Heaven's Wish
Memory 10 - Don't Run Away
by Midori Kou

This feeling...
This strong, powerful feeling...
I cannot describe it.
What words could possibly express it?
I hold you close to me...
Yet still don't know why.
Do I love you?
Is this what is suppose to feel?
Still, I know that I care about you.

Takeru stroked the raven haired boy's hair gently as his lips parted from him. Gazing deeply into his violet-crystal eyes, his soul felt soothed and carefree. It was quite rejuvenating to see the fallen angel in his presence. Even so, he sensed that something was missing between them. He had kissed him tenderly on the lips, but why? Why was he so drawn to touch him? There was a mysterious feeling beating in his heart every time he laid his eyes on the other boy. It was warm and refreshing, yet indescribable. Surely, there's an answer to it. What could it be? Could this be love?

The Bearer of Hope had not experienced true love, yet alone whether to conclude such a thing. But what else could explain such an enigmatic emotion? The blond teenage male looked at the dark haired boy once again. His eyes were gentle and reassured. He had forgotten his worries at the time. Was it because of him? Was it because he was able to express himself with ease by the other boy's presence? Did Ken love him back? Is that's the reason why he's no longer stress at the time? Because of him...?

The pallid angel sighed wistfully as he rose to his feet. Rubbing his temple, he was so confused by the situation. Were they lovers or not? Did he love him? Does he returning those feelings? He tried not to dwell on the idea, but Ken was quite suspicious of the other boy. Takeru glanced at him wearily as he pressed his fingers against his temple once again. This time he found himself moaning in pain.

Terribly worried, the raven haired boy stood up quickly, ignoring the fact he was still unclothed. "Are you alright, Takeru?" He hoped that the blond teenager would have nodded or murmured an audible response, but that was not the case. Suddenly, Takeru collapsed to his knees with his hand clutching into his hair tightly.

Rushing to his side, Ken tried to aid him. As he helped the golden haired boy back onto his feet, the Bearer of Kindness noticed a stream of tears flowed down the other boy's face. Stunned, he asked once again, "Takeru, are you alright? Takeru...?!"

Forcefully, Takeru shook off his tears and looked away from the fallen angel. The blond teenager noticed his body was shivering, yet did not understand the reason why. The Bearer of Hope found himself telling the other boy, "It's nothing that you need to worry about. It happens all the time."

Those words did not comfort the raven haired boy whatsoever. He knew that. But what could've he said to him? Surely, he could not answer him with such an obvious lie like 'It's nothing'. It was quite apparent that it was certainly something that should know be ignored. He had never endured something so excruciating until now. To cause him to shed tears in the process...It was certainly painful. What could have caused it?

"Is it something serious?" Takeru heard Ken asked.

"Don't worry," he replied with a stressed smile. "I'll just get my doctor to look into it."


"Enough about me. You could get dressed, Ichijouji-kun while your clothes dry. I'll be on the court, shooting some free throws."

Coldly, the pallid angel left the raven haired boy by his lonesome, full of worry, full of insecurity. Taking in the deep breath, Ken pulled Takeru's close to his bare body. Indulging on the warm of the other boy's clothes, it certainly calmed his soul. He wanted to tell the other boy what he had to go through lately, but could not find himself to say the words.

With the pallid angel building an enclosed barrier between them, he needed to forget his issues and focus on Takeru. Even so, to forget about what have been occurring at his school would be difficult. Perhaps they both should deal with some things on their own. No...! Ken's heart argued back. Some things can't be dealt by one person. I should talk to Takeru. Even so, I don't want to burden him with my problems. He must be thinking the same thing, too. What should I do?

As Ken slowly slipped on Takeru's school uniform for the time, he became aware about the difference between the two of them. Their size, hair color, clothing... But they were all physical traits. Their appearances were lies to begin with. Ken Ichijouji, the once-famous prodigy - now perhaps the main target of his classmates... Takeru Takaishi, the happy-go-lucky teenager - now living life after overcoming his best friend's death by his hands... The two of them certainly contrast the reputations that were given to them, but the situation was still the same.

