Fairy Tale Fantasy
Digital Drama Disaster
by Lisa

YUSH! It IS the sequel to my incredibly stupid fic, "Edgar Allen Kaiser". BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. o.o; No, I don't take medicine. What's that? I should? No, I DUN WANNA. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME GO BACK TO THE FUNNY FARM. Wait... I wasn't supposed to mention that. Whoops. o.o; Anyway... I promise to do a serious fic later on... maybe. >D

Oh, did I mention I don't own Digimon or any of the Fairy Tales in this one? And I don't own anything else in this story except... well... the idea for the story. o.o;

Warning- Yes, this one is a hazard to your serious side, as my last one was. I make Taichi sorta look like a dork. Sora is evil in this, no offense, but I'm not fond of her too much. *Grumbles about ep. 50* I tell you, Takeru writes FICTION. FICTION I TELL YOU! Anyway... enjoy. ^^


*Me- No, Daisuke, I already told you, -Takeru- is doing the knight in shining armor.*

Daisuke- Well, why does TS get the part???

*Me- BECAUSE HE DOES! And it's "TK". Don't force me to make you the donkey, Daisuke.*

Daisuke- But Jyou got that part.

*Me- I KNOW! Now, places everyone.*

Daisuke- But... but...

V-mon- ::Comes onstage and shoves Daisuke off:: --; Oy, Daisuke...

Yamato- ::Is the narrator:: Once upon a time, there was a young princess, trapped in a tall, tall tower in the deep, deep woods. Is there an echo in here or is it just me?

Daisuke- ::From backstage:: ECHO... ECHO... ECHO...


Hikari- ::Sitting in a tower, sighing and looking sad:: Isn't there something I can do up here? Can I get TV reception from a high place like this? Or can I get video games?

*Me- Oy... digidestined... they make saving the world look so easy, but it's impossible to direct them in a play... -_-; Why me?*

Takeru- ::Comes onstage riding Pegasusmon:: Oh princess, where is thou?

Pegasusmon- OW! I'm gonna kill that costume designer for putting spurs on Takeru's heels.

Takeru- o_o; Oops, sorry about that, Pegasusmon. But... erm... Mimi designed these.

Mimi- ::Growls and comes out on stage, smacks Pegasusmon over the head with a fan, then smacks Takeru across the face::

Pegasusmon- Ouch...

Takeru- OW! What the hell was that for?

Mimi- Because you need to keep your horse's mouth shut. ::Storms off stage::

*Me- o_o;*

Takeru- -_-; What I have to put up with. Anyway... ::Checks script:: Oh... where is thou, my faithful partner?

Pegasusmon- I'm right here.

Takeru- ::Smacks him:: Not you. Ken.

Pegasusmon- o_o; ::Smacked:: Ouch. Oh.

Ken- ::Comes waltzing on stage in a... friar uniform?:: Hello, dear partner.

Takeru- ::Bows:: Shall we be moving along, then?

Ken- ::Nods and climbs up behind Takeru, grabbing the boy's waist and holding on::

Pegasusmon- ::Trots offstage:: For a bunch of noblemen, you sit like sacks of potatoes.

Daisuke- ::Comes running onstage:: When's my part?

V-mon- ::Comes onstage and shoves Daisuke off again:: Not for a long time, Daisuke. -_-

Daisuke- Whoa, hey!

Sora- ::Is the evil witch:: BWHAHAHAHAHAHA. Once Princess Hikari eats this apple, she'll be mine forever. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

*Me- First of all, that didn't sound right. Second, she's way too good at that evil cackling thing. x.x;*

Sora- Am not.

*Me- I think she's practiced it a few times. So that explains why Daisuke thought there was a witch haunting the stage... hm... o.o;*

Sora- That wasn't me. It couldn't have been me. YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING ON ME!

*Me- o_o; Okay then...*

Sora- ::Goes to a computer:: Computer, computer, plugged into the wall, who's the fairest witch of all?

*Me- Wait a minute. Isn't it supposed to be a mirror on the wall? ::Sweatdrops::

Koushiro- ::Got the part of the "mirror"; is inside the computer:: We got more in touch with the future.

*Me- I see... ::Still sweatdropping::*

Koushiro- Anyway... fairest? No, no, no, you are mistaken, dear queen. Princess Hikari is the fairest by far. It's like comparing 1/2 to 1/100. Or a dolphin to a fish. Or--

Sora- ::Kicks the computer over:: I DIDN'T ASK FOR A MATH OR SCIENCE QUIZ, YOU IMBECILE!

