Chapter 1 - Doubts
by Ashna

Read Yume Ja Nai Yo first! Well you don't HAVE to but it explains some stuff which I won't do here. The plotline is different, just same setup and characters.

heheh I'm back with my AU! This was the story I came up with first. The other story Yume Ja Nai Yo is just the "Who these people are and how they know each other" type deal. So this is the True story. And yes Takeru and Ken do get to meet. Just how they will remains to be seen.

I do not own Digimon in any shape, way or form. I hate saying that.

Warning this story contains Yaoi, lemon, torture, rape etc. Told ya this plot thickens...

Oh I suggest looking up the meanings to some of the country names and bad dude names and such. I get bored and out comes a Spanish or Japanese dictionary. Everything was weird meanings.

*Begins to type with X-Japan playing the background... skipping >.<... No! This song was so obviously written by hide! No SKIPPING ON hide SONGS!!!*

Takes place two years after Yume Ja Nai Yo.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Prince Ichijouji Ken the youngest son to the King of Nanika, a fairly rich kingdom in the South East of Eiinamae, finally managed to break away from the mindless chatter of High Court dinners to flee to the relative safety of his rooms. He couldn't stand the court babble and posing. It went on 24/7, the pretending, the preening, the kissing of ass. It never stopped and gave the young Prince a royal headache. His older brother, the Heir to the throne, drank it in like water. He travelled those up tight circles with ease. Osamu was perfect for the role of King once their father stepped down. Ken just wished he could melt into the floor.

Pulling off the ever present silver circlet of his position and loosening the stiff collar of his tunic, Ken stepped into the room with a smile for the younger boy scurrying around inside. Toji was his personal servant but also his only friend. The young green haired, blue eyed boy of about thirteen had never treated Ken with anything but respect that had nothing to do with his position in life. Most importantly Toji treated Ken like a human being.

"Hey Ken-sama! The cook just called to say he was sending up your dinner now. I take it you didn't eat again?" Toji chirped as he stopped what he was doing to give Ken a welcoming hug.

"I can never eat that crap. It's too rich. There's too much of it too." Ken sighed wrapping his arms around the shorter boy's shoulders.

He honestly didn't know how he could have survived his life without Toji. Pulling back, Toji grabbed his hand and led him over to a large very comfy chair by the fireplace. Ken didn't complain and sat back into the thick cushions. That was one thing he couldn't complain about, the fact that everything considered a chair was meant to be buried in.

"You just relax Ken-sama." Toji smiled and ran off to answer the knock on the door.

Ken closed his eyes feeling very tired, if not physically then mentally. He heard the sounds of Toji directing the servant carrying his dinner where to put it and the sounds of them leaving. Today seemed just a bit more tiresome then others. His father had surprised him with yet another lesson for his training. This one was no different from others but...

"What's wrong Ken?" Toji asked his voice appearing beside the chair, dropping the honorific sama in his concern.

Ken shook his head not wanting to bother Toji with yet another of his problems. The young boy was so self sacrificing it made Ken guilty to put so much upon him. No matter how often Toji assured Ken he was happy.

"There's something wrong Ken. Tell me. Either that or tell Takeru about it." Toji said, the little imp knowing that would get Ken talking.

He'd never told Takeru who he was and he intended for it to stay that way. In that dream world Ken was only himself and he intended for it to stay that way. He wanted nothing to interfere with that one little bit of true happiness he had.

Sighing he opened his eyes to give his friend a glare. Toji just smiled at him knowing he'd won the little battle. Closing his eyes again he began to explain what had him agitated.

"Father has given me yet another set of lessons," he started as Toji sat on the floor at his feet as normal, head resting against Ken's knee. Something that had bugged Ken at first but couldn't stop Toji from doing.

"It's not so bad, just learning the native language of the new ambassador. It's just Atror Susrirdolor doesn't seem right. I've seen him a few times and everything in me said to stay away from the man. Now I have to spend three hours everyday with him." Ken said frowning.

The tall man had approached him earlier that day to introduce himself informally. He looked like a foreigner with his silver-blonde waist-long hair worn as a working class woman might. The long mane was certainly an eye catcher and the man's only vanity. The rest of his clothes were simple and undemanding on the eyes.

Ken had sensed something more to the man. His dark brown eyes were veiled, none of his emotions showing through. Ken didn't like the fact that he couldn't read the man at all. With Takeru's help through his dreams he'd learned quite a bit about his latent talent in magic. He could generaly sense a person's personality and honesty through his gifts. But Atror Susrirdolor was like facing a wall. Absolutely nothing.

It worried Ken. His father made it a point not to let his youngest son into contact with the 'magic' loving countries' people. Atror Susrirdolor was apparently from another country like his that shunned magic. Yet only magic could block his senses. Strong magic in fact. Takeru had said that his powers were very powerful even without training. It would take equal power or greater to stub his abilities.

"Maybe you should talk to Takeru about it? You know he knows more about your magic then we do. If Lord Susrirdolor is bad then you might know because of your magic. Takeru could help if that's true!" Toji said brightening considerably.

Despite never having met Takeru, Toji trusted him. Ken smiled as Toji stood up to get moving again. He had other chores besides seeing to Ken and had to keep busy.

"Thanks for listening Toji."

"Of course I would Ken-sama! No need for thanks." Toji said with a sweet smile before leaving.


Ken shivered, drawing back into the far recesses of his mind. With what power he still had left in his control, he closed the doors to himself. Blocking the path to sunlit dreams and memories of a smiling blonde. Anything of importance he locked away quickly, no time to send out a wordless plea for help. Silence would greet Takeru's next dream.

Coldness surrounded him, creating a thick layer of despair and pain around his own weak defenses. He did not want to see. He did not want to know. Waves of agony tried to wash him away but his wall held. Just barely but it held. With tears trickling down phantom cheeks, Ken curled in around himself, trying not to be noticed. He prayed to whatever might hear to save him from this. That he might remain unseen here in the dark. Far from what his body and mind were experiencing.

The walls shook and warped as yet more layers of pain laid themselves upon them. Still further did Ken shrink away, leaving his mind helpless as his soul fled. Leaving his mind to insanity so that his soul might live.


Heheh... That sucked. I've been debating for months on how to write the first chapter. I was gonna be more descriptive but I'll leave that for later. Guess this is just a little teaser of what's to come. Oh and the gaps will be filled in. Point A will be leading up to point B. Just not for a few chapters! ^^ R&R please!


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