"Although they are different, they are connected..." Ken recollected the other boy's words. Those two rings both look different, but their purpose are the same. Isn't that ironic...?

Buttoning the soft white shirt, Ken left the locker room immediately afterwards. As he entered the gym, the raven haired boy noticed Takeru lying down on one of the bleachers with the basketball under his head. Apparently the blond teenager was sleeping. Did he take that long? Ken blinked as he sat beside his resting body. The golden haired boy did not take notice of the other boy's presence. Looking oddly at the pallid angel, the Bearer of Kindness cleared his throat.

"Hmm...?" Takeru groaned as he gazed out with one eye. "Ken, you're done, I see..." Sitting up, the pallid angel stretched his arms and massaged the back of his neck. As he did, the Bearer of Hope realized that Ken rolled up his pants. The thought of it made the blond teenager chuckle suddenly.

"What?" Ken wondered as he gazed at his clothes. "Is something wrong about me wearing an Odaiba Junior High School uniform?"

"No, no...!" he replied as he waved his hand in retaliation. "Nothing's wrong about it."

Takeru laughed again lightheartedly, causing the raven haired boy to feel somewhat irritated. Giving the pallid angel a resentful look, the Bearer of Kindness was not contempt by the other boy's response. "No, seriously... Is there something about it?"

With a gentle smile, the golden haired teen looked at him, his face soften and ever so cheerful. Ken became relieved to see Takeru to express himself so loosely, instead forcing his lips to curve. Even so, that does not excuse the pallid angel from laughing at him for wearing his uniform. After Takeru calmed down his funny bone, he finally said, "You look like an elementary kid in a junior high school uniform."

"An elementary kid?" Ken echoed, unable to understand why. Pointing at his rolled-up slacks, the blond teenager found himself covering his mouth from laughing again. Raising a brow in response, the fallen angel finally realized why he was so humored. After all, Takeru's clothes were quite baggy on him. "Not my fault you're taller than me!"

"But you look kinda cute like that," Takeru blurted.

Blushing by his random comment, the raven haired boy's face was completely flushed red. His amethyst eyes widen as the pallid angel gazed at him. Ken jerked in response as he quickly forced himself to look away. As he cleared his throat, the Bearer of Kindness decided to change the subject to avoid the awkward moment. "So... how long are you planning to hang out here?"

Takeru glanced at the gymnasium's windows covered by the drizzling rain. Sighing, the blond teenager's face grew glum. "Guess I'm stuck here unless the rain stops. Same goes for you..."

Ken blinked, feeling more uncomfortable. "Could just go home and get sick," he joked.

"And stay home and the only thing available to eat is instant ramen? No, thanks," Takeru laughed.

The silence grew between them soon after. An uneasy atmosphere encircled the two like a flock of vultures. They exchanged glances and shifted from time to time, but said nothing more. It was certainly disturbing, this quietness. As the rain pattered on the windows and the lights flicker, Takeru and Ken were hesitant to mention their personal issues. The Bearer of Kindness wanted to burst, telling the pallid angel of his tormenting day at school. He needed the other boy to acknowledge his situation, to advise him, to comfort him. It was a selfish request, but he couldn't hold it in him forever. Eventually the blond teenager would discover this truth.

Better now than never..., Ken thought as he bit his lower lip. Clenching his fist, his mind was against it. Beads of sweat emerged upon his forehead as his inner spirit was troubled. Come on. Say it! Tell him, tell someone! His heart pleaded once again.

Takeru eyed the raven haired boy, noticing his restless complexion. Concerned, he placed his hand upon the fallen angel's shoulder. It was tense until he had touched him gently. His suspicion rose as he heard Ken let out a light sigh. The other boy was somewhat relaxed by the pallid angel's comforting touch. Pulling his hand away from the Bearer of Kindness, Takeru gazed at his palm, confused.

Can I only communicate through physical contact? Is there no way for me to say anything? I'm not mute and yet I can't gather enough courage to say anything. But what can I say? Why are you acting so strange, Ken? This isn't like you... If only those words could escape my mouth so I wouldn't feel this way. I hate it...This odd feeling between us. Who are we, really?

