting to disturb his new lover yet.

..that was incredible.. everything about him is so perfect..

When I could first feel him, it was like.. like I'd found where I belong.. and I've always wondered where I would belong. was almost like it was destiny.

Maybe we were meant for each other the minute.. no, the second.. we both came into existence.

I hardly thought twice about giving everything I knew up, just for him. Was that because I knew he was the one? When I was an angel, Ken was the closest thing I came to feeling.. and now that I actually can, it's overwhelming..


"Huh? Oh! Ken, you're up."

"Yeah.. still tired, though."

"I didn't wake you, did I?"

"Of course not." Ken said, nuzzling the blonde gently. Takeru let out a soft purr-like noise, leaning into Ken's caressing touch. He smiled up at the taller boy.

"Don't ever leave me.. ever, Ken.. promise me?"

"I promise." Ken said encouragingly, pressing a finger to Takeru's lips.

Forever is a long time.. and he didn't even have to think for a second about promising me.. he must love me more than anyone can imagine.

I'm so lucky to have someone like him. It's almost as if he's my angel, rather than the other way around. When we die, will we be made angels, both of us..? Do I even want to go back to being an angel, not being able to feel? So empty inside..? I almost miss Daisuke, but Ken's more important to me than anything else in the world.

Watch over us, Dai.. I'm counting on you.


Ken looked outside. It was still raining, the droplets splattering against the windowpanes, sliding down and dripping to the cement walk below. His gaze traveled down, and saw that Takeru was watching the rain too. He watched the raindrops, reflected in those seemingly bottomless cerulean pools that served as a window to Takeru's soul. Every emotion Takeru ever experienced had been displayed in his eyes. Wonder filled them now, like a five-year-old seeing their first mountains and realizing how big the world seemed compared to them. He glanced up at Ken, pure trust and love filling them as he snuggled up against the dark-haired boy happily.



"Yesterday.. when we woke up.. you said 'You're still here..' to me. Did you think I'd leave?"

"..I was afraid it was another dream."

"Another dream?"

"Well.. yeah." Ken answered, his cheeks pinking slightly, eyes lowering in slight embarrassment. They both sat up, Takeru eyeing the other curiously. "..I had dreams before.. where I woke up and you were there. I was afraid I'd wake up again and find you gone. I hated those dreams.. dangling hope in front of me and then yanking it away.. like a cat being teased with string, you know?"

"..I guess." Takeru answered, tilting his head slightly and then leaning against Ken's chest again. Ken kissed the top of the blonde head, and wrapped his arms around the former angel's shoulders. They sat there like that for what seemed like ages, and silently Ken prayed they could be frozen in time, just being with each other was enough to make them happy. Takeru sighed softly and closed his eyes, his fingers tracing feather-light circles on the back of the hands wrapped around him.

"Tell me about angels, Takeru." Ken said. Takeru paused and thought.

"Well, they aren't the way most people think they are. They all dress in black, like me.."

"Do they all have the feather pattern on the back of their shirts like you?"

"Most of them wear trenchcoats, but I never did. Anyway.. they're everywhere, especially here in Odaiba.. there's lots. I have a friend named Daisuke.. and of course, Yamato was one. Their job is basically to lead souls to Heaven.. and people that are almost dead can see them." He explained. Ken jolted suddenly. Takeru looked up in surprise.

"..what's wrong?!" He asked, afraid. Ken looked apologetic.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you. I just remembered I'm supposed to get a few groceries for my mom before she gets home in two days."

"Oh. Want me to come with you?"

"It's just down the street. The rain's clearing up, I'll go on my bike while I have my chance. Just wait for me here, okay? Make yourself at home. I'll be back in a few minutes." He sat up a little straighter, and they met in a long, slow kiss before Ken pulled away. "I love you." He whispered, smiling. Takeru flushed.

"I love you too." He said, smiling back. Ken nodded and they reluctantly broke their embrace. He threw on his clothes, and dashed out.


"Wait.." Takeru began, but the door slammed before he could get anymore in. A horrible feeling had just sunk in, making his heart plummet into his stomach. He hesitated, shaking his head as he pulled on his clothes as well.

"I'm just being paranoid." He muttered. "Must be a thing that comes with love." He frowned and went into the kitchen, taking out a soda and opening it, sipping on it as he watched out the window. Sure enough, the sun was starting to peer through the darkened sky. He ran his fingers around the rim of the can of soda, staring at the floor. Already he was beginning to feel lonely without Ken there.

"He'll be back in a few minutes.." Takeru said aloud, more to comfort himself than just to comment. That sinking feeling hadn't gone away yet, and the blonde fidgeted on his feet.

"..what is wrong with me? He'll be back.."

..he'll be back..

..right? Of course. What is the matter? It's just down the street, like he said..

He sat down, then stood back up again. A feeling of restlessness had sunk in, and he paced back and forth for a few minutes, nervously chewing at his bottom lip.

"..why am I so agitated..? It's no big deal.."

..he'll be back.

So why am I not believing that yet?!

Takeru did another pacing session back and forth in the small kitchen, finally stopping to rest his arms and lean against the windowsill, looking outside, still biting his lip.

"I should have followed him.. but if I go out now, I'll just get lost and make things worse." He froze.

There was a sound of screeching tires outside, then a loud crash. Takeru looked up sharply, his blue eyes going wide. His nails dug into the wood of the windowsill, and he jolted as the screeching rubber stopped. He'd heard screams from several women down on the street, and one that most definitely wasn't a woman. That sinking feeling had returned with even more force than before, it felt as though his heart had turned to rock and plunged straight into his stomach, almost ripping out of his chest. And then, even worse, there was nothingness.


