Yume Ja Nai Yo
Chapter 7
by Ashna

Last chapter for this fic. Then I go write the main bit. This was supposed to be part of the first but I didn't want to write all that as one story. So the Main story will be coming along soon. First, I have to finish writing out the chapter by chapter plot outline. If I didn't it'd be as jumbled as the last few chapters of Onni-san, another fic I have on ff.net for those reading this elsewhere. Anyhoo enough babbling here's the last bit.


Takeru opened his eyes that night once again to the field surrounded in glowing grasses. The sky was the dark indigo he knew meant Ken was dreaming also. Turning around slowly, he looked for the dark haired boy. He couldn't see him but he knew Ken was nearby.

He began walking towards the area that felt the most Ken-like and found him sitting beside a small bright green plant. A little confused, Takeru sat down beside him. Ken didn't move and Takeru reached out and touched his shoulder gently, wondering what was bother him. He found himself in a tight embrace as Ken suddenly moved and wrapped his arms around Takeru.

"Don't you ever, ever do that again!" Ken said in a choked voice.

Takeru blinked in surprise trying to figure out what he was talking about. Then he remembered he'd shown up here when the poison had been affecting him.

"I thought you didn't care much about what happens here. This isn't real after all." Takeru said not really mocking, more questioning why he did care now.

"I got your stupid bird okay?" Ken sniffed giving Takeru another little squeeze.

The blonde blinked in surprise then smiled. He pulled back slightly only to move back in a more comfortable position. He leaned back against Ken letting him wrap his arms tightly around him again. They sat there for a while in silence as Ken got used to the idea he wasn't going to disappear again. Takeru spoke up as soon as Ken stopped sniffing and loosened his arms a bit.

"Thank you."

"For what?" Ken asked.

"If you hadn't held on to me I would have died. I remember that much, that you were standing between me and death. Keeping it away."

Ken was silent for a moment before shifting Takeru in his arms.

"I thought you had died when you suddenly just disappeared like that."

"I think that was when Hikari pulled me back so she could clear out the poison in my system."


Takeru described what had happened, what Daisuke had done to get help and what Hikari had done to bring him back. Ken listened quietly one hand sneaking up to run itself through Takeru's hair while he talked.

"Well, I am very glad you're okay now." Ken said after he'd finished.

Takeru just snuggled back further into Ken's arms silently agreeing. Ken sighed and rested his head against Takeru's.

"A question for you, if this place represents things about us like you said then what is this plant supposed to be?" Ken asked quietly.

Takeru looked at the bright green plant growing cheerfully before them.

"I think it's probably someone you know who's important to you. Since not everyone who's touched you deeply has enough magic to show up they sorta represent themselves through little things. Does it remind you of anyone?"

"Toji. It's always reminded me of Toji. Kinda always here when you were gone to cheer me up. Even just a little." Ken said his voice growing warm.

"Well, there we go. I know those important to me have little things that pop up now and again." Takeru said with a smile.

"Like what?"

"Well Yamato, that's my brother, he's this little blue flower. Something that breaks up the never ending gold of this place. Which is all it is when you're not here. Daisuke is a robin. Which is funny I think. Never shows up when you're around though." He said while Ken listened.

"Only other person I could think of that would show up is my brother Osamu. But I haven't seen anything yet." Ken said almost wistfully.

"Well, we can always look around later if you want. I know I've spent a lot of nights just looking for 'people'." Takeru laughed.

Ken smiled and they sat again in silence enjoying each other's presence. After a while Ken began stroking Takeru's neck slowly and he turned around in Ken's arms for the kiss he knew was waiting.

"You know I'm very glad you sent me that bird." Ken whispered against Takeru's lips.

"Why's that?" Takeru asked as Ken pushed him back into the grass, leaning down over him.

"Because, now I know that This is real." Ken chuckled pulling Takeru's shirt over his head.

Takeru just smiled in agreement and pulled Ken down for another kiss.


Tada, it's done. That story didn't take anytime at all to put out. Lalala, hope you all liked it and want the second fic in this series. Well, I know my friends do. Miyama is going to write a fic because of this fic O_o, a weird one too. Her reaction to one of the last chapters. Go fig my friends for being weird. Heehee!


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