Koushiro- Hey! I'm not an imbecile! I'm a genius-- ::Gets cut off as the computer smashes into many pieces::

*Me- -_-; Oh boy...*

Sora- I'll show that stupid computer... next time, I'll get a Gateway, no more stupid Pineapples for me. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

All except Sora- ::Sweatdrop:: o.o;;;;


Taichi- ::Comes onstage in a hunter's uniform:: Yes, Queen Sora? Oh fairest in the land?

Sora- I want you to kill this girl for me. ::Holds up a picture of Hikari::

Taichi- I CAN'T KILL MY SISTER! Oh, wait, this is a play, huh?

*Me- No shit, sherlock. -_-*

Taichi- I am a sherlock, huh? Hey, I'm almost as smart as Koushiro!

*Me- Don't count on it.*

Sora- Just go and kill her, you idiot.

Taichi- As you- ::Looks at his script:: as you... fish? ::Walks offstage::

*Me- -_-; It's "As you wish".*

Daisuke- ::Hides the black pen in his pocket, whistles innocently:: >.>;

Taichi- ::Reaches the tower, glares up at Hikari:: Hikari. Get down here so that I may kill you, or else... or else... ::Thinks:: Or else you'll never see your toys again!

Hikari- -_- Nice try, but everything I own is locked in here with me.

Taichi- D'oh. ><;

Takeru- ::Comes riding up on Pegasusmon:: Taichi the hunter, what is your business here?

Taichi- I'm trying to get Hikari down... oh wait, I know! Oh, fair damsel Hikari, let downeth your haireth so that I may climbeth upeth and killeth you..eth.

*Me- That was lame, Taichi.*

Hikari- What was that?

Taichi- Aww, screw the accent. Hikari, let down your damn hair so that I can climb up and kill you. It's like in that story... Rapuzel?

*Me- It's Rapunzel. *

Hikari- One thing, Taichi. My hair only goes down to my shoulders. And I'm not stupid enough to just let you up here to kill me.

Taichi- Damn. ><; What now?

Takeru- ::Pulls out his fake sword:: Okay, Taichi, let's go, you are not worthy of this princess.

Taichi- Dammit. Does the hero win in this one?

*Me- Yep.*

Taichi- Awww, dammit. ::Runs offstage like a big chicken::

*Me- o_o;*

Takeru- Now, fair maiden, may I have the honor of rescuing you?

Sora- ::Comes hobbling onstage as an old woman:: Not so fast, little fella.

Jyou- ::Is dressed up as a donkey, comes trotting onstage after Sora, with a basket of apples on his back:: Heehaw.


*Me- >D Yes, you do.*

Daisuke- Awww... dammit... ::Comes out, covered in black feathers, playing the old woman's crow:: ><;

*Me- ::Falls over in her seat laughing::*

Daisuke- Shut up.

Miyako- ::Comes up to the tower, playing the lady who brings food and stuff to Hikari::

Hikari- Wow. Chocolate eclairs? Cake? Ice Cream? EXCELLENT!

::Loud eating sounds are heard from the tower::

*Me- o_o; I wonder how she works all her food off.*

Hikari- It's my Bowflex equipment! Are you ready for Bowflex?

*Me- ::Sweatdrops big time:: o_o;;;;;;;*

Miyako- ::Can be seen hurrying from the tower very quickly:: o_o;;;;

Sora- ::Pulls out a piece of cake:: Oh, Princess... I think you may want this...

Hikari- YAHOO!! ::Come dashing downstairs and straight out of the tower:: GIMME!

Takeru- o_o; So she -wasn't- stuck in the tower... and she -didn't- need saving?

Hikari- No, of course not, I just liked the royal treatment.

*Me- This is so wrong. So wrong. -_-;*

Takeru- Well, in that case. ::Turns to Ken and kisses him::

Ken- ::Kisses back::

Sora- Grrr... This is just not going right.

Pegasusmon- I think these two need some privacy. ::Trots off with Ken and Takeru on his back, with them still kissing:: They still sit like sacks of potatoes. -_-

Sora- Grrrr... ::Storms offstage:: I'll get my revenge! I WILL! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Daisuke- ::Grabs Hikari and dashes off in a flash of black feathers::

Jyou- ::Hobbles offstage:: -_-;


*Me- o_o;;;*

Iori- ::Comes out on stage:: The End. ::Bows; Curtains close in front of him::

*Me- ::Sighs:: Well, maybe we'll do better... next time. ^.~*

All- ::Stare at the director:: NEXT TIME? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!


Voila. The incredibly stupid sequel to an incredibly stupid story. BWHAHAHAHA. Anyway... comments, compliments, and criticism are good. ^.~ Tell me if ya want another. See ya next time! Bwhahahahahahaha....


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