"Takeru...?" he heard the raven haired boy uttered softly.

Cocking his eyebrow, the golden haired boy gazed deeply at his pale complexion as he awaiting him to speak. Ken fidgeted as he struggled to find the correct words. Takeru blinked while he took in a deep breath to ease his soul. Staring at the wax wooden floor, the Bearer of Kindness whispered, "Will you be here for me?"

Takeru was unaware of what the fallen angel was speaking about. Confounded, the Bearer of Hope found himself inquiring, "What for? What are you talking about?"

Timid by the other boy's question, Ken lowered and shook his head. As he forced his lips to curve, he replied, "Erm, nevermind."

This was certainly frustrating to be placed in such a situation. The Bearer of Hope was already lured by the raven haired boy's remark. To be left hanging like this was intolerable. But then again, he was doing the exact same thing. Raising his head to view the falling raindrops, Takeru's sapphire eyes became blank and dull. In a much serious tone, he asked, "Why do you need me?"

Surprised by the pallid angel's sudden question, Ken gazed at him with widen eyes. He tried to not make any eye contact with the Bearer of Hope, but his exquisite ocean blue gems captured him into the depths of absolute serenity. The golden haired boy had asked him in return. Why can't he answer him? Wasn't it he the one who started this conversation? Why is it so hard to speak to someone who is dear to you? What was he so afraid of? What reason does he have to hold back his words?

Because Takeru has enough problems to deal with... His mind answered. You're not the only one who suffers in the world. Takeru suffers too...

Is it selfish for me to tell him and ask for his help? Ken wondered as Takeru still waited patiently for his answer. Is it selfish to have him help me live? Is it selfish for me to go through this with him?

His heart and soul did not comply though. They solemnly gave a mutual response. It is for you to decide...

Alas, he finally uttered, "I need you... I just need you here for me... To listen to me... To comfort me... That's what I need you for."

"Is that it?" Takeru asked coldly, unable to understand why the fallen angel would mention this now. It was already difficult for him to understand his feelings for the raven haired boy. To have him tell him such words, it hurt him somewhat. Was that all he meant to the Bearer of Kindness?

Seeing that Takeru was intentionally acting so distant, Ken wondered if the other boy was expecting more than such a diluted response. He was hiding something about himself. He knew that, but he wished not to drag this beloved angel of hope into his cynical world. Suddenly, the other boy's words echoed tenderly in his conscious.

"Let me decide whether or not I want to be troubled. Look, Ken... I want to protect you from your problems, but hiding them away from me won't help. Hiding them away from anyone won't help."

That's what Takeru had told him, so why did he allow himself to ignore the other boy's feelings. Those were his feelings, weren't they? That's what he want, isn't it? Did he doubt the Bearer of Hope's words? Did he believe that the blond teenager was lying to him? Ken was perplexed by the idea. After all, Takeru did live a life full of falseness. How could he trust such a boy? Could he trust the words that escape his very lips?

"Do you just need me to listen to you, to comfort you?" he heard the pallid angel asked.

Taking in a deep breath, Ken nodded though he wanted to add more to his confession. Confession? Was that it? Was that the reason why he found it so hard to find the correct words? He managed to start, but it was still incomplete. But then what the raven haired boy heard stunned him even more.

"If that's the case, then I will. I will listen to you and comfort you, if that's what you need... If that's what I need to do to care for you..."


"Tell me your feelings, your dreams, anything on your mind. If you're ever hurt, I will comfort you, Ken... I will do that for you..."

The fallen angel's heart throbbed by his gentle voice. His words were so warm and heartfelt. He could not place his finger on it but they were the right ones he needed to hear. It was strange to embrace such a wonderful, nostalgic feeling from one who is unable to interpret his emotions. Even so, Ken believed that the Bearer of Hope was starting to see what his feelings mean. To go through his journey with Takeru, it was certainly worth it.

"Then will you listen to me now?" The raven haired boy managed to say.

The blond teenager nodded, glancing to the fallen angel. "Yeah... I will listen..."

