Dangerous Attraction
Part 1 - Daisuke and a Car
by Dragonflie

Dragonflie: Sh! I'm hiding in the computer room with Miyako, trying to keep Ken and Dai-chan from finding out where I am...

Miyako: 'Cause she's writing a kenkeru!

Dragonflie: Yeah, Ashna sent me to a great kenkeru site (thank you so much! It was too cute!) and Rae sent me evidence (profound thanks sent your way!) so I'm going to actually attempt this.

Miyako: Dragonflie doesn't own digimon and obviously, this is shounen ai. Don't like it, GO AWAY!

Dragonflie: Hush!

Miyako: Oh yeah. Sorry.


Sky blue eyes stared calmly into violet. Neither blinked, neither flinched. There could only be one winner, and both were determined not to back down.

Then the car bounced over another curb and Takeru was knocked right into Ken's arms.

"Watch it!" Takeru yelled at Daisuke, who was driving. The instructor had lost his clipboard, which was amazing since he had had a death grip on it since Daisuke had put the car into drive.

"Sorry, but these damn roads are in bad condition, and-"

"The speed limit is 35, young man! Not 47!" the instructor screamed. "Watch the road!"

"Sorry! Jeez!" Daisuke returned to his behind-the-wheel session, frowning in concentration. Takeru sighed and sat up again, which allowed Ken to catch his breath.

"Sometimes you scare me, Dai-kun," Ken said, shaking his head. Daisuke grinned at his best friend in the rear-view mirror, causing the car to start to cross into the next lane again.

"Watch the ROAD!!!"


Takeru laughed, winking at Ken. They had been the only two people willing to actually spend their observation time in the car that Daisuke was driving, and were having a great time despite almost dying every other minute.

"That's a pedestrian, WATCH OUT!!!"

"Oops, I meant to hit the brake-"

<A.N. Don't laugh! I've done that several times myself, and almost hit garages and street signs... I just barely got my licence.>

Ken and Takeru usually held staring contests during Daisuke's suicidal plunges through traffic, trying to spot the other showing fear whenever Daisuke came within a hair of killing them all. He usually had to get a new instructor after every session.

Takeru had noticed that as time went on, though, he hadn't been looking for fear in the other boy's eyes. He had become entranced with Ken, mentally sighing over his beauty and enjoying Daisuke's driving lessons all that much more for the time he and Ken could spend just looking at each other. Ken had noticed as their little challenges to each other had gotten more intimate, and both boys were content to let things keep going as they were going.

"You are going the WRONG way on a ONE WAY STREET!"

"That's ok, I'll just turn here-"

"Pull this car over!"

"I can do it, really!"

Ken knew about experiments done on attraction. Basically, when a person is around an attractive person in a dangerous situation, the body attributes the increased heart rate and breathing rate to lust rather than the situation. Ken didn't really mind; Takeru was damn cute and had the most charming personality of anyone he had ever met. With the possible exception of the psycho who was driving the car.


"Fine! Jeez..."

Takeru laughed, taking his hat off to mime wiping sweat off his brow. "I guess we'll live another day, hey, Ken?"

Ken smiled back, about to reply when Daisuke hit the brakes pretty hard and sent him sprawling right into Takeru. This had happened often enough to make it easy to shrug off, but in this particular moment Ken had ended up squishing his face to Takeru's.

Or more specifically, his lips.

Takeru blushed crimson, but decided that opportunity knocks only a few times in a person's lifetime, and he wasn't about to hide behind the sofa as if it were trying to hand out religious pamphlets and quiz him about the condition of his immortal soul. He wrapped his arms around Ken and leaned back, pulling Ken on top of him.

Ken was stunned for all of two seconds, and then decided that this was not a moment to be wasted on astonishment. He straddled the willing blond and pulled his hat off <A.N. Yes, just the hat! They're in public, you know!> and tossed it into the front.

"Aaaahh!" Daisuke shrieked, swerving the car violently as the hat hit him directly in the face. The instructor was praying, and the two boys in the back were discovering the joys of french kissing.

Daisuke managed to get the car over to the side of the road, and turned to yell at his friends for skimming the hat his way, but fell silent when he saw that they were kissing quite intimately and Ken had his hands under Takeru's shirt.

"Whoah," the redhead commented, and being one of nature's born spectators, turned around in his seat to watch the show.

The instructor had abandoned the car and was currently leaning against a tree a couple yards away, trying to stop shaking.

Ken realized that the car wasn't moving, and stopped his activity long enough to cast a questioning glance Daisuke's way. Takeru moaned in protest, and Daisuke shrugged.

"I think I'm done driving today. The teacher's out there somewhere," Daisuke made a vague gesture, "And Takeru's getting lonely."

He winked at Ken and grinned evilly. Ken grinned back and leaned back down to kiss the blond, who tangled his hands in Ken's hair to keep him from trying to pause their make-out session again.

Daisuke smiled happily and wished that he had popcorn.


Dragonflie: Gah, it's so short!

Miyako: That's a good thing, because they're right outside the door-

Ken: Open up! What do you think you're doing in there?!

Daisuke: What are you writing?!

Dragonflie: Oh dear... Well, I'm making this a chapter fic because it's too short, but I know I'll have more ideas later.

Miyako: I can't hold the door!!!!

Ken: KENKERU?????

Dragonflie: Oh no...

Daisuke: How could you? *cries*

Dragonflie: *sighs* Actually, it wasn't as easy as it looks...

Miyako: C&C please!


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