When it Rains it Pours
Chapter Ten
by Ishida Takeru

So, it's been almost two years since I last updated this story. I never realized it was that long. Aiya. Well, I had decided to stop posting on FF.net since that whole NC-17 thing. I figured it was a bit retarded since half the NC-17 stories were written by people under 18 x____________x. You'll probably notice my writing style has changed a bit. It has been two years, and sometimes it happens. And now Chapter ten! Woot.


It was all a blur for Ken. One second he was walking home with Takeru and the next it was insanity. He never really understood how much something like this could hurt him. Another car accident, another turn of events. It was simply unfair. He hadn't done anything to deserve this again. His time as the Digimon Kaiser was over, and he had tried to make it better. Was it not enough? Was this some kind of cruel game karma was playing on him? There were so many questions running through his mind. And one simple statement of it's not fair.

He barely noticed the rest of Takeru's family arrive. Sometimes, self misery does that to a person. Locks them inside their own mind. The mind likes to do that, take one incident and replay it over and over again. Leaving a person exhausted and on the verge of a breakdown.


Ken stiffened as he felt an arm draw him close. His eyes shifted upwards to find the voice's owner. "Y-Yamato-san..?" A wave of emotion washed over the younger boy causing him to bury his face in Yamato's jacket. "I'm so sorry! It's all my fault..!"

"It's not your fault." Yamato wasn't the best at being comforting. Far from it. But, he knew that Ken had to be hurting. It was all he could do to keep himself in one piece. "You weren't the bastard driving the car.."

Ken nodded faintly, but it didn't change anything in his mind. He shouldn't have lagged behind like he did. He should have kept up. If he hadn't been so slow, none of this would have happened. "I...he stopped to wait for me.."

He spent the next hour crying, there wasn't much else he really could do at the time. Eventually, he was dragged out of the hospital and to his home. He didn't want to leave without information about Takeru's condition, but Yamato had forced him to go home and get some sleep. Sleep, it was really a laughable idea. How could he even try to sleep when he knew Takeru was laying in a hospital bed. There could be so many things wrong with him. He could be in a coma and Ken didn't know. He could be paralyzed and Ken didn't know. It was agonizing to say the least.

Sleep had never been easy for Ken. The few times he could remember getting enough sleep was when he was with Takeru. Those thoughts only made things worse. How long would it take until someone told him what was going on. And now, he had to try and sleep.


Yamato didn't know how he had gotten Ken home in the first place. He practically had to carry him out. He really hadn't believed that Ken cared for his brother so much. That exactly wasn't true. Yamato knew that people seemed to flock around his brother. Even when he was being an annoying brat they still came around. He just had that air about him. Fortunately, it wasn't long after he made it back he found out about his brothers condition. It wasn't as bad as Ken had made it out to be. There were going to be a few long term problems. A few bones were broken, and he wouldn't be walking for a few months. Not bad at all considering. It was rather late as it was and he simply didn't know if he should call Ken and tell him the news. It was a simple phone call really, considering he didn't get a hold of Ken and could only leave a message. His brother was simply the luckiest person around. Unfortunately, the road would be a bit bumpy over the next couple of months.



Yeah, short chapter...but I wanted to get this part over with. I'm not much a fan of this kind of angst anymore. I have some new plans....to start and yeah. ^_^


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