Ken clutched onto his chest as he felt his heart pounded harder. Flustered, his pulse was beating rapidly, fluctuating a warm feeling through his body. Such an ecstatic heat flowed through him, because of Takeru's presence. Breathing deeply, he was able to find his calm again. He could not to lose himself now. He must tell him...

"Takeru... You really don't know what I have to put up with at school, do you?"

"What do you mean?" The blond complied as he cocked his right eyebrow.

"There have been a lot of things happening up 'til now. I don't think you or anyone else had noticed," Ken muttered under his breath as he lowered his head restlessly. He perfectly knew that hiding this would destroy him terribly, but he could relinquish his suffering. The pallid angel asked him; he shouldn't hold back.

Strange, it had only been a day since then... Since then he interacted with Takeru Takaishi properly. It was like a rose-colored romantic tale that was becoming true. Was it so unnatural to reveal oneself to a stranger? Stranger? Was that what he thought Takeru as? He wasn't a stranger at all for he had known him since they were in the fifth grade of elementary school. They were eleven years old then and now they were sixteen; well, Takeru was at least. His birthday wasn't until the end of the year, but that's beside the point. The fact is that they knew each other for five years. He has the right to know.

Suddenly, the Bearer of Hope's voice responded, interrupting Ken's thoughts. "Then let me notice it...," he whispered gently, sounding quite concerned by the raven haired boy's attitude.

"The thing is...Well... My classmates...," Ken was hesitant to say. Clutching onto his slacks, he tried to confess what had been occurring.

"What about your classmates?" Takeru wondered. "Did they do something wrong... To you?" Certainly, the blond teenager had suspected something by that delayed reference to the Bearer of Kindness. He did know that Ken was stressed the other day, but it was just caused by the peer pressure, wasn't it? Was there more to Ken's issues that he didn't know about?

"Takeru... You have no idea what it's like to me be. You have no idea."

"Why don't you tell me..."

"Well, you already know I've been having a hard time maintaining my grades lately."

"Yeah... Why is that?"

"My parents took me to a doctor one day to check it out. As a result, I was diagnosed with a limited memory, which would explain why I can't remember some things that occur in a day... Only vague fragments."

"Is that possible?"

"Apparently it is," Ken laughed to dull out the tense atmosphere. "If it wasn't, the doctors wouldn't be allowed to give such a result."

"So that's why your grades are falling?"

"Pretty much..."

"So how are your classmates involved?"

"That's the thing... Former prodigy with a memory loss who's having poor average grades... Seems rather uncommon, doesn't it? To be smart one time...And suddenly spirally into a pit of stupidity..."

"Ichijouji-kun..." Takeru uttered as he noticed the raven haired boy's hands became shaky as his steadily rose. His eyes gradually became watery as his nose became a strip of flushed red. Hearing Ken trying to hold back tears of tormented pain, it was difficult to allow him to continue. To see him like this... It hurt him too.

"I try as much as I could, you know...," The Bearer of Kindness replied as he wiped his eyes with the back of his hand. Damp it was by his salty tears he had shed. Glancing at the other boy's hand, the pallid angel's heart tightened in response by Ken's sorrowful details. His appearance altered and distorted by the streaming tears from his shadowed amethyst eyes. The dark haired teenager did not stop though. Sure, it hurt him terribly to recollect such a thing, but it was better this way. To continue living with this deep experience was torture itself. "Apparently, it's not enough... I have such a disadvantage with this damn condition..."

"Ken..." The golden haired angel retorted, trying to end his words.

"The faculty and the administrators don't seem to give damn about my problems, always expecting me to rise higher again... And my classmates are freakin' assholes, always pushing me around, stealing and vandalizing my belongings... Trying to prove that I'm some pathetic son-of-a-bitch and they're some superior bastard like Stalin..."

"That's enough..." Takeru attempted once again as he could feel Ken's anger bleeding through his senses. He never heard him this way before. Maybe he acted this way, but not in the presence of others. To hide his pain... To blanket it was some charade... The fallen angel was a reflection of himself apparently. Perhaps he did it for the same reasons, Takeru thought. He wants others to be aware of him, but he does not want to trouble anyone... So he hides his true self...We're no different from each other, aren't we...?

