Dangerous Attraction
Part 2 - Iori and a Movie
by Dragonflie

Dragonflie: Heheheh!

Miyako: You won't be able to keep them locked in the laundry room forever.

Dragonflie: They'll be in there for a little while yet. Their stamina is pretty high.

Miyako: I didn't need to know that.

Dragonflie: Did you think I wanted to learn?

Miyako: Dragonflie doesn't own Jurassic Park 3, skittles, junior mints... I'm hungry.

Dragonflie: Tough luck. There's no food.

Miyako: You're kidding!

Dragonflie: Nope. We're going to starve.

Miyako: Damn.


"Why are we going to see 'Jurassic Park 3'?" Ken asked Takeru quietly.

The blond shrugged. "Iori's mom wouldn't let him go alone, so I offered to go with him, but she said he had to have at least two people with him, and I thought you might enjoy it."

"An inaccurate movie about dinosaurs?"

"Well, he wants to see it, so shut up."

"Aren't we protective."

"As if you aren't protective of your jogress partner."

The three boys walked into the theater, with Iori giving them suspicious glances the whole time. He had noticed them whispering to each other a lot, and had heard Daisuke start to tease them about something earlier that had made them both blush.

"Who wants popcorn?" Takeru asked, pulling out his wallet.

Ken declined, settling for a soda. Iori got a small popcorn, separate from Takeru's, because he suspected he was getting a cold and didn't want to spread his germs to his friend. Takeru got a soda, popcorn, junior mints, and some skittles.

"Hungry?" Ken asked, amused.

Takeru shook his head. "Most of this is for throwing at the screen, and any annoying people nearby."

"Wouldn't have thought you had it in you."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

Bickering quietly, Ken and Takeru followed Iori to their seats. The place was crowded, and the only place that all three could sit together was right in front.

The previews had started, and Iori was concentrating on the screen. Ken was watching with a bored expression, and Takeru was looking around for a target.

A couple of girls were laughing loudly over to the right, and Takeru took aim at a particularly loud blond.

"Ouch!" Her cry rose above the other noise in the room, but Takeru had sat straight again right away and she didn't see him.

Ken nudged Takeru and gave him a look, but the blond only grinned and offered a skittle. After a little urging, Ken took it.

An older teenager gossiping about his girlfriend was suddenly pelted in the face with a purple skittle.


Ken had turned around just as quickly as Takeru had before, so he wasn't caught. He and Takeru giggled uncontrollably, annoying Iori.

"Quit it, you two! The movie's starting!" Iori hissed.

For the next few minutes, Ken and Takeru behaved themselves. The movie was boring, and the characters were annoying, especially the stupid woman who wouldn't stop screaming no matter how many times Dr. Grant told her to.

Takeru covertly aimed a skittle at Ken, and hit him directly on the cheek.

Ken whipped to the side and glared at Takeru, who just giggled at him. Ken smirked and grabbed a handful of popcorn, smushing it in the blond's face. Takeru had ordered it with extra butter, and he certainly got it that way.

"You jerk!"

"Shut up!" Iori reached over to gently hit Takeru's arm, reminding the boys that some people were actually trying to watch the movie. They tried to pay attention again.

All at once, a raptor came popping out of nowhere on screen and startled everyone in the room. Ken started, and felt Takeru jump next to him.

"Scared?" he whispered snidely.

"As much as you are," Takeru hissed back. Their hearts were racing, and staring at each other like this brought back memories of what it was like to be in the car when Daisuke was driving. Unfortunately, the driving school had refunded his money and told him to find someone else to teach him.

Not paying any heed to the crowd, Ken grabbed Takeru's face and pulled him into a deep kiss, pushing the blond back into his seat. The angle was a little uncomfortable, but Ken didn't notice.

Takeru grabbed Ken's leg and managed to pull him over, so that Ken was sitting on the blond and they were blocking the view of a few people behind them. Iori stared at them in total shock, blushing when they began to moan and reach under shirts.

"Guys? Guys?! Quit it! We- You're in public!" Iori hissed, trying to pull Ken off of Takeru.

Ken simply swatted Iori away and moved his head to suck on Takeru's neck, grinning wickedly. Takeru moaned quietly, but with increasing volume as Ken pushed his shirt up higher.

"Stop!" Iori pleaded. The group of teens behind them were watching with great interest, laughing and making inane comments. Iori gave up, and was about to leave when an usher strode up and grabbed his shoulder.

"Who are these two?" he demanded of Iori. Being a kid who does not like to lie, Iori decided he'd only stretch the truth.

"I've never seen these two before." /Like this!/ he thought.

The usher frowned but let him leave, turning to the two boys making out in the front row. "Excuse me, but you'll have to leave. Now."

Ken gave the usher a sly look, and unable to help himself, asked, "Just five more minutes?"


Dragonflie: I don't know if printer paper is edible...

Miyako: Well, dammit! I'm hungry!

Daisuke: Me too... Hey, what's this?

Ken: It's that kenkeru again! I thought you quit this!

Dragonflie: Uh... this isn't that kenkeru! You're seeing things, from lack of food or something!

Ken: Nice try, but I'm not hungry. Now where's a baseball bat?

Miyako: And is it edible?

Daisuke: C&C please!


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