Digimon Discography - Wada Kouji


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Starting Over
Catalog Number: NECM-12019
Format: CDA
Release Date: 01.11.7
Price: ¥ 1,250
Notes: Starting Over is not an actual Digimon CD; but it is included for completion's sake since the album it hails from has several Digimon related tracks.

#Track TitleArtist(s)Run Time
1Starting OverWada Kouji4:20
2Say AgainWada Kouji4:23
3Starting Over (Instrumental)N/A4:17


all of my mind
Catalog Number: NECA-30052
Format: CDA
Release Date: 01.12.5
Price: ¥ 3,000
Notes: This is Wada Kouji's album, and thus not really a Digimon CD. However, since it's covered in Digimon related tracks it is included in the list for the sake of completion. Track 10 Kimi Iro no Yume actually has the kanji for "Mirai" with Yume above it in hiragana; but since he never sings Mirai in the song, just Yume, I went with the latter for the title.

#Track TitleArtist(s)Run Time
1Starting Over -ALBUM VERSION-Wada Kouji4:27
2Butter-FlyWada Kouji4:14
3KazeWada Kouji3:53
4EgaoWada Kouji5:13
5SevenWada Kouji4:13
6Target~Akai Shougeki~Wada Kouji4:26
7Shoujo no Mama deWada Kouji4:26
8Boku wa Boku DatteWada Kouji4:12
9Say AgainWada Kouji4:21
10Kimi Iro no YumeWada Kouji4:39
11The Biggest DreamerWada Kouji3:51
12Modern LoveWada Kouji6:19