"I swear, if this continues, I'll... I'll..."

"You'll do what, Ken? What will you do?" Takeru interrupted with such a stern tone. The angel's ocean blue eyes narrowed onto him as his complexion lost all emotion. "What would you do?"

Shocked, the raven haired boy utterly erased the fact the other boy was in his presence. Looking away, he bit his lower lip in frustration. The Bearer of Kindness did not want to continue that sentence any further, knowing it may hurt Takeru and blind his senses even more so. Despite his sudden silence, the blond teenager was quite persistent. With such a furious glare and gritted teeth, Ken saw that the pallid angel understood what he meant, even if he did not mention it. He did insinuate it.

"Takeru-kun, I didn't mean it that way... I didn't..." Ken managed to reply, hoping to convince the Bearer of Hope that he was mistaken. But Takeru did not follow his lie. The golden haired boy saw through him like a looking-glass. Ever so transparent and clear...How could he be possibly veer away from the obvious?

"What would you have done, Ken? Tell me... Would you have committed suicide just to run away from your problems?"

Surprised, the fallen angel held his breath as he stared at the reflecting light on the polished floor. His heart quaked by the tremendous fear pulsing through him. Each of his nerves shivered as he wrapped his own arms around himself. Taking in a deep breath, his rush of emotions slowly ebbed away. As he shut his eyes, he softly replied, "It hurts... It hurts to live. I don't know what else I can do anymore..."

"Don't run away."

Ken eyed the pallid angel as he noticed his gorgeous crystal cerulean eyes gazing at him ever so carefully. They were so glass-like that they were illuminated by the gymnasium's lighting. Glass-like? That wasn't it. It was almost as if Takeru was nearly on the verge of tears.

"Takeru-kun...?" Ken found himself uttering unconsciously.

"Don't run away from your problems. Tell me that you weren't going to do such a stupid thing. Ken, you weren't going to--" The Bearer of Kindness lowered his head once again out of guilt. Takeru's eyes widen in response to the other boy's deep silence. Clenching his fist, he rose to his feet, facing the fallen angel. "You can't be serious! You're joking, right?"

Never before did Ken hear the blond teenage boy sounded so terribly emotional. He was completely calm and unmoved when telling him about his best friend's death. This immediate change of emotions... Perhaps Takeru-kun was suppressing his pain. Staring at the Bearer of Hope, the raven haired boy noticed he was holding back his tears, withdrawing any part of him that was human. He really didn't want to appear weak, especially during such a controversial situation.

"Takeru, I wasn't going to do such a thing. I wasn't going to go that far..."

"You're lying," Takeru held his anger back, refusing to raise his voice due to outrage. "You seemed so bent on it if things didn't go well."

"You got it all wrong, Takeru-kun," Ken laughed unnaturally. "I was just going to... Going to..."

The raven haired boy's long pause was held up to suspicion. He could not fill in the words quickly enough to elude the truth. The pallid angel glared at him as he looked away at the other boy for a moment. "I thought so. You were really gonna go that far... Just because people can't see things your way. The fact is, I can't either. No one can... Not if you act this way."


"You lie as much as I do," The Bearer of Hope noted. "To protect me, right? Ken, I don't want you to act this way when you're around me. I don't know why I do, but I feel like I should know what you are thinking...What you are feeling... How can I protect you if I don't know you?"


"Didn't told you to let me worry or not?"

"Yeah, but..."

"But what...?

"Why do you want to protect me so much all of a sudden?" Ken wondered. "Why are we like this now?"

"What do you think it is, Ken?" The blond teenager wanted him to answer his own question. For the fact is, he had no idea they have become so suddenly close. Hoping that the fallen angel could clear up his confused heart, Takeru awaited for his response.

"What do I think?" he echoed with wide amethyst eyes.