The can of soda clattered to the floor.


Ken hummed to himself as he closed the door behind him. He hesitated for a minute as he thought he heard Takeru tell him to wait, but then realized it was probably his imagination. He probably wanted to go back and stay so badly he was hearing things. Shrugging, he went down the elevator and unlocked his bicycle from the bike rack outside the apartment building. Climbing on it, he rode out to the sidewalk, dodging a few people and heading into the street. The streets weren't as busy as usual, Ken noted, probably because of the rain. He pedaled down the street and around the corner, only glancing back once at the apartment, seeing Takeru's face in the window. He almost stopped and turned around at the look on the boy's face. He seemed.. worried.

"..probably my imagination again.." Ken said to himself. He was almost hoping it was, because if an angel, even an ex-angel was worried about something.. he should probably heed to it. Regardless, he kept going.

"Let's see.. she needed two loaves of bread.. a bottle of soda.. and some fish, I think. Yeah." He said to himself, going over the list in his head. "..well, I brought extra money with me, so I'll grab something special for Takeru and I too. Maybe some strawberries." Smiling to himself at the thought of Takeru's first strawberry, he pedaled a little faster.

Walking through the small corner store, he picked out the items he needed, along with a small package of strawberries. He greeted the familiar cashier, Miyako, to be exact. She smiled.

"How are things going, Ken?" She asked, handing him his bag of groceries. "Ooh! Who are the strawberries for?" She was always curious. Ken laughed.

"Just someone special, Miyako. Someone special." He said. Miyako made kissy faces at him as he left, hanging the bag from his bike's handle.

Climbing on, he headed back. He turned the corner, the apartment in sight. But he'd turned the curve too wide, and his heart jolted as he realized his fatal mistake. There was a reckless driver swerving back and forth on the road, far enough for Ken to see he wasn't going to stop and just begin to react, but close enough that he failed horribly. The driver saw him and yelled, slamming on his brake too late.

The car slammed into the bike, the crash catching the attention of anyone who hadn't already stopped to watch. Glass flew from the headlights, metal crunched, and bones shattered. The driver's airbag saved him, but Ken flew a good few feet before hitting the pavement hard. A few women on the side screamed and several were already dialing their cell phones. Ken lay on the pavement looking upward, despair already beginning to fill him as people circled around to get a better look.

"Ta.. ke.. ru.." He mouthed softly, and closed his eyes. He had to hang on.. had to live, at least until Takeru got there.

Salty tears slid down pale cheeks and down onto the pavement.


Takeru dashed down the street, around the corner and where the crowds of people were circling around. He shoved through the crowd, and several people stumbled and yelled at him. Ignoring them, he dashed to the prone body in the center of the circle and dropped to his knees.

"KEN!" He cried, unfamiliar tears already forming in his eyes. "Ken.. Ken, can you hear me..?" He sobbed, beginning to quiver. Ken couldn't be.. he couldn't already be..

"..T.. Takeru..?" Ken asked weakly, his eyes opening. "You made it.." He said, smiling weakly.

"Shh.. shh.." Takeru pleaded, tears flowing from his eyes. "Don't talk, save your strength.. please don't leave me!" He broke down, clutching Ken's pale hand in his own, pressing it to his face. "You promised me.. you promised me, Ken!!" He cried desperately, though he knew it was too late. His heart, however, refused to believe it.

"..I promised.. but I didn't say.. I'd be alive."

"You.. you can't! I just learned what it is to feel! You showed me, remember?! You showed me.." The blonde's voice was failing, despairing. Ken blinked slowly and looked behind Takeru's face.

"Is.. is that them..? The angels.. you were.. telling me about..?"

"No! No, don't look at them.. stay with me, Ken!"

"..they.. they want me.. to come with them..?"

"KEN! No! Don't look at them!!"

" it.. is it warmer than this.. in Heaven, Takeru..?" Ken asked, in a tone so sincere that Takeru gave up, tears still flowing down his face, wetting Ken's hand. He nodded, still trembling. Ken smiled softly.

"Don't worry.. they'll take.. good care.. of me, won't they?"

That smile. Takeru couldn't stand the way he kept smiling. He just nodded again. Ken's fingers closed weakly on his own.

"I'll.. I'll be okay, Takeru.. just.. one thing..?"


"..kiss me?" Ken begged quietly. Takeru leaned down, and pressed his trembling lips to Ken's. Ken exhaled slowly, and slowly a freezing cold penetrated his hand and his lips. Takeru pulled away and let out a soft wail, burying his face in Ken's chest and sobbing helplessly, clutching the lifeless hand in his own.

"..I love you.. I love you.." He choked out over and over again. The audience, completely somber, watching on in total silence. No one dared move toward them, no one spoke a single word. A few tears slid without a sob down several faces, but still no one said anything. The ambulance arrived two minutes later, but it was a long time before anyone had the heart to separate the two.


Are you.. Daisuke?

Yes.. I suppose I don't have to ask what you liked best.


I'm sorry this happened.

..I.. I can still keep my promise, right?

Of course.. you can't be an angel, but that's not stopping you, I'm sure.

No. No.. I'll make sure nothing happens to him. I want him safe for as long as possible. I love him so much.

I wish I understood love as well as you did.

Maybe someday you will. Just like.. just like how I'll see Takeru again someday.


The time between meeting,
And finally leaving,
Is sometimes called falling in love.

The time between meeting,
And finally leaving,
Is sometimes called falling in love.

Sometimes called falling in love..


Author's comments: Well, I can't really say to be continued anymore, 'cause the only thing left is the epilogue. I hope I didn't confuse anyone too much with that ending. Hey, if I made you cry, drop me a line. I like people telling me what they think.


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