Chapter 2 - Coming Home
by Ashna

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Two bodies collided as the brothers greeted each other enthusiastically. Takeru's cheerful face was even more so as he literally radiated happiness. He'd been away from his only real family for two years now after all.

Daisuke hung back, not quite sure how to take the group of wizards all hanging around. Some smiling at the hugging brothers, some waiting around to great Takeru themselves.

Yamato pulled back gazing at his younger brother critically.

"You've lost weight and you need new clothes. These things are thread bare! When did you last eat? What the hell have you been doing..." Yamato was cut off by a laughing voice.

"Yamato stop being such a mother hen! Takeru's been out near the borders for two years. Of course he's going to look a little worn," said a smiling boy about Yamato's age with wild brown hair that slightly resembled Daisuke in the energy he radiated.

"I completely agree with Taichi's observation. Why don't we go inside and let Takeru and his assistant rest from their travels?" a short serious looking red head spoke up from beside Taichi.

"Yeah you're right Koushiro." Yamato grinned turning his tired brother by the shoulders towards the large brick building that served as the sorcerers' capital lodging and training place.

Daisuke shifted, unsure of what to do, being apparently forgotten. He didn't expect to be introduced right away. The only reason they were here was because of a rogue magical creature Takeru had been tracking across the country for weeks. After finally catching it and rendering it neutral Takeru was given a well deserved rest. Daisuke was just glad to be Not riding and the prospect of Not dragging an exhausted Takeru to bed each night and treating him like a large baby before he completely collapsed for the night. He still felt a lonely pang at being forgotten though.

The red head called Koushiro trotted after Yamato and Takeru while the other boy turned to him.

"Sorcerers always seem to forget we exist when they get together so don't worry about it. Just let Takeru rest up a bit and suddenly he'll be freaking out over forgetting about you," Taichi said with a friendly smile.

Daisuke instantly liked him. He let Taichi tell the stable hands what to do with their horse and be led into the building. He might not have been as tired as Takeru but he still was exhausted. He wasn't going to bother with a bath but Taichi pushed him into the bathing rooms first thing.

"I know you're tired but if you don't get clean and eat you'll feel nasty once you wake up," Taichi said handing him some fruit and cheese, easy on his very empty stomach.

He nibbled on the food as he let the water soak away all the saddle sores and aches from weeks of hard riding and harder nights on the ground. Daisuke was barely aware of Taichi dragging him out of the bath and to his room. He was asleep the minute his head touched the pillow.


He woke up slowly sometime around dinner, confused. For once he was sleeping on a soft bed in a warm room. Curling up a bit more in the blankets he remembered that they'd reached the capital early in the morning and had been ushered off to sleep.

Yawning he sat up and his stomach growled loudly, demanding more food. He looked around and saw somebody had left some pastries on the table beside the bed. Grinning he stuffed those quickly into his mouth.

He'd basically just finished when the door opened. Takeru's blond head peeked in looking just as tired as before but a little more aware.

"Takeru! What are you doing up?" Daisuke asked jumping up to hug his friend.

Takeru smiled and gave him a hug back.

"Nature called, I'm going to be sleeping again soon. Hey mind if I have a few of those?" Takeru asked with a smile.

"Not at all!" Daisuke handed him some pastries and they both sat on the edge of the bed eating in silence.

Daisuke became so involved in quieting his own stomach that he didn't notice when Takeru curled up and fell asleep. When he did noticed he pulled Takeru up from the foot of the bed and pulled the sheets over him.

He laid down beside Takeru with a sigh. He usually took these moments of awareness while Takeru slept just to look at him. His sleeping face was thin and gaunt from their travels but that trusting and noble aura he'd always had still shone through. Smiling Daisuke closed his eyes, his own exhaustion catching up with him again.

When either Taichi or Yamato checked in on the two, it was always to see Daisuke curled up protectively near Takeru. One hand gently holding the blonde's.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Osamu's POV just to shake things up a bit.

The duties of being heir to the throne of a small country were no less stressful than that of a large. Day and night Osamu was kept busy with meetings, lessons and court duties. His mother would every now and then parade an available girl past him, taking up yet more of his time. He barely saw his brother anymore at all. Both had similar duties but Ken tended to avoid many of the activities Osamu enjoyed.

Lately it had gotten even worse. Ken had been given a new set of lessons from their father and a rather accommodating ambassador. Ken seemed to be enjoying them greatly. If you couldn't locate the younger prince it was sure he was with Susrirdolor.

But something about the situation didn't make Osamu happy. His father and mother were pleased to have found something Ken enjoyed. Osamu wasn't so sure about that. Ken had grown distant and aloof. Barely even smiling anymore. The only time he did smile was at the court functions. He'd been attending more of those recently as well. That confused Osamu. Ken had never liked the court and its constant posturing. Yet now he slid through the sickeningly sweet and barbed words almost better than the dirtiest court official.

Osamu was worried at this slow change in his brother. Ken was normally quiet and shy. Preferring the company of his long time servant and friend, Toji. Which was who Osamu wanted to talk to. He had a few hours hopefully before any duties mounted up. He knew Ken was away at another lesson with that Susrirdolor so he would have time to investigate.

He knocked on Ken's suite doors and little Toji darted out closing the door quickly behind him.

"Ken is not here right now Your Highness," Toji stammered, his normally cheerful face turned down.

"That's all right Toji I wanted to talk to you instead today."

"Me Your Highness?" His voice colored with surprise.

"I'm worried about Ken. He seems to have changed. You're his closest friend. Please tell me what's been going on," Osamu asked as Toji wilted after each word.

"I... I..." He stuttered his head hanging.

"Why hello Osamu! What a pleasant surprise to see you here."

Osamu turned around as Toji darted back into Ken's room. Ken smiled at Osamu and he felt his heart sink a bit. Never before had Ken turned to him in anything but his honest feelings. Now he was faced with Ken's court persona. He was hiding something and had chosen to keep Osamu out.

"Hello Ken. I was hoping we could do a little catching up. With your new duties we haven't been able to talk recently." Osamu smiled hoping.

"Oh I think not. I am much too busy right now. Maybe another time dear brother." And with that Ken disappeared into his rooms as quickly as Toji had.

"Something is not right about this..." Osamu muttered as he walked away his mind confused.


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