"Yeah, about our relationship. Are we really friends? I doubt we are...," Takeru admitted aloud. Apparently, the Bearer of Kindness did not catch the golden haired angel's gradual epiphany. "I don't kiss you or hold you close to me for no apparent reason."

"It feels like we like each other, doesn't it?" Ken realized.

"Is that it?"

"No, there's more to it." A smile crept upon the fallen angel's complexion as he explained his feelings in further detail. To remember such a thing, it was incredibly pleasant to his soul. "The way you touch me and comfort me... It makes me feel warm and secure. I feel no fears... No troubles... Like there's nothing bothering me. I feel like the world has disappeared and there's only you and me. It feels perfect."

The blond teenager released a soft laugh in return, causing Ken to feel uneasy. Once the raven haired boy noticed Takeru's curved lips, he was certainly confused. "I thought so...," The Bearer of Hope uttered.


"I had felt this strange feeling in me since yesterday," he recollected. "I couldn't describe it. I didn't understand why, but the way you word it, it sounds like we're in love."

The sudden use of the enchanting word suspended Ken's conscious. To hear that word escaping the other boy's lips...Oh, how it made him tremble. His heart began to beat more rapidly in response. This tightening feeling surging through him... He felt like he was unable to breathe, let alone speak another word. Clutching onto his chest, he tried to release all the nervousness plaguing his body. But it did not disperse whatsoever. Instead it continued to grow and evolve. It was such a paralyzing effect upon him.

"Don't you think so?" Ken managed to ask.

"I think I do... I think I do love you."

Ken's heart throbbed once again. If only he could approach him and wrap his arms around the pallid angel to comply... To let his lips melt with his, to touch him ever so more. That was not the case. He allowed himself to fear. Not realizing the pain buried deep in his heart, he didn't want to be with Takeru if he was going to hurt him emotionally. Sure, he did not know how to deal with such issues. Despite that, he had thought about committing suicide. The idea of death had been appealing until Takeru mentioned it.

Doubtful, Ken could not bring himself to be with the Bearer of Hope unless he was sure of it. Not only that, but they were of the same gender. Was it right to let it continue this way? Confused, he did not know what to do. "Are you sure you could love a person like me? It's not--"

"Normal? Feelings are feelings and I want to keep this feeling in me forever."

"But do you really feel that way about me?"

"Did you forgot what I wrote to you? 'I do know that you mean something to me somehow. I don't know why you suddenly became so important to me, but I don't want to lose this feeling...I don't want to lose you, Ken. That's how much you mean to me.' That's what I wrote, isn't it?"

Takeru quoted an excerpt of his written words that the Bearer of Kindness had read earlier in the day. Those words... How they allow him to feel satisfied and calm. How could he allow himself to forget such beautiful words...?

"Still..." The raven haired boy held his breath in hesitation.

"Still what...?"

"You can't be with me for an entire day to cheer me up."

"That's nonsense!" Takeru blurted.

"Why...? Why does it sound so absurd?" he shot back.

"Although I'm not there beside you doesn't mean I'm not here for you. I want to be with you - to feel something every day because of you. I love you, Ken."

The fallen angel felt his heart had skipped a beat once he had heard the words he had been wishing to hear. A bursting feeling pulsated from his chest as if his heart and soul wanted to leap out of him. The tormenting pain from earlier suddenly disappeared and melted away by the warmth he felt from the word, love. Why does Takeru-kun always say the right words to make me feel better...? At the right moments too...

Ken blinked in response, numbed in shock. "You love me?"

"Yeah, I do..." The Bearer of Hope breathed effortlessly as he kneeled before his fallen angel. His gentle hand reached towards the side of his serene, feminine face. Stroking his delicate fingers over his tender, soft cheek, Ken closed his eyes by the soothing touch of his blue-eye prince. Oh, how it calmed his tormenting soul... How it made him felt free...

"Honto ni?" Ken whispered wearily as he clasped his hand over Takeru's. It was such a childish question, but the blond teenager was obliged to answer it.

"Honto ni...," he murmured with a soft smile.

"Honto ni honto?" he asked again, leaning in more.

"Honto ni honto..."

Pulling the raven haired boy towards him, the pallid angel wrapped his arms around him tenderly. Letting his body relax, all pressure from his legs vanished into thin air. And so, the two fell back upon the slick wooden floor ever so carefully. With the Bearer of Kindness close to his beating heart, the blond teenager delicately let his fingers wondered through his dark, ebony hair. His fingers slide through his silky hair like calm water. How smooth and gentle it was.

Cupping his hand upon his cheek lightly, Takeru leaned down to let his lips meet with his fallen angel's. Closing his eyes, he allowed his feelings to play out the moment. As the Bearer of Hope's lips melted upon his, Ken felt a strong urge for that warm sensation. He thirsted for more than just a mere kiss. He wanted satisfy his desires and impulses that his heart and soul quenched for. Oh, the temptation of this moment...

Stroking his fingers through his angel's golden locks, he allowed his fingers to caress Takeru's back. The pallid angel cocked his eyebrow in response, noticing that the raven haired boy trailing his hands onto him. Calming himself, he knew the feeling was mutual.

The Bearer of Hope let his mind to drift, allowing his tongue to creep into Ken's mouth. Surprised, Ken's eyes shot opened in response by this foreign invasion. Strangely he did not retaliate; it felt wonderful oddly enough. It was such an interesting feeling that danced in his mouth. Searching, his tongue found his angel's and intertwined in play. Ken found himself moaning by the vast amount of pulsing feelings ignited in his body and soul.

Suddenly, he felt Takeru's hands wondering under his shirt. Realizing what he was doing, the blond teenager stopped and pulled himself away from him. Just when the raven haired boy was exposed to such a heightened impulse, Takeru had to decide to end their moment.


"Sorry... I should have asked if you wanted to go that far..."

Ken blinked in response. Stunned, he wouldn't believe that Takeru could possibly be experienced until now. Was this innocent, well-rounded angel more than he seemed? Even so, he didn't want let a moment like this end so soon. He wanted to feel the Bearer of Hope and likewise. Why should they stop?

Clasping onto Takeru's hand, the raven haired boy replied, "I want to..."

Shocked, the pallid angel uttered, "Ken... Are you sure? Don't you think this a bit too quick?"

Shaking his head in return, Ken calmly didn't go against it whatsoever. "No, not at all... Besides I think five-year mutual friendship is enough to make for lost time," he chirped. Rubbing his head, the Bearer of Hope questioned the other boy's reasoning. Sure, it made sense except for the fact that they are attracted yesterday, became lovers now and later will make love with each other. Sighing, it was quite tempting to sleep with his fallen angel. He did agree after all. When did Ken become so open?

"Maybe another time...," Takeru replied. "You don't seem like yourself right now. I think we should head to a café first and talk things over first before jumping the gun."

Hearing this, Ken realized that he should allow things to play out on their own instead of forcing them to occur. Besides, Takeru was right. This was a sudden rush - their relationship. They had no reason to progress like this. Not only that, the Bearer of Hope tries to disconnect himself from those who are close with him, which is quite understandable now. Nodding in return, the raven haired boy agreed.

"Sounds good but it's still raining outside..."

"Drizzling, actually. See?" Takeru pointed to the windows for reference. The clouds outside were still a dreary gray and pattering rain has only slowed down a few notches. A matter of fact, the entire school campus was drenched by rainwater and large puddles were scattered everywhere.

Gazing out, Ken questioned the other boy's definition of 'drizzling'. In his point of view, it was rather pouring. "That's still enough to make someone sick, Takeru-kun. I thought you were against it."

"Heh, I guess I could get sick once in my teenage years," Takeru laughed. The raven haired boy joined him with a lighthearted giggle. Noticing how loose and relax the other boy was, it certainly relieved the Bearer of Kindness. To be this way with him, it was absolutely wonderful. To be with his angel was worth living for...

"My clothes should be somewhat dry by now," Ken realized. "I should change back into them first."

"You don't have to...," the Bearer of Hope suggested. "Just grab them. They're going to get wet again anyway."

That remark just added a point of embarrassment for Ken. Blushing, he tried not to make himself so obvious of what he was currently thinking about. Sure, he would love to stay in the golden haired boy's school uniform, but then again, being caught like this would be the last thing he wanted to do in public. "Heh, that's true, but I don't think you walking around in a basketball jersey and shorts are rather healthy in this weather."

"Fine fine...," Takeru effortlessly surrendered. "We'll change our clothes first. Man, the rain-gets-you-sick reasoning had backfired once again."

Ken chuckled softly. "You're the one who wanted to go to a café."

"Well, let's hurry up then so I can get sick already," Takeru groaned.

"Alright, but no provoking me with temptations."

"Agreed. No provoking."


A slim, elegant waitress from the counter carried a circular black tray with two beverages along with an order receipt laid upon a rectangular tray. A tall, frosty glass of iced pennyworth drink with a striped straw gradually became warm by the room temperature as the mug next to it, which was filled with the best French mocha latte, scented the air with the strong creamy coffee smell. Two cinnamon sticks rolled side to side in the milky brown mug by the carefully movement of the waitress.

Laying the tray onto the appropriate table, the waitress served the two gentlemen their drinks accordingly. As she removed the drinks off the tray, Ken picked up the receipt and glared down to the total. The waitress bowed soon after and returned back to her post to wait for the next order.

"You are going to pay for this, right?" The raven haired boy questioned.

"Yeah, don't worry about it," Takeru gestured as he took a sip of his steaming hot, brewed latte. Sighing pleasurably by the thick sweetened taste, it certainly hit the spot to warm up the blond teenage boy's body.

"Do you always order French related drinks and such?" Ken curiously asked.

"Nah, only when I feel like it. You should try it some time."

Pulling out his straw from the deep green beverage, the Bearer of Kindness slurped off the remains on the plastic and placed it into Takeru's drink. The pallid angel blinked as he took a small sample of the mocha latte. The raven haired boy's actions certainly were quite public and very questionable. Takeru was able to relax once Ken drew back and return the straw back into his own drink.

"It's quite tasteful. Although, I'm not a coffee person..."

"Next time, tell me when you're going to do something like that," the Bearer of Hope suggested for future reference. "Mixing pennyworth drink into coffee, I wouldn't have seen the day when that would have happen until now."

The two laughed joyously with glee. Takeru's full content expression was certainly a wonderful sight to see. It is nice to see him like this instead of being glum, Ken thought. I feel the same way... His thoughts were suddenly was interrupted by a familiar voice nearby.

"Ken...?" a male voice inquired.

The raven haired boy turned around to find out who intruded in their conversation, as well as his train of thought. Takeru gazed up, following Ken's reflex. There before the two stood a brunette girl and a spiky goggle boy in the school uniform of Odaiba Junior High.

"Daisuke...," the Bearer of Kindness managed to say.

"Hikari-chan...?" Takeru added.

"What are you doing here?"




Author's Notes:
Whew~!! This took a while to plan out. I mean, I had over ten different scenarios for this chapter. To name some: Dai-kun and Hikari walks in the gym with Takeru and Ken were making out, Takeru and Ken actually do have sex, Takeru and Ken leaving the café and Dai-kun and Hikari sees them, Dai-kun and Hikari already in the café and sees the two passing the window...The list continues. XD

Oh, in case you don't know, a pennyworth drink is blended green veggie stuff, filtered, with additional water and sugar. It's rather good actually. (One of many things I drink. And it's green! ^_^) It may sound disgusting to some of you peeps but it is common in the Asian culture. In Vietnamese, it's called Rau Ma. (Accents somewhere, but too lazy to add...) Drink up! :P

Anyhoo, another long chapter to make up lost time. Half way through the series already...Man, that was fast. And I just started this like two months ago. I can finish this yet! ^o^ I was going to add more of Daisuke and Hikari in this one but couldn't figure out how to pop them back in. So I thought that the two running into Takeru and Ken would have been a bit easier to work from and more reasonable... ^^; Still has no idea how this series would end though. XD But do expect a hanger to be made so a sequel will be made. Why am I talking so much? Review, review, review!


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